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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket

I’ve been trying to set office hours because I tend to work around the clock doing something for the blog. There are always clothes to order, steam, photo, and I’m always thinking of new posts to write. To separate my blog life from my regular life, I’ve started to go to the basement where I have an office. I try to “clock in” by 9 am and “clock out” between 6 pm and 7 pm.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket 14

I bet most of you are scratching your head trying to figure out how I can work for 10 hours on the blog. There are so many tiny things that go into blogging; it is more than writing a post. But, today, it was GORGEOUS, and I didn’t feel like going to the dungeon (my affectionate term for my office), so I came upstairs and sat out on my screened-in porch instead. One good thing about working from a laptop is that it can go with me anywhere. Lucy Lu came out to keep me company, and we both loved the warm weather and gentle breeze.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket16

A White Classic Cotton Crewneck Tee is a Spring and Summer essential item. White goes with almost anything, and a tee is so versatile that you can wear it with a blazer or jeans. I like to buy one or two good quality tees each year, and this one is excellent. You can’t see through it, and it is soft and comfortable. I’m wearing a large because I like my tees to be relaxed instead of tight.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket3

Here is the length of the tee. It is not leggings length, but it is hip length.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket 5

It was perfect timing that these Pink Resin Statement Drop Earrings came in yesterday. I didn’t order the earrings to go with this outfit, but they are an ideal match! I’m also wearing my Cross Necklace in 18 Kt. Gold Vermeil and two of the chains from my Davis Necklace. I love that you can adjust the necklace to wear one, two, or all of the chains.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket21

Oh, my word! I just bought this adorable leather Raffia wristlet in truffle. This wristlet has HOBO Bags’ signature circular handle, and I love the textured design. The interior has a bill slot and six credit card slots. Plus, the interior back has a zip pocket for items you want to ensure don’t fall out. You’ll see a lot of this handbag this year, and I’ll probably try a full-size bag too.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket10

I love a denim jacket, and you will hear me repeatedly say that everyone needs one of these in their wardrobe. They are a versatile clothing staple, and you can wear them in at least three seasons of the year. This denim jacket by Wrangler can be styled with a dress, shorts, pants, or a jumpsuit. The jacket is lightweight and unlined, and I love the fit and style. On cold mornings and chilly evenings, this gives me the right amount of coverage to keep me warm. I am wearing a large, and it fits great.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket20

Here is a photo where you can see the length of the jacket.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket15

Now, for the Tossed Flowers Perfect Crop Pants. I LOVE these floral pants, but I’m betting that these pants aren’t going to be for everyone. Joe loved them also and commented about how nice I looked. My daughter told me that I looked like I was wearing curtains. Lol! It is a good thing I love her so much. Hahaha! I chose to wear white with the pants, but I also had a pink tee that looked good with them. I think that navy would also be a great color to wear with them, what other colors do you think? Orange maybe? I’m wearing a size 8, which is what size I usually wear in Talbots pants.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket11

I bought these braided gold sandals last year at Target. Metallics are really in this year, so I should get a lot of wear from them this summer. There is a pair at Talbots that looks almost identical. They are the Cece Braid Metallic Thong Sandal, and the only difference is the Talbots one has two strands of braids instead of the one strand on mine. I have the Cece Sandals in silver, and they are comfortable.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket4

Now, it is time for your input…Hit or Miss? What do you like about the outfit, would you wear the floral pants, and what would you change?

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing floral pants, and white tee, and a denim jacket7

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  1. Peggy Eaton says:

    Love the floral pants! I’m 72 and wear floral pants all the time. I’ve always loved a pretty print and will continue to do so as long as I’m upright! I love color too – adds some life that tends to fade with time not to mention just cheers you up!

  2. Hit for sure, those pants are adorable and so flattering! wrist purse super cute and goes w/ everything

  3. Mary Ruth Harden says:

    Love the pairings. So cute, I have a similar colored pair of pants. Thanks for showing what to wear with. Definitely a hit!

  4. barb penner says:

    Very cute. I would wear this outfit exactly as you are!.
    I have a similar pair which I wear during the summer months and really enjoy.

