50 Is Not Old | How To Wear JeggingsI am starting to feel a little stress, just a tiny bit. I have been in hyper drive for the past few days. I am starting to feel like my Energizer bunny friend, except my batteries need changing. Haha I have been trying to get a few videos made to post on the blog while I am away in Las Vegas, but the dang things keep disappearing on me. Today, I finally gave up trying to find one of the videos, and just went ahead and filmed another one. Guess what showed up when I downloaded the new video? Yep, there it was just as pretty as you please. 
50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Jeggings
I have another one that is missing, but I am not going to re-film it yet, this is getting ridiculous. I had a sponsored post that ran on Wednesday, so I needed to work on that. There was a woman’s club meeting on Monday I had to attend,  and I had to do payroll on Wednesday before I left heading to Charlotte, NC. Packing was a whole other matter. I am sure I over packed, but I hate not having everything I need. The problem is, I have no idea WHAT I am going to need. Lol!50 Is Not Old | How To Wear JeggingsI bought this Umgee top a couple of days ago when I was out looking for new bras and panties. My bras are especially starting to look horrible. I wear faux tanning lotion, and I do not have the patience to take a quick shower to wash away extra residue before I get dressed. I take my shower before I put on the lotion, then get straight dressed. My bras are paying the price, they are dingy and dirty looking, even though they are clean. Is that TMI? Hahaha The top has that boho feel that I have been loving lately. I especially like the sleeves.

50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Jeggings
The Stevie necklace and the Posse necklace from a couple months back, look perfect with this top. In fact, the tassel on the necklace matches the top better than the tassel on the top’s tie. Plunder has finally got there website up and you can now go to check them out. You will no longer have to enter my stylist number, instead you can go to 50 Is Not Old | How To Wear JeggingsHow do you like these fringe suede booties? I am in love with this color of taupe. Marmi Shoes contacted me about a collaboration and the minute I saw these, I knew they were the one. I didn’t know how soft they would be, they are really comfortable. The fringe detail is what immediately caught my eye. The heel is a stacked 2 1/2″ height, and there is a side zipper, which makes them super easy to get on and off.
50 Is Not Old | How To Wear JeggingsThis is another way they said this could be worn. It makes me too uncomfortable, I don’t think I could wear it like this the entire day. Plus, every time you raise your arm to do something, it slips right back up anyway. Haha! 50 Is Not Old | How To Wear JeggingsThe lady at the boutique talked me into these jeggings. She just kept telling me how soft they were, and how nice they looked on. I kept saying no. She won. Lol! I didn’t like the look of the material, but since I had never had a pair, I said I would take them home to try on. OMG! They are so soft. I believe they are fleece lined, and that will be perfect for the upcoming winter months. As soon as I put these on, I knew they were no going back to the store. I hope Kim is reading this, she got the last laugh.
50 Is Not Old | How To Wear JeggingsThe leather fringe purse is perfect for this fall. I love the color, and the fringe detail is a hot look at this time. The fringe on my Marmi booties tied in with the purse.

50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Jeggings

I am on my way to Las Vegas! I have never been to Las Vegas before, this will be super exciting. I will be attending a Rodan and Fields Convention. This is a first for me, and I can’t wait to be a part of everything. There is a brand new product announcement coming on Friday, it is supposed to be awesome.

It is time for a GIVEAWAY!!!  Since I am at a Rodan and Fields Convention, how about the Redefine multi-function eye cream. This is a 62.00 prize. I love getting to know all of you, so to enter to win just comment where you live.

The winner will be announced next Wednesday, the 12th.


  1. Kathie/ SCMom Reply

    Hartsville, South Carolina. Enjoy Vegas!! I love it. I have a story…My husband went several times a year for the longest time. I went with him and he thought he would just put me on the slot machines while he was playing black jack. I wandered around to the black jack tables and watched a bit then joined in…well away from him. Since he had a credit line with the casino, when I ran out of money, I told them to put the money I was using on his account. All of a sudden, my husband appeared asking what I was doing. I said playing black jack like you. LOL! He said well you have never played before, you need to go to a 5 dollar table. I was at the $100.00 table!! I told him to stay right with me and I won a hand while he was standing there!! I was so proud. I took my money and ran before I gave him a heart attack. Oh, the staff had called to ask him if it was okay for me to use his credit line, so they tipped him off to me!!

