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DSC_0006Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have some fantastic plans for this weekend. My husband and I have been discussing possible plans since Saturday will be our 29th anniversary. It’s terrible that we can’t think of anything we would really like to do. I would really like to just stay at the house, build a fire in the fireplace, and watch a movie or two. DSC_0001I’m wearing my bar necklace again that I got at T J Maxx. I can’t get enough of this, it is the perfect length. It is an A.V. Max, and here is a similar one. The earrings are some I got earlier this fall at Cato’s. How do you like my lipstick? This is a blend of three different shades. I started with a dark brown, then I decided I wanted a more berry color. But, it was still not the right shade, so I then added red and blended. I wish I had this color in a tube, I like it a lot.DSC_0008Finally, something that I bought at the vintage fashion show. This clutch purse was $16.00. The label inside says, Original by Caprice. Here is a similar one on ebay. Inside the purse, the original tag is still attached, and it originally sold for 107.00. It read, CAM/WHT/BONE SNAKE. How cool is that? I am wearing two more of the By the Book bracelets that I bought over the weekend. Here is a better deal, than what I paid.DSC_0011I have had several of you ask about my nail polish. It is by OPI, and is called Romeo and Joliet. This is the first color that I have ever asked for twice in a row on my nails. I think it is the perfect fall color. I even tried to get my lipstick to match this shade. DSC_0015The tweed pants are from Cato’s. They are a classic print, but are modern in the style. I liked the piping down the front, and the fact that they are leggings. They are just a little something unexpected. Another unexpected item, is the brown boots. These boots are a couple years old, but they are probably still my favorite pair I own. They are a quality pair of boots. The inside of these boots are completely fur lined, even on the bottom. Mine say, Made in Italy, but here is a pair from Talbots. The brown in the purse, and the brown in the boots, made this work.DSC_0010Now, about this moto jacket. I bought this on my way to Atlanta at T J Maxx. There is a lot of things I like about this jacket. It gives the look of a “real” moto jacket, but at a medium weight. I own a motorcycle jacket, (my husband has a Harley) and it is really, really heavy. This is just as cute, and it is machine washable. For everyday wear, this one will do. When I’m on the bike, I’ll still go for the “real” thing. signingThis is my sister, Lisa Lewis Tyre, signing the book for the giveaway I started last Friday. Her hair looks great, doesn’t it? I will be contacting the winner by email to arrange for shipping. The winner is “Lisa”, not my sister, but another Lisa. Congratulations, you will love this book!

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  1. You and your sister are very talented siblings… author and stylist. How great is that!! As usual, I love your blog.

    1. Nancy you are always so sweet????

  2. i’m a big fan of moto jackets. they’re so versatile! i have to pick up a copy of your sister’s book. how exciting to be a published author. try linkin park after dark by opi for another great fall nail polish.
    xxoo beth

    1. Thanks for the tip, Beth????

  3. Happy Anniversary! Movies and a fireplace sound like a great way to celebrate…does wine go with popcorn? ha! Thanks for the name of your polish…headed to Meijer and I’m sure they have it. Maybe you can eventually find the lipstick you created. You look fabulous! Loving the boots… Your sister does have lovely hair.

    1. Donna, I’m sure my sister will appreciate the compliment, and I know my daughter-in-law will, she is her beautician????

  4. Happy Anniversary! A string of coincidences: we are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary this Saturday by going out to dinner. My husband also has a Harley and I wear the “real thing” when riding also, but it is much too heavy and bulky to wear anywhere else. And last, I have a cloth moto jacket almost exactly like the one you’re wearing in this post. How funny is that?! I love all your posts and look forward to reading them every day. Thank you!

    1. Wow, Lisa I think we are style sista’s! That is a lot of coincidences!

  5. Congratulations! A warm fire and a movie sound nice and cozy. It is cold and windy here. Question about the By the Book bracelets. Can you tell me the circumference when they are clasped? I would like to get some for Christmas gifts but they are for women with small wrists. Thanks for any help. You look great as always. You have the best luck at TJ Max. I just walk out of there frustrated.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Tomorrow is also my anniversary,35 wonderful years. Love the outfit and the vintage purse is great, can’t wait to see more of what you bought at the show.

    1. Congratulations Penny! 35 years is awesome!

      1. I’ll let you know Sharon, about the bracelets.