How To Wear The Color of 2023 – Lavender

Every year the bigwigs of the fashion industry get together on a ZOOM call and decide what the color of the year should be. At least that’s the way I imagine it, lol. How else would every brand and manufacturer know what to produce and fill our stores with?! However they decide, today I’m here to show you how to wear the color of 2023 – lavender!

I was telling a friend recently about seeing some photos of the lavender fields in France and how it would be a dream to visit. She said, “Well, until then you can try the ones not far from here.” Until then, I had no idea we actually had lavender fields just a few miles from my house!

How To Wear The Color of 2023- Lavender from Amazon

Lavender Floral Print Dress

I think lavender is the most feminine color so it makes sense to use it on a pretty floral print dress. You know I love details, and I think these flowy sleeves are darling. The tiered ruffles are very on-trend.

This dress has an elastic waistline, and it’s plenty roomy. Being 100% rayon, it feels lovely, and the best part is that it’s under $50 dollars!

Yesno Casual Dress

This dress is similar in that it’s got a crew neck, is long, and is in the gorgeous color of lavender. But it’s a much different look. Where the earlier dress is rayon and a bit dressy, this one is 100% cotton and much more casual. I’d pair this with a cute pair of sneakers and head out the door for a day of errands. Not only is it cute and comfortable, it has POCKETS!

Two-Piece Sleeveless Lavender

Here’s another great look. This two-piece has a ton of things going for it. I love the details of the buttons on the back, the peplum top, and of course, the pockets! This is rayon and linen which makes for a very cool outfit. This would be lovely to wear to a shower or an afternoon shopping with friends.

Summer V-Neck Dress

I thought I’d show you a few other items that I loved but haven’t had time to order. This dress would have been perfect for my post on Stylish and Chic Midi Summer Dresses From Amazon under $50 dollars! I love the flirty sleeves, the smocked bodice, and the price – just $40 dollars!

Lavender Bag

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate lavender into your wardrobe without dressing in it head to toe, this bag is perfect! It comes with a wallet, and I like the versatility of having handles or a strap. This bag has a rating of 4.5 stars and over 10,000 reviews!

How To Wear The Color of 2023- Lavender from Nordstrom

Lavender Print Dress

How gorgeous is this dress?!! This is a great use of the color lavender. You could pair this with a lavender or pale blue cardigan and be ready for anything from a summer wedding to a night out with your favorite person. It looks like a million bucks, but it’s actually under $100 dollars and it’s matching washable!

Lavender Bag

Here’s another lavender bag that looks amazing. This can be worn either as a crossbody or a backpack and is leather. It’s a little pricier than the Amazon bag, but leather will last a very long time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this All-Things Lavender post. I’ll leave you with the real culprit, the mastermind behind the Lavender Craze, uh Haze.

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  1. sue koren says:

    I just want to walk in a field of lavender!

  2. Love the color on you. And the first lavender bag is just the kind I like. Clean and simple. I’m not one to pay much for my purses and I don’t like changing them out. So I stick to something that I will carry for the whole season. I know that is crazy to you. HA!

  3. I love the lavender color on you! I am thinking about ordering one of the dresses. I don’t have this color in my wardrobe so not sure if it will look as nice on me.

    I love sleeping in my bed and the comfort of being home.

  4. I love lavender and it looked so good on you. I’ve had a lavender button front shirt with white cuffs for several years just can’t decide what to wear it with. I bought it at Dillards. Maybe you could help me with that? Thanks so much, Joan

  5. A Hospice Nurse just told me yesterday that a home isn’t the 4 walls where you live, it’s the love of family wherever you are!
    The lavender handbag and wallet are gorgeous, and such a great price point!

  6. That color looks lovely on you! I’ve found it to be a bit tricky for me to find the right shade that won’t wash me out but I do love lavender.

  7. My husband usually remembers my birthday……..only because it is on the same day of the month as his and we were born in the same year. He just has to remember the month.LOL

  8. Absolutely beautiful!

  9. I’m in Europe and lavender is everywhere…the ladies have been wearing it stylishly so it doesn’t lean toward matronly.