  5. Love the flower pants! You look great and “sunny” in them! I’m 76 and think this is a bit much for ne, but love them

  6. Ginger Hiller says:

    This is definitely a HIT for you and others, just not me. I have a very thick backside, so wearing bright and bold below my waistline just isn’t wise.

  7. Yes! I would wear the floral pants. They don’t look like curtains! I love bright colors. I think they look good the way you styled them with the white, to tone it down a bit, and the blue jean jacket as a contrast color.
    I agree, a pink or navy tee would be something I would wear with them or possibly a tunic in the deep pink or red color. I don’t like orange, so I wouldn’t wear that color and I think maybe it would be too much “bright” adding orange. Cute as is!

  8. A HIT and you look so cute!

  9. Vikki Andrews says:

    You look fantastic in the floral pants. No, I wouldn’t wear those unless I was skinny!

  10. Love the outfit on you! It’s very cute but it would t work for my pear shape because it would bring too much attention to the wrong area. Lol

  11. Susan Haggerty says:

    It has to be a hit for me since I just bought those pants for myself!! I love bright prints on pants and crops. I found a pair of braided hot pink, orange, and lighter pink sandals that match perfectly.

  12. A definite HIT. I used to be afraid of patterned pants, but not anymore. For me to be comfortable, though, they do have to be “grounded” with understated solid accessories.

  13. I think you look great in those pants! I thought you pulled the entire outfit together well. Very cute!

  14. Fabulous!!! Floral pants styled the correct way look gorgeous!!

  15. Absolutely a hit! I love the pants. If you have a purple jacket it would be great with this.

  16. I think the outfit looks wonderful on you. It would not be a best choice for me.

  17. I love the entire outfit!!! You look great in all of it. I’m going to try the pants if they come in petite 🙂

  18. HIT! You have styled the pants well, and it gives me courage to try printed pants. Thanks!

  19. The flowered pants are a miss for me. Large prints on clothes don’t appeal to me at all. However, in the past I have had pants with a very tiny print. Such as small dots on a solid background.That works for me.

  20. Love everything about the outfit. Not sure I would wear the slacks because I am short and curvy, but they look fabulous on you!

  21. A definite hit! Love this whole look!

  22. Love the floral pants. I can see how the white tee really works with the pants

  23. A HIT to me. You look great! I hadn’t heard of Talbot’s before I found you, now I have their credit card HaHa!

  24. Larissa Allen says:

    Cute on you-definitely not for me. I do love a large print, you just have to be so careful what you pair them with. I would never get my wears worth out of them.:)

  25. I have a few pair of patterned jeans and jeggings. As I rule, I usually wear my prints on the top half to camouflage my tummy. But I try to shake it up a little 🙂

  26. Leslie B Balme says:

    Love the entire outfit, it looks amazing on you!!!!

  27. Love the floral pants and outfit. Too cute, even for us gals pushing 60!!

  28. Love love love the pants!

  29. I think you look adorable but the pants are a miss for me. For me I think they are aging and don’t say young and current. Love the rest of the outfit though!

  30. Those are adorable and I love the colors! I have a pair of floral pants but the print is a lot smaller and I always get compliments. People say….YOU can wear those, but I don’t think I could….LOVE. I’m not sure exactly what they mean, but I love items that are a little edgy but still fit into my classic wardrobe! Love your style and glad I found your Blog.

  31. Love the whole look, especially the pants! Remind me of the 60’s. I’ve been grief shopping for a while and told myself to stop buying clothes a couple days ago, but those pants are really calling out to me 😉

  32. sharon neff says:

    Love the outfit. I would definitely wear the pants!

  33. Julie Marshall says:

    You look so cute!
    Great minds think alike as I just styled these today (@ drjuliesfunlife.well! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  34. You look great in those pants and I love how you styled the entire look. I have too much thigh and backside to wear the pants but hope smaller women give them a try. If too hot for denim jacket I think the pants would work with a denim shirt. Just sayin’…

  35. This outfit is a hit! I love everything about it. Lots of mix and match options with pink, orange, navy & white. Very versatile.

