50 IS NOT OLD | LAUGHTER DOES A BODY GOOD It is Father’s Day! I want to wish my Dad and Joe a happy Father’s Day! Last year my Father’s Day POST was about unanswered prayers. That is actually one of my favourite posts so if you did not read that last year be sure to check it out. Today I have been led in a different direction.

I worry about my Sunday posts more than any other post. I can talk about the weather or the dogs through the rest of the week but on Sunday I am talking about the Lord. That puts some pressure on me. I will think all week long about what I am going to talk about and this week was no different. EXCEPT, I couldn’t think of a single thing to say, I was at a loss. Then, I did my morning devotion and the Lord provided me with my topic. I LOVE it when He does things like that!!!

Laughter. I get comments all the time about me making you laugh or how you think I am funny. Those type comments mean a great deal to me because I think the world would be a much better place if we all just didn’t take ourselves so seriously. I opened up my Jesus Calling daily devotional by Sarah Young and the words jumped off the page.

Learn to Laugh at yourself more freely. Don’t take yourself or your circumstances so seriously.

EXACTLY!!! I agree wholeheartedly but I was confused how this was a devotion. The devotion goes on to explain that, “Laughter lightens your load and lifts your heart into heavenly places.” I agreed once again. I always envisioned Heaven being full of laughter. No one is sad or hurting there, no one is struggling or hungry, EVERYONE is loved and happy.

In looking back at my life as a child I can remember seeing my parents beaming when all of their children were running around laughing and playing. I remember doing that with my own children, I loved seeing them laughing freely, just enjoying themselves. Now, I imagine the Lord feels the same way. I don’t think He wants us to be so serious and stressed all the time. I imagine that He wants to see us laughing, playing, and enjoying ourselves.

So, what keeps from being carefree? Life is way too short to be so serious. The Lord has told us that He take our burdens, He will lighten our load. All we have to do is call out to Him and He will be there in our time of need.

I want to dance like no one is watching, I want to sing at the top of my lungs, and I want to be able to wear a bathing suit without feeling like I need to “suck it in.” Life is too short to wear pants to the beach. Laugh with your children and grandchildren. Enjoy every day that the Lord has graced us to live.

I am off to throw on my bathing suit and head to the pool for the day with Emersyn. She doesn’t care that I am not a size 4, she won’t remember seeing rolls around my belly, but she will remember that we laughed and had fun. And I imagine the Lord will be beaming!

Have a Blessed Father’s Day!

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  1. Tania Goddard says:

    Yep! We all need more laughter in our lives. There’s a verse somewhere in Proverbs I think telling us that a merry heart does good like a medicine!!

  2. Nancy Wempe says:

    Wonderful post. I was wondering if you could share which devotionals, bible study, etc. you have used and enjoyed either now or in the past and would recommend to someone who feels lost in her relationship with God. Thanks so much.

    1. Nancy, I am reading Jesus Calling right now but I loved my Draw The Circle book I read before this one. Nancy, you have not really lost your relationship, you just need to pick it back up. He has been with you all this time.

  3. Tania, you are wonderful breath of fresh air. I discovered you yesterday in Pinterest posts as I scoured for “2017 summer fashion for over 50” … actually, I’ll be 61 in a few weeks but I worried that I might have crossed the frumpy line. Age is only a number and I work to stay current but lack the originality to jump out on my own. So I try to get ideas on trends.

    Not only did I find your fun fashion sense, I discovered a woman with a kindred spirit. Thank you for stepping out with your blog and being an inspiration.

    Have a blessed day.

  4. Sue S (MN) says:

    Thank you, a good reminder for when we’re taking ourselves too seriously!

  5. I have worn pants to the beach. Literally. Never again.
    This is your calling for sure.

  6. Wow! Beautifully said. I always believe that laughter is the best medicine. That’s why I try to surround myself with positive people and always try to find humor in myself. Over the years I’ve become a bit clumsy so when I fall I crack up. I fell on a treadmill several years back and I called my daughter to tell her about it. She busted out laughing. Well that’s just how it is. Her office workers were like you are laughing at your mom falling? She said you don’t understand that’s what we do. Yes my legs were torn up and I was in alot of pain, but when I got in the car I had to think about how funny I must have looked flying off that treadmill and how the people at the gym were probably watching the replay tapes and laughing. So yes thank God I healed and yes I still laugh when people or myself fall after I find out they are ok. May God let you all find laughter in the little things of life.

  7. What a wonderful and inspiring blog today, thank you!

  8. Love reading your Sunday blogs . They are always an inspiration . You are also helping me venture out with new clothing ideas ! Thank you and enjoy your day with your family?

