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J.Jill New Arrivals Try On Haul For February

I love it when a new season is on the horizon. This is the time when new colors, new styles, and new trends all hit the stores. I placed an order with J.Jill, and they did NOT disappoint. Get ready for a lot of fun because today, I’m doing a J.Jill new arrivals try on haul for February.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Lady Jacket is tending. There are a lot of trends that I don’t care for, but I am ALL IN for the Lady Jacket trend. This is a classic style, and I’m thrilled to see it in all the stores.

I have a bunch of these sweater jackets, and this is the one I’ve liked the best so far. It is a great weight, and the sweater feels high-end. This is a trend, but it is a classic design that will never go out of style. I’ll wear this sweater for years, and it can be dressed up or down easily.

I added a Brahmin Tabitha Shoulder Bag to this outfit. Brahmin is a brand I love in handbags because of the quality. The crocodile embossed design is easily recognizable, and I love the neutral color.

The Authentic Fit Slim-Leg Jeans might be my favorite pair of jeans from J.Jill. They have a great silhouette, and I love the length. They look great with flats or heels and can be worn with a sweatshirt or sequins.

I love the look of this outfit, but some of the pieces were too big for me. But, the overall concept was great, and is one that looks polished and put together.

The Patch Pocket Knit Cardigan is a knit version instead of a sweater. It will be easier to wear this knit cardigan in the summer since it isn’t as heavy. I added the Wearever Easy A-Line Tank in navy under the cardigan because I thought it would look great peeking out from under it. I love the look, but I ordered a large in the tank, which was a huge mistake. I’ve reordered a medium, and I hope that ends up fitting me better.

The High-Rise Patch-Pocket Wide-Leg Jeans in light barley were perfect with the knit cardigan. But they were too big for me too. Patch pockets are big this year, but this is one of the trends I’m not 100% behind. I like them fine if the pockets are smaller, but these are too big for me.

I love this casual yet elevated look. This look is so easy to recreate since it is only a top and a pair of jeans.

I am not normally a fan of “two-fer” items. I’m talking about an item that has the look of a shirt and a sweater or top, but they are actually all-in-one. Others I’ve seen

See…it is a two-fer! Lol!

Because the other jeans were too big for me, I switched them out for a pair of SPANX Flare Jeans. I love the way these jeans fit! They are snug in all the right places and hold you in so that your tummy isn’t as noticeable. The only fault I have with these jeans is that they are long. I’m 5’6″ tall and normally wear a 32″ easily. With these jeans, you will need a platform or high heel shoe to keep them from dragging the floor unless you have them hemmed.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, since I no longer leave the house to work, I dress more casually than ever. If you are like me, you have to fight the urge to wear sweats and leggings all the time. I still like grabbing a pair of leggings and a tee with a cardigan, but I don’t want to get in the habit of wearing that all the time. It doesn’t take any more time to put on a pair of jeans and a nice shirt or sweater, and you look a 100 times nicer.

This Mongolian Cashmere Polo Sweater is actually from Quince, not J.Jill. I love a collared polo shirt or sweater, so I added this black one. I’m wearing a large in it, but I sent it back and reordered a medium. I hope the medium works since I really love the look. J.Jill didn’t have a black polo sweater, but they do have a lot of other black ones.

Boyfriend jeans are slightly more relaxed than girlfriend jeans. That doesn’t mean they are sloppy looking; they just have more room in the hip and thigh area. I usually size down if I see a pair of jeans is a boyfriend style, but I decided to stick with my normal size 8, and they fit fine. Gray jeans are trending this year, and I’ve noticed that inventory is low in them in most of the stores I shop.

I kept this outfit monochromatic by adding the Ella Patent Nylon Tote. I have carried this tote almost non-stop since I bought it. It is a great size and even has a spot that my laptop fits inside. The only part of my outfit that isn’t in the gray/black color family is my Vionic Slip-on Fashion Sneaker- Leather Shoes. I ordered my usual size 9, but I found these to be a little big on me. They were slightly too long, so I would suggest sizing down if you are between sizes.

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  1. Debra Handley says:

    I am so glad I found you! Your outfits inspired me to make several purchases for an upcoming cruise in Europe. I have shared your site with two good friends who share your taste. Thank you for helping us!

    1. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Thanks for sharing with your friends.

  2. I absolutely love every one of these outfits! ❤

  3. Erin Rezey says:

    Oh this was a great post ! Love the sweater coats , reminds me of the lady jackets in your a previous posts ! They all look great on you ! Very classy yet comfortable look ! I’m home all the time now and that’s the kinda look I’m interested in ! Also haven’t been to a j jill store in ages ! But I love what I’m seeing ! Thank you for the post and your input !

  4. Lori Duncan says:

    I love JJill and Talbots. Also love Loft! Thanks for always keeping us “Gurls” well informed!

  5. I love it all! I really can’t swing J.Jill prices right now. If you find any patch-pocket pants like those in this post that are less expensive, please add them to a post! I love the color too. So cute!

