Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing lots of layers for Spring including a double breasted blazer, an apple green cardigan, a floral camisole, and bootcut jeans

I don’t know about you, but I am so thrilled that Spring is finally here. Even though the calendar tells me that Spring is here, the weather isn’t always warm. Here is Virginia; the low for the day can be in the 30s, and the high might be in the 70s. That is a huge swing in temperature, so I need to wear layers. The key is to dress in layers without burning up before the day is finished.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing lots of layers for Spring including a double breasted blazer, an apple green cardigan, a floral camisole, an ivory handbag, and bootcut jeans

For those of you who live in much warmer climates, you will want to tweak this look, and the same goes for those who live in colder climates. My daughter lives in Alaska, and she sent me a video of her going outside to get in her car. Snow was piled up in her yard at least 3 or 4 feet tall. I was watching her video as I was walking to my mailbox wearing a short sleeve t-shirt.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old's forsythia bush bouquet

While I was going to the mailbox, I noticed how pretty my forsythia bush was, so I decided to break off a few branches and bring them inside. They brightened up my kitchen, and I found myself smiling every time that I walked past them.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing lots of layers for Spring including a double breasted blazer, an apple green cardigan, a floral camisole, and an ivory handbag

I got distracted by the gorgeous yellow blooms on the forsythia, now back to layering for Spring. Because I am ALWAYS cold, I like to wear a jacket or a blazer. This chambray double-breasted blazer is lightweight, so it would be perfect for layering for Spring. If you live in a colder climate, you might want to choose a heavier blazer or a heavy coat over the blazer.

I love this shade of blue of the blazer, and I think it would look gorgeous with white jeans. The blazer hits me at my hips, and it takes any outfit up a notch or two. You won’t see me wearing my blazers buttoned, but I like the double-breasted style. I think that it looks more professional than a one-button blazer. I am wearing a size 10 in the blazer, and it fits me fine. If my sweater were any thicker, then I would have had to size up.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing lots of layers for Spring including an apple green cardigan, and a floral camisole

My next layer in this look is this gorgeous green apple cardigan. The cardigan comes in several colors, and I had a hard time deciding which color to order. The lilac and blue were close contenders. When I saw the floral cardigan, I knew that the apple green would look fabulous with it.

Even though I don’t button a blazer, you will occasionally see me buttoning my cardigans. I like buttoning a cardigan up to the start of your chest, and then I leave it open after that. Sometimes, I leave the last button at the hem unbuttoned, which creates a small upside-down V.

The cardigan is very lightweight, which is great for layering. It has long sleeves, but I scrunch them up to look like 3/4 sleeves which is the most flattering length. I am wearing a medium in the cardigan, and I think that it looks great.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a double breasted blazer and showing her gold jewelry

I decided to pick up on the blue in the floral cami and wear gold and turquoise-colored jewelry. I just received these Rylan small hoop earrings and the Tessa multi-chain necklace c/o Kendra Scott. These haven’t hit the website yet, but you will love them once they do, so I’ll be sure to let you know.

The Rebecca stretch bracelets have hit the website, and I am wearing a white howlite and the variegated turquoise one. I was surprised at how large the beads were on these bracelets, but I shouldn’t have been. Kendra Scott seems to go above my expectations when it comes to jewelry. These are stretch bracelets, so no having to finagle with latches. Lol! These also come in several other colors, and they make an outfit look finished and put together.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing bootcut jeans and navy slingback heels

I didn’t get a great photo of these navy slingback block heels. For some reason, I don’t have any navy shoes in my closet. I ordered this pair thinking that I could wear them with dresses and with jeans that are too long. But, I am not sure that I like the look of these with the jeans. The outfit is dressy, but I would have preferred to have worn a pair of flats. I’ll have to play with the look to see if the jeans were too long for flats, though.

Here is a better look at the shoes. The shoes run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9. I think they are sharp-looking, and I love the embossed crocodile print on the heels. These will be a great neutral heel for dresses this spring and summer, so I might end up keeping them. What are your thoughts on these? Keep or keep looking?

