My granddaughter came over this weekend and spent the night with me one night. She and I slept in my daughter’s old room, and we decided that the room should now be HER room. I already have plans to paint all of the rooms in my house, and I loved the color of my office so much that I think that I’ll paint every room that color. I’ve had dark colors for so long that I am ready to lighten and brighten up the house.

Emersyn is thrilled that she will have a room to call her own in the house, but she is not excited that it is going to be painted gray. I told her that we would buy her a bedspread, curtains, and some accessories to decorate the room in any color that she wants. I purchased a large wooden cutout of her initials when she was born, and it never was painted or used. We dug it out, and she was so tickled that we could put that up on the walls. Gray is a great neutral, so any color that she picks out will look great. I am hoping that she goes with pink, but I’ll let her pick the color out by herself. Since the room is a bright sunshine yellow, it should make a massive difference with just painting the walls. I’ll try to take pictures and show all of you the difference. BTW, some of you have asked about the color of my office, which is the color that I’ll be painting the whole house. It is by Valspar Medallion, and it is called Mountain Boulder.

Before you even start reading this post, make sure that you read my post (HERE) on finding the best bra for you. You have to start with a proper foundation garment, or nothing will look flattering. All women are not made with the same body shape, but a wrap style top is one that is flattering on almost everybody. The wrap style helps to hide, or camouflage, any imperfections in the tummy region. As we age, menopause can leave us with a flabby tummy, and anything that can conceal that is a “must-have” for me.

This black sleeveless wrap top from Ann Taylor Factory does a fabulous job hiding my tummy bulges. The draping of the fabric is perfect for drawing your attention to the side, and any bumps that I have, blend in with the fabric. The relaxed fit of this flattering top makes this perfect for wearing with jeans for a casual style. However, this top will look great dressed up, and you’ll see my version of that later this week. I am wearing a large in this top, and I love the way that it fits. This top is machine washable and is made with Rayon and Spandex. HERE is the link to this top, and I’ll link a few others below.

The top hits at the hip line, and I thought that you might like to see how far down it comes in the back. #thedreadedbackview

Black is a color that both gold and silver jewelry looks great on. Today, I decided to wear some gold jewelry, and I think that it looks classy and elegant. The Maggie large hoop earrings (HERE) with the filigree design is a favorite of mine that I wear often. I love the size of these hoops and the statement they make. I added a new necklace from Chicos that makes a statement of its own. It is part of their Seas Collection, and it features the beauty of ocean life in its shell motifs and organic-look accents. HERE is the link to the necklace.

To finish off my jewelry, I added two bracelets from Kendra Scott. The filigree bangle matches the hoop earrings that I am wearing. It is the Maggie Bangle Bracelet, and it has an inner diameter of 2.5 inches. I usually wear a 7″ bangle, and this one fits me great. I love to have different styles and textures when I combine bracelets, and my latest purchase of the link bracelet looks fabulous when stacked with the Maggie Bangle. The Beckett Link Bracelet has a hidden closure that took me a minute to locate. Lol! This bracelet is a tiny bit smaller than the Maggie, and the inner diameter is 2.3 inches. HERE is the link to the Maggie Bangle, and HERE is the link to the Beckett Link bracelet.

In the summer months, you might not wear jeans as often. But, the great thing about jeans is that they can be worn all year round. I have on a pair from Kut From The Kloth, which is a brand favorite for me. The style that I am wearing is called Natalie, and they are a flare jean. Like the wrap top, which is flattering on almost everybody, the flare jean is also. The flare helps to balance your look, and it is perfect for those who don’t like the look of a skinny jean. I sized down to a size 8 instead of my usual size 10, and they fit me perfectly. HERE is the link to these jeans that you will be glad you purchased when fall arrives.

These linen colored platform espadrilles are a pair that I bought last year. They are by Michael Kors, and they are the perfect neutral for summer. I love the gold zipper detail that makes the shoes look dressy and luxurious. I am wearing my usual size 9, and these fit me perfectly. HERE is the link to these shoes.

The Carla Jute espadrilles from Target look almost identical to these. I’ll link to those below.

I thought the large crochet tote look fabulous with this outfit, plus it is also useful! I bought this intending to use it for the beach but soon realized that it was too cute not to use it during my usual day outings. The casual style, and the roominess of the tote, is something that I love. I love packing the kitchen sink around with me everywhere I go, especially since I might need to wash my hands quite often. Lol! HERE is the link to the crocheted tote.

