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50 Is Not Old | Winter Break I bet you can’t see me.  Lol!  I am on a “walk about.”  My husband decided we needed a little break, and I let him have his way. I like to appease him when I can. Haha50 Is Not Old | Winter Break I am at stop number one, my sister’s house. I love this ivy wall on the side of her garage. It is a nice break from my front porch and drunken snowman. I think it is about time he was put back in storage. When I get back in town I will have to start work on getting my “S” back in shape. I loved getting to see my sister and brother on my stop in Georgia. I hate that they are 6 hours away. My sister and I spent all day running errands for my mother. We went to a lady’s house to look at vintage jewelry and clothing, then we swung by a house to look at some vintage furnishings that were for sale. Even thought I am on a financial diet, I did manage to buy a hot pink clutch, a pair of silver earrings, a black pair of chandelier earrings, a fur leopard belt, a unique mesh bracelet for me, and a wrap bracelet with pink crystals for my grand-daughter. I bought all that for 25.00.   50 Is Not Old | Winter Break I will tell you now, I really stink at packing for vacations. I never even start to pack till the morning we are leaving. I basically go through my closet and pick out a bunch of shirts I like, a bunch of pants I like, and then I will throw in a dress or two, and hope I will be able to make outfits. The real issue I have this time, is shoes. I have taken all my summer shoes and put them away in an outdoor building. I managed to find a pair of leather flip-flops, a pair of off white wedges, and the red sneakers I wear occasionally.  None of those worked for this outfit. I know, I was shocked too.50 Is Not Old | Winter Break Here comes my sister to the rescue. How cute are these booties? This is a pair I picked out for my mother at the QVC outlet store, but my sister is the one who ended up with them. They are by Kathy Von Zeeland, and about a size too small for me. But, I wore them anyway. There was no way I would let comfort come before fashion. Lol!50 Is Not Old | Winter Break I wanted to have some color with the outfit, so I added this long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy in magenta. The scarf is one that my daughter bought me for Christmas. It is army green with gold specks, and goes just perfect with these pants.  Here is where I wore these pants before.  Here is a similar pair.50 Is Not Old | Winter Break I am not really sure where we are going tomorrow. We have been talking about Orlando, Miami, or Key Largo, Florida. Since Miami and Key Largo are the furthest away, I bet we stop with Orland, but we will just have to wait and see. You will definitely want to check back in to see how well I did with packing at the last-minute. It could get comical. Hahaha

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  1. I would have never thought to combined olive
    camouflage pants with a magenta top.
    I absolutely love it!
    And I will have to try that combo.

    • Tania Reply

      Katt, I had never tried the magenta before, but it seemed to work. haha

  2. Love your outfit! You deserve a winter break! I just returned from a month long trip across country to San Diego with a special stop in Palm Springs. I too was on a “financial diet” (LOL) but managed to buy a scarf and some jewelry. Enjoy! Key Largo is on our bucket list.

  3. The magenta top looks so great with the camo, who would have thought?! Camo pants are on my “list”! I haaaaate packing, I think I’d rather clean the bathroom, lol. You look fantastic, love the sunglasses too! Have a great trip!

  4. Like that combo too; definitely brightens up the camo. Looks good on you. Today we will be in the 80’s here so enjoy the sunshine and have a great time.

  5. Love your outfit!!! My motto is one I stick by ‘It doesn’t matter how much your shoes hurt as long as they look good’ .
    This is the motto that my daughters and I live by – much to the amazement of my husband.

  6. Thank you, for showing me another colour to wear with camo pants. Awesome outfit, love the boots.

  7. I am so different in packing. I plan outfits and shoes and maybe some jewelry, but usually each top only goes with one pair of shorts. Went to Orlando this summer and last minute I bought “fitness dresses” from Kohl’s and that is all I wore. What a lifesaver in that horrible Orlando heat. I never wear dresses at home so I was surprised I was so comfortable in them and I also looked cute.

  8. Love the magenta with the camo, great outfit! Safe driving and enjoy your trip, hope you have wonderful weather.

  9. I love this outfit, Tania!! I’m now pulling some gray camo pants out of a donate box!! If you stop in Orlando try and go to Winter Park /Park Ave. Lots of restaurants and shopping, I mean looking!! It’s such a pretty area! Lake Eola is lovely, too. Have fun:)

  10. Melanie W. Reply

    Super cute outfit!!!! I’m jealous of where you’re heading….we had a snowstorm yesterday/last night so all I see is white everywhere. Enjoy the greenery!! 🙂

  11. I’ve been in love with the green scarf since you first showed it on another post. Wish she had bought one for me too! Have fun in Florida… check out that sunshine while we here at home are having rain. boo hiss. LOL

  12. Sheree Ozier Reply

    I look forward to seeing your vintage treasures in upcoming outfits! Just from previous post it looks like you’ve shed a few pounds. Looks awesome! I’ve gotta have some camo pants… they are sooo! cute!

    February 3. 2016

  13. Cute outfit. You’re looking very fit & trim! Y’all enjoy your Fla vacay?????⛳️

  14. My mind is blown that you have grandchildren! Tania, you are one cool grandma!!!

  15. You looks great, so slim and love the colors. Have a wonderful trip.

  16. Well I meant you look great. Hard to type with 2 year old granddaughter on lap!

  17. I don’t know about anyone else but this blog is soooo bad for my wallet. All I do is shop lol. Tania looks so go in everything, she gives me new ideas for my closet even day.

  18. Love your blog too…even though I’ve made it through my 50’s and am in my early 60’s. Your outfits are adorable and I’m stealing some ideas! I live in Florida but east of Orlando, and hope the weather’s good for your trip here the next few days…am looking forward to your next post!

  19. I agree with Isabel, you look so cute in everything I am stealing ideas and buying too. But I have found some incredible deals at Cato. I had not shopped there before. Might I also suggest, if you have a Clothes Mentor or Plato’s Closet in your area they are goldmines!!! I think my favorite part of this blog is the accessories. My husband says I should start a blog about my shopping finds 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      Isabel, you and Jill are so funny. Just come on down to Virginia and we will go shopping together. Lol!

  20. Going to FL in a couple of weeks! Worried about packing already?. Do you wear white shorts/pants in Florida in February?! Any tips would be appreciated.

    • Tania Reply

      I brought my white pants, Markene. I don’t know if I’ll get around to wearing them, but they would be something I would pack.

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