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I just noticed that today’s outfit matches my Christmas tree. Lol! Even though I love wearing bright colors in my clothing, I never decorate with them. Occasionally, I will trim out the Christmas tree in red and gold, but that is as bright as I go. I have become a fan of neutral clothing, so today, I’m going to show you how to create a neutral outfit that’s not boring by using items with visual interest.

Before we talk about today’s outfit, did you read my last two posts? Those posts are where I talk about what I’ve been doing to lose weight; here is the one on keeping active, and here is the one on losing weight. Someone mentioned the size of clothing I am wearing and asked if I have gone down in size. The only difference I’ve noticed is that I am wearing a medium instead of a large in my tops and sweaters. Jeans and pants are dependent on the material, but I’m between an 8-10 or a 29-30. I’ve not gone down that much in sizes, but my clothing fits so much better.

To create a neutral outfit that’s not boring, you need to pick neutral items with visual interest.

How To Create Visual Interest

You can create visual interest by the color, print, texture, or unique details on the item you choose, such as buttons or neckline. Think of neutrals as the building block of your outfit; they go with anything, so you can keep the theme monochromatic, add a dark color for contrast, or a lighter color such as ivory or white. Tan and white/ivory are some of my favorite color themes, and it is so chic and classic.

Prints or patterns are another way to create visual interest. I could have worn animal print heels to draw attention and create a statement. A color block cardigan or a tweed blazer would change the look and create visual interest.

For my neutral outfit today, I chose texture to create visual interest. Even though I love this neutral color sweater, it was the fringe sleeve that convinced me to order the sweater. This came on Friday, and I couldn’t wait to show you these sleeves. They certainly create a lot of visual interest, but they don’t add pounds to my body. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits great! This wild oak color is sold out, but the sweater is still available in other colors. If you LOVE this wild oak color, you can find lots of options HERE.

Jewelry is another way to create visual interest in your clothing. This convertible layering necklace will be your best friend since it is so versatile. The necklace has four layers, but I removed the longest chain because it was too long for my outfit. That is what is so great about this necklace; you can remove any of the chains you want, so it looks like a different necklace each time!

The bootcut jeans that I’m wearing are by Wit & Wisdom. If you’ve never tried these jeans, then you are in for a treat. They have enough stretch to the material that they hug you in just the right spots. I always have to size down a size when I wear this brand, so I’m wearing a size 8 today, and they fit perfectly. I know sizes are limited, so here is a link where you can look at the other colors offered in these jeans. Some are dark, light, Petite sizes, Plus sizes, and different hemlines.

Speaking of a great neutral and versatility, I love my Tory Burch McGraw handbag! This handbag holds everything but the kitchen sink. Lol! I have it so jam-packed that it is crazy. A purse insert is how I can keep everything organized to find it with little effort. This handbag is one that I can carry all year round, and I will get my money’s worth out of this purchase. I think the color I’m carrying is called Tiramisu, which is out of stock everywhere, but there is one called Devon Sand that is a tad lighter.

I love camel-colored ankle booties and could wear them every day in the fall. They are such a great neutral color that you can wear them with everything. Choosing pointy-toe boots help to elongate your legs and make them look much longer than a round-toe. I’ll link to the pair that I’m wearing, but the sizes are getting limited, so I’ll also link to some others.

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  1. Your tree is so big and so fancy! All your decorations look like they belong in a high end store. Very nice! Our tree has ornaments from all our travels, and interests and of course, ornaments the kids made when they were small. I’ve never been a beige person, but it looks good on you.

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss. You look fantastic! Love today’s top – casual yet classy.

  3. I love the outfit, but I absolutely love your Christmas decor!!! Did you do it yourself? Is it a specific brand or retailer? It’s amazing!!!

    1. Thanks, my DIL’s decorated the tree for me, and I did the rest.

  4. Love today’s outfit! Reminds me of outfits I used to wear before layering became a thing. It seems like every outfit I wear now involves a shrug or a cardigan.

  5. That’s a great looking outfit, Tania! You look amazing in these pictures-also, love your Christmas decorations. Everything looks so festive!

  6. Marin Mattingly says:

    Your outfit would wash me out but it would make me feel special.. I have one question – what is the difference between boy friend jeans, girl friend jeans, mom jeans. mid-rise & high-rise, skinny & straight? To quote Vinnie from Welcome Back, Kotter, “I’m soo confused!”

  7. Ou look so nice in that outfit. think your tree is beautiful and the mantle as well. So classy and just the opposite of my Christmas. We have an all out tacky Christmas. I just love all the glitter and dazzle, red and green, shiny,

    Ps everyone…send me your ugly Christmas sweaters and fruitcake and those tiny jam jar sets. Keep the sausage and cheese boxes tho. LOL🎄❤️🙏🏻🎶🎄🎄Merry Christmas to all!

  8. Gail Chose says:

    I love this look even though I’m to heavy to wear. What the brand of the sweater.

  9. Jacqueline J Hopfensperger says:

    I never thought of wearing camel with my very blond hair. Thank you for showing me how to do it without lookinh washed out.

  10. Absolutely in love with the simplicity of this outfit yet it’s a dressier simple oufit so versitile.

  11. Love your outfit and your home looks absolutely beautiful! Wow!

  12. Holly Pickering says:

    Neutrals and brights…both fun and necessary. Haha. Love your outfit!

  13. MARY WISE says:

    Had to order Wit and Wisdom jeans. Never tried but you sold me. I love your neutral post.

  14. Ginger Hiller says:

    What a fabulous sweater and outfit, that you look great in! And your tree and other Christmas decorations are so beautiful and elegant. For several months I have been doing a type of Intermittent Fasting at least one day/week and am losing 1lb/week. I am definitely feeling better, and like you, my clothes are fitting better. And I was thrilled that I did not put on any pounds over the eight days we were away visiting family even though I did not have my usual day of liquids.

  15. Ann H Pavlicek says:

    Nice look! Elegant, but casual.

  16. Connie Martin says:

    You always look so put together. I have been enjoying your youtube videos. Can you tell me what earrings you have on. I have noticed them before but there was not any info posted on them.

    1. Connie, I’m glad that you are enjoying my YouTube videos, I need to film one today so that it can go live tomorrow. The earrings are a pair that I wear ALL THE TIME. Here is the link for silver or Rose Gold: https://bit.ly/33xZdRq The gold pair that I am wearing is sold out on Kendra Scott, but I found them here: https://bit.ly/3oWdi3h

  17. Love todays outfit! You do look great! Have you shared your makeup tips before? I’d like to know what products you use! Thanks

  18. deborah ann vaillancourt says:

    can you post the link to the facebook weight loss group you mentioned