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How To Layer For A Smooth Transition To Spring

Spring is coming hard and fast, but February and March can still be chilly. We are faced with the issue of wanting to dress in spring clothing, but the weather forces us to wear clothing that is warm. So, today, I’m going to give you the answer by showing how to layer for a smooth transition to spring.

To make it easier for you to get the links to my outfits, Chico’s has set up a storefront for me with all the clothing I’m wearing!!! Once the store opens up, you can scroll through the items until you find the piece you’re looking for.

How To Layer For A Smooth Transition To Spring With A Sweater

Layering! Layering your clothing is the answer to a smooth transition from winter to spring. You want to pick items that are lightweight so you don’t get too hot but that is heavy enough for you to stay warm. The Short Sleeve Knit Poncho in Olive looks fabulous and adds enough warmth so that I’m comfortable. I love this color, but the poncho is also available in black and would look great over a white button-down. I’m wearing an S/M, which fits me perfectly.

This comfortable and stylish casual outfit is a perfect spring transition outfit. The Poplin Stripe Shirt is lightweight but has long sleeves for added warmth. This button shirt is made from a breathable and easy to maintain fabric. The French Blue stripes are a classic design that you can wear all year and can be dressed up or down.

I’m all about details, and the smocked cuffs on this shirt are adorable! I look for clothing that has special details since that gives the outfit visual interest and sets it apart from other items you pass on the street.

Don’t forget to add jewelry to your outfits; they give it the polished look we are after. The Navy & Gold Tone Link Bracelet and Olive Thread Wrapped Hoops finish the look.

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing how to layer for a smooth transition to spring9

Speaking of details, you might have noticed the Girlfriend Fray Hem Jeans. Finding a great pair of jeans is not an easy task. Chico’s Girlfriend jeans fit great, and their exclusive Hidden Fit technology for a tummy-trimming fit is a much-appreciated detail. These jeans manage to hold me in where needed and to be comfortable and relaxed at the same time. I’m wearing my usual .5 size in Chico’s pants and jeans.

Other than needing a pedicure, which I’ve thankfully now gotten, these Neutral Modern Heels are perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer months. The raffia-wrapped heels are one of those details I mentioned earlier. These heels have padding for a comfortable fit and a modern look that will go great with dresses, shorts, pants, etc. I’m wearing my usual size 9, and they fit true to size.

How To Layer For A Smooth Transition To Spring With A Blazer

My favorite way to dress is what I call Elevated Casual, and this gorgeous outfit is exactly what I’m referring to. The outfit is still casual and comfortable, but it looks elevated and put together.

Stripes are huge this spring! I couldn’t resist pairing this Stripe Square Neck Tank Top with this modern Tweed Jacket. The striped tank has a square neck for a modern detail, and it is one that you’ll wear on repeat this spring and summer. I’m wearing a size 1, which fits me great.

The Tweed Jacket looks great coming and going. The frayed trim and polished buttons are details that make this jacket a standout item. It will be the star of every outfit, and you’ll get lots of compliments on it. This jacket looks fabulous with the white No Stain Girlfriend Fray Hem Ankle Jeans, but it would look great with a pair of Wide Leg Jeans, too.

The No Stain Girlfriend Fray Hem Ankle Jeans are powered by Stain-Repel, Bright-White™ technology; they stay white longer and repel water-based spills. Come on…who doesn’t love that? I love the fit of these jeans that are slightly relaxed but not loose and baggy.

What do you think? Are these looks that would work for a smooth transition to spring? Don’t forget, you can grab all the links on my Chico’s storefront!!!

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  1. Patt Dyal says:

    I love both outfits and love Chicos!!!

  2. Sharon Buchanan says:

    I love all those outfits from Chicos.
    I’m in the shopping mood now!!
    The Verse of the Day from Jude is beautiful. 21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting on the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, we wait and couldn’t do it without the precious love of God!!

  3. Love the shoes!! They are metal!!

  4. Love the Chico’s fringe jacket for that elevated casual style! It’s Great that you’re getting a Chico’s storefront! Makes it easy for us to shop from! Yay!

    1. I’m glad you liked the storefront.

  5. I love all of these pieces and would buy them all…..they fit in with my casual lifestyle and wardrobe perfectly

  6. Jenniffer Groski says:

    No stain jeans?!?!?! That’s amazing! I love the poncho.

    1. I know! I love this idea!

  7. Love the poncho, the whole of the first outfit appeals to me. Not sure I could do white jeans.

  8. Kellie johnson says:

    I just bought the frayed hem jeans in demin and white. Love chicos jeans. Transitioning from winter to spring is always a challenge. Thanks for the blog

  9. Pam Bowling says:

    Love the looks. Layering looks good on you.

  10. Love these and Chico’s!

  11. Love Chico’s! Some really cute things here. Look that tweed jacket!

  12. OH MY!!! That tweed jacket with the white pants is beautiful. I wish I had kept some of my tweed jackets from several years ago. Glad to see they are back in style.

  13. Great outfits. Love the shoes.

  14. Love that tweed jacket, cringed at the price, a little. Good post.

  15. thank you, Chicos is a favorite! I will be shopping for these items!

