Great Moto Boots For Women Over 50 To Buy Now

I love finding trending fashion to share with you, especially when it’s an item I can totally get behind. You know by now that I love boots. Tall boots, short boots, over the knee boots – I am a fan of them all. So when I saw that motorcycle boots were on trend, I was thrilled. I started riding motorcycles in middle school, so this is perfect for me. Don’t worry; I won’t go too hardcore. These are all great moto boots for women over 50 to buy now.

I recently purchased these knee-high moto boots, and I love the quilted pattern on the back of the boots. These riding boots are great for anyone who doesn’t like a higher heel, and you can see they look great with a skirt or dress.

The quilting and the buckles give the boots an edgy, moto style, and I LOVE it! These run true to size and are very reasonably priced.

Great Moto Boots For Women Over 50 To Buy Now

Here is a pair of what a true motorcycle boot looks like. In fact, I think Joe has a pair that looks almost identical. I love the height and the classic silver circle buckle at the ankle. These have a leather upper, a padded footbed, and a block heel. Add a bit of edge to your look with these great moto boots.

Teva’s are known for being very comfortable. I love the strap across the foot with a very subtle Teva pattern. These have a leather upper and are waterproof! I really like the brown, but of course, these are available in the traditional black. The other side of this boot has a zipper that makes for easy on and off. Speaking of comfortable, these have a memory foam insole.

Aren’t these gorgeous?! I would say these are suede, but the official description is tumbled leather. These also have a zipper on the side to help get them off and on, and the buckle strap is adjustable. The toe is round, and the heel is just 1.5 inches high. These would look good with jeans or a cute skirt!

Another great version of the moto boot is from Steve Madden. The plush faux fur lends a cozy touch to the standard motorcycle version. These have a leather upper, and the block heel is a bit taller at 2 inches. Like the others I’ve mentioned, they have a zipper to help make putting them on and taking them off easier.

Great Moto Boots For Women Over 50 To Buy Now

Before you start to think that moto boots can’t be fun and fashionable, take a look at these! You know you can leave it up to Kurt Geiger to come out with a gorgeous pair of boots, complete with crystals and antiqued brass buckles. They also will look cute as you walk off with the signature brass eagle head on the back of the boots.

Like the first pair of Steve Madden boots I shared, these are a more traditional motorcycle boot than some. I like the brown straps against the black of the boot. There’s something about the contrast that I find appealing. These come in twelve different variations. Take a look and see if you prefer other buckle combinations. Faux leather but a reasonable price.

These are among my favorites! They aren’t exactly like the traditional motorcycle boots, but hey, we can play with our fashion boundaries! I like the burnished leather and the wear on the toe. The heel is a bit chunkier than others and is 2 inches. These are full leather and come in black and a brownish-green as well.

I wonder if Steve Madden actually rides a motorcycle! This is very similar to the first Steve Madden boot I showed, except the shaft is not as tall. It features the icon circle buckle and triple straps. Of course, it’s full leather and is available in black as well. A side zipper allows for easy on and off.

Finally, a version of the moto boot from White Mountain. This has a lot of visual interest with the laces, the buckle, AND the zipper. These are “PU Leather,” and so the price is less than some of the others. Reviewers say that the boot looks nice, but they are made a bit more narrow, so if you prefer a wide toe box, you’ll want to steer toward the others

Okay, gurls! Are you ready to put some edge to your fashion and try these moto boots?

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  1. Chris Falk says:

    P.S. I love the quilted tall boots you styled! You look so great in that outfit! I wish the skirt was still available. 😢

  2. Chris Falk says:

    You had to be reading my mind! I went on a hunt for some moto boots this past Monday. I ordered a pair of Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole on Nordstrom’s website. But I think I like many of the ones you picked better! I am going to order those White Mountain ones because they are so reasonable. If the ones I ordered Monday don’t work out, I am going to come back to your post and order another one of the ones you shared. I haven’t posted in a while but wanted to say to you, don’t let the nasty comments people have been posting get you down. I love following you on the multiple platforms you post (Emailed posts daily, Instagram and Instagram stories, LTK)! Thank you for all you do to keep me on trend! 😊❤️ (I am also under a blanket watching football tonight!)

    1. Awww, thanks, Chris. I usually shake it off pretty quickly. But, it makes you wonder why some people feel the need to even bother to comment if they are going to be nasty.

      1. Chris Falk says:

        I agree! My mom taught me “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I do wish more would abide by that too! I’m glad you’re Shaking It Off like Taylor! 😊

  3. Donna Young says:

    What a great Talbots haul!
    Love all of them!!

  4. Alexia Maben says:

    These boots are not my style because I am petite.

  5. sue koren says:

    I guess I am out of style, but I like a sleeker boot.

  6. I’m like you. I love boots. To me, that is the only good thing about winter—I can wear all my boots!!

  7. I love those quilted black boots!

  8. I’m a boot lover! Can’t wait to check these out!

  9. Some beautiful boots!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I like the knee high riding boots in the first picture. I usually go for the more simple style, with not too much embellishment. Believe it or not, I am still wearing a pair of plain black boots from about 2002!!

  11. I didn’t know there was a term called moto boots.

  12. Your quilted boots are darling! And what a great price!

  13. I love boots too and have lots, even a pair of moto boots I’ll have to get out and wear!

  14. I love boots!! I could have 100’s of them. I like those vintage ones a lot! 🙂

  15. Moto boots are cute for the younger gals, but not sure they go with my style.

  16. Kelly Smith says:

    I love boots especially the shorter styles. Unfortunately I have very wide feet but I found a pair in a second hand store that will do for now.
    Love your post! Keep them coming 🙂

    1. My daughter attend a hockey game and noticed that moto boots were everywhere.

  17. I love the vintage ones, but I just bought a nice blk pair of boots from kohls.