Fox and The Hound

DSC_0012After yesterday’s red outfit, this one seems downright dull. I feel like I should be going on a fox hunt. Maybe even speaking with a british accent. Can you just imagine my southern drawl trying to sound british? Haha   Maybe I will put up a youtube video, but don’t hold your breath. LolDSC_0009My B. Moss (hunting) jacket is so old, probably at least 8 to 10 years old. I have put it in the pile to give away, taken it back out, and repeated several times. It always seems to find it’s way back into my closet. I probably don’t even wear it but once a year. The blouse is from Cato’s, and I bought it last year. I love the color, it just reminds me of fall. The buttons are rhinestones, and they just matched the buttons on the jeans.
DSC_0003The snakeskin print clutch was a vintage fashion show find. It is a great neutral color, and it has just enough of the print to make it interesting. The bracelets are all vintage bakelite bangles. I have had most of them for years, all except on yellowish one of the right. I bought that one at this vintage fashion show. They said it was bakelite, but I had to test it to make sure. Even though it was my mom that sold it to me, you just can’t trust anybody. Haha  And, yes, it is bakelite. DSC_0013The jeans are Chelsea Slim Boot cut by Vigoss. They are now on sale at Maurice’s, buy one and get one 50% off. If you have been wanting to try Vigoss jeans, now would be a good time to purchase a pair. My dark brown suede boots are sweet. They have been one of my favorite pair of shoes for a couple years. They do have a 2 – 3 inch heel, but they are really comfortable. I think they are White Mountain, but I couldn’t say for sure. DSC_0011So, pip pip cheerio. I’m off to find a fox ,or a hound, whichever comes first.

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  1. Kathryn Cumming says:

    Tania…I took your advice, went to Catos and found a bunch of really cute items for little moolah! Happy happy. Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Thanks Sharon, your right about the blazer. It goes with almost anything!

  2. I love this look—it is so classic. What a great look to do errands or meet the girls for lunch. I have a similar blazer from the Limited and I can wear it with so much. I don’t think it looks British at all—just casual classy. I have a red print shirt that has an equestrian look with buckles etc. in the print that I wear with the blazer. I like pairing the small check with a print. Well, made the last run to the grocery store for the Thanksgiving feast—it was a zoo but thankfully I had under 10 things so it went pretty quick. I would rather clothes shop! Doing any Black Friday shopping?

  3. Great look. I heart that purse!

  4. Patsy Holland says:

    Thank you! Got up this morning and it’s cold! I couldn’t decide what to wear, checked out your blog and BAM!!! Perfect! I substituted orange turtleneck for the shirt and I’m good to go.

  5. Well, I just love everything about this fox and hound outfit. Great clutch! You really know how to put a great look together… xo

    1. Your are too sweet Diane. ????