Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a blue t-shirt and white girlfriend jeans with a striped tie cardigan OH MY!!! You ladies really inspired me with all of your memories and stories. (HERE) It was truly amazing to see what can be accomplished if we get out of our own way. Why do we set limits on our growth? Is it fear of failing or fear of the unknown? The answer to that question is probably Yes, and Yes! I know that I can’t fail if I don’t try something, but where is the fun in that? I try giving myself a pep talk, then my brain will kick in and say, “but where is the fun in failing?” UGH!!!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a blue t-shirt and white jeans with a striped tie cardigan We need to get out of our own heads and try something new. I am challenging all of you to try one thing new that you’ve never done before. It can be something easy like learning to crochet, baking a pie, or painting a picture. OR, you can try something harder and more challenging, like learning a new language, going back to school, or starting a new business. It doesn’t matter what you do; it only matters that you keep learning, doing, and growing as a person. You don’t want to become stagnant. Iron will rust from disuse, and water begins to stink when it is stagnant, so keeping using your mind and body. I don’t want you to become rusty and stinky. ?
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a blue t-shirt and white girlfriend jeans with a striped tie-front cardigan When I ordered this tie-front cardigan, I had intended to wear it like the model on the website. She had on all white, and since I have been in a white mood lately, that seemed like a good idea. But, when I opened the package and took out the cardigan, I randomly put it down on top of this pretty blue t-shirt that I hadn’t hung up yet. I am not a believer in coincidences, so I decided to wear a blue t-shirt instead. The cardigan has several different colors of purple, blues, and greens, so you will be able to wear this with lots of different options. I also think that this will look fabulous with dark wash jeans, so keep that in the back of your mind too. I am wearing a size 1 (8-10), and I think that it fits me perfectly. HERE is the link to the sweater.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a blue t-shirt with a striped tie cardigan I like mixing silver and gold jewelry, so today I added my Maggie LARGE hoop filigree earrings from Kendra Scott with a birthday gift that just came in the mail. My sister sent me this silver half dollar that she found on Etsy (HERE), and I had to wear it again today! They have other years available if you are not 60, so be sure to check out their Etsy shop. Etsy has lots of cute and funny birthday gifts, so be sure to check them out. Plus, you are helping out a small business owner which is a great thing. I also added my bracelets from The Styled Collection, which are silver and gold. These bracelets are heavyweight, especially considering the price. I was very pleasantly surprised when I bought them.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing white girlfriend jeans with espadrille sandals I think that these crisscross sandals are the cutest things. They are very comfortable too, which is a huge plus. I love the frayed material (can’t see in the photo) and the espadrille soles. I don’t find a lot of espadrille shoes that aren’t a wedge heel, so I was thrilled to show your gurls these. These run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9, and they fit me great. These are on sale right now, and they are less than 25.00! HERE is the link to the summer espadrille slides.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a blue t-shirt and white girlfriend jeans with a striped cardigan My white ankle jeans are looser than I usually wear my jeans. They are a girlfriend jean, which is made to fit loose, but it is hard for me to make the transition from my tighter fitting jeans. I love wearing white in the summer months, but I also will wear white all year long. The next time that I wear these pants, I think that I will cuff them, which looks more summery to me. I am wearing a size 1 in these pants, and they fit loose, but they are supposed to fit that way. Lol! HERE is the link to the pants.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a blue t-shirt and white girlfriend jeans with a striped tie-front cardigan sweater

Okay, it is time to let the BIRTHDAY week begin!!! Honestly, I am not one that celebrates birthdays, mostly because I feel like they are just another day. But, I had decided to celebrate, but with a twist. I am not the one who is going to get the presents….you are!!!

YESTERDAYS WINNER of the Easton Hoop Earrings (HERE) was Lucy Tillman. I’ll email you soon for your address.