  2. This outfit looks really good on you. The colours are beautiful and the shapes suit you. Enjoy Las Vegas

  3. Looking super cute Tania – don’t forget to give yourself a break (smile). I know what it’s like – just back from Paris today and I promised myself to clean out office and do some event work before writing next post!!!

    Did you see my John Galliano show post? I really think he he is a market leader when it comes to trends but you can’t take it all one to one from the show:

    Have a wonderful day.
    xx Yvonne

  4. Another great outfit, I’ll take one of everything please! I too especially like the sleeves on that gorgeous top. Have the best of times in Vegas.

  5. You will LOVE Vegas! Be sure and ride the High Roller, that’s the giant Ferris wheel behind the Linq. That will give you a great view of the whole city. The restaurant at the Paris is FABULOUS and you get a view of the Bellagio fountains while you dine. And don’t miss the conservatory at the Bellagio – breath-taking! You’re going to have a BALL!

  6. Sandy Stevens Reply

    I’m from Illinois. Love your blog and your sense of humor!

  7. I am from NC. My husband and I went to Las Vegas around this time last year on a business trip and had a fabulous time. We stayed at the Bellagio and the way it was decorated for Autumn was incredible. We also walked inside Caesars Palace and the ceilings are breathtaking. We do not gamble but did check out the casinos and enjoyed watching people. We also went to the Paris restaurant and it was outstanding. We were able to take a couple of days for ourselves and went to the Grand Canyon which I enjoyed as well. Enjoy your trip to Vegas and please send us some outfit pics. ~Lisa~

  8. I live in a small town in Northern California. Corning,. The Olive City.

  9. Rockwood, Tennessee

    Been to Las Vegas once – it’s an interesting place to visit. I’d like to return sometime. Have fun!!

  10. Look forward to your blog EVERYDAY here in Booneville,Mississippi! Hope you have a blessed & safe trip!

  11. Charleston, SC. Love your whole look today and just fits my personal style!

  12. Love your style! All the way from a small town in Ontario, Canada.

  13. Hi Tania, I live in Somerville, a suburb of Boston Massachusetts. I was very skeptical about Jegging also at my age, but after seeing you in them I’m thinking of giving them a try. Have a fabulous time in Las Vegas.

  14. Teresa Maze Reply

    Arkansas …. Love your Blog …. Hope you have a Great Time!!!

  15. Dalton, GA I read your posts every day and I have even printed off some your pictures to take with me when I go shopping. Have a fantabulous trip!

  16. I had the same thing with the top I’m showing tomorrow. It’s an off shoulder but it just don’t work! Haha, those jeggings look great. Can’t believe you didn’t want them at first. Enjoy your trip!

  17. Brewton, AL. Love, love, love your clothes and the way you style them! I just wish I had your figure- ME in a pair of jeggings with my legs??? Horrors! Lol! Enjoy your trip!

  18. Carla Parham Reply

    Hickory, NC…I just bought a pair of jeggins last week for a football game…they are the bomb!

  19. Washington,WV
    I have the same small town shopping problems as you!
    We have been to Vegas 16 times. I know that town, and all the good shopping spots since I don’t gamble and my husband is a poker player. Would be glad to advise you on where to get the bargains.

  20. Donna Pratt Reply

    I live in northern Maine, where the trees are looking so beautiful. Going on a “leaf peeping” trip with some friends today just to admire God’s handiwork. ps. love this outfit you are wearing today!

    • Patti Boatwright Reply

      Hey! I’m originally from Cherry Valley and my sister lives in Wynne. Mrs. Wanda from the Library is my sister, I think everyone knows her! 🙂

  21. Coming to you from colorful northern Michigan. Enjoy your trip to Vegas. I’ve never been either but it’s on the bucket list!

  22. Spring Hill, FL. Totally love this look, you look fabulous in it! Looking forward to reading all about skincare upon your return. Safe travels!

  23. What a beautiful outfit! Time for me to consider jegging.

    We went to Las Vegas about 10 years ago and stayed at an older property, the Flamingo. If you like those birds, stop by there. There were many beautiful ones walking the property. I’m sure hotel row was expanded since that time and even more outrageous. We had time to go on a Hoover Dam/Grand Canyon tour and I’d recommend one. They were amazing.