  10. Nancy Worthy says:

    Sleeping in my own bed. Going for a walk around the neighborhood.

  11. I love the photos in the lavender fields!
    The thing I love about home is the peaceful feeling it gives me.

  12. Lynnette Davis says:

    You look beautiful in lavender!

  13. Cindy Howard says:

    I love that my home is warm and inviting.

  14. The lavender clothes look great on you. Home is where we gather for holidays and birthdays.

  15. love all the lavender outfits it tells me feminine and I like it.

  16. Beautiful pictures! My favorite thing about home is just being together with family.

  17. CyndeeKay🌻 says:

    Tania, I love lavender! This is the first summer in a long time that I’m not in Sequim, WA for the annual Lavender Festival in July. Each July the lavender farms open for visitors. You can cut your own bouquets & buy all things lavender. One year I had a lavender streak put in my silver hair.

  18. I can honestly say I do not have one thing in my closet that is this color. It does look beautiful on you.

  19. l loved lavender when I was a kid. Now I know it doesn’t suit my skin tone. It looks good on you. Is this the fall color of 2023? I thought magenta was the color of 2023? At least that’s what I kept reading on the fashion blogs.

  20. My favorite two colors are purple and pink. Any shades in these colors except neon. So I am loving the lavender . My favorite thing about home is the love and warmth that welcomes me when I come back from a trip

  21. Gorgeous! I fell in love with all shades of purple as a child when I was given an amethyst ring (my birthstone). Lavender is my favorite of all!
    Loving the dresses especially! And the shacket!

  22. Georgann Whitley says:

    Pretty! 💜

  23. Love the summer v-neck dress
    The color just makes me smile!!

  24. I had to laugh! I’m a hospice nurse, and the unit’s scrubs are lavender. I wear lavender EVERY SINGLE DAY! At least I know we’re trendy. Lol! 😆

  25. Stephanie says:

    I just ordered a lovely lavender sweater from the NSale. I’m excited to get it. It’s not a color a usually wear but I think it will be pretty going from summer into fall.

  26. I have loved lavender and purple since I was young. Back then, purple was a hard to find color in clothing as avocado, orange and brown dominated.

    I hope to find something beautiful to wear in this color.

    Thanks for showing this color. Love it!!

  27. Kathleen McDermott says:

    I have the YESNO dress in at least 15 beautiful prints. Just bought 6 more. (When I like something, I go big,). It is light, breezy and charming. Perfect for the heat and humidity. Wearing one out to lunch today. Love lavender (I’m a Summer).

  28. Linda Williams says:

    The color Lavender looks absolutely gorgeous on you. With your hair color and skin tone, it is truly one of your colors. I have worn it some and I really like it also. My hair color is about the same as yours. I was an ash Blonde before I turned gray. I think the dresses this year are Beautiful. I must be the Year of the Dress.
    Hope you have a Great Weekend. God Bless!!🌻

  29. Diane Schexnyder says:

    Love lavender…and since I’ve let my hair go gray, the color looks good on me now. 😉

  30. Lavendar is gorgeous on you! I love your hair color with it! That being said, typically I’m not a lavendar fan but I’m going to give it a try.

  31. Amy Alexander says:

    I absolutely love lavender – I think it’s such a soft, feminine color that looks great on pretty much everyone.

    My favorite thing about home after a trip is climbing into my bed that first night back, especially if I was able to put clean sheets on the morning I left!

  32. Becky Palm says:

    Lavender is one of my favorite colors and scent. I spray lavender on my pillow before bed.

  33. That multi-color lavender dress is gorgeous.

  34. Love the lavender v neck dress, and you look wonderful in all the outfits!
    Home is where your heart is! ❤️

  35. You look lovely in this shade of purple. It is not a color that I gravitate towards. Maybe I should try it?

  36. Thank you for the lavender inspiration. I had my colors done years ago and lavender is one of my colors. There are so many variations to it that it’s hard to find just the right shade. This post is very helpful.

