I had the best weekend and I hope you did too. Mine was supposed to have been spent going through closets and decluttering but instead, it was spent playing in the pool and having a sleepover with Emersyn. She has now declared that she is NEVER going home. Mommy and Daddy can just come over and visit. Lol! That was right after she got a little weepy when we went to bed. For just a few minutes she started whining that she missed her mommy. Since they live right next door, I was sure they would come and get her if she really went to crying but she closed her eyes and went right to sleep. When she woke up the next morning, she said, “NeeNee, I am never going home!” 50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN AND LACEThe very best part is that the rest of the grandbabies will be here visiting next weekend and they are staying for at least a week. I will be in “Hog Heaven.” Emersyn is sooooo excited!!! She doesn’t get to see her cousins very often and when she does she will hug each one and declare they are her best friends! I fully expect Emersyn to spend the night multiple times over the week they are here unless they go to her house. 50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN AND LACEThe thing that is going to drive me crazy is that I see a string hanging in this photo. I shot a couple of pictures before I saw the string and pulled it off. I really need to learn how to do photoshop just so that I can fix small items like this. Lol! I bought this top the other day when I went shopping at Cato’s in town. There was another lady in the store and she and I were looking through the clearance racks. She was looking at one and I was looking at one next to it. We finished and then switched racks. I found this beautiful white crocheted off the shoulder top and added it to my “to buy” stack. The lady said, “I didn’t see that, it is gorgeous. Is there another one?” Unfortunately, that was the ONLY one. I have had this happen multiple times to me. It is not that I have an eye for things, it is that I look at EVERYTHING. My mother and sister hate shopping with me. Lol! This top is no longer on their website but they have a lot of off the shoulder tops to consider.

50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN AND LACE I decided against a necklace so that the crochet could stand out. Instead, I went with a pair of earrings that mimicked the lace pattern called the White Drop Earrings. These earrings are only 8.00 but I would wait until I had a larger order to add them to. You don’t want to pay 8.00 for the earrings and then have to pay 5.00 or more for shipping. Just remember when you are ordering a necklace or bracelet to scan the earrings as an add-on, that will save you money down the road.  50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN AND LACE The bracelet on the left is my new Clementine bracelet. I just got it and the Rosa in. The round stones are in hues of green, white, yellow, blue, brown, and gray. There are a dark brown leather tassel and a monogrammed charm that dangles from the bracelet. I put an “S” on mine. The bracelets on the right arm are the Amanda and the Flynn. My pearl bracelet is in silver tone but the Amanda now comes in gold tone. To shop with me, simply go to and hit the shop tab. You will be prompted to pick a party and my current one is tania13. 50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN AND LACE I loved how the turquoise satchel popped against the outfit. I thought the leather accents just matched the color of the pants. Lol! Turquoise is my favorite summer color, I consider white a non-color. Haha! The great thing about turquoise is that it is also considered a fall color so this will still be fine to carry into the fall. It looks great with deep purple!

50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN AND LACEI wanted to show those of you who are not comfortable with an off the shoulder look that it can be worn as a tank top style. My pants are a linen/rayon blend that I bought when I was on my shopping spree at Cato’s the other day. These are still on the website ? I know it hard to believe. Lol! They are an orange ombre drawstring pant. I love this type style pant and I have several of them. They are extremely comfortable and very summery looking. Linen is a go-to fabric in the summer!!! This pair is on sale for only 10.99 so if you want a pair you had better hurry before they sell out. I did size down one size and bought a medium. Anytime I buy an elastic waist or drawstring pant I usually size down. I don’t want those suckers falling down. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN AND LACEOther than my Aerosole shoes I have on I think that just about covers everything.

I wanted to mention quickly that I am loving the new Active Hydration Serum that Rodan and Fields just came out with. Don’t ask me why because I am still trying to figure that out. Lol! I can’t seem to put it in words. I told you that I am not much of a salesperson, I just know what I like and what works. If you are interested in looking at Rodan and Fields products but you don’t like the website just let me know. I recently ordered a bunch of their catalogs and I will mail you one out. There are just times when I want to look at something in my hands. Lol! If you are fine with using the website then you can go to and hit the shop tab. There are 3 ways to make a purchase from Rodan and Fields.

Retail purchase – Purchase your products with no commitment, no discount, and pay to ship.

PC purchase – Signup as a Preferred Customer with the one-time charge of 19.95. This will give you a 10% discount on all purchases over 80.00 PLUS free shipping. You will set up on a replenishment program for every 60 days. However, you can edit what products you need or delay the shipment for 30 or 60 more days. You will never have to purchase anything you don’t need or want.

