Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a while button down shirt, faded gray skinny jeans, and a pair of Chanel espadrille flatsI am so very thankful that my son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren live right next door. I know a lot of you are probably not getting to see your grandbabies very often now. I saw that my mother posted a photo on Facebook from Christmas a couple of years ago of all the children sitting around a tiny table. She was saying how badly she is missing seeing everyone, and I know that a lot of you are feeling the same way.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a while button down shirt with a pink sweater, faded gray skinny jeans, and a pair of Chanel espadrille flatsI got the blog done early yesterday, so I walked over to visit with Emersyn and Beckham. I peeped around the corner at them, and when they saw me, they started screaming, “NeNe!!!” They came flying to give me hugs, and I was beaming all over. And then my son said, I don’t know why they act like that every time someone walks in the door. I looked at him and said, “why couldn’t you have just let me think that they only act like that when I come over?” He laughed, and then he said, “you are the only person that they go nuts for when you walk in the door!” Yep, that’s what I thought. Lol! When I got ready to leave, Emersyn already had on her shoes and had her toys to go home with me. Beckham saw that we were going to leave, and he disappeared for a minute. He came back flying with his shoes and a coat and said, “I go to NeNe’s house!” I love living next door!!!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a while button down shirtI got ready to go into work yesterday for a couple of hours. I needed to do the payroll reports and to reconcile the bank account. I put on some new clothing that had just come in the mail, and then I went outside to take my photos. Oh my goodness, the temperatures have dropped, and I swear it is going to snow.

This 100% Viscose shirt is so silky against your skin. I love the way that it feels and the way that it hangs. Warning, the shirt does have patch pockets on the chest, so those who are not fond of this look will need to keep scrolling. I am wearing a size medium in this top, and it fits me perfectly. Here is the link to this basic and essential button-down shirt.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a while button down shirt and a pink sweaterBecause the temperatures were dropping, I went back inside the house and put this beautiful pink sweater on for a little extra warmth. This was also a new purchase from Loft, and I love love, love this sweater. Joe even complimented me on how pretty the color looked. Woohoo! That doesn’t happen very often.

This sweater is a fine gauge knit, and it is a thin material, not heavy like a winter sweater. This sweater is perfect for spring and chilly nights in the summer. It is slightly fitted, but not tight to where it shows all of your imperfections. This sweater would look great under a blazer and very professional. It is machine washable, which is a huge plus in my book. I am wearing a size medium, and it fits me perfectly. Here is the link to the sweater.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a while button down shirt with silver jewelryWhen I was wearing the white button-down by itself, I added the Easton silver earrings and a long silver chain with light-colored stones. Kendra Scott is giving a free gift with a 75.00 purchase until Sunday. When you go to checkout, you will get the choice between a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet that is available.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a while button down shirt, faded gray skinny jeans, and a pair of gray espadrille flatsI am wearing my hand-me-up shoes today. I love my gray and black Chanel espadrilles, especially since I didn’t have to pay for them. Lol! My sister couldn’t wear them, so I ended up with these, and I love wearing them in the summer. These don’t have a lot of padding, so I wouldn’t wear these if I had to do a lot of walking. I found you so cute, ones that are similar below.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a while button down shirt with a pink sweater, faded gray skinny jeans, and a pair of leopard print flatsOnce I went into the house and added my sweater, I decided to change my espadrilles out and wear these leopard print flats from Old Navy instead. These flats are so cute, and I wear them all of the time because I think they make everything look modern and stylish. Adding this simple, very affordable, pair of flats makes a huge difference in your outfit. These shoes run true to size, and I am wearing a size 9, which is my usual size. Here is the link to the flats, and they also come in a linen color.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a while button down shirt with a pink sweater, faded gray skinny jeans, and a pair of leopard espadrille flatsGurls, I hope you listened to me the other day when I shared with you what I was ordering. (here) I showed you all of those items because they were all on sale, and I wanted you to be able to take advantage of the savings. Shipping is slow right now, so these just came in the mail on Thursday. Several of the items are already so limited on sizes that it is ridiculous, so I hope you got your orders placed.

These faded gray skinny jeans are one of those items that are very limited. This color must be in high demand this year because every pair that I found that wasn’t hundreds of dollars were either sold out or limited in sizes. I love this color, and I probably own four jeans’ in this color. If you like one, then why not get multiples? Right? Lol! I am wearing my usual size 30, which is the same as a size 10 and they fit me great.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a while button down shirt, gray skinny jeans, and a pair of Chanel espadrille flatsI have been so crazy this month that I am not sure that I told everyone that R+F has waived the 19.95 enrollment fee for becoming my customer. I have seen several people post that if they are going to be in a cocoon, then they better emerge a butterfly. Lol! I love that mindset. There are things that we can’t control during this time, but self-care is one that we CAN control. Part of that is skincare. So, I would love to help you get started on the #1 skincare in North America. Be sure to take the solutions tool (here) to see what products are recommended for you.

