50 IS NOT OLD | MANI AND PEDIToday the girls ditched the boys and headed to get our nails done. I got a manicure only, and the DIL’s both opted for pedicure’s. This picture does not have my new nails in it, it was taken on Friday. You will see the new nail color in a couple of days, and I think you will not have any trouble spotting it. It is quite a bit different than my normal colors.50 IS NOT OLD | MANI AND PEDIEmersyn and Matti shared a chair for a while. Emersyn started out in her own child’s chair, but she took her foot and moved the jet, and got sprayed with water. We had to dry her off, and calm her down. She was sure she was going to be in trouble. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | MANI AND PEDIMatti and Emersyn both decided to have polka dots on their toes, and Matti got them on her nails too. Stephanie went with nude nails, and Kayla went with a French Manicure. However mine is not that mild. You just wait! Hahaha50 IS NOT OLD | MANI AND PEDIThis is another example of a very simple outfit that still make a big statement. I love black & white, it is such a classic combination, but sometimes I think it needs to be taken up a notch or two. I have on a plain v-neck black short sleeve t-shirt. This one is from Cato, and I have had it for a couple years. I like this one, mainly because it is a silky/stretch material. It is a little more dressy than your plain cotton variety.50 IS NOT OLD | MANI AND PEDII have on very little jewelry, and instead I let the scarf be the star of the show. I have on a Chloe & Isabel Capri Statement Cuff, and a Plunder Design Faye bracelet. Here is where I wore the Plunder bracelet and matching necklace before. If you purchase anything from Chloe & Isabel, you will need to type my name (Tania Stephens) in the Find a Merchandiser box. With Plunder Designs, you will need to type my stylist number (241007) in the checkout section. Remember, the June special will expire soon, so go here to see what all is included when you sign up for Plunder.50 IS NOT OLD | MANI AND PEDIThis tassel scarf is one of my favorites. I bought it a Cato’s last year, and I have worn it already a couple times this year. A scarf is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to change your outfit. Just look at all the colors in this scarf, and think about the different ways you could wear it.50 IS NOT OLD | MANI AND PEDIThe white linen pants are last years purchase from Old Navy. I love, love, love white pants for spring and summer. I like them in shorts, capris, ankle pants, wide leg, or leggings! There are so many possibilities, I have a hard time not wearing white everyday.  50 IS NOT OLD | MANI AND PEDIThe other pop of color in this outfit, is of course my leather Vera Bradley tote. I bought this in February when my BFF Sandy and I went to the Prime Outlets 4 days in a row. Lol!!! My tote is the medium size, Sandy bought the large one.

My sandals are c/o of Nina Shoes, and I had them on in yesterdays post also. I love to have a pair of shoes that you can just slip on and head out the door. I HATE having to try to latch the buckles.

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  1. Love the scarf in this outfit. I would so love to do that, but it has been over 100 degrees here in GA the last few days. It has been hard to wear clothes, lol! Days like this, I opt for a lightweight, colorful dress.

    • Tania Reply

      We have had a couple 100 degree days here too, Michelle. But other than walking from the vehicle to the building, I am not out in the weather that much.

  2. I check your blog everyday…but tomorrow I’m starting a search for white linen pants, it’s such a GREAT look!! Looking forward to the new nails… -Julie

    • Tania Reply

      I LOVE those pants. I almost wore them out last year!

  3. Heading to get pedi/mani this morning. I want be to brave. I like a light sand or gray on nails and a coral on toes. Not to daring but seems to work for many outfits. Love the black and white. I like the way you have your scarf where its not all around your neck so you can wear it without getting so hot, The grands are precious! I wish mine lived closer but they are coming to the beach this week while on vacation, Can’t wait to see them! Have a joyful day!

    • Tania Reply

      Have a good time this morning. Be BRAVE, go for the GUSTO!!!

  4. Love the outfit and you’ve inspired me to wear a scarf to work today. I have accumulated many through the years and forget to wear them! So, I’ll jazz up my look with one.

    Aren’t mani and pedi days the best? During the summer, I make it a priority to schedule a play day with my best girlfriend and have them. What could be better?

    Have a great day!

  5. What a fab outfit! I wear a lot of black & white, but your colourful accessories really take it up a notch. Love it!

    • Tania Reply

      Accessories can make an outfit. AND, they are usually soooo affordable!

  6. Your legs look so much longer when you wear longer pants like these…..this may be my favorite outfit yet….although I think I said that a few days also when you also wore full length pants. They work so well on you. Although I typically prefer jegging-type bottoms, for summer I have 3 pairs of loose linen pants and wear them all the time…I don’t have white because I have other white pants but mine are all types of neutrals….so versatile cool and comfortable.

  7. You look amazing . Love the scarf. But the best thing is all the new close up pictures. Please keep styling!

  8. Striking! that scarf tips a standard B&W combo to WOW Look great T

  9. so stylish! Thanks for the inspiration to go from frumpy to fab!!

  10. Cute granddaughters! Love the hot pink tote! Love the open cuff! ???

  11. Your scarf is so pretty, a perfect accent for the b&w outfit. It seems odd to me to wear a scarf in warmer weather but seeing it on you and we’ll as hearing from others how they use one as a completer, may have me convinced to try it.


  12. I have got to get over to old navy it is the last place I would expect to shop

  13. I wear a lot of black and white and love the way your scarf pops against the black. Reminds me that I need MORE colorful scarves!!

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