Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print top that makes a statement and a pair of black distressed jeans by Madewell

I love different and unique clothing and I always am on the lookout for something that stands out. A statement top, or one that stands out from all of the rest, is high on my radar. But, there is a downside to wearing a statement top, and that is that people will remember what you wore. Today’s post is about taking one statement top and showing you how to wear it in 5 different ways so that people don’t think that you are wearing the same thing over and over again.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print top that makes a statement and a pair of straight leg jeans by NYDJ

The first thing that you need to decide is what is a statement top? Maybe the top has a pretty design, gorgeous colors, buttons or snaps, a graphic saying, or a style twist.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print statement top, a red blazer, and a pair of black distressed jeans by Madewell

After you find a statement top that you love, then you need to start thinking of different ways that you can style it. I immediately start with what jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, or leggings that I can wear with the top.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print statement top, a taupe suede moto jacket, and a pair of straight leg jeans

But, the lower half of our body is only part of the equation. I also want to try and add a topper such as a cardigan, sweater, jacket, or blazer to the statement top so that you focus on the topper instead of the top.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print statement top, a black moto jacket, and a pair of black distressed jeans by Madewell

Changing your jewelry can also make a huge difference. If you add BOLD jewelry to your statement top, then the jewelry will become the focus, instead of the top.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print statement top

So, let’s get started on my statement top for today. This Leopard Print scoop-neck shell is the perfect statement top! Leopard Print never goes out of style, so that means that you will be able to wear your top for YEARS. This top is sleeveless, so that means that you will be able to wear this top all year round. The top is perfect for summer, but adding a denim jacket in the spring or fall of the year would be another great option. This top comes in several different colors and prints, so you have a lot of different options to choose from. Also, it is under $40.00, so it is affordable, especially for a top that is so versatile. The website mentions that the top runs small and that you should size up. I normally wear a medium, so I sized up to a large, and I think that it is too big under the arms for me. I have already placed my order for the medium and this one is going back.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of black distressed jeans by Madewell

Next, it is time to pick out the bottoms that you can wear with the top. I thought of black jeans/pants right off the bat. The top is a little on the dressy side which will look fabulous with a pair of black dress pants, but I wanted to show you how you can take it to the casual/edgy side. This pair of black skinny jeans by Madewell is to die for! I can tell you that these black jeans will be appearing on my blog a lot this winter! I love the raw hem, but I can easily tuck it into a pair of knee boots if I want to change the look. The one slight rip at the knee makes me happy, but it is not a lot of distressing for those who are not a fan of the look. These jeans have a lot of stretchiness and they fit like a glove. I originally ordered my normal size 30 but decided to try the 31’s, The size 30’s was a little tight through the waist and I ended up liking the 31’s better.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of straight leg jeans

Black jeans are wonderful, but I also wanted to show you how this top looks with a pair of blue jeans. I love this pair of straight-leg jeans from NYDJ. The straight-leg style of jeans is really growing on me, and it is quickly becoming a favorite look. Straight-leg jeans are similar to a boot-cut pair, but there are a few differences. Boot-cut jeans is tapered in the thigh area and then will widen from the knee to the hem, and straight-leg jeans remain about the same width all the way down the leg, so they fit snugger around the thigh than they do around the knee and calf area. I am wearing a size 8 in these jeans since I saw that they run big, and I think this size fits me perfectly. This pair is getting limited on the sizes, so I’ll link to a couple of straight-leg jeans that I think are similar.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print statement top and a red blazer

Red is one of my favorite colors to wear with Leopard Print. Plus, since red is such a noticeable and rememberable color, the leopard print top is no longer the statement piece. All eyes will be drawn to this notched collar blazer by Gibson first, then the leopard print top second. This blazer is similar to the Leopard Print top in the fact that it is usually thought of as a dressy item. But, by pairing it with a pair of jeans, it becomes a dress/casual look. Dress/casual is one of my favorite ways to dress because you are never over or underdressed. I am wearing a size medium in this blazer, and it fits me perfectly. This blazer also comes in several different colors including a royal blue color that is calling my name. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print statement top and a black lambskin moto jacket

Ooooh, this lambskin black leather moto jacket is the stuff of dreams! It is so velvety soft, and the smell is wonderful. I wasn’t sure that I would like the classic black moto jacket on me, but I loved the look!!! I have to admit that I feel 15 years younger wearing this jacket. Lol!!! But, I messed up and ordered a medium when I should have know better. It fits me great here, but if I wanted to wear anything with a sleeve, I am afraid that it would be too tight. So, back it goes but I am really considering ordering it again in the large. What do you gurls think? Would I wear this enough?

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print statement top and a taupe suede moto jacket

I knew that this taupe suede moto jacket would be a fall favorite the minute I took it out of the package. I LOVE the color and the style of this jacket, and you can bet that you will see me wearing this a lot in the upcoming months. Plus, a moto jacket is a classic wardrobe item, so this jacket will be in my rotation for YEARS, so it is well worth the investment. I was smart and ordered the large in this jacket, and it fits me perfectly. It is not too big, and I will still be able to wear a sweater or long-sleeve shirt under it. Woohoo!!! This one is a winner!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of black ankle booties

These stacked block heel booties by Vince Camuto are a statement also. I love these gorgeous boots, and I think that the large chunky 3 1/2″ heel is easy to walk in. I have been looking for a pair of black pointy booties for a while, and these are the ones that I ended up liking the best. I think that the brown sole is why I chose this pair because it will make wearing these with brown pants go together. I am wearing my normal size 9 and they fit great. Because of the pointy toe, they will be tighter in that area, so if you have a wide foot that is something to consider.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of taupe suede ankle booties