  9. Charlcy Green says:

    What a delightful post! I love that you are brave with your faith and not ashamed to share God with us! Fathers Day is hard on me since I lost my sweet Daddy two yrs. Ago. So treasure your time with your Daddy and with Joe! You have much blessing in them. Aren’t our grandkids the best! They tell us we’re beautiful and love us no matter what! Enjoy your swim with laughter!

  10. Tania, I do so enjoy your blog. Your Sunday posts are some of my favorites.

  11. I love all your posts Tania, but this just may be your best yet! What a great outlook on life and you are such an inspiration to me. I was just whining to my hubby yesterday about being hot at the beach when we go in a few weeks. But now I am going to put on the dreaded swimsuit and soak up every minute with my precious grandsons. Thank you!

  12. You may agonise over them, Tania, but your Sunday posts are my absolute faves. They always make me thing. And even when touching on delicate topics, you remain impartial and kind, and very honest 🙂

  13. Leslie Handal says:

    Beautiful! Very well sad…..❤️

    1. Leslie Handal says:

      *Said not sad…..

  14. Tania your Sunday post are my favorite. And yes the Lord wants us to be joyous. There are so many Bible verses telling us to dance and sing with joy. Trying to teach my 8 year old granddaughter that it’s OK if people hear you singing loud or dancing in the car because they will just think “Oh look they are having fun!” She’s afraid people might laugh at her and I never want her to be embarrassed to have fun.

  15. And all God’s people said, “Amen”!!! Great post! ?

  16. Cindy DeBenning says:

    That was beautiful Tania. When I don my bathing suit today I will remember your words.

  17. I had my granddaughter yestetday and we were playing in our pool. We even took selfies together for her dad. I looked like a drench cat but who cares? Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

    1. Sandy, a drenched cat is what I looked like too! ? ? ?

  18. So true! If we learned to laugh at ourselves, we would have the freedom to be who we are in any situation. Not have a worry in the world, knowing​ God put us here, to do as much as we can between those dashes. Have a fun day!!!

    1. You are right, Jeanne! The fun is in the dashes!

  19. Amen! Have a joy filled day!

  20. Thank you, Tania! Great reminder!

  21. Deborah Todd says:

    Thank you for this message. Every Sunday you make me pause, think and reflect. Enjoy your day with your family with lots of laughter?

  22. Teri Getler Matthews says:

    Leaving shortly to go back home… 4 hour drive with my Yorkie, will be smiling because of your post….I will sing LOUD even when I am sitting in traffic on 95!! Happy Father’s Day Joe!!!

    1. Teri, I have traveled many hours with just my Yorkie. Sing as loud as you want, they are a great audience. Lol!

  23. Donna Rush says:

    Thank you for a great message

  24. Glenda Braun says:

    So very true. Thank you for the reminder. Enjoy your day and you do make us laugh. Not at you but with you lol

    1. There re days, Glenda, when I would laugh AT me. Haha!

  25. Love reading your Sunday posts Thank you

  26. Ronna Snipes says:

    Thank you for sharing that… we can get so caught up in what we look like and our grand babies don’t care. I intend to enjoy all the opportunities the Lord gives me to laugh and bring joy to those He puts in my life.

    1. I know, Ronna. The grandbabies don’t “need” perfect, they just need attention and love.

  27. Awesome Tania! My Mom used to say “It’s better to laugh than to cry”. She’s been gone 14 years, but I still remember the funny things she would say that would make us all laugh. ❤️

    1. That is a wonderful legacy that she left you with. You will always remember those little sayings and I bet you will pass them along to the next generations.

  28. Wonderful post Tania! You are such a spot of sunshine on this world. ☀️

  29. I love to laugh too!!! You’re post was perfectly said!! Learn to laugh…it’s never too late. Enjoy your day with Emersyn! God bless you.

    1. I have found that in most situations you can choose to laugh or cry. The laughing ones are so much more enjoyable.

  30. A good reminder to all of us! Thank you!

  31. Thank you for the reminder ! Happy Father’s day ! To men in your family. Ik that you will have a wonderful time w your Grand daugther enjoy !

    1. She spent the night with us last night and has now declared that she is NEVER going back to her house. Lol!

  32. That was perfect – thank you!

  33. What a great message to wake up to!! Thank you for you inspiration!!

  34. Connie R. says:

    Will look for the joy in everything as l work today. Thank you for the reminder. Be blessed in all you do.

    1. I believe there is joy or a blessing in almost every situation. Sometimes we do not see it at the time but it comes to us later.

  35. So very true! Thank you for the reminder

  36. Carol whitton says:

    Well said!!!! Thankyou!