Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old at the age of 5 with snow white hair

This post is sponsored by Hair Biology, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.

When I was young, I had snow-white hair. It was gorgeous, and I remember getting compliments and comments on my hair at a very young age. But age does funny things to our hair, and even though I have been able to keep the thickness of my hair, the color did not survive.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old as a senior in high school with a patchwork top

By the time that I was a senior in high school, my gorgeous white hair had turned to a blah color. It wasn’t quite blonde, and it wasn’t quite brunette; instead, it was mousey and forgettable. Even my Farrah Fawcett hairstyle couldn’t get my hair back to the compliment stage that I had enjoyed in my youth.

Thanks to my lovely hairdresser, I have been able to revive my blonde from days gone by, but I have still had a struggle with the color. Blonde hair tends to go brassy, and that is not the effect that I am wanting. Thankfully, I have found a cure for my brassiness, and it is affordable and easy to use.

You might remember that I told all of you about a new hair product that I had found. I’ve been using the Hair Biology products since June, and I still love how healthy and shiny my hair looks. Recently I added the Silver & Glowing Collection to my hair routine. Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old's before & after photo when using the Silver & Glowing Collection from Hair Biology

Even though I don’t have gray hair, the silver & glowing shampoo and conditioner works wonders for me. The Silver & Glowing Collection is designed to meet the unique needs of my hair with a purple shampoo and conditioner that together removes residue and corrects yellow tones.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old using the Silver & Glowing Collection from Hair Biology

I use the purple shampoo and conditioner several times in a row until I get the color that I am wanting. Then I can maintain the color by using the shampoo and conditioner every other time that I shampoo.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is using the purple shampoo and conditioner from Hair Biology

It isn’t very often that you can find a purple conditioner, so I was thrilled to find that Hair Biology carries both the shampoo and conditioner.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the Silver & Glowing Collection from Hair Biology

I am especially partial to the Deep Hydration Mask that has given me amazingly silky and shiny hair. Dullness is something that happens to our hair as we age, and this product has brought my hair back to life. This mask is a weekly treatment, but I have a confession to make…I use this mask every time that I wash my hair. I LOVE IT!!! The Argan Oil Taming Serum also helps tame any frizzies or flyaways, and it also is excellent at smoothing my ends.

Hair Biology is on a mission to empower women to be ‘Bolder not Older.’ They educate consumers about these products, which are specially formulated for women aged 45+, who are noticing changes in their hair. Thank goodness Hair Biology realized that women over 45 needed different products for our hair. Women over 40 have been overlooked for way too long by fashion brands, so I was thrilled to see a company who valued us older women, and developed products just for us. These products are specially formulated for the texture changes that come with age and older hair, and they make my hair soft and manageable without weighing it down. When you have thick and heavy hair as I do, you love products that don’t make your hair look flat.

Even if you don’t have blonde hair or gray hair, you need to check out the complete collection of Hair Biology products since they have something for all of us.  Hair Biology carries a Full & Vibrant Collection for thinning hair, a Soft & Hydrated Collection for dry, damaged hair, and more styling products.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old showing 4 different hair shots

You might be able to tell how excited I am about this Silver & Glowing Collection!!! Lol! And, now, my hair is back to getting comments and compliments!

Thanks, Hair Biology, for sponsoring this post and giving me the opportunity to tell all of my friends about this wonderful new line of products that can be found at Target.



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  1. I started using hair biology when you first recommended it. I too was born with white hair and highlighted first with Sun-in during the 1970s and then other salon services until COVID. As I age my hair is getting darker and I found drugstore Natural Instincts #7. And now use Hair Biology for colored hair you recommended. Love it! My corn silk fine hair looks great! Thank you! Ps – similar body style to you also.

  2. I’ve never tried Hair Biology, but now I will! Thanks!

  3. Before I read your post I was going to suggest the Hair Biology silver shampoo. I purchased other hair biology products on your recommendations and this new one is great. I feel like it makes my highlights look freshly done. I use about once per week, alternating with the other (thinning hair) products. Thanks for the endorsement and recommendation.

    1. That is fabulous, Sandy! I love these products and the fact that they are affordable.

  4. hi Tania – I tried several of the links for the HB and none of them took me to the Target site but to the regular HB site. You won’t get credit for the sale if I don’t purchase at Target since they sponsored the post, right? I would like to buy it but want you to get credit. Please let me know.

    1. Penny Jo, that is how they track that the sale would come from me. I am getting credit since they are paying me. But, if you go to the Target store, then they don’t know that I sent you. Does that make sense?

  5. Charlcy Green says:

    Tania, I so needed this post! My last hair dresser talked me into a new color and I’ve been hating it because it’s so brassy! Will definitely try these! And your hair always looks fabulous! By the way, my hair was white when I was little too!