This week I will be having a giveaway each day through Saturday. So, make sure that you sign up for my email subscription, and leave a comment about the topic of the day. Today’s topic is what is the best thing about getting older? I love how we become comfortable in our own skin as we age. I am enjoying retirement or semi-retirement, playing with the grandchildren, and realizing that I can say “NO” when I am overworked or stressed. When I was younger, I thought that I had to do everything for everybody, so I love the freedom to be selfish with my time.

So, to enter, subscribe to my email, and leave a comment telling me what you love about your age. The prize for today is a candle from Southern Bungalow. Southern Bungalow Co. was created from a love for fragrances and all things beautiful for the home. Each Southern Bungalow candle is hand-poured in a reusable statement piece container using an organic and clean-burning coconut wax. Coconut wax is odorless until scented with cosmetic grade fragrances and essential oils.

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Psalm 139:11-12

11 If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me, 12 even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.

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  1. Barbara Wilson wrote:

    Another great outfit on you!! Happy Birthday! I can’t believe you are going to be 60??. You are so young looking. I’m 64 and wish I looked as young as you.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  2. kristin greene wrote:

    I love this outfit too! I love the versatility of that sweater. I am having to think harder in this days question. I have more blessings to count, I have seen God’s hand help me in life and know He is here to walk with each of us; yesterday, today and tomorrow He is the same. I appreciate the quiet more. Not a very short answer but you got me thinking!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  3. Dana wrote:

    What do I appreciate about getting older…I’m more self confident and open to try new things than I was 10 years ago. I stress a little less and rely on faith that everything will eventually work out however it needs to.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
    • Angelia Wampner wrote:

      As I have aged I have learned to be myself, appreciate the little things in life, retirement, slow down and not rush, I like who I have become. I enjoy more moments then trying so hard to make memories!

      Posted 5.13.20Reply
  4. Wendy Morton wrote:

    The best thing about being older currently is that I qualify for senior hours at the grocery stores during this pandemic.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
    • Janice wrote:

      Happy Birthday week! You look great! I like that I am less concerned about what others think about me. Am who I am, but not resistant to getting better!

      Posted 5.13.20Reply
    • Sherry wrote:

      The best things about getting older…grandkids and retirement!! Also, I am more determined to enjoy my life and less concerned with what others think. Freedom to just be me!

      Posted 5.13.20Reply
      • Gloria wrote:

        The best thing about getting older is finding my voice, saying what I think and feel but within reason and not worrying about what everyone thinks.

        Posted 5.13.20Reply
  5. Kaye Deane Williams wrote:

    I love that I was born in 1960 and was able to grow up watching and learning from the Greatest Generation. I love that I grew up in the 60’s & 70’s without cable, internet, cell phones, and everything else that kids today cannot even imagine living without. I can still remember when life was simpler and a bit more innocent. I could go on and on but when I think of my “age” the wonderful memories are what I love the most.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
    • Allison wrote:

      Thank you for your open and honest stories and thoughts, and for sharing your faith in God. Getting older makes me look forward to wearing funny hats and growing things in the dirt. ?????

      Posted 5.13.20Reply
      • Linda (loves to laugh) wrote:

        I have loved every decade, but I do remember when I was 30, I told my Mom one day how much wiser I felt!! I had 4 kids my own business and kept busy all the time with church, school and good friends. I remember her look she didn’t say anything but now I know what she was thinking……gurl you haven’t seen wise til you are 60!!!!! ??? thanks for bringing back that memory!!?

        Posted 5.13.20Reply
        • Debbie Surowiec wrote:

          Happy Birthday Week Tania! There are so many things I like about getting older, my grandkids, retirement, time to do the things I like to do, reading & knitting. I also love that the older I’ve gotten I’m so much more comfortable in my own skin! Wisdom comes with age! ?❤️

          Posted 5.13.20Reply
    • Sharon G. wrote:

      Happy birthday! I was also born in 60 and will turn 60 next month. I am also glad that I grew up without cell phones. But the best part of growing older to me is grandkids! Our 4th will be here this fall. Oh, and my youngest is getting married and we will be empty nesters this fall.

