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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old featuring Hair Biology products

This post is sponsored by Hair Biology, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.

Do you know what I get asked about most often? I get messages, emails, and comments more about my hair than anything. I am picky about what I use on my hair, and unfortunately, the products that I had been using were expensive and only available through a hairstylist. All of that changed when I received an email last month from Hair Biology about a brand new product.
Hair Biology Soft & Hydrated products in a tile shower Hair Biology asked me to try their new hair care line that is designed just for women like you and me. As we age, things start to change, and that includes our hair. We are not “one size fits all,” and our hair needs are different from someone in their 30s.
Hair Biology products from Proctor & Gamble in a shower My hair is coarse and thick, and it runs on the dry side. So, the products that I started using are from the Soft & Hydrated Collection. I admit, I was a little skeptical that these products could replace my much higher-priced products, but after using them for the last three weeks, I am 100% hooked. And, all of you noticed the change the first day that I used the products. Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing blues and pinks This photo was taken after I used the products for the first time. I used the moisturizing shampoo and the deep hydration mask, but no other products. Then, I dried my hair and sprayed it with hairspray. I didn’t use a straightener or a curling iron; this is immediately after drying my hair. When I went to work that day, someone commented right away on how shiny and sleek my hair looked. Never has that happened before! I get comments on the style or cut of my hair, but never on how shiny it is. As we age, our face and hair lose its youthful vibrance and starts to look dull. I don’t want anyone to ever describe me or my looks as dull!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old with a towel on head holding hair products Hair Biology is on a mission to empower women to be ‘Bolder not Older.’ They educate consumers about these products, which are specially formulated for women aged 45+, who are noticing changes in their hair. Thank goodness Hair Biology realized that women over 45 needed different products for our hair. Women over 40 have been overlooked for way too long by fashion brands, so I was thrilled to see a company who valued us older women, and developed products just for us.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old looking at hair products by Hair Biology They have products that help with the dryness, thinning, and greying hair that most of us face as we age.  These products are infused with biotin and are also free of parabens and dyes. Biotin improves your body’s keratin infrastructure, which is a basic protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old holding shampoo and conditioner from Hair Biology The best part is, you don’t have to go to a hairstylist to get these great hair products. Hair Biology is sold exclusively at Target, and you can order your products online or pick them up at your local store. I am using the Soft & Hydrated Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner, and well as the Deep Hydration Mask, and Argan Oil Taming Serum. And, I already have the Multi-Tasking Hair Spray and the Silver & Glowing Silver Shampoo on order. I like using a purple shampoo on my blonde hair to combat brassiness and keep my highlights from turning yellow. Here is where you can check out the entire line of Hair Biology to see which products are best for you and your hair needs.

The old adage of “I’m not getting older, I’m getting better” is changing for me. The photos above were taken at least 25-30 years apart. Now I know to take better care of my hair, and to not wear bangs. Lol! My adage has changed to now say, “I’m not getting older, I’m getting BOLDER!”
Fashion Blogger 59 Is Not Old with hair products from the Soft & Hydrated line from Hair Biology Not only am I getting BOLDER, not OLDER; I also don’t want to shrink into the shadows! I am serious about these products; why else would I come to you only wearing a towel? Lol! Be sure to check out the Silver & Glowing line if you have silver/grey hair, for thinning hair check out the Full & Vibrant line, and for coarse and dry hair check out the Soft & Hydrated line.

Thanks, Hair Biology, for sponsoring this post and giving me the opportunity to tell all of my friends about this wonderful new line of products that can be found at Target.


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  1. I’ve been using the hair mask, and wow what a difference it has made, my hair is soft and silky! Have tried numerous products from low end to high end, and this is the best!!

  2. Are you still using the Hair Biology products? If so are you seeing improvements and still enjoying them?

    1. I am still using them. I love the shampoos (I also use the purple one) and the hair mask! Those are my favorite products.

  3. I tried this on my corn silk/baby fine, going grey and colored hair and it was super! 5 days into using it and I do see a difference. Lightweight products are difficult for me to find. Thank you!

  4. Bought the shampoo, conditioner and serum. Love them! They are exactly as you describe. Thank you for the recommendation.