    1. Sheli, I’ve seen similar pants at Kohl’s. You might try there.

      1. Thanks! Will check there!

  6. Those JJill ” Authentic Fit Slim-leg” pants look fabulous on you. Seriously, you should wear that style often!

    And thank you again for including Scripture because God’s Word is life-giving.

  7. Love the spring looks, Tanya! Your hair looks great–would love a tutorial on how you style it!

  8. I love the navy and white. Great post!

  9. sandy bober says:

    JJill is my all time favorite shop (20years!) love it!

  10. Wow….I love the lady jacket in the first outfit, but thought it was way too dressy for jeans, even with heels. My feet don’t tolerate heels anymore, so I would never think of wearing with jeans. The twofer- I don’t like white on white, althought I like the sweater itself. Makes me want to shop my closet again as I plan for spring. I hope Phil is wrong, still holding out a slim hope for a big snow in upstate SC.

  11. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I enjoy receiving your emails everyday.

  12. Vicki Jarvis says:

    I love all of these outfits. I love what you have for your audience. I am trying to improve my wardrobe. I have changed jobs and I used to be a small business owner and wore more casual clothes because of the type of work I did. Now I am a professional and I need to wear more casual business and business clothes. You have given me great inspiration.

  13. I have been eyeing that lovely basic white blouse from J Jill you have shared several times. I finally ordered it this morning. My white blouses are dinghy so I’m hoping it is perfect for spring and summer outfits.

  14. Donna Brown says:

    Tania….u look soooo good! And I am really enjoying the JJill hauls … I have shied away from them for quite a while…. not sure why… But I think I’m going to be going back to them as I’m loving there’s fashions recently. Thanks for always keeping us on point.

  15. Susan Mckenzie says:

    I LOVE all the navy and white !!! It’s a perfect way to start Spring!!!

  16. sue ann koren says:

    J Jill sizing always seems to run big

  17. I love J. Jill. Thank you for showing us this try on session:). I like the textured sweater jacket. I’ll go and try that on. I too love my spanx flare jeans. I have denim and white in the pull ons. I did have to have them tailored (hem shortened and take in the flare a little). For me, they’re the most comfortable jeans. Thank you for your posts.

  18. Haven’t shopped at a JJills since there isn’t one close to me. Looks like they have some pretty clothes.

  19. Mary Carol says:

    The boyfriend jeans look great on you.
    I am definitely ready for spring.

  20. Laura Crenshaw says:

    I too am hoping for an early spring!

  21. I love the navy/white outfit! I’m so ready for Spring too! Yeah for no shadow!

  22. The first look is my absolute favorite! So chic.

  23. Love the first sweater jacket. I’m happy to see the Chanel inspired jackets making a comeback. I will also be happy if we have an early spring. I just don’t like anything about winter anymore. I love warm temperatures and sunshine.

  24. Hi Tania,
    I read your blog everyday!! I love the boyfriend jeans and the navy colors. How do you stay so slim? You look so good!

    1. Debbie, it is a constant battle. Sometimes I’m winning, and sometimes I’m not.

  25. Tania, you are looking slimmer every day, and seem to be needing smaller sizes quite often. Are you losing weight?

    1. I’ve lost a little, not much. But, I’m between sizes, and I never know which size to order.

  26. Ginger Hiller says:

    While you look very nice in all of these outfits, the cardigan jacket in the first picture is my favorite. My lifestyle is super casual; so much so that that jacket would be too dressy.

  27. I really like the patch pocket soft cardigan on you. I like it in the dark/light blue combo. Unfortunately, I remember the (old?) rules about not wearing horizontal stripes if you are heavier. So I stay away from them.

  28. All of these are super cute! love the two-fer!!

  29. I love the knit striped cardigan with the barley jeans outfit. I like small patch pockets too. My wife leg pants from JCrew factory and Loft both have small patch pockets. I hope you keep the knit cardigan. It looks so chic on you. I’m with you on the ground hog day too. If it’s 6 more weeks of winter I say it’s just a superstition. We have had beautiful weather this past week except for yesterday when it rained.

  30. Not sure Phil was right as it’s snowing here!

  31. Sandra Kern says:

    I loved every thing in this post !
    But especially the striped cardigan and the slim leg jeans from j Jill !
    Thank you for the inspiration!!

  32. Love the contrast trim lady jacket!

  33. Absolutely love the wide leg jeans and contrasting trim sweater jacket from JJill.

  34. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I really liked the textured sweater jacket.

  35. I love these looks! I had fallen into a fashion rut just wearing t-shirts and jeans each day. Your posts have helped me update my style, actually discover I could have one. My teen daughters have even given me compliments! Thank you!

  36. Laura Garrett says:

    J Jill is one of my favorites. These new jackets and tops are gorgeous! Thanks for the post on beautiful, quality items.

  37. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    I’m loving the wide leg pants this year, but every pair I’ve tried is too long. I’m 5’4”, so I tried the petite size, but they were an inch too short. I’m going to have to retrieve the old sewing box for the one pair I bought yesterday ☹️.

