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How To Look Festive For Valentine’s Day Wearing Pink

Can you believe it is day four of my Valentine’s Day looks? Once again, I’m going to be styling clothing items without a heart, lips, or love anywhere on them. Instead, I’m styling normal items that you can wear when it isn’t Valentine’s Day. Today, I’m showing how to look festive for Valentine’s Day wearing pink clothing.

How To Look Festive For Valentine’s Day Wearing Pink – Turtleneck

Today’s looks are for all you color-loving gurls like myself. I love bright, vivid colors, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for wearing all shades of pink.

This Festive Fuschia Sweater is so pretty, and I love how it brightens my face. Winter can give me the blahs, especially if you are snowed in. You can tell by the look on my face that this color is one I love wearing. When you put on an outfit you like, it will always show in your face.

Maybe I’m smiling because I love these heart-drop earrings. I think these are the perfect size for almost everyone. They are not too big, but big enough to make a statement. I’ll be wearing these throughout the year, not just for Valentine’s Day. The heart necklace is an older one from Kendra Scott. I’ll link to some of the new heart necklaces on their website below.

How To Look Festive For Valentine’s Day Wearing Pink – Swiss Dot

You know I love adding a blazer or a cardigan to my outfits. I’m built like a ruler, so I’m straight up and down without a lot of curves. Adding a blazer or cardigan will trick the eye into thinking I have curves, plus they also make me appear thinner. Just call me a clothing magician. Lol! I make curves appear, and pounds disappear right before your eyes.

A double breasted blazer can be dressed up or down, and I love wearing them with jeans. I never button my blazers because I want to keep that narrow opening visible. That is what helps to trick the eye. When I order a double breasted blazer, I always size down to make sure it doesn’t overlap. The only time this can be an issue is when the arms are too tight.

I don’t always want to wear a blazer, especially when the weather starts to warm up. Here is what the outfit looks like without the blazer. I still think it is pretty dang sharp!

This is one of my favorite shirts I’ve purchased from Amazon. It is soft, which is huge in my book. This shirt manages to straddle the line between dressy and casual, and I love the result.

These see-through swiss dot sleeves give this long sleeve shirt a WOW factor. They are unexpected, and that is what is so cool about them.

These are a pair of Joe’s Jeans. I wore them in yesterday’s post also, and someone asked me if my husband knew they had named some jeans after him. Lol! I’m not sure who the jeans were really named after, but they made a great pair of jeans. They fit perfectly, and I also love the color. I usually wear dark wash jeans in the fall and winter, and medium to light wash in spring and summer. 🤷‍♀️ I read that these jeans ran small, so I ordered two sizes to be sure I got the right size. The size 30 fit better than my usual 29, so I suggest sizing up one size.

How To Look Festive For Valentine’s Day Wearing Pink – Satin

I couldn’t wait to style this satin tunic and jeans outfit. The top was posted on FaceBook the other day, and someone commented that they couldn’t imagine a 50-year-old woman wearing this top. Lol!

I actually like this top, but I should have ordered a medium. There are times when I get in a hurry and don’t pay attention to the description. Words like “oversized” or “relaxed” usually are hints that I need to order a medium instead of a large. The shirt I’m wearing is in the color Hot Pink.

In her defense, the top was worn by a younger woman, and the tie was left loose which left a huge expanse of her chest bared. I don’t think this looks horrible; just a little too sloppy for my taste. Plus, since the top is oversized, I would size it down to a medium. Otherwise, the top would show more than I wanted if I bent over. 😳

The cascading heart earrings are perfect for adding a tiny bit of Valentine’s Day vibes. These are one of the pairs that come in a six-pack, and they are all super cute and affordable.

How To Look Festive For Valentine’s Day Wearing Pink -Embellished Fuschia

Today’s last outfit is similar in color to the festive Fuschia turtleneck. It is very bright and vivid, and if that isn’t enough to catch everyone’s attention, it is also embellished.

The cardigan is embellished with rhinestones and small faux pearls. The cardigan is really soft and has quite a lot of stretch to the fabric. I’m wearing a medium, and I think it is plenty roomy even with a T-shirt worn underneath.