      Posted 5.13.20Reply
  6. Dana wrote:

    I love the outfit today! What I like about being older is that I can share stories with my children about family members that have passed on. These are precious memories for me, and it gives my children a way to know my parents and grandparents even though they are gone.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  7. Ann Claire wrote:

    I guess what I have learned as I have gotten older is that things don’t matter as much as I used to think they did. It is our relationships that really matter. Especially our relationship with Jesus Christ. He is my strength and my redeemer.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  8. Linda Ziccardi wrote:

    I love the fact that I no longer worry about what other people think about me or my outfits, as I age. I know I look great, and more likely than not, I appreciate the way other women over 50 dress, most of us try to look nice, all the time. I think WE CARE about our appearance. YAY for us! YAY for Tania!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  9. debbie8947 wrote:

    One of the best things about getting older for me is that I don’t worry so much about what others think of me anymore. I used to get so hung up on that and I tried to please everyone.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  10. Shari wrote:

    I feel the best thing about getting older is realizing all my hard work was well worth it. I was widowed at 39 and raised 3 children on my own. They all grew up, graduated college, and are starting their families. Many times I felt overwhelmed but all in all, I must have done something right! All the sleepless nights and working multiple jobs was worth it.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  11. Leslie Mulkey wrote:

    Grandchildren are the best thing about being older for me! I love my grands so much and it hurts not getting to see them as much!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  12. Karen wrote:

    Love the outfit and like white as well. I am 55 going on 56 and am seeing more gray on my head! Can’t fight getting older, so join the fun. But I am not ready to stop coloring my hair! Looking forward to next stage of life and seeing my daughter and son getting married and Lord willing some grandkids!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  13. Mary Lou wrote:

    I turned 60 last month and love it. There’s no more worrying if you missed your period : ) Hangovers are a thing of the past too. I love being 60!!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  14. Patti wrote:

    The best thing about getting older is the alarm clock doesn’t go off every morning.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
    • Joanne W. wrote:

      The best thing about getting older is retirement from a stressful job!

      Posted 5.13.20Reply
  15. connie b wrote:

    The best thing I love about getting older is I finally trust my inner self, By that I mean I form my own opinions on things not whats necessarily always popular. Years ago I would be afraid of my ideas and thoughts, Now I am more open to me. Love this look. Its very me. What I would wear. You can wear anything. Love your confidence!!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  16. Yolanda Langenauer wrote:

    Good Morning?you look so beautiful in every outfit you wear! You inspire me to get out of my stretchy pants and wear something pretty even though I’m working from home. I think getting older is a privilege denied to many .. so celebrate your day!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  17. Kim wrote:

    That outfit looks so good on you?What I love about getting older is being able to spend quality time with my grandson, because when our kids are young, we are working and tired most of the time and although I enjoyed it, sometimes we rush them or just go through the motions.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
    • Cheryl Peffer wrote:

      Happy birthday.. life is just starting. I’ll be 70 in September and just finished a real estate course. I’m tired of sitting around this house and I don’t mean from the quarantine. Will I succeed, who knows. But at least I tried. Keep on trying.

      Posted 5.13.20Reply
    • Cara wrote:

      Another great outfit Tania. The best thing about getting older is being retired, which gives me the freedom to babysit my grandson and act like a kid again.

      Posted 5.13.20Reply
  18. Ann wrote:

    Love the outfit! The best thing to be about getting older is first – having grandkids! Second – I’m finally to the point that I don’t care what anything thinks about me – because what you think about me is none of my business. Life is so much less stressful since I’ve adopted that attitude.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  19. Kathy wrote:

    What do I love most about getting older? I no longer at am odds with who I am and I love the relationship I have with my adult children (no grandchildren yet.) Life has also slowed down more which is so nice.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
    • Susan Simmons wrote:

      The best thing about getting older, for me, has been being more confident in who I am, and not getting upset about things that really don’t matter. I have realized how quickly time passes and to make the most of everyday!

