Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing green pants with a white printed button up shirt

Yay! My favorite time of the week is here!!! It is Wednesday, so that means that the week is half over, and the weekend will soon be here. AND, it also means that it is time for my Hit or Miss post. I am showing an outfit each Wednesday and asking for your input. Is the outfit a HIT, or is it a MISS? Plus, would you wear the outfit or parts of the outfit?

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing green pants with a white printed button up shirt and holding a navy trench

With all outfits, there will be items that you love and parts that are only okay. Maybe the proportions are off, the colors do not go well with your skin tone, or the style is too trendy or matronly. Today, I’m challenging you by wearing a bright green pair of pants. It will be fun to see who loves this look, who would wear it, and who says the green pants need to be switched out for another color.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a white printed button up shirt

I bought this striped button-front shirt intending to style it with dark wash jeans. My thoughts were that the shirt added a tiny bit of green to look festive for St. Patrick’s Day, but not add so much green. Once I saw the shirt, I knew that I had to take a photo of it with a pair of green pants that I had just received. The shirt would also look great with white, navy, or khaki pants, or you could be wild and add it to pink or red pants.

This shirt is a tad on the loose side, so the medium fit me great with no issues or gaps with buttons. It has a shirttail hem, so it is nice and long in the back, and I like long sleeves that allow me to cuff them if I want. The shirt is 100% cotton and machine washable.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling green pants with a white printed button up shirt

Here is a side view showing you the shirttail hem. I have it tucked in the front, so it would be a little longer if it weren’t tucked in.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing green pants, a white printed button up shirt, and a navy trench coat

I love combining navy and green, as I mentioned in Monday’s post. I love how the dark navy trench coat tied this outfit together and gave it a completely different look. Adding the completer piece made the outfit look finished and polished. That is the beauty of adding a 3rd piece to a look; it makes it look complete.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a white printed button up shirt and a navy trench coat

A classic trench coat is a great essential piece for spring. Trench coats in the past have been too “old” looking, and I have never embraced the look on me. I’ve been looking for a great trench of excellent quality and a classic design so that I could wear it for years. This one is it! It is an excellent medium to heavyweight, and it will be perfect for spring and fall, so you will get more wear from it. The classic navy color will work with any outfit, which is also versatile.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing green pants, a white printed shirt, and a navy trench coat

Here is the length of the trench coat in the back. I’m wearing a size 10, and I think the fit is great. I can wear a lightweight sweater with it, and it will still button closed if needed. Honestly, I usually never button my coats, but I will occasionally use the belt as a tie to keep them closed.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing green pants, a white printed button up shirt, and gold jewelry

I added my favorite Gold Statement Hoop Earrings to this look and a multi-strand necklace. The multi-strand necklace is an old one that I’ve had for a while, but there are still plenty of multi-strand necklaces to choose from on the website. Also, I noticed the Hoop Earrings were almost sold out on one website, so here is another website that carries them for the same price.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing green pants

Okay, now for the Riveria Slim Pants in green. You’ll either love them or hate them because they are such a statement item. The Kelly Green color is bright and bold, and it will get lots of attention. Honestly, I was surprised that I liked the pants; I didn’t think I would. Instead, I kept thinking of other ways to wear them, and these pants are staying in my closet. I’m wearing a size 8 in the pants, and they fit me great.

I had someone ask the other day if I keep all of the clothing I style, and the answer is no. Some don’t fit me correctly, some are repeats of things already in my closet, and some I don’t end up liking. Plus, I don’t have as large of a closet as before, so I am trying to be pickier about what I keep. Since I don’t have green pants in my closet, these get to stay! Unfortunately, the green color is sold out, but I’ll link to similar options.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing green pants and neutral Coach signature flats

My Coach Signature slingback flats are adorable. Flats are something that I struggle with, and I tend to reach for heels instead. But, I know a lot of you need flats because of issues with your feet, so I will try and include more shoe options for you. I love a pointy toe, so these were perfect in that department. Plus, they have a great unique detail of gold studs that outline the sole of the flats. These run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9 in them.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing green pants, a white printed button up shirt, and Coach signature flats

Now, it is time for your input…Hit or Miss? What do you like about the outfit, and what would you change?

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a green and navy outfit

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  1. Kathleen K Plond wrote:

    It looks great on you. I’d have to try them on to see if I like them on me.

    Posted 3.12.22 Reply
  2. Nancy wrote:

    So funny. I just clean out my closet last Friday and had a pair about the same color with the price tags still on them. Since they were at least 6 years old I donated them. You have made me rethink that choice.