  37. Sherre. Vaughn says:

    Love that dress….but that lavender handbag is so nice!!!

  38. Home is where I reset and rewind. It is where I cook and create for our family. It is where many wonderful memories have been made.

  39. SUZANNE KNOPPS says:

    I love that xlcolir and I agree it is probably the most feminine. thanks for sharing these styles. I think I’ll order the first dress. Thanks!

  40. Beautiful lavender field! Dresses are, too. The patio/lanai is my favorite place to be at home.

  41. Home is the warm and familiar feeling that envelopes me when I walk in. Always hoping our home is a place of refuge and rest for others, where all are affirmed, and leave refreshed.

  42. Love lavender! One of my favorite colors. I wore a sleeveless lavender jumpsuit with a wide crop leg to a wedding last summer.

    I must say, one of my favorite parts about home (in the summer that is) is sitting on my front porch sipping my coffee in the morning. Such solitude! I watch my hummingbirds come and go from the feeder as well as other birds from their feeder. Such a calm way to start my day. It is also when I check in with your daily blogs!

    Enjoy the peace your home brings you!

  43. My quilting studio is my favorite place at home and it’s painted lavender!

  44. I love the color lavender and the plant! A few years ago I started to see the color creep into the stores and started purchasing the feminine color. So fun to see this post as I just returned from France to see the lavender fields!! I’ve only been home a few hours. It was an absolute dream. The fragrance filled the air, the sound of the bees was all around, and the views of the mountains in the background were so amazing. My husband and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary there.

  45. My favorite place at home is my backyard and deck. I love being outdoors any time of day, sitting at my table sipping my tea under the umbrella, taking care of my plants and watching for birds.
    Lavender has always been a favorite color of mine! Love that you had a photo shoot in the lavender fields ❤️ My favorite lavender clothing item is a pair of lavender suede Ugg gloves I scored years ago in TJ Maxx!

  46. Wow!!! You look fabulous in lavender!!! Love your selections!!!

  47. Karen Lunde says:

    Tania I love the lavender color! I don’t wear dresses as much but I did pick up some tops and crops the lavender color. Have a wonderful day!

  48. The Lavender fields are gorgeous! I can just imagine the aroma!

  49. Mary Kinard says:

    I’ve never been a lavender fan maybe because my mother disliked it – but these looks are gorgeous.
    My favorite thing about home is that you can just be comfortable and be yourself with your family (and my dachshund Samson)!

  50. The lavender outfits from Amazon are very nice. The handbag looks like a designer bag without the price! Thank you for showcasing clothing and accessories from Amazon.


  51. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Beautiful lavender fields and clothing. I love home because it is where a person can relax and surround herself with all her favorite things. I love my own bed, dishes and food. No matter where a person travels, there is always a sigh of relief in returning home.

  52. Joyce Beilman says:

    Lavender is my favorite color! These outfits were gorgeous!

  53. Love lavender on you it’s so flattering. I am a cool winter, and even though I love love lavender, it washes me out, so I have to go to deeper purples tones. I am now googling “lavender fields” to find out where they are in my area. Have a blessed week.

  54. Connie R. says:

    Lavender fields. Oh my! Did they smell heavenly? Clothes are beautiful.

  55. Lavender looks Lovely!

  56. My favorite thing about home? No matter where I go or how much I need to get done, I realize home is where I can relax and exhale:).

    I love that you took the color of the year into the lavender field!! It’s a beautiful color on you. My favorite is the first dress. It’s very feminine and flows beautifully.

  57. Home is my refuge from the world. Plus my cat is always close at hand always bringing calm and happiness.

  58. It’s ours.
    Sitting on porch in rocking chairs overlooking our pond listening to the frogs croaking at night.

  59. Barbara Muccianti says:

    Though I am way past 50 (74) I love your blogs on fashion! Your style and grace is fantastic.

  60. Linda Murphy says:

    The best part of being at home is the serenity and peace that I feel. The quiet, calm, and joy that comes with being at home. I love following you and your matter of fact writing.