      Posted 5.13.20Reply
  20. Maggie Fieger wrote:

    I love retirement. I think it has made this pandemic easier, even though I am still busy. I usually have at least 3 Zoom meetings per week. I do lots of volunteer work, which is challenging this year. I do miss lunches with friends! And seeing grandkids
    I love your outfit- the colors and everything!
    Have a great birthday week!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  21. Wenda wrote:

    What I like about my age is that I no longer worry about what other people think! Love that outfit – the sweater looks great on you!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  22. Nancy wrote:

    You are entering the 60’s club! I just turned 60 in December. It’s hard to wrap my head around that, but I have learned to slow down and find joy in whatever the situation is around me. Since this pandemic, faith, family and friends are the most important. I love waking up and reading your blog! Gets my day started!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  23. Cindy wrote:

    Love that sweater. The best thing I love about getting older is my prospective on life. There is no sense to worry about some things. Life will happen.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  24. Michele wrote:

    You look great in blue and I find myself gravitating towards that color quite frequently. I’ve had so much fun since turning 60. I have been able to retire which just makes my life so much less stressful. Not having to set an alarm every morning has been such a luxury. Being able to help with the grandkids without having to ask for time off work has been an absolute joy…and my kids love having me available. Life is good…so much better than the alternative and I am thankful for every day that I am given.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  25. Jo Lea wrote:

    Adorable! I just bought the flirty dress I saw you had on the other day from Walmart. It arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to wear it for my Fashionista Friday outfit. Yes, my friend started a challenge since we have all been confined to home and so every Friday we get dressed up and share a photo on Facebook. I am turning 59 this summer, but I feel great and love my age because I’ve grown to be very comfortable in who I am.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  26. Teresa wrote:

    I love the outfit! As I get older, I am saying NO to any project or volunteer work that I am not passionate about. I used to say yes to everyone who asked. I love the freedom that I have given myself. I travel more, enjoy friends and family more. I am a much happier and much less stressed!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  27. Connie C wrote:

    What I love about being older is where I was when I was young and where I am now and it’s all because of my faith and love for my Lord. I love my life and how much I have grown through the years. Absolutely love my grand babies and spending time with them. Just loving life! Happy Birthday week! ?

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  28. Susan Simmons wrote:

    Being more confident in who I am, and not worrying about things that don’t really matter. I also realize how quickly time passes and have learned to appreciate every moment!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  29. Nicole wrote:

    Happy birthday week. Love your outfit and I love the blue t-shirt one of my favorite colors. Getting older has a lot of advantages, believing in Jesus Christ has kept me safe especially though this ordeal. I love my 8 grandchildren and am having fun being 69 years old. My husband and I are self-employed and still liking it, so we do the things we like. We travel and visit a lot of family.

    I got a Trump coffee cup for Mother’s day, I love it and I am not afraid to say we will be voting for President Trump again.

    God Bless all of you and thank you for your blog Tania, you look cute in everything!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  30. Kathryn wrote:

    I feel like there is a new found level of freedom and confidence that comes with aging. Gone are the frantic work weeks replaced by long walks and talks with the Lord, bible studies, grandbabies, outings with my husband and so much more ?. I have been retired for five years now and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every day!
    Tania thank you for adding the scripture verses,

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  31. Joy J. wrote:

    The best thing about getting older is exactly what you said. Having more control over your time. Being able to do things at your own pace. Go on impromptu trips. All the things! Love today’s outfit, especially the shoes. My feet really need a shoe with a thicker sole. Happy Birthday!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  32. Suzie Glaeser wrote:

    Getting older to me at 65, retired, loving husband, wonderful friends and enough money to finally see life as my choice. Life is certainly not perfect but pretty darn good. I always remember “if you shoot at nothing, that’s exactly what you hit”.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  33. Tina Butler wrote:

    What I love about this age is that I can now clearly see the fruits of my labors. When younger, I was too busy with working, raising children, and maintaining a household with my husband, and my daily gratitude was pushed to the side. But now, I have the time to say, “Ahhh,” and to know it’s all been worth it.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  34. Beth Pier wrote:

    I enjoy the freedom to do what I like, when I want & at my own pace now that I’m older. It’s nice to take the time to smell the roses!
    Love the sweater & all the outfits – just my style!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  35. Heidi wrote:

    I am amazed that you are 60. You are giving me hope that 60 won’t be bad. I am 54 and for the first time really happy with my age because my kids are happy and I have a great marriage. My youngest is married and building their first home and my oldest is getting married in November. My husband and I are traveling more and experiencing things that we never did before.
    Also, at 54 I found a special girl friend that doesn’t judge me and I can confide in. Why did it take me so long? No idea but God gave me a true friend and I love it. Again, Happy birthday beautiful

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  36. Laura wrote:

    I love that I grew up in the 70’s and got to enjoy truly being a kid! I love that as I have aged I have become more confident and secure in my own skin. As I have gotten older, I have learned to sort out what truly is important from the the little stuff and to make the most of each day.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  37. Angela wrote:

    Such a cute outfit…I love it. The thing I like most about my age is feeling more confident. I’m no longer concerned about how my decisions appear to others. I’m also thankful for the life experiences that make decisions easier and more clear. The older we are, the more experience we have…priceless!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  38. yvonne wrote:

    I love the sweater. The best thing about getting older is that I get to get older. I look at it as a gift. I always think of those close to me that would have loved to celebrate turning 60 but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  39. Laurie wrote:

    Happy Birthday week! I like the confidence I have in my 50’s. Time is precious and I’m much more selective as to who I spend it with. Eliminating the people who cause drama and who don’t value friendships the way I do has been very freeing.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  40. D3bbie wrote:

    The best thing about getting older is that I really enjoy spending time with my adult daughter. We’re more like friends!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  41. LISA CASTRO wrote:

    Another great look on you! I am enjoying finally becoming a grandparent. The best is having them all day then they go home just in time for happy hour LOL..

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  42. Liz wrote:

    I have found as I am getting older, I’m less of a people pleaser, Saying no more and enjoying doing more of what I want in my time table

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  43. Cristy wrote:

    I love your outfit today! Beautiful colors!! I also love being (almost) 60. I do feel more comfortable in my own skin, and I don’t feel like I have to compete with others anymore. I also like the perspective that my years have given me that I know I can rely on God, and that things will work out.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  44. Barbara wrote:

    Welcome to the “60’s Club” Tania!!! At 66yrs old, I’m finding so many good things about being ‘old’! Grandchildren have to be on the top on my list, and the ability to share some wisdom with them from my years (and mistakes!) and from God’s Word. ❤️

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  45. Connie J wrote:

    I love today’s outfit. I tend to wear light cardigans all summer because my office is usually cool. Love the color of this one.
    What I love about getting older is that I’ve learned to love my body instead of stressing that I’m not a size 8 anymore. I’ve learned to rock what I’ve got and be happy about everything that my body is able to do.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  46. Joanne wrote:

    Love the blue on you Tanya! Happy Birthday week! At 51 I have learned not to get stressed out about all the little things and I find now I am really more in tune with myself and how I feel. I am now unapologetic about who I am and am happier because of it.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  47. kari mcmillan wrote:

    Happy birthday week. The best part of getting older is the time to “be”. Enjoy what really matters in life.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  48. Sandy wrote:

    so I am 56 and I think I care less about the opinion of others – in a good way, and am more comfortable in my own skin, as loose as it may be, LOL. I have learned to be around people that lift me up, and that I can lift up. I have learned to let go and let God which is a gift in itself. Like those colors on you, will have to hit Tar-jay for the sandals, so cute! Thanks for all you share and have a great birthday week 🙂

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  49. Cathy wrote:

    Thanks for another great post! I’m a 1960 model, as well, and I can’t believe how quickly the years have passed by. I actually dreaded turning “60” in March of this year; especially, during the start of the Pandemic. But, the time at home has allowed me more special, quiet time to just “Be Still” before our Father. I have had more time to reflect on Him and His great love for me, His protection over my life, and His desire for me to continue to grow and be more like Him. More than ever, I can see how greatly blessed I am and how each day is a special gift from Him. As much as I miss the younger days when my kiddos were growing up, I wouldn’t trade that for all the wisdom and memories I have obtained along the way! Happiest of Birthdays to You Tomorrow, Sweet Tania!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  50. Nancy Onorato wrote:

    All of those birthday items are so cute. And you look mahvelous, Darlin’! I’ll be 70 next month & it’s coming as quite a surprise to me LOL. My sweet hubby goes shopping for us at 6:00 a.m. during “senior hour” & he told me this morning I must stay home as they might not let me in. Love that guy! The best part of being older is spending time with our grandchildren and having the time to travel.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  51. Marisa wrote:

    The best thing for me about getting older is that my husband is retired from his military career that kept him traveling more than he was home. We’re getting to spend more time together than ever, even pre-social distancing, and he’s actually home on our anniversary now. ?

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  52. Connie K wrote:

    The older I get the more confidence I gain. I was always so shy but now I’m not afraid to speak up and stand my ground.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  53. Kaynella wrote:

    Eight months ago I made the decision to stop coloring my hair. I LOVE! it is so freeing! And, I feel so authentic and powerful now!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  54. Robin Curtis Staley wrote:

    The best thing about getting older is being able to take a nap and no one caring if you do!!!!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  55. Bambi wrote:

    I think for me one of the best things about getting older is that i’m learning not to take everything so seriously. I’m learning to relax and enjoy the journey more and not to take the little things for granted. Time is precious. People are precious and we need to be able to leave this world with a Godly legacy. Only what we’ve done for the Lord will last.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  56. Kathy L wrote:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As I have gotten older I’m traveling more. My husband always say don’t knock it til you try it. I have tried culture food, swim with the SHARKS, stingrays and more. I LOVE going on cruises! I am getting comfortable in my own skin trying styles and not caring what anyone thinks. I love wearing my Disney tees, tastefully. I talk to God alot. I could go on and on.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  57. Lynn wrote:

    The best thing about getting older is having more time to volunteer at the neighborhood grade school. I love helping the first graders.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  58. Cecilia wrote:

    I love being 58! I am finally not afraid of being myself and doing or wearing what I like instead of what others think I should. It’s so freeing!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  59. Sharolyn wrote:

    The best thing about getting older is I care less about what people think of me. If I’m
    content with something then I am happy. I also have more time to do the things I love.
    Love this outfit.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  60. I also don’t believe in coincidences. That blue top looks perfect with that cardigan. The best part about getting older is watching my kids become successful adults!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  61. Bonnie wrote:

    Grandkids! is what I love about my age. I had to wait until I was 57 to get one, but have now had four in 3-1/2 years! I also find I don’t really care so much about what others think about me so I don’t feel the need to compete with all the Superwomen out there. Been there, done that when my boys were little, I worked full time, and my husband was gone all the time pursuing his avocation.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  62. Julie Wychor wrote:

    I love, love, love being a grandmother! If I had known how much fun it is having grandchildren I would have had them first, ha ha. ? I’m one year and 11 days behind you, Tania; next year I turn 60. I celebrate turning 59 on the 25th and my husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on Mother’s Day.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  63. Katrina wrote:

    The best thing about getting older is being able to read my husband’s mind & we finish each others’ sentences. Your outfits inspire me! Thanks for your uplifting attitude & charm!?

