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Have you ever heard the saying about having champagne taste but on a beer budget? Well, that’s me! While I can appreciate the finer things in life, I also live for designer-inspired items at a good deal, and I know that many of you probably feel the same way! These days there are inspired looks for almost every designer item that looks pretty darn close to the real thing. But it can be hard to find them! I went down the rabbit hole so you don’t have to and am sharing the most common affordable designer inspired looks for brands like Louis Vuitton, David Yurman, and more I found on Amazon (plus a few from Walmart!)

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My Favorite Designer Looks for Less

Mach & Mach

These Satin Bow shoes are making their rounds right now and look similar to these Mach & Mach Double Bow Silk Satin Pumps! If you have a small $1,095, then splurge for the original. But, if you prefer not to break the bank, these are a great shoe that you can wear for the upcoming holiday season.

David Yurman Inspired Jewelry

Known for their signature mixed metal jewelry, David Yurman is a timeless brand that you’ll see people wearing again and again. You might have seen their cable bracelets that typically cost around $600, or even own one. I’ve found similar ones that you’ll love just as much. In addition, I’ve linked more finds from Amazon for a fraction of the price compared to theirs, which can cost upwards into the thousands.

Gucci Inspired Mules and Belts

The mule trend has really become big over the last year, and a large part of that is thanks to these Gucci inspired loafers, especially the fur version. The other Gucci inspired item that has grown popular is the belt. The one I found has two circles instead of the two interlocking Gs.

Louis Vuitton Inspired Bags

I’m sure you’ve seen the checkered bags or the famous XL pattern by Louis Vuitton. While the one on the left has a different pattern, the bags I found definitely look inspired by the brand. I linked a few others that are from Walmart as well that are under $50!!

Golden Goose Inspired Shoes

Golden Goose shoes really became well known a few years ago when the sneaker trend started up. I laugh because you used to see a lot of jokes going around about how people would pay $500+ for a scuffed-up pair of sneakers. There were even tutorials about how to make your sneakers look like Golden Goose. But these haven’t gone away yet! The good news is I found a pair that looks similar for only $40.

Tennis Bracelet

Now this one isn’t made of diamonds, but it sure looks that way! I love that you can get the same look for only $15 without trying to justify such a large purchase. Plus, you won’t feel bad if you lose it!

Chanel Bags & Slingback Heels Inspired Looks

Chanel is an iconic brand known for its classic quilted and tweed bags and signature CC logo. I’ve heard jokes that it’s better to invest in a Chanel bag than the stock market, as they only keep raising the prices of the products! Haha! But the bags I linked and this pair of heels are inspired versions if the real things are out of your budget, and they look amazing.

More Trending Looks for Less for 2022

Dior Inspired Saddle Bag for $30
Similar to Cartier Bangle for $12
Inspired Celine Cat Eye Sunglass for $14
Burberry Scarf Similar for under $25
Rolex Inspired Watch for Women under $50

Want even more designer inspired looks from Amazon (and a few from Walmart)?!

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  1. ALL of these are so cute and on-trend! I love and will be ordering most of these right away. I am new to the blog and, WOW! Great stuff!

  2. Thank you so much for pointing out these dupes :)! You did all the hard work on finding the look alikes, and I also learned some of the more popular items, that I did not know about. I love the Gucci mules and belt. Then I saw the saddle purse, super cute!

  3. So many great items! Thanks for all you do in making our shopping experiences easier. I love the beautiful jewelry showcased!

  4. 😁😁I had never heard the saying about champagne taste on a beer budget! Thank you for these beautiful options!! Have a wonderful Thursday!!

  5. My dress up dilemma is solved! I’ve been avoiding wearing dresses because I just can’t handle high heels anymore. The Chanel Slingback Heel dupes are perfect! I’m ordering in several colors.

  6. Thank you so much for the Amazon gift card I won on Nov. 5th. I had no problem spending it. Imagine that. 🙂 I bought a couple of scarves and bracelets. I have several of these scarves and just love them! https://amzn.to/3A2KPy0

  7. Dupes and look-alikes are great fun. I love the cable bracelets and also the little Twenty-Four purse from Walmart. Thanks for putting all this together.

  8. Oh yes. Thanks so much for these! Lets have more of these dupes and more of your affordable clothing and accessories posts! Times are getting tight!

  9. Nice dupes! My granddaughter asked for Lululemon leggings for Christmas, but 1 pair just about takes her whole budgeted $! Any thoughts on a good quality dupe? I bought the initialed bag last week as a gift, looks to be very nice quality!!

    1. Jennifer, I do have some decent Lululemon dupes I can give you, but I would ask her first. She might prefer one pair of Lululemon leggings over a dupe pair and other things. It depends if she wants quality or quantity.

  10. My husband always says “don’t buy an off name peanut butter buy J***” but I bet if I show him this post I know what he’ll say! Thank you so much.

  11. I have a few of these dupes already, and I absolutely love them. I have the rings, I get compliments all the time and I have a dupe of the LV bag, from Walmart – again so many compliments and so affordable! Thank you for doing a post like this – this is what many of us need!

  12. Thanks you so much! Some great choices here!!! I love the look alike. While I love nice things as well I’m at an age where it’s not worth it for me to pay the big bucks!