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Plaid shirt and Jeans Another day was spent on the phone to GoDaddy and an email provider. For those of you who thought that blogging was glamourous and that brands were lathering me with gifts…think again. Instead, you spend tons of time trying to figure out how to fix issues, and spending your own money buying clothing items that you can post on the blog. I keep waaaay too much of this clothing, but a lot of it goes back to the stores. Sometimes the item doesn’t fit exactly right, or I might already have something too similar already in my closet, and so those items get sent back to the store. I love shopping my closet and styling older clothing also, but when I do those type posts, I know that you won’t be able to purchase what I have been wearing. I remember how frustrated I used to get when that would happen to me, and I was following some of my favorite bloggers. So, I try to have current items that are in the stores as often as possible.
Purple Plaid Button Up and Skinny Jeans I am crossing my fingers that you only received one email from me this morning. Because I am changing my email provider, I had to export all of the emails from one provider to the other. Then I had to figure out how to stop the original company from sending out my notification email. If you did not get either notification, please resubscribe to the blog with either the Become One Of The Gurls email box on the side of the post or by entering your email into the pop-up subscribe box.

Giveaway for Subscribers ?

As a way of showing my appreciation for you ladies who are subscribers, and for those who will be subscribing today, I will be gifting two lucky subscribers a 25.00 gift certificate to Amazon. One will be from a current subscriber, and one will be from the list of those who sign up today. I will announce the winners tomorrow. AND, I will be doing this every day for the rest of this month. So, you will have multiple times to win the certificates. Be sure to tell all of your friends to sign up; I can’t wait to hear what you purchase with your certificates! NO LINKS TO CLICK, just be sure you are a subscriber! If you are not sure how to become one, email me at taniastephens12@gmail.com and I can do it for you.
Purple plaid shirt and blue Blazer You might think that this plaid shirt looks familiar, and you would be correct. I bought this Orchid colored plaid button-up at the same time that I bought the pink one that I wore here. They are both made from the same 100% cotton material, and I am wearing a medium in this one also. I liked the hot pink stripe in the top, as well as the deep purple and navy. The fact that the top is fitted makes it look more feminine than a lot of plaid shirts that I see in other stores. The description on these shirts used to say flannel, but I see that Talbots has updated the description, and taken the flannel part off. It was misleading since the fabric was not brushed as you would expect from a “flannel” shirt. Here is the link to this shirt.
button up shirt and skinny jeans This navy pinstripe blazer is an old piece of clothing like I mentioned at the beginning of this post. This blazer is one that I have had for years, and I end up wearing it at least once or twice a year. The pinstripe pattern is a classic pattern that I think can be worn year after year. I like the one-button closure, but I see a lot of double-breasted blazers in pinstripe recently.

plaid purple shirt and blue blazer I am wearing a pair of skinny jeans that I have had for a while. This pair is a pair of Vigoss that is a couple of years old. I like Vigoss jeans because they are premium denim jeans, and they will last for a long time. They run true to size, and I usually try to buy mine at Maurices when I catch them on sale. I just saw that they are running a BOGO 50% off sale on jeans, so this might be a great time to grab a pair or two. The navy suede peep-toe ankle boots are a pair by Marc Fisher that I have had for a while. Did you notice that almost everything is from my closet today with only one new item to freshen the look? That is a simple way to keep your wardrobe fresh-looking, keep adding a few items at a time.
navy pinstripe blazer and skinny jeans Don’t forget to subscribe to be entered into tomorrow’s gift card giveaway. And, that is in addition to my Christmas wish list giveaway. That winner will be announced on Monday. I am in the Christmas giving mood!!!

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  1. Donn Keppler-Dellatto says:

    stunning colors and I LOVE those shoes! Your make-up / skin is flawless.

  2. Sue Larson says:

    Good news only one email! Love the give always you have chosen! I think it is great when add pieces form your closet, gives a reason to shop our own.

  3. Betty (SC) says:

    Though I can see posting new items that are currently available to buy, I honestly enjoy seeing you style from your own closet. Switching up an outfit using pieces I have in my closet is like buying something new, with no extra cost and no sacrificing more closet space…two things that make my husband happy ?. – I love plaid blouses for the fall…wearing under jackets, vests, and peeking out from under sweaters!

  4. I have been a follower of your posts for several years now — always look forward to seeing what’s up first thing in the morning. I have purchased many of your recommendations, keep them coming!

  5. Remember to donate to worthy causes when your closets get too full. I don’t think your readers need to buy the exact same thing you are wearing, I think you are here to give us ideas of what to wear. We need to be responsible in our purchases, the earth is full of our left overs. I am very fortunate, I live near a large group of immigrants who come with little or nothing so need everything we can donate. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. No email today. Signed up again.

  7. Only one email, it’s hard to hang in there sometimes, but your hard work has paid off. Love the look, especially the shoes! This is a typical work look for me.

