Tiffany Blue Hunter Boots

50 is not old Tiffany Blue Hunter BootsI have just sat down to write this blog and I turned on the television for company. One of my very favorite movies is on, You’ve Got Mail. I can’t even begin to guess how many times I have watched this movie. I love Meg Ryan’s hair in that movie and have tried several times to copy it, but it never quite works on me.50 is not old Tiffany Blue Hunter Boots 1It rained here in Virginia today, so I got to wear my tiffany blue Hunter Boots I got for Christmas. I bet you are saying, “wait, didn’t you get RED Hunter Boots for Christmas?” Funny story about that. My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and usually I don’t have anything I want. But, this year I asked for tiffany blue Hunter Boots.  The thing is, the tiffany blue color is almost impossible to find. So, I told him my next choice was red. I found them on Amazon, and he told me to go ahead and order them. They came in a couple days later and my daughter wrapped them for me. When I opened my present on Christmas Eve, to my surprise there was tiffany blue boots in the box. My husband had found them on Ebay,  (paid way too much for them), and bought them for me as a surprise. That’s one of the many reasons I married him. LOL!50 is not old Tiffany Blue Hunter Boots2I picked this berry cable knit sweater to wear this morning. I have had it for years, and in fact it was one of the items I found under the bed that had been stored for at least three years. It is from Old Navy, but here is a similar one.50 is not old quartzI thought you might want to see the pink quartz necklace from BaubleBar that I am giving away next Wednesday. Go here to read about how to enter. The “t” necklace is from a company called Monarch Inspirations.50 is not old cobalt blueHow cute is this cobalt blue tote? I bought it  before Christmas at Marshall’s for a whopping 13.99. Sometimes a small purchase can make a big statement. You don’t always have to spend a fortune to look great.50 is not old Tiffany Blue Hunter Boots3I have to admit, I do love the hunter boots in tiffany blue. I had thought they would be great for the spring rains, but I like them for the winter rains as well. haha50 is not old Tiffany Blue Hunter Boots4The blue check shirt is a Jones New York and I have had it for years. I liked this one from J. Crew, it is just a different color. Cobalt blue tote and a cobalt blue check shirt, see what I did there?50 is not old Tiffany Blue Hunter Boots5The berry sweater and the tiffany blue Hunter Boots add a little something unexpected to the outfit, and takes it up a notch or two. So what is the biggest surprise you ever got for Christmas?

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  1. I love your style and have saved several of your pins but it says I’m blocked can you help?

    1. I just had someone else tell me they were blocked. I need to see what is going on. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Love your color combinations! Also love seeing so many Dooney’s on your website since I have many of them too and you’ve given me wonderful ideas of how to bring them back out of the closet. Gotta try and find bright colorful boots like yours above to help get me through winter!

    1. Bright colors lift my spirits in the cold winter months????

  3. I’m trying not to shop as I am trying to lose weight. Instead I’m shopping my closet but I love seeing what you are wearing and it makes me motivated do I can copy some of your looks!

    1. Susan I am on a “financial” diet myself. I too am shopping my closet????

    1. They just make you smile, Patti????

  4. Love Hunter Boots!! I am eyeing a burnt orange pair and also maybe an olive color (Hunter calls it swamp) I heard on QVC that Olive is going to be the “it” color fall 2016. I love the QVC hosts:) The biggest surprise I ever got for Christmas was an engagement ring!!! Totally unexpected, so cool of you to ask!!! Thanks of another great post.

    P.S. I love Meg Ryan too, she’s just such an American girl:)

    1. Wow, Chelsea!!! I think an engagement ring trumps rain boots. hahaha

  5. Really like the blues with the color of the berry knit cable sweater. Very pretty combination on you…and, of course, the Hunter boots are great! So glad you now have two colors to choose from!!

  6. I always love it when dogs photobomb these pics — I have that problem keeping mine away from the camera 🙂 LOL

    Great look Tania!

    1. You have to love the pooches, but they are bad to steal the show. Lol????

  7. Linda Lennon says:

    I love how you mix colors! My Hunters are black as are most of the things in my closet. Nordstroms Rack has a number of Hunters in red if anyone is interested. I also have a pair of rain boots I picked up in DSW for $20 and they’re a black/white houndstooth. See how adventursome I am?!!

    1. Linda, I absolutely love houndstooth ????

  8. I love your Tiffany Blue Boots but also live in Phoenix, and probably would never wear them even though we did have some huge rainstorms this week. Love your suggestion for Tifanny Blue sandals.

  9. I love my hunters. Yours are beautiful.

  10. Your husband is a sweetie! The Tiffany blue boots are fabulous and I love the whole outfit. The tote is a find for $13.99. My rain boots are plain black “barn boots”. Definitely not cute!

  11. Very pretty, cute, fun outfit! I just loves blues! Those boots! And that handbag! I feel I am losing my control here! Must- not- shop! ha! (I’ll just add to my birthday wish-list! Snap!).

  12. Tania,
    I love how you mix the old and the new. You are my kind of girl. Those boots are too cute. I’d love to have some but can’t justify rain boots here in Phoenix.

    1. I can imagine that rain boots are not Phoenix type clothing???? You might try tiffany blue sandals. Lol!

  13. Love the color of the sweater AND the boots! Great combo-I wouldn’t have thought to put them together! ( that’s why I need your blog!)

  14. I watched You’ve Got Mail too! One of my favs as well–love the music in that movie. Those boots!!! Love those! Have a peaceful day.

  15. I want those boots!!! I feel shades of spring in your outfit, but still a great colour scheme for winter- I love the colour combo’s going on!

  16. Lawanda Rogers says:

    Those boots are beautiful. I received my hunter boots in the lava color for Christmas. Next are the purple ones lol. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I really enjoy your blog. I love your style .

  18. One of the cutest outfits I have seen. I love that color of Hunter boots!! You did a great job of putting everything together.

  19. Such a great outfit, I love the bright blue checkered shirt and have been trying to find that exact color. What a nice surprise and too cute are the rain boots, your husband is a sweetie!