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50 Is Not Old | Life In The Fast LaneI’ve been singing “Life In The Fast Lane” by the Eagles all day. So, that got me thinking about how fast life can pass you by. When I turned 50, I expected to feel different. But, truth be told, I felt just like I did at 40, even 30. I expect I will feel the same when I turn 60. I know some people who freaked out when they turned 30, you would have thought it was the end of the world. Hahaha  The privilege of turning another year older, is something to be thankful for.50 Is Not Old | Life In The Fast LaneMy grandmother is 102, and until fairly recently, in good health. She is truly a blessing, and I am thankful everyday that she is still with us. When I was young, I use to love going to spend the night with her. I always got to sleep with her and would beg her to tell me bedtime stories. Some of my favorite stories were, Three Billy Goats Gruff, I Want My Big Toe, Epominonimous (I have no idea how to spell this), and Billy Boy. She was always VERY animated and would change her voice for all the characters.50 Is Not Old | Life In The Fast Lane

She had a closet that was shared by two bedrooms. It was great fun as a child, to go in the closet in one of the rooms, and wind my way around to come out in the other bedroom. That was the coolest thing. You can see I was easily amused. LOL  She also had a tornado cellar off to the side of her house. It had a little storage shed on top, and then you could go around to the back, and enter the cellar from below. The cellar did not have a door, instead it had a maze that led back to the inner room. You would enter, turn to the right for about 4 feet, then turn the corner and go left for about 6 or 7 feet, and turn the corner and enter the room. This was the SCARIEST place on earth!!! No door means anything could go inside, and probably did. I remember all us kids would dare each other to go inside. You would always find lizards, huge crickets, and bugs of all kinds. I don’t think I ever made it to the inner room, I am not a nature kind of girl. I used to tell my mother I would have to actually see the tornado coming before I would go in that thing. Hahaha

50 Is Not Old | Life In The Fast LaneOne day when I was probably around 7 or 8, I was across the street at the neighbors house. I knew what time Granny would get off work, so I was waiting beside the road, watching for her. When I saw her car coming, I flagged her down. I told her I wanted to go to her house and that Mom said it would be alright. That might have been stretching the truth, since Mom had NO idea I was going. Did I mention the neighbors didn’t see me leave with Granny either? When I was discovered missing, Mom called Granny and I was outed. You would have thought that Mom would have been relieved to have found me, but I don’t recall that being the emotion. I do recall not being able to sit down for a short time after though.50 Is Not Old | Life In The Fast LaneWhat do you think about my southwestern print cardigan? My friends Sandy and Bertha went shopping on Wednesday, and they brought me back this cardigan and a cute dress. Yes, I know I have the best friends in the world. They bought this at a store there called The Classy Closet. Don’t you just love that name? My long necklace is one I bought this past fall at Cato’s, and I think it has a southwestern flare. Here is a gorgeous silver feather necklace with turquoise, onyx, or coral, your choice. The quartz short necklace was one I bought at the craft fair we had in November. Here are three quartz necklaces for every size budget. Similar | similar | similar | The dark teal top is from Banana Republic, and I bought it at the outlets in Florida. I had no idea what I was going to wear it with, but it just matches the cardigan. Here is a similar top.
50 Is Not Old | Life In The Fast LaneI’ve brought my Dooney & Bourke workhorse handbag out of the closet. This purse goes with almost anything. The carmel color is rich, and I like that it is divided on the inside. Here are two price friendly options. similar | similar The jeans are from Maurices. They are Maurices Premium, according to the label. I am not sure what makes them premium, if they are thicker or better quality. 50 Is Not Old | Life In The Fast LaneTomorrow Sandy and Bertha are coming down for a photo shoot. If all goes well, you will get to see a post starring them. Then, it is off to Classy Closet for a small shopping trip.

Remember, life is fast, so take the time to give your loved ones a hug. AND, take some time for yourself!

