Gift Guide for the Ladies

Today, I have a gift guide for the lovely ladies in your life who are on your Christmas list this year. Some of these ideas will be great for gift exchange parties, while others might be more suited for your daughters, mothers, or sisters. If you are like me, you love a good gift list, especially when you find things you might want. I can’t wait to hear what is your favorite item(s)!

You can find more great gift ideas in my Amazon storefront. I’ll keep updating it throughout the holiday season with options for everyone on your list, like these gift ideas for ladies.

Personalized Initial Canvas Tote Bag

Last year, I gave my neighbors these personalized totes as Christmas gifts. I filled them with some baked goodies, and they loved that they could use the tote later in the year. Personalized gifts are a wonderful way to show your loved one that you went the extra step choosing their present. This bag would make a great gift all by itself, but using it as a gift bag filled with baked goodies or a candle and a cozy blanket is such a great gift.

Memory Foam Slippers

There’s nothing I hate more than walking around the house on the cold floors with no shoes, and you can’t go wrong with a classic house shoe that your loved one can throw on to keep their feet cozy and warm. These have a comfy memory foam sole and anti-slip rubber bottoms so they can be worn to the mailbox or on the patio. I have a lighter tan color, but I like this dark color also.

Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow kit is great for the price and has plenty of neutral colors in it to go with any skin tone. If you would prefer to spend a bit more, this palette from Makeup by Mario is THE one to have right now. It reminds me a bit of the NAKED ones that were popular years ago but better!

I love the idea of pairing this chocolate chip cookie cookbook with a cookbook holder or a holiday spatula and a tea towel. Another cute idea is to bake one of the recipes inside and pair the fresh batch of cookies with the cookbook.

Glass Nail File

Who would have thought that a glass nail file would have been one of the most popular gifts last year?! It was! I plan on ordering one for all of the girls in my family for their stockings. Take the gift one step further by pairing this with a gift certificate to the nail salon or taking your loved one there yourself!

Microwavable Heating Pad

I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that most ladies just want to relax and appreciate a gift that helps them do that!! A heating pad is one of the best things you can give. I love that this one is microwaveable while this one covers your neck, shoulders, and back.

Stanley Cup

Yes, the Stanley cups are worth the hype gurls… I drink from mine daily!! The ladies on your Christmas list will love it. And as a friend told me, her granddaughter insisted she get one saying, “You’ll be the coolest grandmother ever!”

Gold Earrings

If you need an affordable stocking stuffer or a sophisticated gift for a fashionista friend, look no further than these inexpensive gold drop earrings. They look so much more expensive than $14, and they add such a chic touch to outfits!

Candle Warmer

Have you gurls ever tried one of these lamp style candle warmers? They are a safer way to enjoy your favorite candles since there are no open flames you can forget to blow out when you leave the house. It also heats the candle wax more evenly than a flame so that you can enjoy the scent of your candle even more than before. This warmer paired with a new candle would be a great present for a friend or a gift exchange party!

Personalized Bracelet

I didn’t realize Amazon had so many personalized gift options now. I love giving customized gifts because it lets your loved one know you put extra effort into their gift. This hand stamped bracelet can be customized with a name or a short message. You could even add a bible verse that’s special to them as long (as it’s a shorter book of the bible like John or Romans!).

Packing Cubes

Here’s the perfect gift for the jet setter and world traveler in your life! This set of 7 packing cubes will keep them organized on their next adventure. Packing your suitcase this way is the way to go! I love doing one cube for my swimwear, one cube for my undergarments, one for my sleepwear, etc. It keeps my suitcase from being a major mess, and makes unpacking and packing the hotel dresser a breeze!

Shower Steamers

Don’t we all love a spa day?! These shower bombs allow you to turn any shower into a spa in minutes. Perfect for anyone who needs a little extra self-care! You can choose from many different scents, but this set smells refreshingly like a citrus grove!

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  1. Kristine Flannery says:

    Tania, I want to thank you for all your content, it has been such a blessing to me. I have never been good with clothes, and you have been a lifesaver, especially being over 50. I have gotten so many compliments on the outfits I have bought from your collections. Thank you and God bless you.