You can see the embellishments on the cardigan better in this photo. You would never think this cardigan is so affordable, but it is under $17! You can’t buy much of anything for under $20, much less a nice piece of clothing.

The Heart Multi Strand Necklace is gorgeous, but it is much more expensive. What I like about these multi strand necklace is that you can get four looks from it. You can wear the necklace with all the strands, the short necklace by itself, or the heart necklace by itself, and you can flip the necklace over and wear it without the embellished stones showing. The website only mentions three ways, but I love turning my necklaces over and wearing the backside as another necklace.

I promise, there are only a few more days of my Valentine’s Day looks left, and they might be the best.

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  1. These are all cute ideas!! Thanks Tania

  2. I really like the Double Breasted Jacket and the Dotted Swiss blouse. Thank you for all your input about looking our best, even after 50!

  3. Alice Muratore says:

    All of your outfits look adorable. Unfortunately, I am one of those people with a complexion that does not look good in that kind of pink. I do also love the leopard shoes with the outfit.

  4. Love your Valentine’s outfit. you are such a cheerful person. Always make me smi?e. Thank you.

  5. I just joined and already are enjoying your blog!

    1. Welcome!!! I’m thrilled you are enjoying the blog!

  6. Gail Clark says:

    I love the pink look for Valentines! Believe I will, thank you very much!

  7. Mary Carol says:

    You look great in the bright pink and the fuschia tops. Those are some of my favorite colors. The Oura ring sounds interesting. My stress would probably show up as off the charts!!

  8. The dotted Swiss is adorable! Pink or red!!!

  9. Terre Carthey says:

    I am 67, a retired kindergarten teacher, and am blessed with 6 grandchildren, and am enjoying retirement with the love of my life.
    I love your ability to pair items that are stylish and affordable. I have ordered several items and your honesty about them has been spot on. Most of all, I love your boldest to speak of your faith! Thank you Tania!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Terre!

  10. Delanie Collings says:

    I love all of these too! Bring on all the pink, hearts, and Valentine stuff! You really found some super stuff that can be worn even after the big day! As always, thanks for doing all the hard work!

    1. Vicki King says:

      I have come to the realization that I need more red/pink in my wardrobe. lol

  11. I think that I like all of the earrings best. As for the Oura ring it is a wonderful idea so people are aware of stress….can’t fix what you don’t notice. The Science behind the physiological changes is well researched by HeartMath.org….20 plus years of research. They were there first plodding along doing the research before anyone wanted to pay attention to them. They have an App for your phone that they keep improving as their research shows the way. It is the heart rate variability that needs to settle and the ways to do that can easily be learned….lots of instruction on heart math.org

  12. sue koren says:

    Pink is such a nice bright spot in all the black and gray of winter!

  13. Stella Gustafson says:

    Swiss dot shirt is in my cart. Love it and the heart earrings

  14. Linda Williams says:

    Hey Tania!! You look so good in Hot Pink. That’s one of my good colors. Also, the Navy looks great with it. I’ve already shopped for Valentines and I had to have a top in that color. Also, I love your hair do. So pretty! I love the color! Love your blog! Enjoy everyday!🩷

  15. Pink is definitely your color. You’ve inspired me to start wearing my hot pink sweater.

  16. So pretty in pink .. thx for all the Valentine Day options! 💕

  17. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I love these bright colored tops. Just the pick me up in winter.

  18. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    I love the Swiss dot shirt in almost every color, but it doesn’t come in petite, so I’m going to have to pass on it. 😩. I too like bright colors, but wearing them can be hard since I’m colorblind. I did order that bright patterned v-neck cashmere from Talbots, and can’t wait to get it!

  19. Donna Young says:

    Super fun Valentines post with lists of darling options❤️

  20. Love the pink! Better color for me than red.

  21. Top-notch choices in my favorite color! You are radiant in pink! I’m keeping an eye on the jeans in a petite length-loving those, too.