    1. Charlcy, you will love this product. Just experiment with how long to leave the shampoo on to get the color that you want.

  6. A picture is worth a thousand words. It is prettier in the second picture. I wonder if Walmart has this. I’ll have to heck. I don’t shop Target, they let men in the women’s restrooms and changing rooms. Not political, just careful.

    1. No, this is only sold at Target. You can order online which is how I purchase my products.

  7. Your hair looks beautiful Tania! Do you know if Hair Biology is cruelty free? Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I don’t know the answer to that question, but I will see if I can find out.


    Thank you for your recommendation. Just what I needed today!

    1. Yay! I am glad that you liked it!

  9. Just what the (hair) doctor ordered. My hair is much like yours color wise. Blue eyed, Scots-irish genes, but baby fine and fragile. I was doing low lights mix of 8N and 9G with blinding paste until my colorist had to stop. One of her friends had an underground shop and she sent me there with explicit instructions which were ignored and the girl bleached my entire head, but told me to ignore the roots. Well it was those mousy gray dishwater blonde roots that I despise. So I came home with fried ends, grey roots, no cut, and three or four inches of my former caramel low lights. Ugh! So I bought purple shampoo – I got Blonde Ale from drybar but did not buy their conditioner. Why is it that when you buy a set the shampoo is gone and there’s tons of conditioner left? They should make conditioner bottles smaller. So I did not get the drybar because I had a ton of Briogeo, Luna and Caviar to use up. I’m so glad you posted this because it’s done wonders to blend the white stuff she created with the grey stuff the Lord saddled me with and the gold stuff from my last color done in May. To anyone who is in this same boat, I’d say go for it. You WILL not turn blue like the fairy in Pinocchio! Or my grandma Treasure. ????

    1. I love these products, and they really do work. The hydrating mask is wonderful, and it will really make your hair shine!

  10. CINDY GUNVILLE says:

    That is so awesome!! I saw this at my Target store a month or so ago. I wanted to use up my Kevin Murphey before trying it. Wow what a transformation to your hair!! I can’t stand when I get my hair bleached white and then it’s brass in a short time, I definitely need the mask to repair and have shine!! Thank you!
    Have a Blessed day!!

    Ps when I first glanced at the header I thought it said how to wash brainlessness down the drain. Lol I recently had eye surgery and well you can see how good I see.

    1. Cindy, you gave me a laugh! lol!!! I hope that your eyesight is much better now.

  11. Not sure if this is totally new or just pandemic new to me, but it’s a great line of hair care products. Works better than many products I’ve tried for my dry hair and budget friendly is a nice bonus!

    1. These products only recently came out and just launched when I did my first post. I think they are terrific, and very budget-friendly also!

  12. I have been using the Hair Biology line since you first posted about it. I am 65, a color treated brunette, and my hair had been getting brassy between coloring jobs. Then the whole COVID thing, and my hair was a hot mess. I mix the soft and hydrate product half and half with the purple line about twice a week, then use the regular soft and hydrate the other times. The brassiness has disappeared, and I have less gray hair showing too. Less visits to the salon, and even my hairdresser is impressed with the changes. Great product, thanks for the follow up!

    1. Deanna, this is fabulous news!!! I love it when products that I recommend work for others!

  13. wilkys68727 says:

    Tania this was so helpful. Last time I got my hair cut I asked my hairdresser about “purple” shampoo because I wanted to stop coloring just in case the salons close again so she handed me this huge bottle but didn’t tell me how to use it or anything. How often do you wash your hair that you say you use the purple until you achieve the color you want? I’m thinking I should ditch the product I just bought and buy all of the same brand of product so they work together. My hair is not shiny after using the purple shampoo so that’s why I think I need the other products to also go with it. Love the 4th photo in your grouping of photos!

    1. I was scared when I first started using purple shampoo. I thought that it might make my hair purple, which was not what I was wanting. Lol! It seems like it just lightens and brightens the blonde pieces. So, I suggest leaving the shampoo on your hair for several minutes before you wash it out. If it doesn’t seem light enough, then leave it a minute or so more the next time. Once you get the color that you want, you can start using it every other shampoo. I think that the mask is what really makes your hair shiny!