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is carrying an ivory handbag

Macy’s is having a huge 30% off sale, so I took the opportunity to order a couple of handbags and shoes. This dome-shaped leather satchel is a great size, and I was looking for a lighter-colored handbag for spring and summer. I like the satchel’s different compartments, and it is a great medium-sized bag, especially for the price. However, this color has already sold out, but you can still get it in black and tobacco.

If you love the lighter ivory color, then here is the same brand, the same print, and the same price, but in a tote version instead of the satchel.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing an apple green cardigan, a floral camisole, an ivory handbag, and bootcut jeans

This floral camisole is so much prettier in person than it is on the website. The website doesn’t do a good job showing all of the colors, but I think this is really gorgeous. The print is subtle, but I love the baby blue in the print also, and I think that a blue cardigan would have really brought that color out.

This is a lightweight cami, and it is perfect for layering under a cardigan or blazer. I am wearing a large in the camisole, and that is the size that I will usually order. I don’t like my camisoles to fit tight because I don’t want my rolls showing, so I will normally order a large. This one fits me great.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing layers for Spring including an apple green cardigan, a floral camisole, an ivory handbag, and bootcut jeans

These sculpting slim bootcut jeans are in a medium wash color. According to the website, these jeans are designed with new pockets that smooth, flatter and hold your shape. I will say that they are very stretchy, and I like how comfortable they feel. They don’t cut into my waist, creating that muffin top that some high-waist jeans do, so that is a huge PRO. The CON is that they are limited in size, but they do come in two different cuts: petite and tall. I am wearing my usual size 10 in the regular cut.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing an apple green cardigan, a floral camisole, and bootcut jeans

Macy’s Huge Sale

As I mentioned earlier, Macy’s is having a huge sale for an extra 30% off with the code VIP. I took advantage of this sale and ordered 3 pairs of Joe’s Jeans, a brand that I love. Because these jeans are pricey, I am always on the lookout for sales, and I know that I wear a 31 in them. I also saw a lot of NYDJ were in the sale, and I love that brand also. It seems to run true to size. I scanned 4 or 5 of the 239 pages of the sale, and I found a lot of items that I loved. Here are just a few, so be sure to check out this sale.

I don’t think that the sale price is showing in the graphic, so click on anything you like to see the price and be sure to enter VIP at checkout to get the discounted price.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing lots of layers for Spring including a double breasted blazer, an apple green cardigan, a floral camisole, an ivory handbag, a bootcut jeans, and navy heels

Nordstrom is also having a huge Spring Sale. However, their inventory is very limited, so I didn’t list items. Be sure to check out their handbags and beauty items, since those won’t be as limited. I saw that my mascara primer and the makeup brushes that I use are on sale.

The best thing for you to do is, pick your category, such as jeans. Then, put in your size to make sure that it is available. I am normally a 10 in jeans, or a size 30 – 31, so that is how I would search.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing an off the shoulder leopard print top

This leopard print Sekse (sexy) top is on sale for $30.00 off, and there is inventory at this time. Don’t doddle, though; it won’t last long. I am wearing a size medium in the top.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing layers for Spring including a double breasted blazer, an apple green cardigan, a floral camisole, an ivory handbag, and bootcut jeans

This is the last week for me to celebrate Joe’s Birthday. He told me that I couldn’t make a big deal out of his birthday. I don’t think that announcing for the entire world to see is making a big deal. Lol! So, randomly, each week, I am going to pick a winner for a gift. The gifts will vary in size and price, and I will pick the winner from the comments that I receive during the week.

This week’s winner is…..Vicki!!! Keep commenting, and you might be next week’s winner.

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  1. Carol McKenzie wrote:

    Thank You ! Tanya for all the great styling ideas you’ve given me . I’ve only been on your post for s very short while. I think I saw your closet but can’t remember where on the posts it was can you point me the right direction to see your closet?
    Thanks again, I feel so better
    Carol McKenzie

    Posted 3.31.21Reply
  2. Joy M. wrote:

    I think the post with the animal print top is one f the cutest outfits you have ever styled! The top is adorable and I love black jeans.