    Prayers are going out to anyone in Hurricane Matthew’s path. Stay safe!

  24. I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but it’s on my bucket list. Have fun. Very cute outfit.

  25. I love that many of your items are from QVC. You get a much better deal than I do!!
    Have a great day Tania. Your blog is the first thing I look at every morning because it makes me happy 😉
    Waukesha, WI

  26. I like slim leg pants but have been avoiding legging and jeggings but love the pull ons that still look fashionable. Love the patterned tops but do NOT like the long backs Cann’t do more than 2.5 inch heals my feet are pickier about comfort as I age. I live in Northwest Ohio and would love fleece lined pants. Would love to know more about help with age spots on face. Enjoy your convention and trip.

  27. I live in Las Vegas. How long will you be in town for? It would be great to meet you. I just love your blog! If you need anything while you’re in town send mean email [email protected]. I don’t wanttoputmy phone # in the comments, but you can send me an email and I would gladly give it to you. Have fun. Love the outfit.

  28. Skidmore, Tx. My town is so small we don’t even have a red light. Just a blinking one! Love your blog!

  29. Diane Agamaite (Fameree) Reply

    Wisconsin. Say hi to my cousin Stephanie Ledvina from Wisconsin at the convention for me. Have fun!!

  30. I live in Las Vegas. Moved here nine years ago from SC. Still southern to the bone though. With your fun personality I’m sure you will have a ball on your visit. Hope you fly in at night. The strip all lite up as you fly in is a site to see.

  31. Netta Quick Reply

    Dorchester, ON, Canada in summer, but we spend the cold months in Columbus, GA

  32. If you get a chance in Vegas try and see ‘O by Cirque Du Soleil’ is amazing ?

  33. Love your look today!!! Thanks for always making me smile.
    I live in Illinois

  34. Teresa from rural Arkansas. Love the top and boots! Maybe I’ll try jeggings too.

  35. Illinois. Vegas, not on my bucket list, but many enjoy it. Have fun you busy lady.

  36. Joanne from NoVa! I actually live in Culpeper VA. Love to open and read your blog every morning. You challenge me to get out of my safety zone:)

  37. Love today’s outfit, so very real for so very real women. I am Mary Ann from Illinois. Good luck in Vegas. You will be so busy looking at all the sights, and there are a lot of sights in Vegas. Have fun and safe travels.

  38. Greensboro, Georgia…… on a lake an hour from Atlanta. I love your blog! It’s the first thing I do each morning after I feed the cats! 🙂

  39. Goochland, Virginia! Tania, I enjoy your blog(especially your Sunday posts) and think you always look great!

  40. I am another reader who enjoys your blog with my morning coffee and I enjoy seeing what you choose to wear each morning. I live in Buffalo, Wyoming. Enjoy your time in Vegas!

  41. Love the outfit. Have fun in vegas,I don’t gamble , I go to the spa instead! There are many there. I live in NJ.

  42. Becky LaRoque Reply


    October 6, 2016
    East Helena, MT
    I love your blog! Read it every morning before I get dressed for work with my coffee. I’ll be in Vegas at the end of the month. Happy shopping!

  43. I love your Boho look! I haven’t been brace enough to try begging, but I may do that now. So cute! I am in Amarillo, Texas where we are having some beautiful fall days. Have fun in Vegas!

  44. I live in Colleyville, Texas – thank you for doing a give away! Have fun in Vegas!

  45. I’m hearing great things about Rodan & Fields and I’m considering investing in it-winning will inspire me to hurry up!

  46. I love the new Boho look, it reminds me of high school. You look great in this outfit. Now that I have lost weight i’m trying to embrace the leggings. I can’t seem to find something that is not thin and looking like excersice leggings.
    The jean leggings are great. Fleece lined??? Even better. I will keep looking.

  47. Brenda Ray Reply

    Greetings Tania from Fairhope,Alabama!

    Enjoy Vegas!!!!

    Brenda Ray

  48. Shar Holder Reply

    Love your look today. Thanks for reminding me of Chadwick’s yesterday. Have fun on your trip. I live just outside of Memphis, TN

    • Michele Shannon Reply

      St. Louis
      Love your blog (I’m not just trying to suck up to win a prize. I really do love your blog. 😉

  49. Love your outfit and your blog ?I’m a Chester ,IL girl !!woot!woot!

    • Praying for you DJ and so many others that may be affected. ~Lisa~

  50. Mary McCoy Reply

    I live in Las Vegas. We are having beautiful weather here, so enjoy your stay!

