50 IS NOT OLD | FALL FASHION FOOTWEAR | FASHION OVER 40 I can finally say the words that I have been dying to say! Happy Fall, Y’all!!! Today is officially the first day of fall, and I am celebrating by kicking it off with a fall fashion footwear post for you. I am showing you a variety of styles, and I think that you will see something that speaks to you.
I am thrilled to be working with Walmart again today to bring you such a great selection of fall footwear. Walmart makes it convenient to place my order online, and then choose to ship to my local store or have the items delivered to my home. But, convenience alone won’t entice me to order; I must have a great product also. I have featured Walmart fashions before, and I recently searched for what is trending and was excited at what I found. (here) Walmart even has a trending site for Fall Statement Boots that takes all of the guesswork out so that you can know what is “HOT” for fall. For the first footwear look, I am showing you a great weekend loafer. I love the classic styling of this loafer; it is one that you will be able to wear for years. The burgundy color is perfect for fall, and it should match a lot of your fall clothing. One of the things that I like about this shoe is the memory foam insole for added comfort. For sizing reference, I am wearing my usual size 9 in this shoe, and it fits perfectly. Here is the link to the loafer.
Let’s change the look just a bit. The loafer is great for an everyday look, but we sometimes want something with more style.
This textured snake print is a mid-length boot that has style galore. The stacked heel is not too high, and it is covered with the snake print. The toe is a point, but more rounded than the loafer above. The mid-length boot is in-between the ankle boot and the knee boot, and a lot of women find this the most versatile length for them. I am wearing my usual size 9 in the boot. Here is the link.
This is probably the look that I consider my fall “go-to.” I love the effortless style of wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a pair of cute ankle boots.
Chic and stylish are the two words that I would use to describe these ankle boots. The chunky stacked heel gives you a good stable foundation and the double zipper with the tassels are so cute. These are a premium faux leather so they are durable, and they come in six different colors. I am wearing the color taupe in size 9. Here is the link to the boot.
This might not be one that you have tried before, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get outside your comfort zone and try a new look.
You either love over-the-knee boots, or you hate them. I like the look of the over-the-knee boots, but I have always struggled with finding ones that fit my calves. These rusched faux suede boots come in extra-wide calf style, so that will not be an issue. These boots come in five different colors, but I can’t tell you exactly about the size fit because I messed up and ordered a size 10 instead of my usual size 9. Here is the link to these boots.

Those were a few of my favorite fashion shoes, but here are a few more that I am considering making mine. Lol!

This post is sponsored by Walmart, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Thank you for doing posts that include Walmart stuff! I like the higher end stuff, but my budget requires a little more down to earth price point! Lookin good as always!

    • Tania Reply

      Diann, I love high-end fashions, but I also like being able to look my best at a great price. I appreciate stores like Walmart that make that possible.

  2. Just the other day a friend and I were joking about getting to wear our ‘fall sandals’ ! It’s still too hot in this part of the south to wear anything that’s not lightweight. So we are still wearing ‘summer’ clothing and sandals- just in darker, richer, ‘fall’ colors. I actually do have sandals in colors I wear mostly in September and October. LOL!

    • Tania Reply

      Cindy, you need to wear open-toed booties. They might not be sandals, but it will get you the fall look you want.

  3. Cynthia Freed Reply

    I love your posts!
    And, I have added Walmart to my shopping repertoire for fashion because of you.
    Several weeks ago I was walking through the store and saw a display in the aisle of taupe suede-like pointy toed flats.
    I tried them on right there; they felt great. And they were on sale for THREE DOLLARS!!!!

    • Tania Reply

      Walmart fashions have changed in the past couple of years. I now have a few items from Walmart that I like better than items that I have paid waaaaaaay more for.

  4. All of these boots are too cute and look great on you. Also love your jeans. Would you mind sharing where you got them?

    • Tania Reply

      Gina, you are going to love where I got my jeans…Walmart! Lol!

  5. Kelly Palmer Reply

    I was just thinking that I wish someone would do a post about Fall footwear and lo and behold I open your email this morning and there it is!! I love too that the footwear is very affordable 🙂 Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    • Tania Reply

      Kelly, you conjured up this post! Fall fashion footwear was meant just for you. Lol!

  6. Really glad to see this post! I have a pair of burgundy ankle boots and I’ve been struggling to figure out what to wear them with! I didn’t think they’d go with anything in my closet but your post makes me think they will go with most everything! Thanks! I’ve been dying to wear them!

  7. Nancy Onorato Reply

    Hi, Tania, I happened to run across your post from awhile back that included your “LOVE” straw wristlet from Walmart. Thinking that it would be perfect for my cruise next spring, I clicked on the link and, to my surprise, it was still available. (Did you know that you can’t take any kind of handbag into the Pearl Harbor Memorial site – only wristlets!) I ordered it last Friday, got it this morning, and it is ADORABLE. Thank you for featuring such a cute & practical accessory, and major props to Walmart!

  8. I buy a lot of my casual clothing and shoes from Wal Mart. People who ask usually can’t believe it when I tell them. I have jean jackets, cotton cardigans, cute hoodies, jeans, cute tops, boots and flats, and the clothes hold up after many washings. I even purchase underwear from Wal Mart, and most recently, I bought cotton stretch briefs which are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever worn.

  9. Great post today on some very cute footwear! I too enjoy Walmart fashions and especially since I can shop online.

    • Tania Reply

      I love how easy it is to shop online also since I am in a rural part of the country.

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