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  3. Sharolyn wrote:

    I love all the spring colors. Makes for a happy Monday. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  4. dianeh820 wrote:

    I love the floral print blouse!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  5. LISA CASTRO wrote:

    Love the animal print blouse!!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  6. Melanie wrote:

    Yes for the navy block heels! I’m going to pick up the cute camisole today!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  7. CarolS wrote:

    I love the top part of the outfit but a darker shade of blue jeans might look better with that blazer (tends to look like a “badly matched suit” with the jeans the same shade as the blazer). And those shoes might look better with white jeans/pants, though I admit I’m not really a fan of navy shoes.

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  8. Penny wrote:

    This is a great outfit for Spring! And it looks great on you!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  9. Asa B wrote:

    Layers are the best! I love the way you put the green cardigan together with the blue blazer!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  10. Donna wrote:

    The shoes are perfect! The pointed toe always will make your legs look long and lean. Great outfit!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  11. Janet H wrote:

    Love the leopard print top with the black jeans!!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  12. Lanita Canup wrote:

    I love layering !! I am Virginia too and you just have no idea what the temp will be throughout the day! The colors you put together are so pretty and springy !

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  13. Gayle wrote:

    LOVE this outfit!!! All the pieces look great together. I’m a jeans person so I’m very glad that you feature them often in your posts. I like the navy shoes on you, although I am more of a flats person since I am tall. The blazer and camisole are in my cart already!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  14. Paula Presbey wrote:

    I love this look – I would definitely wear every piece! My kids love to tease be because I am always cold ( like my mom) – “Don’t for get your sweater” ! Great look for spring! I love the leopard top also – such fun!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  15. Janice C wrote:

    I’d like to see the first outfit with white instead of blue jeans…all of the individual pieces are very pretty but, to me, the blue blazer and blue jeans just aren’t working. The leopard top and black jeans, however are stunning and ever so slimming!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  16. Tammy Gravis wrote:

    This is so cute!!! You really inspire me and I love the Bible verses.

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  17. Cheryl Sampson wrote:

    Pretty spring colors. Love the green and blue combo.

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  18. LuAnn wrote:

    I love this outfit the blazer is so special! I have always wanted to get that leopard top I like it so much on you.

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  19. Ellen wrote:

    Love this look! I live in Florida so at this point I would skip the blazer unless out in the evening!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  20. Kathy P. wrote:

    Can I pull off dark pants for Easter? Or.. how about a link to some over 50 light color not to extreme pants? 🙂 Love ur blog. HAPPY EASTER!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  21. Chris wrote:

    Nice outfit! I don’t often layer but I know it’s a great idea with temps as they are up and down in the spring! I think the key is not using too bulky of layers. Thanks for the great ideas! Love the forsythia branches in the pitcher ! Love to see glimpses of your house!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  22. Sandy wrote:

    I layer if I’m going to be outside and then going inside as they keep things so cold indoors. I like the blue shoes but then again it depends where you are planning on going as to whether I would want heels or flats.

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  23. Fiona wrote:

    Love the whole outfit.

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  24. Coolie wrote:

    Dressing in layers is normal for me. I love this look. These jeans make your legs look a mile long and you look very slim. Are you still losing weight.

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  25. Julie wrote:

    Love the leopard shirt!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  26. Monica Ercanbrack wrote:

    Love the oufit today I am always cold so I layer alot!!
    I have a cardigan this color also.
    I really like the leopard print top.

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
  27. Tracy Abraham wrote:

    Love the leopard top on you!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
    • Sharon wrote:

      Such a cute outfit on you..I think white jeans would look great with this too..I agree with you about the shoes…as soon as I saw the outfit, my first thought was that I didn’t love the shoes..they look a little too dressy but when I saw them alone I loved them! I think they are definitely keepers and will look great with dresses..

      Posted 3.29.21Reply
  28. Carolyn wrote:

    Love the floral cami and the sweater combo! Yes, keep the shoes- navy is such a great color and goes with everything- the style is really cute too!!

    Posted 3.29.21Reply
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