  51. The Republic of Texas (hard to be humble about it when you’re 5th generation)

    This outfit is just beautiful on you. Love it. Have a wonderful time in Vegas. I’ve never been there either. I’ve never enjoyed gambling, but I think I’d like to visit Hoover Dam and some of the other sites at some point.

  52. My friend is at the same convention! Looks like they are having fun already!! Enjoy! If you meet the girl who brought 10 pairs of shoes, that’s my friend! And you think you over packed!!

  53. Cheryl Records Reply

    Austin, Texas. Have fun in Vegas! Love today’s outfit. I just bought a pair of jeggings that I’m debating on whether to keep or not. I might just have to keep them. 😉

  54. Culloden, West Virginia I just started using R&F last week. One of my BFFs is a rep. Anxious to see if I can capture the glow like you.

  55. Bonnie Skubella Reply

    NW of Chicago, Ilinois, Enjoy your trip you’ll love Vegas.

  56. Barbara Smith Reply

    Where did you get the jeggings? Love them. I’ve never worn jeggings, but thought I’d give it a try this fall.

  57. Edmond, Oklahoma

    Just ordered R&F for the first time. I’m anxious to give it a try!

  58. Tamela Kirby Reply

    Geismar, La. Have a wonderful trip. I too would love to visit Vegas!

  59. Rosemary Rathjen Reply

    Geneseo, Illinois You would love our little “down-town” boutiques! Come on up 🙂

  60. San Diego, CA!! Love your blog every morning. Makes me laugh and I always enjoy your awesome outfits!

  61. By the way, go to Mario Batali’s burger place at the Venetian behind the poker room! Get the hot potato salad. You won’t regret it!

  62. nina in Ky Reply

    Have a great time in Vegas. I, too, have never been there so have fun for both of us.

  63. This Oklahoma girl is a big fan of your blog! I have tried some of the products you use and would love to know your favorite faux tanning product!

  64. Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Oldest settlement West of the Mississippi!

  65. Lori , Euless TX (You will LOVE Vegas – I don’t know if you gamble but even just checking out the hotels there is fun because they are unbelievable! There sure is a lot of $ floating around in that town. The Rat Pack wouldn’t believe how it’s grown since the 50s and 60s!!. )

  66. Washington state, in a county as far north as you can get before you reach Canada!

  67. Was hoping you would be in Vegas in 2 week when I will be there!! But enjoy your time there. It is not my favorite place but my brother lives there so have been there many, many times. Love your blog!!

  68. Queensland Australia. Looking forward to being able to buy Rodand and Fiels here. Been to Vegas, like a big theme park and nowhere where you’ve been before. Enjoy, and check out the Outlets

  69. my goodness…so many replies!!
    Can you tell me how I can purchase Umgee? I LOVE that blouse and you’ve styled several things from Umgee that I like but I am not familiar with them. Thank you!! Angie

    • Tania Reply

      Hi, Lynna. You know the challenges that our area faces when it comes to fashion.

  70. Amanda Harvey Reply

    Have a safe trip! You look adorable in your jeggings. Conventions are fun, so I know you will have a blast.

    I live in Owensboro, KY.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. Port Royal, SC (near Hilton Head). Right now I am in Atlanta as an evacuee from Hurricane Matthew.

    • Tania Reply

      I am so glad you are safe. I hope everything is alright at your home.

  72. I’m in Wood Dale, Illinois. Hope you’re enjoying your Las Vegas trip!

  73. I’m in a little rural town in south GEORGIA. Love this outfit…the jewelry goes perfectly and I’m going to look into those boots:) Have fun in LV!

  74. Lawrenceville, Georgia Love your blog even my daughter loves reading your blog.

  75. Karen johnson Reply

    Gurl, love your blog, Kenosha WI weather is getting chilly!

  76. Hi Tania,
    I love this post. I was a little unsure about wearing leggings at my age. That is until I purchased a pair and tried them on. Now there is no turning back. They have quickly become a wardrobe staple.

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