  38. Elizabeth Ty says:

    My favs are the first and the last outfit. That jacket is so cute and pairs so well with the jeans. And love the Ella Tote – I discovered the logo is actually a pocket – how creative.

  39. Hi! I always love try-ons at J.Jill. I worked for them for 12 years and still order from them on-line and in-store. I find I can almost always size down in their clothing. I am 5’7″ and 160 pounds, and a size 10 or Medium. I always try on smalls and 8’s first, they usually work. Sometimes a medium or size 10 in jeans if they are slim fit. I am a big fan of the shorter jackets (lady jackets). So classic and stylish! Love your sweet family stories! 🙂

  40. Mary Kinard says:

    Love these looks! I need a pair of gray jeans!

  41. Delanie Collings says:

    Great choices! I am not ready for spring, though. I love the Tory Burch tote! I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Love all the outfits!

  42. I am so glad you show JJill items! I love JJill.

  43. You looked great in all of these looks. Loved all of the navy items. I am SO ready for spring! 🌼

  44. Stella Gustafson says:

    I am seeing all the cute cardigans and sweaters. But I do have a question.for those of us that live on rural farm towns with only five stoplights I would be so out of place wearing something like these. Now don’t get me wrong I dressed like this when I was an Air Force wife and loved it. But know I am stuck on how to dress since we moved home after he retired. I can’t stand the cut offs and tank tops or basic concert tee shirts and jeans with boots cowboy style with both. Can you help me find a middle class of dressing so people want ask me where I am going

  45. I can not wait for Spring.
    This is the first day we have had sun ☀️ in some time.
    Love the j Jill sweaters.

  46. Tania- I am not typically a “two-fer” lover either, but definitely like the looks of this one.
    That, plus the navy/cream jacket are my two favorites.

    1. I love how nice this two-fer looked.

  47. I am going to believe a rodent for my weather this year- I’m ready for spring!
    Such pretty outfits from JJill. I am going to have to try their clothes.

    1. Lol! I almost called him a lovable rodent, but I was afraid it might make someone mad. Hahaha!

  48. Love the lady jacket and the slim jeans!

  49. Linda Lloyd says:

    I would love to see more posts on capsule dressing. I love a lot of the stuff you post but I have no desire to have that much stuff in my closet. I did buy a pair of grey Lee jeans you recommended. They are much more versatile than I would have imagined! I may splurge on the SPANX white flares though. They look fabulous on you (I’m with you on the patch pockets, hello 70s!).

    1. A good pair of white jeans is a must for any wardrobe. You just need to decide if you want flares, straight-legs, or cropped.

  50. Barbara Armacost says:

    Tania I love all these outfits!! I am also a fan of the collared tops. J Jill never disappoints. And I have to say you look great with the new eyebrows – they really highlight your face.

    1. Thanks, I’m finally getting used to the color, and I like it a lot.

  51. Patt Dyal says:

    I LOVE the nautical look!! And it looks great on you!! And I just ordered the navy strips, cream tank and spring green jeans!! So versatile!! Oh, and I am loving the Oura ring! Wow!! Very interesting information. Who knew I move all night long?🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Patt, it is crazy when you start checking out how much you move around while your “sleeping.”

  52. Beautiful outfits especially the first sweater!

  53. I love your blog! I almost ordered that Talbots lady jacket yesterday! I am so glad you styled it that sealed the deal for me ! lol

    1. Lol! I have so many of these lady jackets in lots of price ranges and styles. I’m obsessed over this style.

  54. Julie Lozano says:

    I’m a devoted J Jill girl! The Spring line up doesn’t disappoint! The dresses online are amazing as well!

  55. I love all the items but J Jil l does not fit me well.

  56. Sheila Reebes says:

    Love the layered look without the extra bulk for us in the south!

  57. Jane Martin says:

    I love JJill and buy several pieces every season.
    It was fun seeing you model their new items.

  58. Yay early spring & new clothes!

  59. Linda Shearer says:

    All these looks look so great on you! You look long and lean in these. Please quit showing that Ella Tote because I may have to buy it. LOL. Honestly Thank its really nice and looks well made.

  60. Great post and everything looks so good on you! BTW, have you lost weight? You look very thin! 😜😜

  61. Phyllis Martin says:

    Lots of styling ideas here!

  62. The cream and navy contrast sweater jacket is gorgeous.
    Tania, I spent about 2 hours yesterday going through your past blogs on Pinterest. It was so much fun!!

    1. Lol! That was a long walk down memory lane!

  63. You found some really cute things!!

  64. I really like the first sweater. Love the navy and white look too.

  65. Debbie Goepper says:

    Loved the post today! And the Lady jackets. I have a few already. Have a great day.

  66. Laura Short says:

    This might be my fav try on haul you have ever posted! Your legs look amazing in the white flare jean. SO wearable. Really would be a great capsule.

    1. Exactly! I’ve been thinking a lot about a capsule wardrobe.

  67. Great outfits today. Love the striped patch pocket cardigan.

  68. Beautiful classic looks!

  69. Thanks!! So many great looks!!!!

    1. I’m glad you liked them.