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Hair Tutorial For An Asymmetrical Bob

DSC_0011One of the most asked about things from the comment section, is about my hair. Some have even asked for a  hair tutorial, so this is the best I can do. I just got my hair cut this week, so while I was there, I had my beautician take a few pictures after she dried my hair. Hopefully you will be able to see the cut.IMG_0182_2I wanted to be able to show you how my hair looks from the back, but I am terrible about fixing the back. I can’t see the back, and I can’t see someone’s reaction that is behind me, so whatever.  Lol!  I do try to style the back, but I never feel like it looks as good as when she does my hair.IMG_0181_2Same picture, but one had the flash and one didn’t. You can see that she uses three different colors on my hair. The darker color is the base color, but I want to stay mostly blonde, so she foils a lot of blonde streaks. (My husband prefers blondes, and I would prefer that blonde to be me!!!) She then foils in pieces of red because I like some dimension to my hair.IMG_0180_2Here is the other side. My hair is really, really thick. She has to thin it every time I get my hair cut. I know some of you are thinking,” wow, you’re so lucky”, but it is a pain also. It is so heavy that it is hard to keep body in it. It just wants to lay flat. It is kind of like those with a large chest, (boobilicious) I think they are so lucky. But, my sister-in-law and my daughter assures me that is not the case. Clothing doesn’t fit correctly and you can have back issues. IMG_0179_2I guess that is why people always thinks the grass is greener on the other side. The people with the green grass are probably aggravated that they have to constantly mow that wonderful green grass. So, as always, we should be thankful for what we have been given, as well as what we were not given. Just like the Garth Brooks’ song, Unanswered prayers.[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il4qOQGUGbo[/embedyt]IMG_0177_2Come on ladies, you know you don’t ever get to look good without a little trouble. Go ahead, I know some of you might have just spit out your coffee, so go clean up the mess. I had a reader comment the other day that I was the most “real” blogger that she had seen. Do you think this is what she meant? Don’t other bloggers show you the dirty side of fashion? LOL!!!IMG_0173Just in case you were wondering, this is my beautiful beautician Jessica. She about died when I told her I was going to take her picture and put it on the blog. She freaked out because she hadn’t curled her hair that morning, but instead decided to wear it straight. PLEASE! If I looked like that, I would not worry. Here is a tip on picking a hairdresser; if they do not have a great, updated hair style themselves, you might want to look elsewhere. Just sayin…

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  1. Lovingsixty says:

    Loving your blog! It’s changing how i get dressed in the morning.I remember seeing a video of you explains how to use a flat iron…..where is that? Thanks!

  2. Dianne Vickers says:

    I think I would like that cut if it were at least brushing my shoulders. Right now my hair is long-ish. It has a great deal of ‘body’ but that means I have to straighten it at each shampoo. Once straightened I can go three days between shampoos. I like that! I’m afraid if I went short that there’d be daily shampooing…

    I love your blog and your pinterest page and I think you are just the cutest !!!

  3. I L-O-V-E your hair color!!! I’ve tried the asymmetrical bob & I didn’t like the way it looked on me. But you make it look great!

  4. Sandi Altman says:

    I love reading your blog!!!! Recovering from torn rotator cuff surgery and had more computer “fun” time and found you on Pinterest!! What fun I have had, love all the outfits, have been pulling things from my closet ever since I discovered you and matching to yours. I have grown my hair out and wore a fun bun last summer (here in Charleston, SC…its hot hot hot) and now its too long for a 58 year old. Can’t decide what to do?? You don’t look sweaty at all, LOL! I was thrown into early menopause when I had a spinal cord stroke 10 years ago and I am still sweating! Oh, sorry to go on and on. Thanks!!!!!!

  5. You are so funny..love your blog!! Love your hair too..mine is thick too but not as much as yours. I have some curl in mine which can make fixing it a pain!!

  6. Love the pictures and I love the cut! My hair is just like yours–thick. Could you let us know how you style it–like what type of products you use. Thanks!

  7. Howdy would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re using?
    I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different web browsers and I must say this blog loads
    a lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a honest price?
    Cheers, I appreciate it!

  8. You and your hairdresser are both beautiful! I have thin, scraggly, wimpy hair….so of course, I envy your thick locks!

  9. Loved your hair since the first post I read!! I am scared to go short but if I ever WOMAN up (haha) this will be the cut for me. I have my hair hi/lo lit basically the same way!! The reddish always adds so much dimension s you said. Thanks for another GREAT post!!!

    1. Thanks Chelsea. I am actually trying to grow mine out a little with this same style. I want the longest layer to go under my chin. We’ll see…

    2. Thanks Chelsea. I am actually trying to grow mine out a little with this same style. I want the longest layer to go under my chin. We’ll see…

  10. That looks like a cute shirt you are wearing. I am always careful not to wear anything I will cry about if it gets dye on it to the salon. I once had a high-priced salon get dye on my cute top.

