Great Podcasts for Women Over 50

Podcasts are the perfect companions whether you’re sipping your coffee, going for a walk, keeping you entertained on your commute, or just relaxing at home. If you can think of a topic… there’s probably a podcast for it! Marriage? Parenting? Bible study? Check, check, and check! Today’s post has all kinds of great podcast recommendations for women over 50 that will make you laugh, think, or maybe even inspire you to try something new.

There are even just women out there chatting about funny moments from their day and week that feel like you’re on Facetime with a girlfriend! With so many podcasts out there, it can be tough to know where to start.

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What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are like on-demand radio shows that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. You can find podcasts about almost anything—cooking, politics, fashion, history, or just chatting and having a good time. While there are a lot of celebrities and famous people with their own shows, absolutely anyone can start a podcast. You don’t need a lot of equipment to start except for a microphone, computer, and a quiet place to talk. Maybe I need to start one for fashion over 50, LOL!

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How Can You Listen to a Podcast?

To listen to a podcast, all you need is your smartphone, tablet, or computer. There are apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, and Google Podcasts where you can browse and find podcasts that pique your interest. Once you find a podcast you like, hit subscribe, and new episodes will show up automatically.

A great pair of headphones is a must-have for me when I’m listening to a podcast! I prefer to use noise-canceling ones to block out any background noise, and my favorite AirPod Pros have the option to turn the noise-canceling feature on and off in case you need to listen for your name being called in a waiting room or something!

Great Podcasts for Women Over 50

I’m sharing some podcasts that I thought looked interesting for women my age! Disclaimer: I haven’t listened to all of these, so I’m not sure what the host’s political stances or religious views are or if there is any mature language is used!


If you’re looking for relatable style advice, check out the Everyday Style School podcast by Jennifer Mackey Mary. This podcast covers everything from wardrobe essentials to making the most out of your closet, all with a down-to-earth vibe that’s easy to love.

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Hosted by fashion expert Heather Riggs, each episode of HER Style dives into topics like creating a versatile wardrobe, understanding your body shape, and shopping smartly. Heather brings her expertise in personal styling to help you dress confidently and authentically. It’s packed with actionable advice and real-life examples.

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“Dressed: The History of Fashion” is your go-to podcast for all things fashion history. The hosts make learning about clothes super fun and interesting. Their episodes chat about everything from iconic fashion trends to the stories of famous designers, giving you a cool peek into how fashion has shaped our world. It’s like having a fun, insightful conversation with friends who know all the best style secrets from history. Perfect for any fashion lover!

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In each episode, Julia Louis-Dreyfus chats with older women who have lived fascinating lives and gained a wealth of wisdom. They share their stories, life lessons, and advice, offering a treasure trove of insights and inspiration. Perfect for anyone looking to gain perspective and wisdom from those who’ve been there and done that.

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The Mel Robbins Podcast is a go-to for anyone looking to boost their mindset, build confidence, and take actionable steps towards a better life. Each episode is packed with insights on personal development, overcoming challenges, and achieving your goals. Mel’s straightforward and energetic style makes it easy to connect with her message, whether she’s sharing her own experiences or interviewing inspiring guests.

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The She Reads Truth Podcast is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to deepen their faith and understanding of the Bible. Hosted by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams, each episode dives into Scripture with thoughtful discussions and practical applications. They bring warmth, wisdom, and a genuine love for the Word, making it accessible and relevant for everyday life.

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Health and Beauty

Host Chalene Johnson dives into personal growth, fitness, health, and more, sharing inspiring stories and practical tips to help you navigate life with positivity and purpose. Her friendly and down-to-earth approach makes each episode feel like a pep talk, leaving you motivated and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

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This one is for my beauty loving gurls! “Breaking Beauty” is a popular podcast hosted by beauty editors Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn. Each episode dives deep into the world of beauty, featuring interviews with industry experts and insiders. Carlene and Jill share insider tips, discuss trending products, and explore the latest innovations in skincare, makeup, and wellness.

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This podcast is hosted by two friends who focus on self-care, beauty, and wellness for the modern adult. With a blend of humor and honesty, the hosts discuss skincare routines, life hacks, and mental health tips. They often invite guests to share their own self-care journeys and practical advice.

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Do you listen to any podcasts? Let me know your favorites in the comments!

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  1. Lisa Luciano says:

    I usually prefer audiobooks, but I think it is because I haven’t found a podcast I listen to regularly. Great ideas you shared — thank you!

  2. sue koren says:

    I wish I had time to listen to these!

  3. Thank you for the list of podcasts. I will be checking some out!

  4. I love wisdom with a side of humor! “Wiser Than Me” sounds perfect. Thank you for this post!

  5. Nice things to listen to!

  6. Susan Weston says:

    Appreciate the list. Nice variety, too!

  7. Dominique Sachse is one of my favorites to follow on podcast and on YouTube…she is awesome!

  8. I was so hoping The Bible Recap made your post. If you haven’t tried Tara-Leigh Cobble’s podcast, you should. But START FROM DAY 1 no matter when you begin. It’s a yearlong read through the Bible. I’m doing it for the 2nd year in a row. You read (or listen to) the daily Scripture, and then she recaps it and points you to findings about God from that day.

  9. I listen to podcasts. The Counterculture Mom and Eyesontheright are the main ones I listen to. A lot of what I listen to is on YouTube from faith, health and fashion topics. (Good Fight Ministries is what I have been binging on lately.) Fashion videos are the only ones I have to watch. The others I can listen to while doing something else like housework.

  10. Tania, are podcasts free or do you pay monthly? I have not really gotten in to them yet. My daughter loves them.
    Thank you,

    1. Podcasts are free. And there are a ton to choose from.

  11. Tim Keller is deceased and his inspirational teachings are even more of a treasure now! Love his sermon series and his podcasts in general. An old one that has been around a long time is What You Didn’t Learn in History Class – fun, somtimes funny, and factual!

  12. I usually listen to audio books when I walk but want to try some of these podcasts

  13. Thanks for the recommendations! I love podcasts! I am going to start listening to the Wiser Than Me podcast today!

  14. Susan Sailor says:

    Thanks for sharing these podcasts! I work from home and I’m always searching for relevant podcasts to liven up my workday!

  15. Sheila Sanders says:

    Wow! I never knew there were so many podcasts. I’ll definitely try some of these.