Consultant – Signup as a consultant and you will receive a 25% discount on all your purchases. Plus, if you are interested in making money, (if only enough to cover your purchases) you are the owner of your own business. You set the hours, you decide how to advertise, you contact who you want, you are your own BOSS! I am finding that I am loving the “business” side of R+F. I make extra income and I get emails from my customers telling me how much they love the products.

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  1. Kathy McClintock says:

    I just love this outfit Tania! It’s truly one of my favorites. But you wear everything well. Looking forward to all your beautiful clothes. Kathy

  2. Kim Blackwell says:

    Hi Tania! You look so pretty with this white off the shoulder top and striped pants! Probably one of my favorite outfits on you. I am the same age as you and you give me the confidence to try some outfits that I may feel a little uneasy about. Lol thank you!

  3. Rene Aldridge says:

    I just ordered the orange ombre pants! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this outfit. You love gorgeous. I was able to find the pants at my local Catos. Love them! Thanks for the tip. Enjoy those grandbabies there isn’t anything better.

  5. Love this outfit! Looked at the pants online and the inseam is 32.5″ Just wondering how tall you are, they would definitely be too long for me, but they are adorbs and love the top too!!!

  6. Bonnie Henderson says:

    Pretty and comfortable looking outfit!

  7. Anita patrick says:

    Such a gray look. I love it.

  8. Charlcy Green says:

    A beautiful classy looking outfit. And I love the purse with it too. You always find the best things at Cato and then I go looking for them but our poor little store never has them. I do shop there though. I did order your outfit from your little bo tique there in Grundy this week and can’t wait to wear it. I’m heading to work for my son today so it will be an interesting day. Have a great one!

  9. Really love your style. You give me so many ideas. I really need help with style. I have a hard time putting thing together. You inspire me to try new things. Oh and you grand daughter is beautiful. She looks like my Emily’s age. She is 4 and so much fun to be with. She says such sweet thing that makes me laugh. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  10. This outfit is stunning! The top is so feminine and the pants are beautiful! You look amazing! You never disappoint me with your classy and sassy style!

  11. I love this outfit and enjoy your blog so much.

  12. I love this outfit and already put the pants and a different white top in my shopping cart. I’ve never shopped at Cato before and just wonder how their items hold up. I have so much that I don’t wear anything over and over, but I still don’t want it to fall apart after the first washing. Thanks!

    1. Beth, I am not one who babies my clothing. Very rarely do I have anything that doesn’t wash up nicely.

      1. Fabulous, thank you! I ordered the pants and a different white top to go with them. I can’t wait to get them, it will be a great work outfit for summer!

  13. What type of bra do you wear with a top like this? I am a 34DD and need support!

    1. Sam, I will ask some of my friends who are more endowed than me. I can get by with very little support.

  14. Kathryn Ivory says:

    Please tell what style bra you wear with your OTS tops! I love this outfit!

    1. Kathryn, the one I end up wearing the most is just a cheap one by Sweet Nothings.

  15. My mom (the 70+ model on my blog) has a shirt like this but won’t wear it off the shoulders!! But it’s still cute on her!!
    I’m like that when I’m shopping too—because otherwise you miss the good things!!

  16. Like this outfit! Looks so summerie and comfy!
    And I too, have a Grandchild, a Grandson who thinks he should live with me! Why not! I am retired and can devote my time to him! God gives us a second chance of motherhood when we have Grandchildren I believe!

  17. I keep thnking you can’t top the last outfit but this is it! One of your best! Great coordination of pieces too!

  18. Marilyn S. says:

    I am so jealous!! I have to have that top. I’m going to scour every Cato around -which maybe hard since I Live in the middle of nowhere. It’s just gorgeous.

  19. Love the lace off the shoulder top, so feminine! I’m not a big fan of linen, I guess because it seems to always look wrinkled, I’m weird about that. I do have a black pair and I don’t seem to notice it as much. I do like these pants though! Boy, I’m wishy washy this morning! I wish that Plunder would come back with the silver and pearl magnetic bracelet, love it! Happy Monday!

  20. Brenda Noble says:

    Beautiful. Love the top and the earrings set it off perfectly!! BTW, for some reason, I haven’t received your feeds in my email box for the past couple of weeks. I’ve missed waking up to you! I’ve just subscribed again and hopefully that will fix the problem!

    1. Brenda, I have noticed that it has done that randomly before. If it lets you sign back up that means it had dropped you from the list. I am not sure why or how to fix the problem. Thanks for letting me know.

    1. Dianne, I will email you for your address and get one in the mail to you.

  21. Perhaps the best outfit I’ve seen this year! Very classy and tastefully simple. Envy you having grand babies! I have none to date! Thanks for sharing your time with them…makes me smile!

  22. I love this off the shoulder top on you! I’m obsessed with OTS tops right now. Yours is beautiful, and looks perfect with your pretty pants!! You truly look gorgeous!