Preppy Meets Distressed

DSC_0020Okay, I’ll just say it. Blue makes my eyes POP! I guess I’ll have to start looking more in the blue section of the stores. I do go through phases of buying different colors. One year it was purple, and another year it was browns. This year it has been burgundy and yellows. I realize the fashion industry dictates most of this, since that is what they stock the most. In the long run, I guess it evens out. Eventually they will get around to all the colors, and then start all over again.DSC_0019Take this outfit for example. This argyle vest is part of a sweater set, which were extremely popular a few years ago. Of course, sweater sets have been popular off and on since the 50’s. They are a very preppy look. This particular one is another Talbots sample purchase I made years ago off of Ebay. It even has sample written on the inside of the cardigan. Lol!DSC_0018If I am going to go preppy, then I need my pearls. The preppy look would really have been one single strand, but fooey on that. I wanted several strands, so I wore this necklace from Cato’s that has 6 strands all together. The only problem with this necklace is that it is really heavy. I can only wear it for short amounts of time. When I wear it to work, it usually gets taken off around 2:00 p.m.DSC_0011I wanted to add a little trendy spin to the look, so I decided to wear my infamous distressed jeans from Cato’s. Once again, my exact jeans are not on the website any longer, so here is a similar pair. This purse was one that I bought at the craft fair this past November. I liked the colors in the purse, and I liked the pattern.DSC_0017This blazer is an old one from J C Penny.  A classic navy blazer is a much needed item in your closet. The lining on the sleeves help to change the look when rolled up. This is a great weight for all four seasons.DSC_0001I thought you might like to see the sweater set worn together. A sweater set is great, since you can wear the cardigan with a different under top. And, then you can wear the under top (vest) by itself or with a different topper. DSC_0002DSC_0013_2So, which look do you prefer? Classic sweater set, or the navy blazer?

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    1. Tanya I love this outfit! And you are right blue is your color. You have beautiful eyes and this shows them off along with your beautiful blonde hair. I love the rolled-up sleeves on the Blazer and all the pearls and the Tucked in distressed jeans. But I absolutely love the sweater send t too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I have that necklace from Cato and it KILLS my neck, it is so heavy! I love how it looks but can usually only suffer thru wearing it on Sunday morning to church and even then, not often!

    1. I know exactly what you mean Amy. I can only wear this necklace for short periods of time. But, I always get compliments when I do wear it.?

  2. A very preppy look indeed, but I like how the jeans make it look young and fresh. Found you on Visible Mondays!

  3. I really love this outfit with the blazer. It reminded me to use my blazer in the closet. I think I’ll pair mine with my chambray shirt and maybe some pearls. I ‘m glad Fancy asked about the boots. That was my next question. You do look terrific in blue!

  4. love the outfit. You didn’t say anything about the boots you are wearing. Are they 9 West? If so, I think I have the same ones and I will be showing them in my next 31 Day Footwear Challenge post.

    1. Fancy, I had to go check out the boots. They are White Mountain. I have had them for several years.

  5. I’m loving the look with the blazer, in fact I may have a that exact blazer hiding in my closet. I loved the striped lining when the sleeves were rolled… I think EVERYONE was buying similar blazers that particular year and I went along with what all the other gals were buying…. The pearls are great!

  6. I like both a lot but leaning to the blazer right now. I dress pretty preppy most of the time, just updated. So, I LOVE the sweater set. Like you said, it’s one of those things you can change around, making it a wardrobe staple. Even the pattern. Argyle, hounds tooth, some animal prints are classics. Those are the things I will spend more on. Blingy, trendy things are so fun, but not something I budget a lot for.

    You are so right about the blue! Looks good on you!

  7. The blazer is the winner hands down.
    I need to start going to more craft fairs, because you find the most awesome things- like that pocketbook. It is Too Cute!~

  8. You have one male who loves your blog, your dad looks at it every morning.

  9. Both outfits are pretty but the blazer is my favorite. The distressed jeans give the outfit an up-to-date edge. I agree with Miss Melanie; blue is your color. By the way, your photographer is very good.

    1. Haha, Donna! My photographer is me and my tripod. Lol!

  10. Love the look with the blazer AND I also loved the distressed jeans – I went out and bought a pair based on the last post you wore them. I think they add an element of fun or young or whatever to what could otherwise be just another classic outfit.

  11. I like the blazer outfit. You did a great job with putting everything together. As usual, you look great!!

  12. Melanie W. says:

    I really like them both, but the blazer I like more. I just ordered an argyle type turtleneck sweater the other day. I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. Blue is DEFINITELY a great color on you. Compliments you perfectly!!!!

    1. Just in case anyone was wondering, I wore it with the blazer. That was my favorite????

  13. The blazer is my favorite! Such a great look on you and one to try to copy!!

  14. I like them both, but I think the blazer is more slimming. You look great as usual, Sister!

  15. Probably at one time the set was nice but pattern mixing is in right now..not to say it isn’t a cute sweater set. Glad to see you wore the distressed jeans!

  16. Love this look with the navy blazer…..I just need to duplicate your closet, love your fashion sense! And a hair tutorial please. 🙂