    Posted 3.10.22 Reply
  3. Cindi wrote:

    Sorry, the green pants are a miss for me 🥺

    Posted 3.10.22 Reply
  4. Elizabeth wrote:

    It’s a hit. I go through stages where I wear bright colors like that and then I go through my neutral stage. Love the blue and green combo.

    Posted 3.10.22 Reply
  5. Nancy wrote:

    A day late in commenting, but I had to! The green pants are great! Yes, I would wear them; in fact I just bought a pair from Chico’s! They are not quite as bright, but I just love them. I like the shirt you styled the pants with. I would also wear a crew neck sweater with the green pants; white or navy most likely and tie it all together with a scarf.
    Love bright colors, love the trench and your earrings. You look terrific!

    Posted 3.10.22 Reply
  6. Liz wrote:

    Love the green pants. Personally I would not wear it with that shirt….a little too “old fashioned” for me. I would wear it with a casual t-shirt and a scarf….but that’s just me. 🙂

    Posted 3.10.22 Reply
  7. Christine Falk wrote:

    Those pants are a huge hit!! I love that outfit on you! I especially love the navy trench completer piece! And thank you for the link to other green pants. I’ve been looking for some green ones for this spring and am going to buy the Dillard’s ones. I may even pick up that trench as well. 😆

    Posted 3.10.22 Reply
  8. Ruth K. wrote:

    This is a great big HIT! I love green and blue together, and they are signature colors for my spring wardrobe. You look absolutely fantastic! The only thing I wouldn’t wear are the shoes. Slingbacks and I don’t get along – my heel tends to slide around when I wear them. I am ready for spring!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  9. Sandy wrote:

    Definitely a hit! I love everything about it. Great colors. The pants are what I would call Masters Green. (Golfers will understand!)

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  10. Nancy wrote:

    Green is not a color I gravitate toward in clothing, but I do like this particular shade of green. I’d probably try to tone it down by pairing it with a navy or black top.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  11. Julie wrote:

    I love blue and green together and wear it a lot. I’m also from Seattle and those are Seahawk colors!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  12. Christine Ashkeboussi wrote:

    It’s a hit. Those colors look great on you. Something like that would be a fresh change for me. I get so tired of jeans and black pants by the end of winter.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  13. Patt wrote:

    I have an almost identical pant from a few years ago. I have put on a few pounds but am slowly losing it, so hopefully can wear them this summer. I like the outfit, probably the shirt the least

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  14. Patty wrote:

    I love the green pants but does not go with the blouse or the blue jacket. Altough I love the blue color that would go better with jeans not green pants.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  15. Sharolyn wrote:

    I think this is a hit. I love the green pants and the top. The trench is beautiful with the outfit. I do not think the shoes are a hit with me. The toes are to pointed for my taste. You look wonderful.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  16. Finda wrote:

    I love the trousers and would wear them myself. I can’t see myself in a trench coat but I like the colour, like the shirt too. So it’s a hit from me , especially the trousers.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  17. Janus Emory wrote:

    Hi Tania. Love the combo. I would wear it with a blazer or moto. Definite hit.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  18. Debi wrote:

    It’s a hit! I love green and would happily wear them! Loved all the pieces together!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  19. Ginger Hiller wrote:

    While I like how you put the three pieces together to make an outfit, this is a Miss for my personal taste. If I was told I had to create an outfit with at least one of the pieces, I would pair the trench coat with a pair of jeans and a graphic tee. The shoes are beautiful!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  20. Tami wrote:

    Miss. I Don’t like bright colored pants, I do like the shoes and trench coat.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  21. Kathy Marie Elliott wrote:

    HIT! not sure my size 12 would look good in those Kelly-green pants though (think John Deere tractor coming at ya) -love the blouse! It can be worn with so many other pants/jean options. LOVE the navy trench! And btw where do you take your clothes that are too big now that you are so skinny!! Now that would be great consignment store buys!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  22. Barbara wrote:

    You look terrific! How much weight did you lose and how did you do it?

