Happy Thanksgiving, My Deer’s

DSC_0005Deer’s, get it???  Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you are able to spend today with your family, friends, and loved ones. Maybe you can eat a little, watch a little football, watch a parade or two, and do a little online shopping. I foresee a fire, and a nap in my future. Lol!DSC_0003Where to start? I love this outfit. So, let’s start with the vest. The vest is olive green, with faux leather trim. I don’t have a picture of the inside, but it is fur lined. It also has a hood, which I have detached.DSC_0012The deer shirt is awesome! It is a sweater material, not t-shirt. I love, love, love, the sequined deer. I have a shirt from last year with the same design, but it is a metallic foil. I like this one wayyyy better. The link above is the closest I could find. Mine has a Gilli label.DSC_0014The arrow bracelet cuff was a purchase over the weekend at the craft fair. A beautiful young lady came and set up her things, she has as online boutique called Mountain Primadonna. You should check her out, her items are cool and edgy. But the best part is the are very reasonably priced.
DSC_0011I’m carrying a Jesslyn Blake purse that I have had for years. I looked up the Jesslyn Blake website, but it said it was down. I don’t know if that means for now, or like forever. DSC_0008Beckley wanted to show off his sweatshirt. It is really long on him, so I have it folded up, so he can do his “business” without it getting wet. It even has a little hoodie!DSC_0015Finally, I am getting to the end. The jeans are Vigoss from Maurices. I bought them when they had them on sale.

Now, go eat. Enjoy your day!!!

P.S. Tomorrow will be weigh-in day:(

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  1. Melesa Garrison says:

    The deer sweater is way cute. I love the entire outfit. I have my hair cut almost exactly like yours. Do you just love it? I’ve had mine like this for yrs and can’t get away from it bc it just works for me.
    Have a great weekend, MG

    1. That’s how I feel, Melesa. When I cut it different, I always end up still styling it the same way????

  2. HaHa! I commented on another day about my glitter deer shirt. Mine is oversized and could almost be worn as a dress. So, of course I love your top!

  3. Cute outfit! Beckley is adorable…

    1. Beckley is becoming a ham. He loves having his picture taken.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Tania!!!

    Your outfit is very today! Your jeans are great, needs some similar 🙂

    Enjoy the holiday tocaya!
    Tocayo, or feminine tocaya, means roughly, “A person who shares your first name.” The closest English translation would be namesake, but the Spanish usage differs significantly.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Tania!