Occasionally, I will get an email from someone who is curious about why I would attach my name to a Direct Sales company. Usually, that person is misinformed about Direct Sales, and they have no idea about the company I represent. Knowledge is power, and making a judgment without knowledge can be disastrous. I’ve been with previous companies, but I never worked any of them as a business, not did I promote the companies. This one is different!! Join me tonight on a ZOOM call at 8:00 ET to find out what is different about this company. No obligation, but a FREE gift for everyone who shows up. Message me at taniastephens12@gmail.com for the ZOOM number.

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2 Thessalonians 3:3

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.


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  1. Tracey Baxter says:

    Hi Tania, I am still following your fashion blog in earnest. Thank you for inspiring all of us ladies to look good and feel good through enhancing our attributes.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer and that life is going well for you and your family. From Tracey in Australia.

    1. Hi, Tracey!!! I think about you quite often. I hope you and Valerie are doing well.

  2. Tania!!! I am soooo glad I found you!…but my pocketbook isn’t! Lol! I just discovered your posts on Pinterest when I typed in “fashion for women in their 60’s and you came up! You’re a girl (or should I say gurl!) after my own heart. I love bright colors and color in general, but also wear my share of neutrals. My style of dressing is very similar to yours!
    Fashion is my passion! Just love all your posts and you look so great in everything! I’ve been doing some shopping with your suggestions and have discovered new sources from you, but I already shop at many of the places you list. You have helped me see new possibilities and to coordinate things that I already own to get a new look! Thank you! Keep posting! It’s so much fun to follow you!

    1. Lol! Nancy, I hear that a lot, especially from the husbands. Haha! They think their wives look great, but their checkbook is in shambles. Hahaha!

  3. beth byrd says:

    This is just the top that I am looking for … placed my order this morning!!

    1. Yay!!! I know that you will love this top.

  4. So funny we are in the process of painting our house gray too! We also had dark colors and are ready to lighten it up. Although my husband is ping mist of the work. He was a painter for awhile and he’s much better at it than me.

    1. I can paint, but it hurts my shoulders. So, I would rather hire it to be done by someone who knows what they are doing.

  5. Julia L Hill says:

    The post about proper fitting bras was very helpful. I’ve always been confused about how to figure cup size. Easy peasy! I always hated bra shopping, but now I know what to look for.

    1. Yay! It was a long and hard post, but I am glad that everyone seemed to like it.

  6. Is Valspar Mountain Boulder a discontinued color? Having trouble finding it.

    1. I don’t think so, Teresa. But, there are different lines of Valspar paint, so you might need to check around.

  7. Elizabeth Higginbotham says:

    Love that look! I have no waist so I’ll take any help in that area.

    1. Honey, I don’t have a waist either! Anything that I can wear to help me look like I have one is great for me.

  8. Paula G Ryba says:

    Thanks for all the work you did to post about proper fitting bras. It was so timely for me; I’ve recently lost a good deal of weight, needing new bras, but knew the local department stores would not have bra fitters available. I ordered 3 Soma bras, and look forward to comparing them. Thanks again.

  9. I really like this top and am very tempted to get it as I don’t have any wrap styles in my wardrobe currently. It looks really good on you. I am a jeans person which is what drew me to your blog to begin with. I like how you also show casual outfits with jeans and shorts, and not just fancy dressy fashions. Love the jewelry also. I also am a huge gray fan. My entire house is the same gray color from BM that I absolutely love. I think it’s a great idea to paint her room a neutral color and let her accessorize with the color she picks. Please share photos, as i’m sure we’d all love to see the final results!

    1. It is a great price, so now might be the time to add a wrap top to your wardrobe. I’ll try to remember to take before and after photos. I am terrible at that. Lol!

  10. You look great in this outfit! Have you ever mentioned your height? I’m just 5’1 and due to an issue with my ankle, can’t wear heals. I have never tried flares/bootcut jeans because I assumed they only worked with heals.

    1. Sandy, I am 5’6″ tall. You need to pay attention to the inseam on the jeans that you are considering. Some of them are really long, so you might consider ordering the petite version if that is the case.

  11. Love this whole look. So versatile and classy. The striped bag adds a fun vibe. This would be a great outfit for your suitcase as it has so much flexibility. I have that awful post meno belly and this looks like a perfect solution

    1. If you could see me right now, you would see that I have my hand in the air also for the meno belly. UGH!

  12. Love all the Emersyn stories. The top is so cute & those jeans are fabulous on you. Your legs look super long & lean in these jeans. Wow!!

    1. Sherli, Emersyn is such a mess. She keeps Joe and me on our toes when she comes to visit. Lol!

    1. Are you kidding, Nancy? There is no way that I would let Joe do the painting! Lol!