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  23. Melesa Garrison wrote:

    One of my favorite color combinations, so it’s a HIT for me. Gurl, you are getting skinny and those 8’s are almost too BIG. I love the trench and pants. Looking good!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  24. Holly wrote:

    Tania, the outfit is a hit on you. For me I would change the pants to the blue of the trench, or dark wash jeans. Love the shoes.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  25. Coburn wrote:

    Love the pants esp the color! I love green as much as the bright pink. Showing it with the blue was a great option. HIT!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  26. Marcie W. wrote:

    Love this outfit.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  27. Sharon wrote:

    Hi Tania – love the trench. If you’re keeping it, don’t forget to snip the tack stitch that’s keeping the back vent from getting crumpled in the store. It’s still there in your photo.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  28. Trish wrote:

    Hi. You look great. I like the style of the pants but for me the color would be a no.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  29. Lisa wrote:

    Hit! I have a great pair of green ankle jeans from Chicos. I wear them pretty regularly considering they are “not blue” jeans. I also think that neutral navy and green go well together, more than black or brown.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  30. Sue wrote:

    Love this outfit. I would definitely wear the blouse and the pants. I’m not sure about the trench coat. I love hit and miss. Thank you.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  31. Nancy B. wrote:

    Love the navy blue trench coat! I would swap out the green pants for a dark wash denim. That would work for me.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  32. Penny Jo wrote:

    Love green pants. Great outfit.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  33. Sue L wrote:

    I have always loved Kelly green and navy…or any deep blue. Been a go to since my preppy college days.it can work in the spring as well as winter.
    Take out the blouse for a cute sweater.
    Love It!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  34. Christine Clementi wrote:

    This outfit is a definite hit for me. I love kelly green! The top and trench coat add to this classy look. I would wear this all spring!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  35. Regina wrote:

    Love the coat. Pants are not for me. That style of pant does not do well for my body type but those gals that have the long legs and flat stomach go for it

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  36. Amy Tuttle wrote:

    I love the green pants, the trench and the shoes! Whenever I wear the green/blue combo, I get comments that it’s “preppy”. LOL! I still like it anyway! 🙂

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  37. Linda wrote:

    Entire outfit is a HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  38. Susan Haggerty wrote:

    Definite hit! I love navy or pink with Kelly or spring green. I’m getting the green jeans from Dillard’s that you posted since chinos don’t look good in me. They look really cute on you!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  39. Charlcy wrote:

    Tania, I just love this perfect outfit for St. Paddy’s Day! The greenpants are a lovely shade that brings out the green in your eyes & make you look thin! How much weight have you lost?! The coat & blouse look perfect w the pants. As always, a hit!!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  40. Lori wrote:

    You look cute, cute, cute! Hit for me! The trench looks more royal blue than navy on my screen. I think a bolder patterned top in blue and green would look nice, or a stripe or dot (black and white, or blue and white?). I consider stripes and dots neutral patterns. I would swap the trench for a blazer or cardigan in same color. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  41. Jane wrote:

    I love this color combo. I would wear the coat and the green pants. I would probably wear a white shirt or a blue and white checked one.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  42. Lillian F Beach wrote:

    This is a hit for me since i purchased the identical outfit a couple weeks ago with the exception of the green pants with the tie waist from Loft. I love the shoe option as well. Thank you for showing great outfits.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  43. Jeni wrote:

    If I was still working I would definitely wear that outfit! Love the colors! You look so good in that trench coat.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  44. Mary Jo wrote:

    The green pants are a hit. I have a pair of kelly green pants that I bought at Loft a couple years ago and I wear them often. Usually wear them with something navy and white. But I do have a J Crew top with kelly green shamrocks that I wear with the green pants. It is a complete green overload, but fun to wear in March for St Patrick’s Day!!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  45. Sandy Fought wrote:

    I love green and blue together! I had a pair of green pants but had to pass them on since I lost a few pounds. Love this Hit or miss series!!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  46. Diana wrote:

    Love the color combinations. I would wear the green pants.
    As always, you look great.
    Love your posts.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  47. Lori Duncan wrote:

    It’s a hit! Love the navy trench coat!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  48. Josephine Riddle wrote:

    Definitely a HIT in my book, I love and would wear the entire outfit.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  49. Vicki Putney wrote:

    It’s a hit! Love your color combo. and it is so nice to see on a live model instead of a website because I would have never given green pants a second thought. You look great and make it more appealing. I am usually afraid of too much color but might give it a try.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  50. Mary Cupp wrote:

    Hit for me…great job.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  51. Tammy West wrote:

    It’s a miss for me. I do love the colors of the jacket and pants, the blouse, not so much. I would wear the pants with a lightweight spring sweater . Of course the colors look great on you!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  52. Diane wrote:

    This outfit looks very nice. The pants fit you very well. I like the color of the trench coat. Considering a coat as part of an outfit doesn’t seem practical to me. Unless you’re only running errands or sight seeing, you won’t be wearing the coat all day (as in at work, etc.). Once you take the coat off your outfit doesn’t have that “completer” piece. I consider my coat something necessitated by the weather rather than part of my outfit so I would add a white or navy cardigan, pullover, or lightweight jeacket.
    Though the outfit looks nice, it’s a miss for me only because green isn’t my color.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  53. Vicki wrote:

    I think the green is a pretty color and I would wear the color on top, but I don’t see myself wearing the color for pants.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  54. Olivia wrote:

    I thoroughly enjoy your SITE and how you put yourself together. The pointed shoes are so ugly. They may be fashionable but ruin your pretty outfits.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  55. Maureen wrote:

    I LOVE navy and green! It looks put together and bright without being overwhelming. Your choice of shirt really balances it out, and the nude shoe looks classy.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  56. Renee wrote:

    Green is my fav color so I like the slacks on you but the style is not right for me. I’m 5’8” with short waist and long legs so they would definitely be a miss on me.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  57. Brenda S wrote:

    For some reason bright solid color pants make me think of old women (of which I am one but don’t want to dress like one). It’s a miss on this outfit.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  58. DJ wrote:

    Love the outfit and color combo. The blue breaks up the green so it’s not so prominent. Ps…..cut the thread on the vent of the coat in the back 🙂

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  59. Linda wrote:

    I love the color of the pants but the lower rise and the ankle length make your legs looks short – and I don’t think you have short legs! The trench is lovely – beautiful color. The shirt is okay, doesn’t bowl me over but then anything would take second seat to the color of the pants.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  60. Diane wrote:

    I love it all….every bit! I appreciate the flats (now that my heel wearing days are over) and think they are perfect. The only thing I would change is to add a belt….belt loops without a belt bug me! 😂 Well done….what fun!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  61. Donna wrote:

    HIT ! Definitely
    You have no idea how pretty and talented you are.
    Love the green.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  62. Maryjane wrote:

    Love the navy/green combo-good colors for redhead! Flats are necessary for my elderly feet and your choice is great. I’d prob wear white button up shirt rather than the stripe. Neutral bag? Or a quilted backpack in a coordinating print? You look great in this spring outfit!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  63. Cyndi wrote:

    I really like blue and green together and this outfit is a hit!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  64. Sharon wrote:

    The pants look cute on you and I love the navy jacket too. I don’t think those shoes work…maybe they are too close to your skin tone…I’m undecided on the blouse..I like shirts to look crisp and polished and this one looks limp and wrinkly..I think you can do a lot with those pants but they are not something I would wear…I’m not much for bright green but they look wonderful on you.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  65. Roxie wrote:

    Never a dull picture of you and your fashion style. Love the color combination. You go GURL!!!😊

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  66. Mary Ellen Braks wrote:

    I love this look. I already have a pair of green pants in my closet that I usually start to wear in March. I’ve had a navy trench coat on my wish list for a while. I love it with the green pants. I usually have my 3rd piece be a navy cardigan or blazer or even a denim jacket. I also love Loft pants. Definitely a hit in my book.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  67. Becki Eshelman Zingg wrote:

    I LOVE this color combo and the way you’ve styled these fabulous green pants with the classic navy trench. HIT with both thumbs up!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  68. Linda wrote:

    Green is a colour I never wear but your recent posts have got me rethinking that. For sure I’d wear these pants but I’d pair a more colourful top with them. I find this shirt a little boring for my tastes. I like the idea of three piece dressing though and this combo looks very cute on you.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  69. Ruby wrote:

    I love the pants-green and all😃The trench is a definite keeper! The blouse didn’t call my name enough to buy but overall, the outfit is a HIT!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  70. Beverly wrote:

    Love the shirt & trench coat but will have to say a miss on the green pants. I think it’s more the cut & style than the actual color.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  71. Julia Fleming wrote:

    Love the green pants really pretty for spring but a different blouse.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  72. Janice C wrote:

    The trench coat, shirt and shoes are all items I’d wear, but not the green pants. They look cute on you, but I just wouldn’t feel comfortable in that shade…I’m more of a khaki green fan.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  73. Debe wrote:

    I love the look on you. I would prefer a cardigan rather than the coat, or even a jacket. I would wear the bright green pants. Pointy toe shoes are not comfortable for me. I really enjoy your daily posts. You’re helping me spiff-up my wardrobe!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  74. Cindy wrote:

    I love it, it’s so crisp and springy!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  75. Mona bell wrote:

    Love the look. Would you wear a belt with the slacks¿

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  76. Becky wrote:

    Absolutely love the green and blue! The shirt is already in my cart! I can’t do pointy toe shoes so will need something else! So cute

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  77. Julia Gilbert wrote:

    This outfit is a hit with me. I love green and navy together…

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  78. Angelia wrote:

    A hit, I have a Kelly green trench coat and wear it with dark denim Jean’s and a floral shirt in spring. I love the bright colors after a dark, winter clothing.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  79. Sandi wrote:

    I bought bright green pants from Macy’s last year, and can hardly wait to bring them out for this spring/summer. I love navy and green together – this look is a HIT for me.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  80. Anita wrote:

    You look great as usual. I love the green and navy and would wear them together. There is however something wrong with the cut/fit of the pants or perhaps the fabric..can’t put my finger on it. I would not wear the blouse…wrinkly in appearance and sort of limp. I would not wear the flats; probably would stick with white sneakers (for me).

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  81. Mary M wrote:

    you look great! I love the shirt and the shoes.. the pants are a miss for me.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  82. Rhonda wrote:

    Love the outfit! I agree those two shades work so well together. I need to check out the Loft pant—never buy pants there but those are great. Only thing I would change is the shoe choice, but that’s because I am 5 feet tall and feel like a mushroom in flats.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  83. Karen Burns wrote:

    I seem to wear more colorful outfits on the golf course and would definitely wear the green pants to golf with a nice colorful polo shirt.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  84. Kay E wrote:

    Love the rivera style pant from Loft I have several pair. So gad Loft brought them back this year. The pants look great on you. Love the trench too. great outfit.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  85. Jody wrote:

    Love the green pants and blue trench! Not a fan of the blouse tho

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  86. Stephanie wrote:

    Definitely a hit! I wouldn’t get as much wear out of a trench so I might use a navy blazer instead.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  87. Lisa R wrote:

    I love this outfit, BiG HIT! I think the green pants are great, and I really like the versatile navy trench. However I have not joined the recent trend of no belt with pants that belt loops.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  88. Susan wrote:

    I think the green pants are fun and looks great with your blouse and trench!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  89. Cheryl Ivey wrote:

    Love the entire outfit!!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  90. Gail wrote:

    Absolutely love the blouse. Undecided on the pants?? Color’s cool!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  91. cfisher828 wrote:

    Hit!!! But yea do have a question. Are belts old school? Am I showing my age? Thanks for all you do gurl!!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  92. Kelly Brooks wrote:

    Love the pants and jacket blouse not so much. Would be really cute with a white or hot pink tee.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  93. Mimi wrote:

    Love the green pants! And I also LOVE the blue trench!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  94. Marianne wrote:

    Love the green pants.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  95. Lynn wrote:

    Hi Tania,
    I’m a day late but I had to comment on the outfit you wore in this post. I would say it is a hit because it is adorable. I would wear it because it looks great on you and it is different than most of your outfits. I love the color of the pants and the trench coat. They complimented each other. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  96. Jenifer wrote:

    I love the green pants and the navy trench. I’m from Augusta Ga the home of the Masters golf tournament and this would be a hit in my town. Green is always a favorite especially this time of year. Love it.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  97. Karen wrote:

    It’s a NO for me on the green pants! I do wear red pants though!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  98. W wrote:

    HIT HIT HIT! Swoon worthy. This green is my absolute favorite color. I vale a similar pair and have a navy blazer I plan to wear it with. Might grab the shirt.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  99. Maribeth Conklin wrote:

    I love it. I would wear if it looked good on me for sure. Only difference is I pretty much only wear sneakers.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  100. Definite HIT! I love the bold color!

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  101. Susan wrote:

    Terrific outfit. But I would like to see a cream or green belt belt on those pants. I definitely would wear this outfit. The blouse goes w a lot of colors;the green pants are eye-catching; and the trench coat is very versatile. I would change the shoes from sling back to slip on flats. In fact, I have a pair of green suede flats that would complement the outfit. The outfit looks good on you.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  102. Barbara wrote:

    Love the coat and the outfit looks great so it’s a hit with me. But the things I would change for myself would be the short pants and pointy toed shoes. I just hate both!! Just my opinion. Love your posts.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply
  103. Kathy wrote:

    Love the coat. Looks more medium blue than a deep navy, whatever shade it is, I like it. I’d replace the shirt with a lightweight sweater. Big no on the pants. Outfit is cute on you or if I saw someone wearing it, I’d think same. It’s not me. Sling backs do not stay on my narrow heeled feet, so also a no.

    Posted 3.9.22 Reply