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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek5

Y’all, I re-discovered a brand that I used to wear all of the time. I was obsessed with Coldwater Creek cardigans, and I bought them by the armloads. But then the store at our local mall closed, and I kind of forgot about them until a couple of weeks ago.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek 12

I got a message from Coldwater Creek asking if I wanted to try their clothing, and I immediately said, YES! I get this kind of message a lot; sometimes I take the products, but it has to be from a company I like or have heard good things about. I never guarantee that the products will be on my blog because I want to try them first. If I like them, then I’ll tell you about them, and I LIKE these.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek11

I went on the website and looked over the clothing before I said yes, and I kept thinking that the styles reminded me of J.Jill. When the items arrived, I was blown away by the quality of everything, especially the sweaters. This CableKnit Sweater Vest is a beautiful color and perfect for transitioning into fall. You can layer the vest over a tee like the long-sleeved crewneck I have on, and it can be worn under jackets and blazers. I’m wearing a medium in the vest and a large in the tee. They both have a relaxed fit, so I should have sized down.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek20

When I put on this All Season Coat, my thought was, “I’m ready for football season to start.” This coat is a water-repellent mid-weight jacket with a protective drawstring hood, plus it has a soft lining that can be removed when the weather is warm.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek16

I’m partial to this Garden Green color, but there are a lot of colors to choose from. I’m wearing a medium in the coat, and it is roomy enough that I can wear it with sweaters.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek8

These pull-on Embroidered Jeans are a great fall transition piece since they look great for summer and fall. I wasn’t sure if I would like the embroidery, but the colors are soft and subtle, and they fit great. I’m wearing an 8, and that’s the perfect size for me. However, the Suede Flats in Cinnamon are a tad too big. I ordered my regular size, but I should have sized down a .5 size. The shoes are very comfortable, and I like bow detail.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek37

Since this is the first time I’ve ordered from Coldwater Creek, I’m still learning the sizing. This Vintage Wash Mixed Pattern Cardigan is a gorgeous color, especially for fall. But, like the vest above, I think it is too big for me even though I’m wearing a medium.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek42

This cardigan is so nice and thick; it is a fabulous cardigan for those in colder climates.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek53

The Ivory long-sleeved crewneck is a fall essential item that can be worn with just about anything. It makes a great layering item for sweaters, cardigans, or jackets, and it is lightweight, so it doesn’t create a lot of bulk. I love the Striped Scarf that I wore with both outfits. The earth tone colors are great for fall and can be worn all fall.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek38

These Chinos have a secret…they have self-expanding bands on each side for up to 4″ of added room at the waist. I’ll need to remember these pants at Thanksgiving!!! Lol! I ordered a size 8 in the washed stone chinos, but they are way too large for me. I can hear my mother squealing with glee because she knows that she will get both sweaters and the chinos since they don’t fit me. Lol!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek17

If quality, comfort, and style are what you’re looking for in clothing, then check out Coldwater Creek. I think they knock it out of the ballpark in all three of those categories.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling fall outfits from Coldwater Creek31

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  1. Betsy Kettle says:

    I like Coldwater Creek clothes, as a rule, but am hesitant to order without the benefit of seeing items on a model. Even though I don’t have a model’s bod, this helps me to gauge if the shape would work on me. I’d love to order the Destinations Seamed Dress, for instance, but have no clue if it might flatter me.

  2. I haven’t purchased anything from Coldwater Creek since their stores closed, either. But these styles are so cute, I am going to take a look at their website. I love your hair, Tania!

  3. I really like both outfits from Coldwater Creek. I like how the scarf tied it all together. I think I might order that and the green jacket!

  4. My first thought when I saw your picture, was you’re wearing my sweater. I had the khaki and the clay in my cart, but waited too long. Did order the clay and waiting for it to come. Did order a denim jacket and like it. Now trying to get another jacket but not holding my breath. I used to order from this company but had forgotten about it until a few months ago. I do like Coldwater Creek but sometimes can’t always get what I order even though it says it is in stock. Chadwick’s is anther good company that I found again. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Thank you for sharing, Tania. I love Coldwater Creek. Like you, I have not shopped there since my local store closed. I totally agree with your comment about quality, comfort, and style. I recently “retired” a no-iron blouse that I’ve had for years.

  6. My first thought when I saw your picture, was that you have my sweater on. I had both the khaki and the baked clay in my cart, but waited too long. The khaki was gone but I did order the clay and the scarf. I used to order from them also but had forgotten about this “store”. Found it a few months ago. Did get a denim jacket and tried to order 2 other colors. Not having much luck there. Even though it says the item is in stock when you order; it never gets delivered. They canceled one of my orders and so I am hoping I still get the other one. Not meaning to complain, just venting. Still happy with the company and I keep trying. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Marian Headington says:

    I love the linen shirts from Coldwater Creek and the camis. The camis are silky and can be matched back to the linen shirt.

  8. Ginger Hiller says:

    Like you, I used to shop at Coldwater Creek a lot, when I was still in the work force, and they had a box store in my area. The lining of the coat you are sharing is so nice, and I really like the coloring of the cardigan, and the style of the vest.

  9. From what I understand, Coldwater Creek closed all their stores and is now online only (and under new ownership). It’s interesting to me that you found items ran on the large size. I could never wear the clothes because they never stocked things small enough (I wear a 2 or 4P), but I see now they claim to do that–but it makes me wonder if their 2 is really a 4! I noticed the website cheerfully says to call for more information about sizing, etc–but nowadays, we’ve become used to a Chat feature, or sites that offer that info with extra frames or photos (like another poster said, of all views–although JJill could save themselves a lot of questions if they’d give item measurements!). Perhaps they’ll add things in time. The clothing certainly is attractive.

  10. Catherine says:

    Thank you for a post that is NOT about Talbots or Chicos! I also agree that their sizing is WAY off. I am normally a medium but everything I ordered in that size was huge. I remember the old Coldwater Creek catalog being full of interesting styles but sadly, of late, their collection just seems to be made up of boxy shapes 🙁

  11. Violet L O'Brien says:

    Nice to see items from Cold water Creek. I used to buy them when we had a store close by, then it was gone. I must remember sizing with each item. Thanks for your helpful hints and ideas.

  12. I too used to love Coldwater Creek. I loved the sweater you picked! But I am not going to order because of the shipping fees and cost of returning if it doesn’t work. I hope the company will change their policy one day soon.

  13. Tania, I so appreciate that you are one of the few bloggers that tries out other stores for clothing. There are days when I wonder if there is any place to buy clothes other than Chico’s, but thanks to you I know that there are! I went to the Coldwater Creek website and I really liked what I saw. But as I delved in deeper I found some issues that for me are probably deal breakers – like they don’t give the exact fiber content % (how MUCH spandex is vital), the shipping is expensive, the measurement of the rise on pants isn’t there and often they don’t show a photo of the back of the garment. I was really eyeing a blazer and they don’t show a photo of the back so I can see how many seams there are. Ugh! I guess I am spoiled by other websites that do a better job. Anyway, thank you for all your hard work in trying out different places and at different price points!

  14. Julia Gilbert says:

    Wow! I used to shop at Coldwater Creek all the time too. Glad to see they are back.


  15. Kelly Brooks says:

    So glad to see Coldwater Creek I used to shop there all the time also. Love these outfits.