  14. Judy Cheval says:

    Hi Tania
    I have been a follower of your blog since about February of this year and I look forward to getting my coffee each morning and sitting down reading your post each day. I have done quite a bit of shopping too and just love your style.
    I too use and love Tarte Maneater mascara and on yesterdays Instagram I saw you recommend their blush and bronzer. I am in need of both those items and was wondering which blush and bronzer you recommend and which colors you use. I have very similar coloring to you. I’m blonde (born with white blonde hair) and have since just kept my blonde hair but not quite that blonde.
    I was also wondering if the R&F lash booster and eyebrow booster are still available as a special set. I may want to try them both. I currently use R&F active hydration serum and love it.
    Thank you for all you do. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Judy Cheval

    1. Judy, I am so glad that you are enjoying the blog!!! I use the same bronzer all year long, here is the link: https://shopstyle.it/l/bl96R
      But, the blush was something new for me, and the color I picked doesn’t look like it is going to be right. I haven’t used it yet though, so I really can’t recommend it. R+F doesn’t have a Lash Boost and Eyebrow boost set anymore.

  15. My hair is very fine. Will this weigh my hair down?

    1. I don’t find it to weigh down the hair at all.

  16. Is this for dyed hair? I get highlights and lowlights.

    1. My hair is dyed and has highlights and lowlights too. It works great for me.

  17. Linnie S Z says:

    I began using this when you posted it last time, My hair was blond until around 7th grade. It has been every color since, but during Covid I stopped coloring. As the gray/silver has grown in, it has blended well with the blondish color I had. My hair is so healthy now. I am also starting to get compliments on it again. True testimonial

    1. I was amazed at how shiny and healthy my hair looked when I first started using the products. I thought that shiny hair was something that an older person could no longer achieve. These products sure proved me wrong. Lol!

  18. Cindy Cobb says:

    When you say that you use these products “every other time” you wash your hair…does that mean that you go back to the Hairbiology shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair in between uses? Hope this makes sense. I have started using these products and love them. Thank you for updating!

    1. Cindy, I use the Soft & Hydrated Shampoo and the hydrating mask when I am not using the Silver & Glowing set.

  19. I tried this product when you featured it on your blog a couple months ago. I love the results and I love the price! I’m in my sixties and have a really thick head of hair. I’ve been coloring it for over 50 years. I feel fortunate that still any hair ????. I’ve been using the soft and hydrating shampoo and conditioner as well as the purple when needed. My hair is soft, shiny and brighter. This has been a fantastic find. Thank you Tania!

    1. Kathryn, I agree completely with everything that you said. I love it when products actually do what they say! These are terrific!!!

  20. Karen Miller says:

    I have been using purple shampoo for years! It really helps with blond highlights! I haven’t tried the kind you use but I can really see a difference in your hair! It looks really nice!

    1. Karen, I’ve used purple shampoo off and on for a while. When the virus struck, I started using it more and more to help blend in the gray that was not getting colored. These Hair Biology products are so affordable, and the results are great.

  21. Dee Houghton says:

    Finally a product that caters to aging hair (70 +). I’m also blonde and looking forward to using Hair Biology to tone down the grassiness. In addition, it affordable. Thank for sharing.

    1. Dee, that is one of the things that I like best about this shampoo. I’ve used purple shampoos before from the salons, but this is MUCH more affordable, and the results are great.

  22. Connie R. says:

    I will definitely be trying these products. I was a white blonde as a child and now struggle with that mousey color. I love the tones in your hair. Do you do lowlights and color? Thank you as always for keeping us informed of a products worth using.

    1. I love how this product gives me that (straw) color that I am looking for. My stylist used to do highlights and lowlights before this virus, but now we are sticking to only highlights. That way, if the shops have to close down, my hair won’t have as much maintenance. Plus, using the purple shampoo helps to keep it brighter and whiter looking, which blends in with any gray that I might have showing.

  23. Oh my gosh Tania, my daughter has been looking for something to tame brassiness. she is younger but I will tell her about this, as she has tried several different products with no luck!

    1. Mary, with this type of shampoo, the longer that it sits on your hair before your rinse, the whiter it makes the hair. I would recommend starting with a small amount, like a minute or two, and then going longer each time until you figure out the color you want. You don’t want such a drastic change that it looks weird.

  24. Patti Wagner says:

    Going to try it! I just started using Biolage purple shampoo a few months ago to help with brassiness but it’s almost gone. Love your hair color.

    1. You will love it Patti. Make sure to get the hydrating mask and use it at least a couple of times a week. It really makes your hair soft and shiny!!!

  25. Michele Eversoll says:

    Hair Biology is great! I started using their volume line and it has worked really well for me. My hair has been thinning for years. HB makes it feel soft but not so soft that it is limp and it gives really good lift. There has been enough of a difference that my hair stylist asked what I was using and got me to send her screenshots of the bottles.

    And the HB products work better and are more affordable than what I had been getting from the dermatologist!

    1. Michele, this makes me happy to hear. I love letting everyone know about the products that I have found that are great. But, when you all love the products too, that is when I get happy!!! I am going to have to screenshot your response to show Hair Biology.