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The Best Sweaters To Buy Now For The Holidays

It seems like yesterday that I was blogging about what to wear to the lake, and now look at me. lol. I don’t know how it is where you are, but in Virginia, fall gives way to winter pretty quickly. One minute, we’re celebrating pumpkin spice lattes; the next, it’s time to carve the Thanksgiving turkey! It’s not too early to prepare for the upcoming season. That’s why I’m sharing the best sweaters to buy NOW for the holidays.

The Best Sweaters To Buy Now For The Holidays

Holiday sweaters don’t have to feature reindeer or snowflakes! This beautiful wrap sweater is festive but subtle. It’s a very classy red and would look great for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Pair it with black OR white pants or jeans if you’re going for a more casual look.

Now we’re turning up the festivities a bit. Like most everything, it can be worn to a dressy party or paired with jeans for a touch of bling. I love the crystal details, and you can’t go wrong with Vince Camuto.

I wore the port-colored one last month. The sweater is soft, comfy, and has a relaxed fit. I’m wearing a medium, and I probably needed a small.

From sparkly to subtle, this sweater would make a chic statement over the holidays. This is a lovely option from CeCe, another one of my favorite brands. It’s simple but so romantic! I love the bell sleeves. This also comes in black if you want to go in that direction.

You know I love details! These pearl, flared cuffs are gorgeous! CeCe has a great sweater game. This black is very chic, but it is available in others, such as white, green, and navy. This could be worn either dressed up or casual. Adding these adorable Crystal Reindeer Earrings would give it a Holiday Vibe.

Three guesses who this is from. If you said “CeCe,” you’re correct! This takes the basic crew neck sweater into a sophisticated territory. I love the puff sleeves and, of course, the crystal bow! I love this sweater in black, but I wish it came in other colors, too.

The Best Sweaters To Buy Now For The Holidays

I bought this sweater last year and ended up giving it to my sister. She usually only wears shades of black, so I appreciated the jeweled bow that gave this sweater a bit of sparkle. It’s very soft and cozy. It runs a bit large if you’re interested, so you may want to size down.

Guess who this cardigan is from? If you said CeCe…you were WRONG! Lol! I thought I would show you a few sweaters from some other brands I love. How gorgeous is this?! I love the pearl embellishments paired with the dark stones. Very dramatic! This is lovely in tan, but it also looks great in black.

Vince Camuto does it again! I love this casual sweater that would look great with jeans or some leather pants like the ones pictured. Throw it on with some tall boots, and you’re chic and elegant. The sweater can be worn for the holidays and later in the year. The sequins on the sweater remind me of falling snow, but thankfully, I’ve not experienced the frozen white stuff this year.

Okay, I couldn’t write about holiday sweaters without including a more literal version. This is not quite a Christmas sweater, but it’s close. I like celebrating the holidays, and a happy sweater is always a win for me. This comes in other prints and a green version if you want something other than red.

Now is the time to consider what you wear for the holidays. The retailers sell out quickly, so start planning now!

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  1. Love the sweaters! I also enjoy your daily Bible verses.

  2. sue koren says:

    The wrap sweater is my favorite

  3. sue koren says:

    The wrap sweater looks like it would be very flattering.

  4. Love the holiday sweaters. CeCe is a great brand and always fits well. I often find them at TJ Maxx too. Hoping for cooler weather soon to be able to wear them. Most of all Tanya, I love your positive attitude and how you inspire women to have fun with fashion at any age 😊🙏.

    1. Awwww, how sweet of you to saw this. I hope that I inspire women.

  5. Louise Logan says:

    Love these holiday sweaters!! The one from Boston Proper is my favorite!

  6. Marcia Buczek says:

    I love your posts and my closet thanks you for your ideas!

  7. I like the wrap V-neck sweater.

  8. I love the wrap sweater but wraps usually end up being too deep of a vee on me. Any suggestions?

    1. You can either pin it so that it doesn’t open up, or wear a cami underneath for just in case.

      1. I never thought of a cami, that would work for me. Thanks!

        1. Great! I’m glad you liked that idea.

  9. I wear lots of sweaters here in Idaho! Thanks for the post!

  10. I can’t get enough sweaters! lol

  11. Jenniffer Groski says:

    The sequin crew neck sweater is really cute!

  12. Laura Garrett says:

    I adore holiday sweaters, especially ones with a little bling! These are great finds. Your daughter is so pretty, and I know she’s proud of her mom for all you do. Thanks to you, Tania!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I’m proud of her, too!

  13. Beautiful sweaters .

  14. Your daughter is stunning. I am loving the crystals and pearls. Thanks again for sharing so many different ideas.

  15. I love all of these! I’ve always loved wrapped sweaters and that wine one is perfect!

  16. You have a beautiful daughter.

  17. Great options for both casual and dressy!

  18. Your daughter is gorgeous!

  19. Linda Shearer says:

    Love the wine colored wrap sweater

  20. CeCe is one of my favorite brands. Love the flared sleeves and button details on the sweaters. I also like the wrap sweater in green.

    1. I love their clothing. It is a little on the feminine side.

  21. Pretty red snowflake sweater

  22. The wrap and black with bow appliqué are my faves. I like sweaters with fun details, especially since I don’t get to wear them
    very often. 😉

    1. I like fun details on my sweaters too. They make me smile.

  23. Those Cece sweaters are so pretty for the holidays!

  24. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and looks on holiday sweaters! I excited to get the black one from Nordstrom. Lisa

  25. Love the crystal and sequin detail sweaters. Beautiful colors and styles.

  26. I love Christmas sweaters. When I taught school, I had enough Christmas outfits to wear each day from Thanksgiving until Christmas break. Lol…..there were some days of what are now Ugly Christmas sweaters, but I enjoyed bringing holiday fun to the classroom.

    1. Teresa, you might see an “ugly sweaters” post coming from me soon. 🤪

  27. Carole from Canada says:

    Well we have snow this morning in Canada so it’s time for sweater weather. Thank you for the beautiful selection of warm sweaters.

  28. Kim Shannon says:

    Loved your designer post at better prices. Ordering a few for gifts.