Camo the Right Way

DSC_0008I decided to break out the camo today. Everybody knows that camo hides almost everything. So, I am going to put that theory to the test. Can anybody spot the extra weight I gained from yesterday?  Lol!DSC_0007All teasing aside, I hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving. How about all the Black Friday shopping? Did anybody camp out or set in line at a store this year? I am not a Black Friday shopper, unless it is online. I have a lot of my shopping already finished, so I might start wrapping presents this weekend. I at least hope to get my tree up and decorated.
DSC_0006_2I am wearing a charcoal gray sweatshirt that I picked up at Maurice’s. It is super soft, and a great color. I have on a British Khaki jacket that I picked up at T J Maxx. This is one of the season’s hot items. The olive green color is everywhere. Here is a similar one. This necklace adds some much needed color. It is from Cato’s, but another necklace would work just as well. DSC_0006I am surprised that I like this outfit. I wasn’t really sure that I would when I bought the pants. Camo has never been a pattern that I really liked. But, these were distressed, and really, really, cheaply priced.  Here is a similar pair.  The booties are from Old Navy, and are in the color called mouse house. The red Dooney & Bourke purse picks up some of the colors in the necklaceDSC_0006_2_2Height – 5′ 6″, Weight – 165.2 lbs.  My tape measure is at my sons house, so I will buy another one over the weekend. Let’s do this!

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  1. I don’t know about anyone else but this blog is soooo bad for my wallet. All I do is shop lol. Tania looks so go in everything she gives me new ideas for my closet even day.

    1. I just found this blog on pintrest a few weeks ago and I have already been out looking for similar items to recreate your style!! thankfully there is a Style Encore resale shop just 25 minutes from me and I’ve scored a pair of camo pants that I never would have looked twice at before! I thought they were only for red neck country girls but I’ve been seeing more and more camo used as style!! I love every one of your outfits! I love reading your posts that go with them too!! I am 5’3 and 146 pounds and you’ve inspired me that I can dress this short little body I am stuck with and look stylish doing it!!’of course you make everything look awesome!

      1. I am glad you found my little blog, Amy. I actually felt the same way about Camo, and I held off purchasing Camo for years. Just go for it, if it doesn’t work, at least you tried.

  2. Debbie Hunckler says:

    You are my exact height and weight! I knew I liked you! I too am going to start a workout plan again after slacking for 2 months. I am aiming to lose 15-20. I will do it come hell or high water! You look tiny in your pictures but I honestly think that you dress for your body type in the MOST flattering way possible, I will continue to drawn inspiration from you!

    1. I need to lose those same 15-20 pounds. And believe me, I choose the best pictures to post. My mother and sister kept asking me if I had lost weight. It is all about the way you stand. haha

  3. Every time I see a fab outfit in camo, I’m inspired to go buy some … but never seem to find the right piece. (All I have right now is one scarf .. boring.) And that necklace! Did I miss the link for that? So cool! You look great, Dear … no extra LBs in sight!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

    Dawn Lucy

  4. LOVE the camo!! My sister-in-law hosts a “Dazzling Doe” party each year on the opening weekend of deer season. (While the bucks are away, the does will play!) I wore camo leggings with an oversized white shirt that has a gold glitter deer head on it. However, I’m loving these pants!! Wish I’d seen them before I bought the leggings.

    1. That is a fantastic idea!!! My husband doesn’t hunt, but I know plenty that do. I am going to pass on this fun party idea????

  5. You go girl! I am finding a lot of over 40 blogs but not as many over 50’s! I am glad I found this blog and check it daily. And I get the weight deal, my husband watched me trying on clothes after eating yesterday and was like “why do you do that when you just ate? Now you’re going to belly-ache all day about it”. Today the new stuff fit much better 🙂 Love you style and look forward to following this blog more in the future!

    1. Thanks Ruth. Weight is a constant battle after the age of 50, or at least it is with me. And you are right about the blogs. I decided to start one after I could mainly find 20 and 30 year olds, with a couple of 40’s. Just because we hit the 50 mark, doesn’t mean we have to give up on looking nice. Or at the very least, trying to look nice ????

  6. Tania,

    I think you look absolutely fine as you are. I would never have guessed your weight as what it is. I’m the same weight and I’m 3 inches shorter! I don’t worry about my weight; It’s much harder to lose weight when you’re older – I’m 61 and I just try to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

    I think you look very trim, your outfits are always really well put together and you look great!

  7. I started buying khaki pieces of clothing about four years ago, no camp yet, but totally have the khaki thing pegged in my closet. I love it, although I have gained weight since that time and can no longer fit into my favorite khaki pants. Boo Hoo me. I had lost twenty pounds that year and felt great, but this year… ugh… I feel like a fat moose. Time to start the weight loss again and today I FINALLY ordered the awesome recumbent bike I have been telling myself to get for about six months now. This year I want to lose 25-30 pounds and feel great once again. I’ll post on my blog about it as I go just like I did four years ago… it’s a great incentive!
    Love those camo pants on you!!

  8. Not sure my comment posted, if it did ignore this. You can really pull off this look! Not sure I could . . . You inspired me this morning because I woke up feeling cranky after feeding and caring for the tribe and the 3 dogs they brought along. I thought about your challenge and decided to go to the gym even though I didn’t feel like it. So thanks! I am still looking for a field jacket but really, I need to be shopping my own closet more especially with birthdays and Christmas gifts to give to all the grandkids. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sharon. My mother told me she liked the look. But didn’t think she could wear it. That is the very same thing I said. You just have to try new things, and if they don’t work, then give them to your younger sister. Or at least, that’s what I do. Haha

  9. Sandy Stiltner says:

    You are the most fashionable friend I have!!!! Always look GREAT!

  10. Cute outfit! You haven’t worn anything that doesn’t look good on you. P.S. Couldn’t spot the extra turkey or dessert on you…good camouflage.