J.Jill Winter Try On Haul

If you know me, then you know that I hate to try on clothing in the stores. I always end up like I’ve been in a wind storm, and I look a mess. Plus, I prefer trying on the clothing at home since I have my jewelry and shoes to complete the outfits. But, you gurls love try on hauls, so I’m trying to do one every week or so. Today’s is a J.Jill winter try on haul, and I hope you enjoy this post. I just saw that J.Jill is having a sale today. J.JILL CREDIT CARDHOLDER EXCLUSIVE OFFER 30% OFF YOUR PURCHASE WITH CODE 23JJCC30

I did a Try On Haul For Fall from J.Jill, and a lot of the clothing from that try-on is now on sale, so check it out, too.

J.Jill has great quality clothing, but it can sometimes be too basic for me. I like bright colors, and J.Jill has a lot of camel, black, navy, etc. You need both in your wardrobe, so I was thrilled when I walked in the store and saw so many colorful clothes.

This Enchanted Florals Sweater feels like an elevated sweatshirt! I love the colors, and if feels great. I think it is a tad oversized since the small fit me nicely. If you want the oversized look, then order your regular size.

I thought it was a nice touch that the pattern extended to the back.

In case that wasn’t colorful enough for you, I added the Velveteen Stretch Slim-Leg Pants. The pants are in the color, Sugar Beet, but they are also available in black. How cute are these pants? You could wear them all winter long, but they would be fabulous for a holiday event.

How about velvet on velvet? I love the color pairing of gray and sugar beet, but I think the pants would look great with navy, cream, or silver.

The Rayon & Silk Velvet Blouse is gorgeous, and I think it is a little oversized or relaxed. I’m wearing a medium, and I probably could have sized down for a slimmer fit. I think the gray color is beautiful, but it also comes in bordeaux and whiskey barrel. Both of those would look great for fall and winter, especially with jeans.

Here is a better look at the Velveteen Stretch Slim-Leg Pants. This are truly a gorgeous color, and run true to size. My usual size 8 fits me perfectly.

I had to try on the Rayon & Silk Velvet Blouse with a pair of Rayon & Silk Velvet Blouse to see if the velvet blouse could be worn casually. I love this look, and I think I like the blouse in a casual setting better than if it was dressed up. What do you think?

I tucked the velvet blouse into the jeans so you could see the patch pockets. Plus, did you notice the sheen of the blouse? ❤️️

I bought these High-Rise Flare Jeans last month, and they are still one of my favorite pairs of jeans. I love the trending patch pocket look, and the large cuff is a great detail. I hope they come out with these jeans in a darker wash because these are a great trouser silhouette.

Here is another colorful outfit. The strawberry colored Smocked Mock-Neck Top is perfect for an every day, run to the store kind of top. It is casual, but still looks put together and semi dressy.

My photos aren’t great with these try-ons. I shake, so everything is blurry. My advice is to check out the website if you want a clearer picture. Lol!

The Smocked Mock-Neck Top has smocking at the neckline and cuffs. And, I love all the different color variations in the top. It would look great with white, black, brown, and you could even wear this top for Valentine’s Day.

This is a basic top that’s not basic. I love a white button up shirt, but they can look boring. Not this one!!!

The Side-Button Stepped-Hem Tunic is long enough to be worn with leggings without fear of your booty showing. It has a high/low hemline and is very oversized for a relaxed-chill vibe. I’m wearing a medium, and a small would have worked too.

You can see the side-button detail in this photo. You could eat three plates on Thanksgiving, and no one would be the wiser. Lol! I just saw that white is sold out in this tunic, but it has a striped blue and wisteria version in stock.

I love the brass Ribbed-Trim Button-Front Cardi. The color is perfect for fall, and it looks great with the High-Rise Boot-Cut Jeans.

I layered the cardi over a One-Pocket Button-Front Shirt. The shirt is a great layering piece, and has a relaxed fit. I’m wearing a medium, but a small would have fit me better.

Now, this is what I’m talking about!!! I can’t believe that J.Jill has embraced all these beautiful colors.

I love vintage clothing and jewelry, and this cropped Chenille Plaid Swing Jacket reminds me of all the swing coats they used to wear. The jacket doesn’t button, it is an open front that “swings” as you move. I’m wearing a medium, and I feel like it runs true to size.

Here is another everyday casual outfit. You can elevate your outfits by simply layering them. The sweater and pants look fine, but layering the sweater over a shirt elevates the look.

The light beige/barley Layering Crew-Neck Sweater has tiny flecks in the material. It is a lightweight sweater, so it isn’t too heavy or warm. I’m wearing a medium, and it still fits me fine even over the button up shirt.

I love the color of the High-Rise Boot-Cut Jeans. They are a medium color, so not too dark or too light. The boot cut isn’t exaggerated, so you can wear them with heels, flats, or boots and they will look great with all of them.