  8. Happy to report only one email today from you…seems your hard work was successful ♥️

  9. Love your outfit! I bought shoes similar to yours at Macy’s on clearance for $23!!
    I’ve been getting 2 emails a day from you and they both work fine, no issues , more Tania to love?

  10. I only received one today from Tania Stephens; none from 50 is not Old! I own that shirt in the pink as well as countless others from Talbots. Love the fit and they work so well in the Southern California climate.

  11. Love this look! Only one email today!

  12. Susan Roberts says:

    I just got one email today – it’s all good! I love that you use older items from your closet to show how we don’t have to go shopping all the time to stay current – even though I dearly love shopping!

  13. Kimberly Kleinschmidt says:

    Love this look and the shoes are beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend. I always enjoy your blog.

  14. Only one email today. I love when you shop your closet. Reading your blog every day gives me ideas. I don’t have to purchase new, I can just use your posts as ideas. Thank you for all your hard work.

  15. Sue Volkmar says:

    Hi Tania – I only received 1 email, yay! Also, I love your hair and I need to see a pic of the back, please!

  16. Look forward to reading your blog every morning. You always look great!

  17. Only one email today ?

  18. Only received one email this morning. I love reading your blog while drinking my coffee. Thank you for all your fashion ideas.

    1. Margaret, thanks so much. There are days when I need comments like this!

  19. michelle Johnson says:

    I can never get a button down shirt like that to fit right. They always gap somewhere. But I love this outfit.

    1. Michelle, you are probably bigger chested than I am. If I have one that gaps, I use fashion tape between the buttons to fix the issue.

  20. 1 email, all is still well. love it when you pull a look from your closet and still look amazing. have a great weekend!

    1. You are right, Mary. That is a great feeling!

    1. I loved that pink coat! I am waiting for it to go on sale, and then it ill be mine!!!

  21. Moya Webb says:

    Only received one email in the Cotswolds in England today. Perfect. Thank you Tania.

    1. Moya, it makes me happy that you one received one email.

  22. Never thought of wearing my pin stripe jacket that way. Have worn it with a off white lacy shirt and pearls for a feminine look on sundays. Only got one email today btw. Pls enter me in the giveaway. Love your blogs!???

    1. I bet all of the ways that you described wearing your jacket looked great. I checked, and you are already a subscriber, so you are entered!

  23. I love the plaid shirts you have sported. I never think of myself in plaid, but you have made me love it. Thanks!

    1. Ann, I am not a huge plaid person either. I have to really like the color combination and the plaid pattern.

  24. Just one email today girlie. Those flannel shirts have great colors…think if I were to pick just one, it would be the purple one you have on today. Happy weekend!

    1. I liked the purple one best also. I think it was the deeper tones and the bright pink stripe that I liked.

  25. Gina Samia says:

    Good Morning. It seems to be working great! I received one email, and all of the pictures are there and loaded quickly. Your hard work is paying off, and we all appreciate you.?

    Have a wonderful weekend, Santa.?

    1. Thanks, Gina. I needed those words of encouragement. It has been quite a week!

  26. I only got one. Love the colors in that shirt on you. Hope all your issues get straightened out soon!!!

    1. Debbie, I am biting off one leg of the elephant at a time. What a horrible saying! Anyway, I am fixing one issue at a time until I get everything all ironed out.

    2. So enjoy your blog. I really love when you show several looks from one item. Just received one email today! Thanks!

    3. Kristi Tandy says:

      I love the navy jacket with purple plaid shirt!! I hope the peep toe booties, like the cute pair you have on, do not go out of style anytime soon!! Sad face….I didn’t receive an email today. I’ll re-subscribe now! 🙂

  27. Your email went to my promotions folder instead of my primary folder.
    I love the colours you choose and the beautiful suede shoes! I wouldn’t have thought to mix those patterns but it works!

    1. Janet, if you move the email to your primary folder, that won’t happen again. Because the email is sent through a company that sends out lots of emails, your system thinks that it could be spam.

  28. Good Morning, only got it once this morning, but I couldn’t get the giveaway link to work??‍♀️

    1. Yay, I am glad that you only got one email. There isn’t a “link” to click. You just need to be subscribed to the blog so that you get your notification email every morning. Since you got the email, you are already subscribed, so all it good and you are entered! Good luck!

  29. Lynn Barr says:

    Hi Tania, I love the purple shirt, it looks really good on you. I couldn’t get the giveaway link to work, is anyone else having the same issue?

    1. Lynn, there isn’t a “link” to click. You just need to be subscribed to the blog so that you get your notification email every morning. I checked, and you are subscribed, so all it good and you are entered! Good luck!

  30. You and Elvis both talking about blue suede shoes, I love it.

    1. ? That almost made me spit out my coffee.

  31. Aimee Spencer says:

    Living in San Diego I always get your email at 10 pm. So tonight mine was right on time and I received your Tania Stephens email. I just donated my black pinstripe blazer to Goodwill thinking it was out of style. Well, you look good in yours and that’s all that counts!

    1. Aimee, I am thrilled to hear that you got the ONE email and that it was on time!!