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  1. Trish Parker says:

    I am sorry to say that when you post pictures this way, I cannot see the pictures unless I click on the save to Pinterest icon. I don’t have any trouble any other time. I’m not sure why but many times I just skip you for the day. I get disappointed because I love your looks.

    1. Trish, I am not sure what you mean. I post my pictures the same way every day, I never do anything different. Explain how they are different so that I can fix the issue or you.

  2. Have you washed the blouse yet? It’s so cute, but has negative reviews about shrinking …

  3. Di love the pink sweater outfit. I was going to ask where to buy the cross too. It looks so good with the pink sweater. Thanks for an Easter blog. Have a great day, tomorrow.

  4. I also live in Canada and although my grandkids live only 20 minutes away have not seen or hugged since March 15. Our rule here is you shelter in place with those who live in the house no exceptions. Hard I know but our numbers are so low compared to yours in the USA so I am so glad so many people are listening to our leaders who are doing an amazing job.
    My 3 year old granddaughter cries every time we FaceTime for sleepover and breaks my heart! One day soon!??

  5. My grandchildren live close by but we are observing shelter in place and staying the suggested 6 ft distance when we see them. I miss the hugs and their overnight visits.

  6. Tania, the outfits look great on you, it’s like a ray of sunshine! Thank you for the sense of normalcy, trying on outfits and showing the latest retail finds are comforting in these unsettling times:)

  7. You are so blessed to have the littles next door. I have only a single grandchild and she’s 21, lives about 6 hrs away. I nearly lost her in the Paradise fire in Northern California — she got out safe but lost everything that wasn’t in storage. She’d just moved from college and put everything in a unit. Thank God for that. She and her fiancé just bought a house and I’m so happy for her. She lived with me until she was 4 and then moved to a house with her mom and dad about a 3 minute walk from her. Far enough to require proper attire LOL. I babysat every day and I miss her so much. She went away to college, fell in love and now she’s engaged. Just hang on to every single day with Miss E and little Master B because they grow so fast.

  8. So pretty in pink.
    I love your cross necklace. Where can I purchase one?

    1. Mary Ann, the cross is an old purchase. It is from Plunder, but it has been discontinued for a long time.

  9. Unfortunately, I dont have any grandkids yet…but in Canada and where I live specifically in BC, we are not allowed to have ANY contact with family who do not already live with us! They have closed all the parks, schools and non essential stores and areas to avoid transmission of COVID19 and it seems to be working! Happy Easter to you!

  10. Marlene Bohl says:

    Love the shoes. We ranch in North Dakota and our son and wife live next door to us and have 3 boys, I’m so blessed. I got to quit work 5 years ago to watch the youngest one. Love your blog.

    1. That is truly a blessing, Marlene! I love having them close to me.

  11. The story of your grand babies put a huge smile on my face this morning. I could picture the scene with every word on the page. I love the pink sweater… so cute! I ordered the baby boot cut Old Navy jeans from your Jeans post. I so love them! I cannot wait to wear them in public. Oh, and your cocoon ‘butterfly comment. So true! Im going to live that one from here forward. Happy Easter to you and everyone who reads your blog!

    1. They looked so tickled to see me that my heart was bursting! I am glad that the cocoon comment resonated with you. There are some things that we can control.

      1. Hi Tania, I also live in Canada and as previously mentioned we are not allowed to visit anyone who does not already live with us. I miss my grandkids but I look at it as short term pain for long term gain. We seem to be comparatively keeping our numbers low so hopefully it will remain this way. This is a tough time for everyone but we will get through it. Stay safe everyone!

  12. Melissa Modica says:

    Love your blog. ..I look forward to looking to see your daily creation. God Bless and have a wonderful Easter. Melissa

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa. I hope that you have a wonderful Easter also.

    1. Remind me to ask them that in a couple of years when I will be the doddering grandmother who is solo out of touch in their eyes.

  13. Kathy McClintock says:

    Love the look Tania. It’s cold and has been raining her in Southern California for days. It really is messing with my wardrobe. Not that I can leave the house. But my clothes still matter to me. Well I have 8 grandkids and they are rotating staying here with me . I have 6 who live close so I get to see them . My Mom is 90 and I can’t see her, but we do duo with the caregivers. I love love the Sketchers, I have several pairs. We now have to wear face masks so we made some pretty ones. Have a wonderful Easter. God bless you all. Kathy

    1. Kathy, I love how families are coming up with all kinds of ways to be able to see or talk to each other during this crazy time.

  14. Kathie blackwell says:

    You look great in pink!!! Lucky you to live next door to your grandchildren. I miss mine so bad I can hardly stand it.

    1. I have three more that I don’t get to see very often since they are 5 hours away. 🙁