  36. You look great in these flowered pants -size 8. (Congratulations on that!). However, I would be in a 14W and would not feel comfortable wearing these.

  37. Gina Edwards says:

    Love every single piece! Got to thinking how those classic staples (white t and jean jacket) still work with EVERYTHING! The printed pants are darling and I would definitely wear them in the petite sizing I need.

  38. Had a pair of pants like that in the 89s. Loved them then. Love these now.

  39. JANICE JONES says:

    Love the whole outfit on you! As I am pear shaped, I would not wear the pants.! I think it is a hit!

  40. Love it. I have flower pants. When I wear them my husband rolls his eyes.

  41. Love the bright cheery colors! Looks great! I would wear this but would probably prefer a smaller print and a white jacket with a colored T. Love the wristlet and sandals.

  42. Hit! The pants are perfect for Spring/Summer and look great on you. I like your idea of wearing a navy top with them. Thank you for all your hard work to make us feel good about ourselves! Love your sense of humor, too!

  43. This outfit is a big HIT! I love patterned pants. You look so springy and healthy.

  44. Love the pants and white tee, but why a blue denim jacket? I think they would look better with a pink tee and your ruffle white jacket… what do you think?

  45. This outfit is definitely a hit for me I love printed pants for the summer. I think the white tee grounds the outfit an makes the pants the star of the show. It also looks great on you Tania.

  46. Eileen Ellingsen says:

    LOVE the entire outfit!! I would definitely put a pink t-shirt with it and maybe a white jean jacket! 🙂

  47. Love your outfit today. I really like all the items and would wear them. Nothing like a nice crisp new white T shirt. Have a good day.

  48. Definite Hit! Super cute, I may have to wait until those pants go on sale! Ha!

  49. Kathy Hayles says:

    I love this outfit! I would definitely wear it. I love the earrings too.

  50. Rhonda D Davidson says:

    I think you look great in the floral pants!

  51. Love this outfit and would definitely wear it,

  52. Love it!! I would definitely wear this. I like how you always show an extra piece that brings it all together. Great spring/summer outfit.

  53. Ginger Dykes says:

    Triple hit!! I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat!! Funny about your daughter; that’s probably what my daughter would say too! I think it would look really good as well with one of the colored t-shirts you mentioned and a white jean jacket. Tania, I love your style. Thanks for all that you do to bring us your incredible style.

  54. Definitely a HIT!!! Love everything about it! I could see wearing another color top also, but then maybe with a white denim jacket. For some reason white denim jackets look better on me than the blue, but you can really pull off the blue denim look.

  55. You look great and that’s a frequent outfit formula for me (pants, tee, jacket. I have a denim jacket I wear often with a printed dress, top or skirt but pants with a bold print are outside my comfort zone.

  56. It is a HIT !! Love the whole look with the Bright colors.

  57. I would be too afraid to wear those pants but they look great on you!

  58. I have those pants and LOVE them. I wore with a pink sweater jacket! So me! I love the denim with them too. Thanks for more ideas 🙂 My students always say I look “happy” and I think its the colors I wear 🙂

  59. It’s a hit! I absolutely love the wristlet bag!! Thanks for showing new items that I generally don’t shop for. Since following your blog, my clothes allowance has gone a little over budget so I have to slow down a bit. haha. But I love that you are also showing me how to style pieces I already own in new ways. Thank you!!

  60. Charlotte says:

    Yes, I love the pants.

  61. Definite HIT! Very cute and fun looking.

  62. HIT! Love the whole outfit. I like the white t-shirt and jacket look. They would also look great with a denim shirt tied at the waist😀

  63. As a rule, I don’t buy pants with a large print on them and rarely I buy pants with a tiny print on them. Not because they aren’t cute, but because I have big thighs and calves and they just make them look even bigger. I love them on my daughter’s long skinny legs though!😆. Very cute in YOU!

  64. Definitely a bit! I love printed bottoms and have several pair. May have to include this pair! I also have the Pima cotton v neck Tees in 4 colors. Good quality and cute!