  16. Love these outfits! They look great on you. And love sweet Tinkerbell.

  17. Sharon Urban says:

    Tania -I love all of your transition outfits. Here in Canada, we will still have a long way to go before I could wear them, but I’m going to look for them, just the same.
    I also have to say that without the red lipstick, you look 10 years younger.

  18. Susan Weston says:

    love the poncho and that color would easily transfer into fall colors!

  19. What a cute litty story. I hope the surgery went well.

  20. Those .5 pants look like you could even down a size. Diet secrets?

    1. Lol! I easily lose AND gain the same 20 lbs. I like a low carb diet, and intermittent fasting.

    2. Love the Tweed jacket. Very nice transitioning clothes.

  21. I love all of these! Chico’s is my go to!

  22. Looks like my next purchase will be from Chico’s. I love the frayed jeans! Great layering ideas, too!

    1. I love those jeans too!

  23. Laura Garrett says:

    Great looks today! I love all the outfits and the ways you put them together. Chico’s is one of my mainstays but at times I’ll buy pieces and then not know how to wear them in the best way. Your daily blog is so helpful and often lets me shop my own closet! Please keep up the good work, Tania.

    1. I’m glad my posts can be helpful.

  24. When my kids were little we had a cat that looked just like the one in your picture. Her name was Patches. She was a tough cat. Cute outfits. That’s how I transition with layering and blazers.

  25. Ginger Hiller says:

    You look very nice in these outfits! I really like the detailing on the striped blouse and the jacket with the frayed seams & hem. I love knowing that you now have a storefront with Chico’s. I will definitely be checking it out. The neighbors cat is so pretty. I bet its owners wondered where it was the night it was stuck on your porch, if it was stuck there all night. Oh, the Blue Bell Dr. Pepper Float ice cream is awesome! My husband is very glad you shared it with us.

    1. Joe knows the owners, so he called them and told them what happened.They said they wondered why he didn’t come home that night. Lol!

  26. You have great taste!
    Love seeing what you find next

  27. I missed the storefront…. got the links now!

    1. Yay!!! I went in and tried to make it easier for you.

  28. Catherine Johnson says:

    I’m so glad I found you. I’m 62 and caught in such a rut with fashion. I find stores overwhelming and online shopping daunting. So I just keep wearing the same old stuff! I’m a nurse by day so I live in my scrubs then pretty much live in yoga pants or jeans the rest of the time. Thanks for your inspiration!

  29. I love this shawl! Looks perfect for spring!

  30. Susan Mckenzie says:

    Great layering pieces— LOVE ❤️ the green and blue stripes together!!

  31. As usual, you look chic!

  32. Karen Johnson says:

    Thanks for the spring layering looks. This is a difficult time to know how to dress for me. I love the poncho sweater

  33. I like the first look with the poncho and love those frayed jeans. You can’t go wrong with Chico’s! I like the way the links are all on the storefront. 🙂

    1. Great! Someone mentioned they weren’t working. I hope they worked for you.

  34. I love your outfits. What is the difference between girlfriend and boyfriend jeans? I really don’t have a pair of jeans that I love the fit.

    1. Boyfriend jeans are baggier and looser. Girlfriend jeans are a tiny bit relaxed, but not baggy.

  35. Karrie Knutson says:

    I love the look of the Olive short sleeve poncho with the poplin shirt. It doesn’t look to summery to soon.

  36. I am so ready for spring! I love these looks! Those shoes are darling!!! Happy Wednesday❤❤❤

  37. Carol Ann Jablonski says:

    The tweed jacket looks so much better on you than me. It just didn’t look right under the boobs and to the side. Went to their website to see how it looked on the models and one of them had the same look. I was sad that I returned it but knew in my heart that it had to fit right or I wouldn’t feel right in it.

  38. I love these outfits. However the links are not working. The poncho sweater is adorable.

    1. They are working for me, Judy. You click the STOREFRONT link, not the words that describes the clothing.

  39. Love both outfits. My favorite is the jacket.

  40. I love the shoes!! Works perfect with both outfits. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Love that denim jacket!!

  42. Chicos jeans are awesome. I have several styles and love them all.

  43. Loving both of these transition outfits. As usual you look fantastic in them. Can’t go wrong with Chico’s.

  44. Jane Martin says:

    I’m ready for spring jackets although I live in Maine and it’s still cold.
    I like the Chico’s collar less denim jacket. it looks great with the striped tee.

  45. Tinker Bell so cute glad she could go home and I love to lay her things very pretty.

  46. Love the looks and the cat story! The white jeans look like a really good fitting pair.

  47. Layering your outfits was great.

  48. These two looks are super! I love the phrase “elevated casual” – I think that’s my fave, too. 💛
    By the way, we were at 93 and 91 degrees Monday and yesterday here in West Texas, and we will be in the low 50s today. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Layering, here I come! 🤣

  49. I love these outfits! Tania you look great! Have a Blessed day!

  50. Ready for spring temps and great apparel.

  51. Tania – you have such a knack for picking out great outfits from retailers like Chico’s (and Kohl’s). I tend to get overwhelmed when I browse some retailers online. I love the tweed jacket and that you wore it with a striped shirt! And those shoes are so good!