So, I took off the button up shirt which made the sweater look casual. I wanted to wear the sweater with these Pleated Wide-Leg Pants for a dressier look. Pleats are sooo in style right now, but it is taking me a while to embrace them. I feel like that add pounds to the area I struggle with, so I’m not sure I’m a fan.

I am a fan of the blue spruce Zip-Front Down Puffer Coat. The color looks amazing with the chestnut colored pants and beige sweater. Down is known for its warmth without adding bulk, and this puffer wasn’t bulky at all.

J.Jill just came out with another collection, so I’ll links some of my favorites items from it below:

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  1. Lily Potter says:

    Please get someone to take pics of you instead of taking them yourself.

  2. The velvet blouse triggered a memory of something similar I had back in the 90s. 🙂 I loved that shirt. Guess that’s why it actually came back to my mind. And I love the one you featured as well!

  3. My favorite is the gray velvet top! I think its gorgeous!

  4. Alice Binford says:

    I love J Jill clothes but I think they do tend to run large.

    1. They do run large in most things.

  5. I love the pink swing jacket!

  6. Jayne Finkbohner says:

    Tania, the Enchanted Floral Sweater is so gorgeous on you. Like you, I’m not a fan of pleated pants, they add to much volume to my hips. Ugh, not a great look, but sure look great on tall willowie gals! Loving wide legs jeans in all color washes. So darn comfy. Happy Sunday, God bless!

  7. Love the j Jill fashions. Wish there was a store close to me!

  8. Love J JILL!! And all of the “haul” was awesome, I especially like the “veleteen” colors. I like the side buttoned down blouse. And I really like your Zoe flat shoes, too cute.
    Thanks for sharing.. Great colorful haul!! 🙂

  9. Jennifer steadman says:

    Love those velveteen pants for the holdiays

  10. I enjoy almost all the pieces, thank you and have a blessed thanksgiving day.

  11. Marcie Funchess says:

    Love your style!

  12. I really like J. Jill pants. In my opinion, most all of their tops and sweaters are either boxy or oversized. Although, I love your posts, some of the looks you showed looked sloppy. But IMO
    It was because of the boxy, oversized tops. Again, that is my opinion. This is not reflection of you or your posts, it’s just how I feel about the tops and sweaters. Have a good day.

  13. Love J.Jill. Good combinations. Thanks for helping up put things together.

  14. Both the bootcut and wide leg are in my cart as we speak!
    They are gorgeous and have TALL sizes…. Yahoo!
    Thank you for showing them❤️

  15. Louise Logan says:

    Great choices!!

  16. Cindy Phipps says:

    Love what you chose at JJill!!

  17. I’ve driven by J Jill many times, curious about what their clothes are like but never stopping. I finally went in a couple days ago and bought this red dress: https://bit.ly/40HqCKh Yes, it is plain but what a great opportunity to add a little bling with a beautiful brooch and maybe even a sparkly thin belt. And, it feels great! This will be my Christmas dress!

  18. Oh my goodness, I love so much of this!

  19. Jenniffer Groski says:

    I love the sweater! The pattern and colors!
    I got a pair of high rise flair jeans with patch pockets at Walmart on a clearance rack for $1!! I will be pairing them with some of the finds from previous posts!

    1. That’s awesome Jenniffer! 😊

  20. Great items–going to call my store about the white blouse!

  21. Laura Garrett says:

    Love, love that blue puffer coat. Also, all the jeans choices today are very cute. Thanks!

  22. Ooooh! That velvet top! LOVE.

  23. Christine Curtis says:

    My favorite is the Ribbed Trim Cardigan in brass. Can you tell me is the color closer to yellow or rust? I checked the JJill site and there it looks closer to brownish-rust.

  24. Ginger Hille says:

    I sure hope that Tom will be okay! I know that y’all miss your daughter. You definitely tried on some pretty items.

  25. Kudos to Ashleigh! I’m doing the same thing with my diabetic cats this holiday. They are our furry kids and they deserve the extra attention when their are sick. Thanks for your blog Tania!

  26. Love this try on- cute things!

  27. Wonderful selection! So disappointed the step level white shirt is sold out!!!!!!!!! I will try to find one like it.

  28. You are just too cute in all these outfits!

  29. I’m like you. I buy several things and take them home to try on. I don’t like trying on in stores at all!! Love so many of these styles!!

  30. Renee Hoard says:

    Love the try on hauls! J Jill is a constant favorite! Enjoy the holidays!

  31. sue koren says:

    I always check out their sale rack too – great deals to be found there!

  32. I prefer to try clothes in the store. Just don’t like returning. But I have to order to get a petite size. I like your jeans. I’ve never been attracted to this retailer.

  33. Linda Shearer says:

    Never been to J Jill but may have to go there. Love the plaid jacket the denium shirt and wide leg trousers. Thanks for showing all these you look great in all of them.