    1. Kristine, I love this comment, thanks for sharing it with me.

  2. Looking for a good sale on the Stanley cups thx

    1. Hmmm, I don’t know if I’ve seen one.

  3. Some great ideas for gifts. I can’t believe it is almost November. Why are the Mario persons eyeshadow palette better than the Naked ones? Have you ever tried the brand Simply Modern in the world of travel mugs? Less expensive, but just as good and they give back too.

    1. No, I’ve never heard of them.

  4. These are great ideas. Like the candle warmer too. Great ideas for Christmas exchange like you said.

  5. Amyra Sani says:

    Love the tote bag.Really ideal.

  6. I never knew that candle warmers existed. What a great idea. I purchased the nail file when you mentioned it before. The nail file itself is nice. But the plastic case is cheap and broke pretty quickly. I do no recommend it. I have been making heating pads for years with flax seed and herbs. I have given them away as gifts.

    1. I hate the case broke, but it is the file I like.

  7. Laurie W. says:

    Great shopping list ideas for Christmas gifts. Too bad I did not see the packing cubes before I trip to England. Those would have been so handy. Adding to my wishlist, before our next trip.

  8. The candle warmer sounds great especially for me. All good ideas

  9. Diane Swanson says:

    Love love love all of these ideas. Thanks

  10. Love it ALL! Great Post!!

  11. I would be happy to receive any or all of these gift suggestions! Love your posts!

  12. I love it ALL!!! Great Post!

  13. Janice Nagle says:

    Good gift ideas! I was impressed with the large number of color choices for the Sanley cup, and the variety of sizes! The candle was warmer is perfect for my daughter and granddaughter. One makes candles, and one has a scented candle burning always. The sale price was a pleasant surprise!

  14. What great ideas – have to start Christmas shopping!

  15. Love the slippers and the gold earrings!

  16. The candle warmer seems like a great idea. It’s so easy to be in a hurry and forget to blow out a candle. Thanks for the gift ideas.

  17. Louise Logan says:

    Love those earrings!!

  18. Laura Garrett says:

    Thank you for the wonderful gift ideas. Love that purple microwaveable shoulder pad. That might have to be a gift for moi!

    1. Laura, I keep a couple of the microwaveable heating pads on hand at all times. Lol!

  19. Happy to see leather jackets are back. My favorite is the camel colored jacket with the burgundy sweater. Love seeing your posts!

    1. Isn’t that a pretty combination?

  20. I like the candle warmer with a timer. I always have to write a note to myself to blow out the candles before leaving the house.

    1. Mary, I thought that was such a great idea! You wouldn’t have to worry about a cat knocking the candle over. A friend of mine had that happen, and it caught their house on fire. YIKES!

  21. Great gift ideas! Thanks Tania

  22. I have a list on Amazon called “gifts” so I can go back to it when birthdays and holidays come up. I just added to that list! Thank you!

  23. Wow! These are the perfect gift addition ideas! Thank you.

  24. Yes, the file I have from last year, and so many more great gifts, you find the best.

  25. Shower bombs look great

  26. Wonderful curation of gifts for ladies thank you!!!!!

  27. Love the shower steamers, glass nail file and candle warmer for the gurls in my life. Thanks for your research. Considering that we’re heading into November next week, time to get a jump on the Christmas shopping.

    1. Can you believe it is almost November?!?

  28. Well, Tania, you did it again. You did my Christmas shopping for me! The personalized tote bag will be going to 3 friends…and one for me, of course.
    I see several things my granddaughter would like. Such great ideas.

    1. Karen, they do make really cute gifts!

  29. Susan Hedgecock says:

    Thank you for sharing these gift ideas.

  30. Lots of good ideas here. Thank you!

  31. Tamatha Davis says:

    Great ideas! Thanks!

  32. Beth Sanders says:

    Love this! Especially the ideas for the tote bag and the chocolate chip cookie cookbook!

  33. I do the same and say the same! “ . . . and I will rejoice and be glad in it!” 💛

    I appreciate this list. Sometimes, I get in a rut or don’t know what in the world to give with so many choices out there or not knowing exactly what a lady friend/family member might like. This is helpful! And I love so many of these things for myself, too, like that lamp warmer and packing cubes. 😜

    1. I find the lamp candle warmer a neat idea. I love candles, but Joe isn’t a fan. He says they make him hungry, but that is probably because I like scents like Vanilla, Birthday Cake, and Hot Toddy. Hahaha

  34. Loves your gift guide for ladies!! It gave me a lot of good gift ideas!