  22. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    The first bright pink top looks gorgeous on you this is my favorite one you styled.

  23. Joyce Wonderly says:

    You look so tall and slender in those long flare leg jeans! Love that look!

  24. Super cute cardi. Wouldn’t have guessed Walmart!!!!

  25. Pam Bowling says:

    Pink is such a great color to brighten up the face. You have given us lots of great options.

  26. The link for the turtleneck didn’t work, FYI.

  27. Melanie Kerry says:

    You look fabulous in pink! I love the pink blouse with dotted sleeves. Now time to order!

  28. Pretty in Pink!!! Valentine’s Day falls on Ash Wednesday this year, so for some of us, it rakes on a whole new meaning… Happy Thursday❤❤❤

  29. Very cool how the Oura ring shows you your stress levels. Thanks for sharing!

  30. I really like that swiss dot blouse and will definitely order that for the big day. It’s super cute!!

  31. I love pink! Deeper shades in the winter with black and paler shades with white for spring and summer. I’m obsessed with all your choices today!

  32. Marie Farris says:

    love the satin top

  33. Jennifer Steadman says:

    Loving all the pink.

  34. Love the Swiss dot shirt. So pretty!

  35. Pink, especially the bright pinks, are definitely your color. Your face just glows! Love the satin tie top. It is cuter tied than left loose. Hey, I would be happy to share some of my curves with you- tee hee…

  36. Sherry Sousa says:

    Love the Fuchsia color. My favorite to wear!

  37. The satin pink shirt is pretty

  38. Beautiful clothing styles. You’ve done a great job of showing the jeans- sold out in my size and selling fast. Loved the Kendra Scott layered necklace-

  39. You are knocking it out of the ball park with this series and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s edition! I read your email this morning before doing Wordle! And that’s saying something! Thank you!


  40. The dotted swiss blouse was my favorite today.

  41. I love the fuschia turtleneck! You’re so right about the color brightening your face and outlook.

  42. Love the fuchsia top, love the pink Swiss dot top, love the heart earrings, love your nails design, and love your hair!

  43. Tania, another great post of Valentine outfits!!! Thank you! Pink is definitely your color. My fav is the swiss dot blouse

  44. Love the first fuchsia sweater! That is definitely your color!

  45. You made me smile when I read your email today! I love a good nap-it’s my super power! Thank you for the verses from Psalms-I needed the reminder today and I shared it with someone else who did too🤍

  46. pink looks gorgeous on you! love the vibrant color.

  47. Jane Martin says:

    You look wonderful in all the bright pinks. What a great color. Thank you

  48. Stephanie Weeks says:

    What do with the information from the ring?

    1. I look to see how I’m doing, and see if there are ways that I can improve.

  49. Love the bright pinks!!!!!

  50. Elizabeth says:

    The fuschia tops on you are the way to go. They do give you the best, healthy glow. I may need that fuschia cardigan, even though I am a redhead. But hey, Valentine’s Day, right?!

    1. Exactly! You only live once! Lol!

  51. I would love to see what products you use on your hair and how to style it! I am trying to get my hair to look like yours but somehow I’m missing the mark lol! I love pink too!

    1. I’ll try to do a post on that soon.

  52. You look so pretty in pink! Thanks for the links. 🩷

  53. Phyllis Martin says:

    You are making sure we can find something to celebrate V Day!

    1. Lol! Yes! I want everyone to celebrate the day that is set aside for LOVE!

  54. Pink is your color! Love the dotted Swiss sleeves- cute for Valentine’s Day or any day!

  55. Sandra D. says:

    Love the pink Swiss dot top!

    1. I thought it was super cute!

  56. Kelly Brooks says:

    I love your hair cut. I am going to try to get my stylist to cut and color mine the same. Hope you don’t mind a copy cat. 😊

    1. Kelly, I have a lot of ladies who take my photo to their stylist. I feel like it is a great compliment. I hope you love it.

  57. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I love the pink tops! When can you wear them with white ankle length skinny jeans?

    1. You can wear white jeans any time of the year. I wear my year round.