I hope you have a great weekend, and remember to ask yourself “would Tania wear this?” Hahaha

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  1. I love going down memory lane. I am fairly new to your blog. I just read the post about your Granny’s cellar. My Granny had a cellar too. It was damp and mysterious and had a distinct order. My cousin and I used to love playing on the stairs that led to the cellar. I too once went to my Grannys house without permission, only I rode the school bus to her house. I don’t remember much about the consequences . Those were times to cherish. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.?

  2. Tania, I am new to this blogging world. I just recently started reading your blog and I am now reading your posts from the beginning. You can tell where I am at this point. I just want you to know I think you could put a potato sack on and look good. You know those people who can mix and match, wear the latest trends, put items together that you would never think about putting together. That is you, you are one of those people and you always look so lovely in your pictures. I am going to try and start putting more care into how I dress on a daily basis. It is hard when you can dress casual for work and don’t see that many people on a daily basis. You are older and have added pounds that make you think you can no longer look good. You remember back to the days when you were thinner and always dressed nice. Well no more thinking that way thanks to you. Went shopping last night and picked up several cute things. Can’t wait to try them out. Now on to more reading your blog.

    1. Wow! Thanks so much Crystal. This blog has made me more aware of how I dress, and I have definitely stepped up my game. Haha

  3. Hello my friend!
    I wanted to say how I like this ensemble of yours. I am trying to play catch up on blogs, yours being one. I could have taken a month off after my dad, but need a diversion. I wanted to say thank you for your kind words and I too feel as though we have known each other! I didnt miss your comment. Please forgive me for not stopping by sooner. I know, I dont feel so different at 47 , as I did at 37 etc either! So cool your grandma is 102. I imagine she has great stories.
    jess xx

  4. Very entertaining post Tania. And I love your outfit. You have done well with putting together the pieces. I like that the short necklace starts where your blue shirt neckline is. And I love the added long necklace. I hardly ever combine two necklaces which is clearly an omission on my side. I had a look at the silver feather necklace. Even tried to order (I am so bad) but they won’t ship to The Netherlands. Oh well, that was for the better. I am broke anyway.

  5. Sue Olson says:

    Love the sweater and overall look. These two necklaces together don’t work that well together, though. Perhaps the longer one , solo, would work better. I look forward to your blog every day!

  6. Just found you today! so know you are international now! love these colors!!!

  7. Tania, you are a doll! I look forward to your posts, and every day I wonder “what’s she going to be wearing today?”

  8. Love today’s outfit! Very colorful, in a very good way! – Enjoyed your story! Nothing like childhood memories! I cherish every one myself! Love my Grandma! Quite the character! – Two things I didn’t get on my “wish list”. Sold out of my size or something – a shearling vest & a multi-color Southwestern sweater (I do have a black/white). Love the mix of the blue top with your turquoise/coral necklace (and the icicle necklace!) with your sweater. Nice D&B handbag, and thanks for your links to the other very nice bags! – Looking forward to your blog post with the girls! Y’all have fun out shopping! Lots of giggles, I’m sure! 🙂

  9. I love, love love this outfit!!!! Can I have it? Haha. I love your blog too.
    I took my 2 year old grandson to the barber on Monday and my 87 year old mom to the beauty shop yesterday. I enjoyed both trips so much. I am 49 and I am so blesses to have family to love on both ends of the age spectrum.
    Did I tell you how fabulous you look????

  10. Love ,love,love your outfit today. The southwestern look is my favorite and I wear turquoise almost every day.
    When I was young we had chicken houses, usually I would get up early and go with my mom to check on the chickens. One day mother let me sleep in and went to the houses by herself. The houses were really close the our home so she felt safe leaving me there. When I woke up she was gone and I was hungry, so I loaded my dolls up in their stroller and walked the quarter of a mile to my grandmothers house. Scared my mother to death when she came home and I wasn’t there. She knew where I had probably gone so she came and got me. Needless to say I never pulled that stunt again haha. We lived out in the country and this was 50 ago. Parents didn’t have to worry as much as we do now I have many happy memories of my grandmother and miss her a lot

  11. Kathy Terry says:

    How blessed you are to have good friends to do retail therapy with…and they shop for clothes for you too! How blessed you all are to have each other!!