The fawn-colored suede booties by Marc Fisher are almost identical to the black one’s above from this angle. However, this pair of boots high a higher rise on them than the black ones. I have ordered a couple of boots with a higher rise this year so that I can wear them with cropped jeans and pants. This gorgeous neutral color is so pretty and soft looking, and it will go with almost anything. I am wearing my usual size 9 in these booties, which fits perfectly. However, these boots don’t have a zipper, so you have to pull them on. They fit great once they are on, but it is a little bit of a struggle to get them on.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print statement top and gold jewelry from Kendra Scott

And, don’t forget the jewelry!!! Here is the funny part…I forgot the earrings. Lol! I had them on the counter and walked right passed them when I went outside. NOW is the time to grab these items since they are on sale at 20% off because of Labor Day. Oh well, I was going to wear my large AVI gold hoop earrings, (here is a photo of me wearing them earlier). My statement gold necklace is the Beckett necklace and the Beckett bracelet joined together. I wear these together a lot when I am wanting a longer necklace. The Maggie gold filigree bangle bracelet is one that I wear all of the time, and it is only $46.40 right now with this huge sale.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing off her gold Kendra Scott jewelry

There is also a 60% off (FINAL) sale going on. And, the necklace and earrings that I have on in this photo are part of that sale. Items purchased through this sale cannot be returned though, so be sure to read all of the dimensions before you order.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print statement top and showing you how to style it in 5 different ways




I would love to hear from YOU!

  1. Johnna wrote:

    All the looks are great but I love the black leather jacket. And since leopard is one of my favorite colors these are great ideas. Thanks.

    Posted 9.6.20 Reply
  2. Margo wrote:

    Goodness me!!!!!! Those black jeans, that top, the black motto jacket!!????????????I’m shocked you had a chance to get a photo without Joe chasing you down. #smokeshow
    Now go order that jacket in the next size up!

    Posted 9.6.20 Reply
  3. Elizabeh Horsley wrote:

    I bought that same suede jacket at the recent Nordstrom sale. I’m having such fun building my new wardrobe after a 50lb weight loss. You have been huge inspiration!!! Thanks!!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  4. Elizabeth Tyminski wrote:

    That jacket looks fabulous on you!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  5. Diana wrote:

    I really like the black leather moto jacket. The great thing about this one is that it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, that date it. (Like too many zippers, belts and buckles, too wide of a lapel.) So, this will become a classic in your wardrobe for many many years to come. Great investment!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  6. Penny Jo wrote:

    i LOVE these posts styling a piece many different ways. Your recap of the side by side photos is really a great way to show them all. Keep the black moto – it’s way out of my price range, but you go for it.

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  7. Eve wrote:

    It’s amazing how different just changing the jacket to red from black makes. Yes buy black. Just something edgy about black leather. Fonzie cool!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  8. Susan Harper wrote:

    I love this post! So helpful. I’d like to see more like this.

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  9. Nancy wrote:

    LOVED everything today!!! Yes, get the black leather jacket! I wear mine all fall and winter in Texas! Put it on with a simple dress. I want the suede jacket that you have on. I love it with the jeans and boots. I have slip on booties that are hard to get on too. I have started using a shoe horn. Never thought I would own a shoe horn. Thought they were just for men, lol!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  10. Tammy wrote:

    I enjoy your fashion blog and especially when you share inspirational/encouraging posts 🙂 I’ve long admired the Welcome sign on your porch. Would you mind sharing where you purchased it? Thanks and Happy Labor Day!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  11. Lisa wrote:

    My favorite look is the taupe suede moto and light wash jeans. I NEED that whole outfit!!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  12. Nancy M. wrote:

    Great post! Very stylish outfits; all of them.
    You asked about the black leather jacket and if you’d get use out of it. I have 2 black Moto leather jackets and I hardly wear them. To me, they’re too hot in the warmer months and too cold in the colder months, even with a sweater underneath. So, that’s my two cents! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  13. Cindy wrote:

    Ditto everyone else on the black leather jacket…you NEED it. LOL

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  14. LuAnn wrote:

    Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes!!!!!Lol! Oh and yes get the jacket girl you rock in it! Have a great weekend!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  15. Jody wrote:

    Love the leopard top! I bought one from Old Navy with flutter sleeves this summer and I have been wearing it constantly!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  16. Linda wrote:

    Love all of the outfits. I would definitely wear them all. The top is so versatile.

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  17. Karen Miller wrote:

    I love all these looks! Leopard print is a favorite of mine and I’m always looking for different colors to wear it with!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  18. Kathy wrote:

    Get the jacket! If you feel younger in it then put it in the cart! Love the top and the variations with the jackets. I like getting some mileage from my clothing. I’ve been purging my clothes and refocusing on what works for me now and what doesn’t! Read your posts like the Bible everyday! Enjoy the weekend and holiday!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  19. B. Wilson wrote:

    Love all the different outfits you made! Would love to see you do some styles in casual from L.L. Bean.

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  20. Paula wrote:

    You look great in all those outfits and I was encouraged to put the animal print you are wearing in my bag.

    You say you picked an 8 in the NYDJs but they suggest you go down a size. What are your measurements (and weight) again because I recall they are similar to mine and I follow you closely when you discuss size which I appreciate greatly.

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  21. CINDY GUNVILLE wrote:

    Wow you look beautiful in all the looks!! I just got my Kut Diana jeans.. I love them. You and I are the same size and I think you would love them!! I get lots of inspiration from your posts. Thank you. Have happy Holiday weekend!!

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
  22. Trace wrote:

    Yes, you should get it ( if the large fits well & isn’t baggy). And ya know why?
    Cuz you look fabulous in it.
    And younger too.

    Posted 9.5.20 Reply
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