  34. Melissa L says:

    Love all of the looks, and I especially love those velveteen pants!

  35. Great post! So many cute items! The velvet top is adorable!!! Happy Saturday, enjoy your family❤❤❤

  36. Love all of the looks, and I really love those velveteen pants!

  37. Love that beautiful puffer jacket! Perfect color for you! J.Jill is my favorite place to shop. Thanks for this post ❤️

  38. Janice Nagle says:

    I like the colors! the enchanted floral sweater is my favorite. sugar beet is a gorgeous color, and would work for many occasions.

  39. Glada St Clair says:

    I love J Jill but I have to wait till their clothes go on sale.

  40. Love the puffer coat and the swing jacket!

  41. Julie Lozano says:

    Hi, I’m a devoted J.Jill fan, and you look fabulous in everything you tried on. I’m heading to the website to find that gray velvet top right now. I hope the cat you spoke of is getting better. I’m a cat mom as well. Thank you for your great blog. You’re a beauty.

  42. Love shopping at JJill. The associates are most helpful and always make good suggestions on their clothing and accessories.

  43. Lol! The pictures were absolutely great! So many beautiful clothes and , you’re right, the colors really pop.
    Thanks for sharing,


  44. My son lives in a larger city and I went into a J. Jill store for the first time there not too long ago. I didn’t purchase anything then, but I’m loving several things that you have tried on here – like the velveteen pants/shirt and the patch-pocket jeans. I see a lot of my fave jewel tones! 😊

  45. I don’t blame you for not liking to try things on in the store. I really think retailers should put more thought into the lighting in them. I’ve gone into a dressing room with an armload of things to try on before, but the lighting made me look so bad, I put them all down and left in disgust. Also, dirty floors are so gross. But, anyway, I really enjoyed your try-on haul. They have some really cute things coming out! Thanks!

  46. I liked a lot of things in this try on haul! The puffer coat was a pretty color to brighten up dreary winter days! I also liked the v neck button up cardi that was made of mostly cotton. Pleated pants, hmmm…I think they are rather limiting as to which body types look best in them. Having said that, I do think they looked good on you and the way you styled them. Enjoy the family this weekend!

  47. I loved the casual look with the rayon silk velvet blouse and your pictures were great!

  48. J Jill clothes just don’t fit me well. And their styles are not very trendy. I find them boring. I never shop there. I love Chicos!

  49. Those sugar beet slim leg velveteen pants are so pretty. And I love the chenille plaid jacket. I wish it was a little longer.
    Praying that your daughters kitty will be OK.

  50. Everything looks great! I really love those velveteen pants! I wish they came in more colors.

  51. Dana Smithmier says:

    I love the plaid jacket😍😍

  52. Lots of good options here!

  53. I have always liked JJill styles, but like you, the colors were eh, loving the cherry swing jacket, and the colors of the velvets. Have a safe and blessed week!

  54. Love love love the rayon-silk-velvet top, I can see wearing it throughout the holidays but it’s out of my price range at $199. Are there any lower priced options?

  55. Susan Hughes says:

    I really enjoy JJill stores. Thank you for introducing me to this retailer.

  56. I love the colors of the swing jacket!

  57. I love you In the plaid jacket.

  58. I love the Blue spruce puffer coat

  59. Love everything you tried on! I have the same struggle with pleated pants but I thought those looked gorgeous on you. Love the classic cut of these clothes. Reminded me of a gorgeous 1940s movie.

  60. I, also don’t like trying clothes on in stores! I never do! I can pretty much judge by looking at it, if it will fit, if it doesn’t I take it back. I always feel more comfortable in my own bedroom. Plus I feel Hugh in those mirrors in dressing rooms 😅 My girlfriends are amazed that I do this! I even got some of them doing it now!! I love the swing jacket and the color of that puffer coat. Praying for Ashleigh’s cat, Tom 🙏

    1. Thanks, Dawn. It isn’t a big deal to return things, so I’m not sure why everyone hates doing that.

  61. Phyllis Martin says:

    I know how draining a try on session can be. Thanks

  62. Pretty! And bless Ashleigh for staying home and taking care of Tom! And you Mom, for completing understanding! ❤️

  63. I hope your daughters cats feels better. Enjoyed the try on haul. I especially liked the high waisted jeans and yellow cardigan on you.

  64. Ann browning says:

    The layered sweater with jeans looks great.
    Thank you for continuing to bring your cheer every day, and sharing a scripture verse. I enjoy it very much!

  65. Sylvia England says:

    Love the looks! Heading to JJill today!!

  66. Alicia Wilson says:

    I am asking if you will post a few thoughts about why you moved? I am your age and we are thinking of a different home. I thought your words might inspire us. Thank you for all your posts

  67. Thanks for doing a JJill try on ! I love their clothes 😀

  68. Love your try-on hauls!