Leopard, Is It In Your Closet?

DSC_0002 This past Monday, I participated in my first Shoe and Tell linkup with Style Nudge. On Sunday night I took pictures of my shoes, and wrote my blog. When Monday morning arrived, I brought up the website and was thrilled when I saw the theme of her post. It was leopard! I think I might be telepathic. Or maybe tele-pathetic, I’m not sure which. LOL DSC_0004When I first envisioned what outfit I would wear with these cute flats, I immediately thought of a pair of black capri pants and a mustard, cropped sweater. But, I had forgotten that I had a funeral to attend, so I decided to dress it up a little bit more. I pulled out this black jumpsuit from Cato’s and never looked back. I threw on a carmel colored cardigan, a leopard scarf, and  headed out to take pictures.DSC_0006 The outfit looked okay. Not fabulous, but okay. I knew that most of the day I would be wearing my Foster Grant readers, so I figured I needed to take a picture with those as well.DSC_0014 The purse was a gift and the bracelet is a vintage find from one of the many vintage fashion shows I attend. It is bakelite disc’s that are attached on a plastic chain. The bracelet contains all the colors in my outfit, and was practically perfect. The only problem with the bracelet was that it made a lot of noise when I moved my arm. Maybe not the best choice to wear to a funeral. Oops.DSC_0003It is really cute though!!!DSC_0019The leopard scarf was replaced by a long vintage bakelite necklace and a vintage leopard hat. I didn’t intend to wear the hat all day, I just wanted to throw it on for a couple of pictures. Have I mentioned that I don’t look good in hats. I have a big head. Not as in ego, but as in inches. That makes it hard to find hats that actually fit and look good. It didn’t help that I didn’t pull the hat down on my head, but I didn’t want hat hair for the rest of the day.
DSC_0023 DSC_0004The black bag was replaced by this vintage crocodile handbag, which I love. It is huge and in really good shape. I bought it several years ago on the 127 yard sale. I saw the bag, but I didn’t buy it. I went back, but I still didn’t buy it. Finally, the third time I went back, I bought the bag AND a Hobe necklace. I guess third time’s a charm.
DSC_0016_2 DSC_0017_2After a long day at work, it is nice to come home and put your feet up. It’s even better when they are covered in leopard. Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to comment.

Another linkup today! Turning Heads Tuesday hosted by Elegantly Dressed & Stylish, and Confident Tuesday hosted by Why I Do DeClaire. Come over and join us.

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  1. Hi I have been looking at some of your outfits and love them can you tell me where you buy them and are they available on line as I am is Western Australia

  2. Mary Ann Earle says:

    Love your outfit!!

  3. You are just fabulous..love your style..

  4. I just found you! I’m having a ball going back to the archives and looking at all your outfits and comments… I think you are utterly adorable and I love your style!!! Thanks for starting your blog and please keep the ideas coming! I’m a late 50 heading to 60 girl with a love of fashion and enjoy all the suggestions and photos the confident bloggers have to share!

  5. I love when that happens when you are wearing something and poof, it is the theme. Glad to meet you and love the mustard/rust color of your cardigan, looks so lovely with the leopard shoes. Details are gorgeous too with the vintage bag !
    Thank you for linking up with Turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

    1. Thanks Jess for providing opportunities for new bloggers. I love your blog, and you look gorgeous in everything.

  6. Love the colors in your outfit and the leopard print scarf and shoes really make the outfit pop!

    1. Thanks Hayden. I love the leopard items too.

  7. I also love leopard and think it makes a great statement piece with a neutral outfit. Love your smile as well!

    1. Thanks Pam! I have always been shy, so wearing leopard, (people might look at me) is new to me. And then I start a blog….go figure. Lol!