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How To Do A Patio Refresh On A Budget

My husband accidentally turned my patio fountain a gorgeous turquoise-green color when he applied too much algaecide. He only wanted to kill the algae, but the fountain turning green was a plus. I love the color, and I’m hoping it doesn’t change back any time soon. It inspired me to do a patio refresh on a budget to bring the turquoise color to my patio.

My Patio Refresh On A Budget Inspiration

The fountain has been this color for over a month, but it is gradually fading. However, I think it will last for the rest of the summer, so I “tweaked” the patio to match the color.

Patio Refresh On A Budget Before and After Photos

I’m going to show the before photos first and then the after ones. I still like this look, but I wanted to brighten and lighten it up, and it only took a few changes.

Can you believe the difference? I kept all the original items but moved the rug outdoors. The rug is gorgeous, and I love the pop of color that it adds to the porch. It wasn’t expensive, and it sure made a huge difference.

If you are going to spend any time outdoors, a citronella candle is a must. I love that you can reuse the container after the candle is gone.

We just added this outdoor dining set to the patio this year. I love the set, but we don’t use it a lot.

Adding throw pillows, a citronella candle, and some melamine dinnerwear brightened the area. I only ordered a 12pc dinnerwear setting to ensure I liked the color. It is practical since I don’t want glassware on the patio, and the color works great with the new pillows.

This whole area is just blah! When we bought our house, this furniture came with it. I like the set, but it needed some pizazz. Just wait until you see this area now…

How’s that for pizazz??? This was the most expensive part of the patio refresh, but it makes a huge statement. You’ll probably see this set often since the chairs will make great photo props.

And look…it matches the fountain perfectly!!! Let me know if you want Joe to come and work on your fountain. Lol!

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  1. Katherine says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the turquoise water.

  2. Great refresh and I love the colors, so Joe did you a favor, and now you can buy more colors and pillows and rugs. Great Job!! I love the rug, all those beautiful bright colors.

  3. Cathy Baird says:

    Just love your outdoor living area. So inviting. The color combination with the pillows and dinnerware, I love so much. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Tania! I found those same pillows and used them as my inspiration for brightening up my patio as well. It’s also amazing what some bright pots with colorful petunias can do to bring a “beachy” feeling to my Tennessee hilltop patio!

  5. It’s it amazing what changing pillows can do! I have a couple of sets for different seasons! As for the black chairs you got rid of… I have a set like it! I added amazing 16×16 tiles to the seats and again add a great toss pillow ! Good thing bout black it’s easy to match paint to refresh the metal, lightly sand first!

  6. Barbara Armacost says:

    That fountain is gorgeous and your refresh is perfect!! The fountain will have to be a yearly job.

  7. I Absolutely Love the update!! That turquoise-teal color is very pretty! Looks great!

  8. Spray paint those patio chairs! Easy inexpensive fix plus you can change it up often!

  9. What a beautiful ” mistake”. I love the fountain! The update is gorgeous too.

  10. Veronica Huskins says:

    Love the colour change.

  11. I love your Joe stories! It looks like he did a great job with the fountain!! It is beautiful. The turquoise accent pieces are beautiful too. The color will really brighten up your patio even if the fountain changes back to its normal color!

  12. Great post today. I really like your refresh. Love the brighter colors. It really makes a difference. You have really great decorating skills.

  13. I really like what you did and the cost is affordable. You really brightened things up.

  14. Your patio refresh is beautiful! Is your teak patio set “Brunswick”? I am looking at that set for my back deck which we recently closed in to make a year-round room. If it is, are you pleased with it? I just love the style of it – comfy but will be good if the little ones sit on it in their wet bathing suit – LOL! Thanks!

    1. Tracy, we love the patio set! I’ve not had any issues with it, but since we don’t have a pool here, I’ve not had the wet swimsuit issue. However, the covers are washable, we washed them this year without any issues. Here is my set, it is out of stock until next year though. https://bit.ly/3w9ikgj

  15. Wonderful post today, Tania! I love when you do home blogs. After all the sales, I’m just looking to something different. Your patio looks beautiful! It’s amazing what a new rug and few simple accessories will do for a space. Tell Joe, the fountain is a beautiful accident!

  16. What a beautiful refresh and on a budget too! Win, win!! Maybe Joe was ready for a patio refresh and just wanted to give you some inspo!

  17. Love the patio refresh! Your Joe stories are a hoot!

  18. Looks great! It feels good to refresh things now and then.

  19. The patio is so pretty! Joe is an exterior decorator’s inspiration!

  20. Love how adding color changes everything. We had black patio. Pieces similar and we spray painted. Pick a color and go for it.

    1. Yes, exactly, that is what I would do, just spray paint what I had the color I want- good tip. I do love the patio refresh! Very pretty!

  21. We just did a patio refresh with turquoise…. Amazon and Kirklsnd’s! Changing up pillows and cushions makes a big statement. Your fountain looks great… and fun!

  22. I love the turquoise fountain, so pretty, and your decor looks great, ties everything together! I had to laugh, Joe sounds like my husband, if a little is good a lot is even better. Love your stories, you two are a hoot!

  23. I love the color of the water. Everything looks great!!

  24. Tania, I love the turquoise fountain and how you redecorated around that color ! You’ve got a knack for design in decor too! So does Joe but he just didn’t know it😀

  25. I love the turquoise accessories to your patio! It looks so fresh.

  26. Tania…you make me laugh everyday. I like the “new” vibrant colors. Great choice & matches beautifully. Okay Joe, good job on the fountain…but great tweaking from Tania😉
    BTW…we will be in Abingdon next week to see Footloose & of course eat at one of our favorite places, The Tavern. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  27. Donna Ray says:

    I absolutely love the turquoise color of the water and your new dishes. Love, love all you did!