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  64. Julie wrote:

    Happy Birthday! I will be 60 in the fall. The best part about my age is being a Grandma to 8 under the age of 7. Love them!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  65. Barb wrote:

    Best thing about being older….retirement! Especially with Covid19. We are thankful each day that we can stay home and get out of every-bodies way by staying put!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  66. Lunette wrote:

    The best part of getting older is the blessing of actually getting to be older. I am 54 now and know far too many that were not not given the chance. Now if we could just not have the wrinkles that go with it. Lol.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  67. Ginger Wilkins wrote:

    As I am getting older, I have learned not to worry about the small things, to treasure my family time and that it’s okay to say no.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  68. Cindy wrote:

    Happy Birthday, you’re looking great at 60! I’m enjoying the gift of being purposefully still as I’m getting older!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  69. Janet wrote:

    The first thing that comes to mind that I love about getting older is the changing role I have with my young adult children. It is neat looking back at the role of being mommy during their growing up years and now how my relationship is evolving during their young adult years. I love our deeper conversations and watching them as they find their paths/passions in life.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  70. Nicki wrote:

    The best thing about getting older is having time to do the things I love to do – like reading and finding new authors (for instance, your sister!). Retirement came at 63 and now, 9 years later, I’m still enjoying it.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  71. Roxanna wrote:

    Happy Birthday! Each year that passes, I am Blessed! Getting older is becoming wiser, more empathy and social skills!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  72. Iris wrote:

    You look so pretty today in that pastel striped sweater. I love meeting new people and it was great to meet you last night over zoom! Can’t wait for my goodies to arrive from Rodan & Fields.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  73. Patty wrote:

    That’s a great question and one I have never pondered before. Since I turned 60 last summer I guess what I can say is that I don’t feel any different than before just have to learn how slow down and enjoy, Staying home and in sure is helping with that now. Happy birthday.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  74. Patricia A Lott wrote:

    Happy birthday! I love your style. It’s such a help in styling my own wardrobe. Best thing about being sixty plus is grandkids and confidence in myself. As my wise 90 year old mother says, “time will tell.”

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  75. Laquata Hume wrote:

    Love everything about my age(55). It is truly a privilege to see my smile lines because I have been blessed to smile. My grays and crows feet I have also earned and cherish. I enjoyed not hurrying so much, hugging my grandchildren.❤️?

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  76. Angela Broadhuhn wrote:

    I have learned that I am so much more than others idea of what I should be. I am 52 and proud of the woman I have become.

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  77. Jo Lynn Kegler wrote:

    You definitely look great in blue! Another stunning outfit. You’re a great model.
    Many great comments by everyone. Totally agree with all of the above!
    Another great things about getting older. I remember the first time my kids were home after they were out of college and remembering it being so cool, because they were grown up and sitting down and just talking. And realizing, “Hey, they turned out to be pretty nice people!.”

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  78. Regina R. wrote:

    I turned 60 in February, paving the way for you! And the best part about it is senior discounts and being closer to social security age and retirement. ?

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  79. Chris M wrote:

    Happy Birthday Eve!!! Love the outfit today!! I have enjoyed the respect that I receive as I have gotten older! My family and friends respect and appreciate my opinion and perhaps they realize with age comes some wisdom!!

    Posted 5.13.20Reply
  80. Donna Wood wrote:

    Happy Birthday, Tania! You are making 60 look amazing….have a great week <3

    Posted 5.14.20Reply
  81. Dáša wrote:

    Ahoj Táňičko,Gratuluji k 60 narozeninám a přeji všechno NEJLEPŠÍ !!!!

    Posted 5.14.20Reply
  82. Liz Mesa wrote:

    Hi Tania. I love your blog and look forward to reading it every morning! I too have grandkids – 6 boys!! I love being a Mimi and having fun with the boys!

    Posted 5.14.20Reply
  83. Robin wrote:

    Happy Birthday Tania! I’m 56 and have just become comfortable in my skin in my 50’s. I no longer care what anyone thinks, I just do “me”. Love it or leave it. ?

    Posted 5.14.20Reply
  84. Julie L wrote:

    Happy Birthday week! I love being 60 also as I find I place priority more easily on the really important and fulfilling things! Like faith and family!

    Posted 5.14.20Reply
  85. Charlene wrote:

    Love this website and tips. Getting older is really about enjoying the moment.

    Posted 5.15.20Reply
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