  5. Kerry carlson says:

    I tried these products and they are great. My untamed frizz is now under control. Thank for the recomendation

    1. YAY!!! I immediately noticed the difference, and I am glad that you did also.

  6. thank you. This was a helpful post. I can get it easily, it’s not expensive. I am going to give it a try.

    1. Let me know how you like it, Lynn!

  7. Just ordered from my local Target! Anxious to see if it brings some life to my hair – I ordered shampoo (regular and silver), conditioner and treatment! Thanks.

    1. Great, Joni! I’ll be interested to hear your feedback.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I am going to try this line!

    1. Yay!! You’ll have to let me know how you like the products.

  9. I just ordered the products for thinning hair. I absolutely love your hair color. Can you tell us what exactly your stylist does to get the colors you have. Does she do highlights and lowlights or just highlights with a shadow root? Thanks so much!

    1. I hope the thinning products work for you. My stylist does all of the things you listed.

  10. How often do you shampoo your hair, Tania? The older I get, the less often I want to do it, plus I try to give it a break from blow drying and straightening. But when I use some products, it seems to need daily or every-other-day shampooing. Boo!

    1. Bonnie, because my hair is dry, I don’t wash it but every 3 days. The Hydrating mask would be great for you.

  11. I’ve found the easiest, least expensive way to get the softest hair I’ve ever had; nine months ago i started letting my gray grow out! Can’t believe the difference! Why did I wait so long?

    1. I know several ladies who took this quarantined time to grow out their hair also. You should try the Silver shampoo.

  12. Just ordered the volume shampoo and conditioner from this new line. Can’t wait to try it! I also have highlights, but I find the purple shampoo can leave a funny feel to my hair so I occasionally mix the purple with some of my regular shampoo which makes my hair feel nice and takes care of any brassiness.

    1. Weird! I’ve never noticed that before with purple shampoo, but I’ll pay more attention the next time that I use it.

      1. I’ll try Hair Biology purple shampoo solo and see the results. Since it’s made for “mature” hair, it may leave a better feel or texture to my hair. Definitely worth a try!

        1. That is true, Tina, I didn’t think about that. Be sure to let me know once you’ve used the product.

  13. Any suggestions on what to use on hair that’s been colored to get rid of the grays? I may have to try this! Thanks for the review!

    1. Melissa, my hair has been colored to hide my gray. I use the moisturizing and hydrating line since my hair tends to be dry.

  14. Great post. Your hair always looks awesome. Do you use a lot of hair spray? I enjoyed reading about the Hair biology products. I may have to try them. Are they ok for colored hair? And thinning hair.

    1. Rory, I am not sure if I use a LOT of hair spray, but I do use it every day. I have color-treated hair, and these products work great on my hair. There is a Hair Biology line for thinning hair, so be sure to check that out.

  15. Ann Omalley says:

    Thanks Tania. I will try the products for thinning hair. On another note, do you have any suggestions to give arm and leg skin a less crepe-like appearance?

    1. Great! I hope the products for thinning hair work for you. As far as a crepe-like skin appearance, there a couple of things that you should do. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated, exercise, and use products for moisturizing and hydration.

  16. I think I’m going to give these products a try. I spend a small fortune on my hair, according to my husband ?, I too am picky about what products I use in between trips to my hairdresser. I trust your opinion ?.

    1. The great thing about these hair products is that they are not expensive, and they are easily accessible. I immediately noticed my hair being more shiny and smooth.

  17. Alicia Wilson says:

    Yes, your hair always looks great. Thank you for this information. How often do you use the purple the shampoo and conditioner?

    1. Thanks, Alicia. I use purple shampoo once a week or every other week. It just depends on the effect that I am looking for. Anytime that I think my hair is looking brassy, I will use it to tone it down. The longer you leave the shampoo on, the whiter it makes the blonde streaks. But, you don’t want to leave it on too long, so it is a trial and error process.

  18. Thank you Tania!

    I also have course, dry hair and I’m constantly looking for products!

    1. Then, you will love these products, Susan. I especially love the Deep Hydration Mask!

    1. You are right, Nancy. It isn’t easy finding one that makes a visible difference. But, I did notice my hair being much shinier after the first use.