  65. Lynn Lanier says:

    I would totally wear these. I love the way you styled them and I agree with Lucinda. I would have passed these by in the store. They are perfect for spring. I love them with the denim jacket!

  66. Marie Dee says:

    Tanya, I absolutely LOVE those pants! Soon as I saw them, I smiled! They’re so you! The white tee is perfect, Jean jacket…the whole outfit gets “three snaps up” for me! 😉

  67. Love the outfit, I am a total fan of printed pants, they are fun, and make a statement just on their own with a white tshirt. I am planning a trip to Talbot’s this week, and will check these out.

  68. I really enjoy your blog but something is going wrong. I’ve signed up to receive it three times, it comes once or twice and then it stops. I’ll sign up again but I’m not hopeful.

  69. I love everything about your look. Those pants are awesome!

  70. HIT!!! Very polished casual look. Fun and sporty. Love the Hobo purse! And yes I now would wear the floral pants. If I saw them hanging in the store I would have passed them up BUT styled they look fantastic.

  71. My SIL wears pants like that all the time. I am petite so I would never wear that big of a print but I do have some smaller print leggings. Love, love, love that raffia wristlet!

  72. Cynthia Powers says:

    Love Love it!

  73. You look fabulous and can wear any style!!! This is a miss for me. Great look for the FL followers, but a little too floral for Chicago! I like the wristlet!

  74. I love the whole outfit I have the Jean jacket will be purchasing the pants and white tee. Looks great on you. Have a great day

  75. I personally love the printed pants, and was able to order (when I finally got through clicking off all of the annoying ads your posts now have- guess it’s because of all the different brands you model) anyway- I loved todays post!!

  76. Hit! Love this outfit.

  77. They look great on you. I prefer a solid color on my lower half.

  78. Oh yes! You look adorable in those pants. I love them on you…would not work for me, but a “hit
    ” on you.

  79. I didn’t think I would like floral pants and I love them on you. Something definitely to consider them for spring and summer!

  80. LOVE these pants! I just bought them the other day. Lol! And white looks the best with them in my opinion. 😊

  81. So I’ve been following you for awhile and really enjoy your posts-but can’t enjoy the clothes because I can’t get past your hair lately! What happened? Pick a color and go dark or blond but seeing all that dark underneath looks terrible to me:(

  82. Mary Beth says:

    Hi Tania! I live the floral pants, I have a few different pairs myself. I’d say that this outfit is a hit!

  83. YES! I would totally wear this outfit- love it!

  84. Stephanie says:

    Love this look! Definitely a hit. I am not a thong sandal person but would switch out the sandals for a pair of slide sandals.

  85. I am team colour so love the pants and the way you styled them! Bring on spring and summer!

  86. I say these pants are a hit! Such a cute outfit. I would totally wear it!

  87. Kelley Kemp says:

    Love the pants!!!

  88. Absolutely love, love, love it! It’s perfect from head to toe! 🙂

  89. Sandra G Miller says:

    I love today’s outfit! You look so cute!

  90. Paula Convis says:

    I love this outfit. I would definitely wear it.

  91. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pants! You look fantastic. I think I’d like it even better with a navy or pink tee.

  92. Love the floral pants! Cute & you look great!

  93. I a word YES I would wear floral pants and these are great. Loved the mix of colors.

  94. Love it! Cute and bright, just like you.

  95. Those pants are definitely a hit. So right for spring/summer, you look fabulous in them.

  96. I agree with Joe! This outfit, as is, looks great on you! One of my favorites! Definitely a keeper!

  97. Miss- I would change to white jeans. I am a minimalist, like the column of color .It looks cute on you & the pants definitely make you look even thinner! I have a lot more weight, so that is also my reasoning.

  98. I absolutely love the floral pants on you!

  99. Your print pants were definitely a hit with me. You looked wonderful in them and I love print pants myself. I don’t look as good as you as I carry a lot of my weight in my derriere and I wear a size 12. You modeled a print pant last year in blue and white from JCPenney and I have that pant and wore it just yesterday! Thank you for giving God the glory every day and reminding us of it.