    1. I know Sharon, it is a sweatshirt, but I like it a lot. So far I have been lucky with my clothes.

  11. The layered bob is a very flattering cut—I have a shorter version and I have people stop me to photograph the cut with their cell phones so they can show their stylist. Your color is great but wow! 3 colors. My hair is probably totally grey now and I find when I get highlights it is very hard on my hair. She does a beautiful job with your bob! Shari Braendel who wrote the book, “Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad,” told me when you see someone with a great cut, chase them down and ask them who does their hair. They will be flattered and it is one of the best ways to find a good stylist. I have to tell you my stylist story sometime Tania. It’s the kind of thing you would enjoy.

    1. I know what you mean Sharon. I have had my picture taken several times.

  12. Hi Tania! I’m so glad you did a post on your hair today, I’ve been wondering about it. I really like how your hairstylist foils different colors throughout for depth and highlights. I only have two words to say about her – ” Ahhhhh, youth!!” How do you get the pouffiness (is this a real word?) at the crown of your hair? My hair is fine and wants to lay flat against my head no matter what I do to it. I know about the tease n spray routine, but that just doesn’t work so well for fine hair. I would love to know what products you use so I can be pouffy like you!

    1. I don’t use any products for poufiness. Haha. I use the tease method and then spray with big sexy hairspray for hold.

  13. LOVE your hair cut and color! How do you style it yourself? With just a blowdryer or do you use a flatiron too? I also have very thick hair but it just turns frizzy if I use a blowdryer – I also have to smooth it with the flatiron. Love that I have found your blog – your are truly an inspiration each day!

  14. OMG! You are TOOOOOO funny! And brave…IDK if I’d let someone photograph me in full salon mode. Yep….you do keep it REAL and that’s why I LOVE your blog.

    I, too, have a ton of hair! But, it also grows at a faster than normal rate. Therefore, I still wear it longish, even though I’ll be 51 in a week. It’s a few inches past my shoulders…so not aging model long (i.e. Crawford), but still. I worry about it aging me but I cannot fathom myself with short hair. I went short once about 10 years ago when I donated to Locks of Love. It looked terrible on me. I decided my inspiration would be one of my grandmother’s best friends…never cut her hair short; always wore a long single braid or a chignon. I remember her as elegant and tasteful. I haven’t hit the braid/chignon thing yet, but that’s probably what I will do. OOPS…sorry for rambling. : /

    1. Haha Brandye, don’t go full braid mode just yet????

  15. The cut and color is perfect for you! Your hairdresser is cute as a button (and very talented). I would trade a little off the boobs for thicker hair…ha!

    1. Marie Dee your are a blessing. Thank you for the compliment, it is really nice to hear from you.

    2. Donna, I am ready to make the trade! ????

  16. I have the natural curly assymetrical cut and have worn my hair this way for years. But I totally agree with being thick headed! My hair tends to be so flat on top and unless my girl thins it on top, it doesn’t fall right! Great post! Enjoy your weekend!

  17. You’re so darn cute! I love your hair cut and style and I love that you’d show yourself at the beauty shop. Couldn’t agree with you more about hair dressers…have you ever noticed how a lot of hairdressers have permed hair that they don’t fix? Those girls won’t be touching me. 🙂

    1. I did ask my hair dresser what the colors were, but she said she actually mixed colors and didn’t use just straight out of the tube. I don’t know what color line she uses on me, I know she recently changed to a new one.

  18. Love your cut and color…and yes you are lucky to have such gorgeous, thick hair.
    Signed, 13 strands

  19. Very pretty ‘do! I understand about heavy hair. Takes forever to dry/style it. Have to use a magnum force hairdryer and have a strong right arm! Ha! Very flattering cut for you! As I age, my hair is getting more & more crazy waves (only in the back). I live w /it. I can’t see the back. LOL. Thanks for your hair pics!????

  20. Melanie W. says:

    ahhhhh yes, the beautiful look of foils under a dryer. I’m a former cosmetologist and I do miss all the creativity that comes with doing hair. It was a lot of fun! thank God I have daughters that have no problems continuing to let me experiment on them. 🙂
    Since your girl is wearing a Paul Mitchell apron, is that the color line she uses as well? It’s what I have typically used so I’m wondering what colors (like the actual level and letter color) she put in your hair. I really like all 3 so if you are able to pass that info along it’d be great. If not, it’s ok!

  21. Tania- you are a hoot! Love you ‘under the hood’ pic with your readers on!~ you still look super blog-a-licious! lol!

  22. Your haircut is really cute and the color is pretty.

  23. Beautiful hair and cut! I have had the Bob cut for a few years now and its my favorite, but my hair is very thin so I try to make it work the best I can. Thanks for the pictures!

  24. OMG, you’re hilarious Tania!! 😀

  25. I have an asymmetrical hair cut and I think it is the easiest style I’ve ever had. Love your color!