  12. Thanks for going shopping with me yesterday…well you were talking in my head as I flipped through the crammed hangers at a Macy’s clearance sale…75% off!!! You helped me pick out a very cool tan colored long sweater vest ($13.00) and a pair of navy polka dot skinny pants ($13.00). Wow, what a find. Last night we went to dinner with a bunch of friends… I wore a crisp white shirt, soft gray long sweater and black pants and shoes. Ohhh and strands of pearls and silver bracelets and chunky watch. I got more compliments and queries as to why I looked so good… Ha! You made it happen, Tania, so thank you! Now it’s time for more coffee.

  13. This made me think of the times I spent with my grandmother. Harvesting her garden in the summer and swimming in the river. Sleigh riding and playing cards in the winter. She was one of my biggest supporters and I miss her dearly. I still have all the letters she wrote me when I was in college and lived abroad, and I revisit those often when I want to feel her with me again. Thank you so much for your blog. I look forward to it every day. Have fun shopping today!

  14. Love your stories, Tania. It is so important to pass on the memories we have and to share them with others. After all, they are pieces of our history. Love the outfit. Classy and casual, my favorite way to dress!

  15. Great outfit and story, love the boho style sweater. Have fun shopping today.

  16. Love the outfit! I like the all things you put together, but I’m thinking this might be my favorite so far. It’s going to be fairly warm here today, so it may not be a sweater day for me. I haven’t been to Cato’s in awhile so I may need to stop by & see what’s new! Granny memories are precious. My grandparents lived right next door so I spent lots of time with them as a kid. I agree that you have a talent for telling stories & putting outfits together! Have a great weekend.

  17. This outfit might be my favorite on you! Very flattering and so stylish, yet age appropriate.

  18. I agree with you about life passing by very quickly. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2013 and I am cancer free and enjoying every day to the fullest. I really enjoy your posts. Keep them coming!

  19. Beautiful your style. I look forward to reading your blog everyday!! Sometime I ask myself if my outfit is fun enough to share with Tania..haha. Have fun shopping..

  20. I truly think think that you inherited your grandmother’s storytelling talent! Thanks for sharing!

  21. I am amazed that you went into the cellar at all! I never made it past the entrance. Love the outfit. You gurls have a blast! – Sister

  22. Melanie W. says:

    Great outfit and I love your stories!!!!!

  23. Awesome outfit and I have that Dooney and Bourke tote in a lighter color. I just got it out yesterday! Great minds like ours must think alike! Haha. Loving that southwestern look- am going to wear my turquoise bracelet I got in Santa Fe in January in your honor. I love your stories and your blog is my favorite! Have a fun shopping trip – I know you’ll bring home some incredible finds!

  24. Lock your doors Tania cause I’m fixin to steal this outfit out your closet! Love every stinkin thing about this! Love, love, love! Can’t wait to see your post with “THE” Gurls and their fab fashions 🙂 🙂
    You Granny sounds like an absolute gem and treasure~ send her some hugs from us all.

  25. Love this sweater! When I opened the blog this am I thought how colorful and bright this looks and just perfect for what I’m doing today. If I was home and not halfway through my 2 month stay in Virginia Beach I could pull this off. Love your grandmother stories! My nanny drove a pink Cadillac, wore lots of jewelry and loved to lunch out! Good memories! We’re taking our 2 granddaughters to the Norfolk Zoo today-hope to create a memory with them. If I don’t lose one of them it will be good for me!!

  26. Bernadine says:

    Good Morning, Tania! You hit it out of the park pulling this outfit together! every piece just falls into place. Love the stories, most of us can relate with similar stories, bringing smiles of reminiscence. Wish I was heading over to Classy Closet with you, Sandy and Bertha…. Have fun!!

  27. Tania,
    I’m a huge fan of your blog?
    I look forward to what story you’ll be telling each day & am in love with your fashion style.
    I ?love? this look, it’s so boho casual.
    Thank you for your dedication to helping others.