50 IS NOT OLD | FACE FRAMING DETAILS | FASHION OVER 40 I have been getting a lot of questions from you about what to pack on vacations. My short and sweet answer is….. dresses. Almost everything that I packed was a dress because that makes my choice easier and also because there is less to pack. The key is to pack dresses that can serve double duty and also that are easy care. Meaning, I don’t want to do a lot of ironing while I am on vacation. 50 IS NOT OLD | FACE FRAMING DETAILS | FASHION OVER 40 This adorable turquoise dress is courtesy of Purple Poppy.  The reason that I found this dress so appealing, besides the obvious cuteness factor, is that this dress can take on several roles. I wore this to a business presentation this morning and it was very appropriate for that venue. This dress would also be great for an outdoor wedding or event this summer. I even used this as my bathing suit coverup once we went to the pool and it looked adorable with my flip-flops. 50 IS NOT OLD | FACE FRAMING DETAILS | FASHION OVER 40 You can see the dress hangs straight and doesn’t cling to the areas that you want to conceal. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which gives it a small amount of stretch. I hate when I go to sit and my dress won’t give at all, I end up having to raise up and adjust to keep from choking myself. I love the turquoise color, blue looks great with my eyes, but the dress also comes in Navy and Hot Pink.  50 IS NOT OLD | FACE FRAMING DETAILS | FASHION OVER 40 Here is a close-up of the neckline detail. This bright white detail will bring the eyes upward and helps to frame your beautiful face. The deep V-neckline is flattering and helps to elongate your neck. I know that you keep hearing me say that and the reason is that it is true!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | FACE FRAMING DETAILS | FASHION OVER 40 Joe and I went on a luncheon date and the dress was perfect for that. He gave this dress high praise and you know how picky he is. I love this dress but it is not the only dress that I brought with me from Purple Poppy. I wore this dress on Tuesday to a business presentation and I am wearing this dress tonight to a huge After Party.

I love my items that I have gotten from the Purple Poppy.  They have been exceptional quality and everything is so nice. Be sure to tell Erin that Tania sent you to see her. She is so sweet and nice.

Be sure to use the code POPPY at checkout to receive 10% off and free shipping with overs over 100.00.


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  1. Heather Van Ryn says:

    Yep. Dresses. I live in an unbearably hot climate- Phoenix area and I wear dresses from April-October. So much cooler and looks so much more polished than shorts. I actually hate shorts. Hard to find the right style and fit. Plus, when it is 110+ they just feel hot and constricting. Your choices look great! Enjoy your days in Cancun ?

  2. Sharon Hurley says:

    Thanks to you I’m going to be a fashionista this Summer! You look great! Thanks for what you do.

  3. I love all the dresses and think you look great. It looks like you two are having fun!

  4. Think this one is a little too short for you,Sorry

  5. I’m anxious to see some fashion with the new Plunder line. At first glance I’m not seeing anything much that jumps out at me. Are you going to tackle that after your return? I bought quite a bit from the old line only because of the way you styled it. It looks like you’re having a a great time. You obviously work hard and deserve it.

    1. I just placed a huge order, Barbara. I am focusing on earrings right now!

  6. Great dress. I have to say, you vacation a whole lot different than I do. There is no way I would want to get that dressed up on vacation.

  7. Robin Staley says:

    I’m self conscious about my arm flab to wear sleeveless. You look great

  8. Charlcy Green says:

    I don’t know how you always have everything matching on vacation w all the extra shoes, scarves, jewelry you have to pack but you do! That outfit is very cute and I adore the hot pink ruffle dress! You have managed to always look put together and amazing even on the beach! Now next week when I’m on the beach in Florida I’m sure Ill look windblown and be wearing shorts!

  9. Love this dress and the shoes. I like the ease of dresses. On and done. Especially while traveling. You and Joe look so nice.

  10. Marilyn S. says:

    Love love love ALL of the dresses -you obviously know what style is best for you (they all have the same cut) you are Rockin’ them Tania!

  11. Jeannette says:

    Please clarify for your followers……you “won” the trip to Cancun ……in a raffle? a doorprize drawing? When I was working in sales, I “earned” trips based on my sales. Your chances of earning a trip are far greater than winning one!! Congratulations on earning your trip!!

  12. I haven’t worn a dress since a wedding in 1991 and before that it was 1970 as we were forced to wear dresses to school no matter the weather in the 1960’s until dress code for girls in public school was changed by the times. You look good, my legs are a pasty white ( orange and streaky with tanner) and since nylons went the way of the dinosaur I doubt I will ever wear a shorter dress again.

  13. L H Carter says:

    All three dresses are great! Thank you for the advice to take dresses on vacation or travel. I always default to jeans, so I appreciate the presentation of the alternative.

  14. Jennifer Shelton says:

    You are so darn cute!! Ok, so is Joe LOL! So Glad you are enjoying the trip! Love all your dresses they are darling!!

  15. Sondra Koons says:

    Turquoise is my favorite color and it looks great on you as well!! Glad you all are enjoying your trip. Btw…..love Joe’s front shirt tuck!!! See…even men can look stylish!! ?

  16. I agree that dresses are fun on vacation. Love the colors in the dress you wore Tuesday; that would make a great dress to wear to graduations coming up. I see you even have Joe doing the “half tuck” 😉 !! Enjoy your last couple of days.

  17. Niki heath says:

    Love it and the shoes too!!! Where can I find the shoes?

  18. Super cute! I dare say most of your readers don’t have such great legs to pull of that hemline!

  19. Double duty is the key. When I went to Maui on vacation I wore a fresh clean dress to dinner every night and then the next day that dress become my beach cover up.

  20. You look so dang CUTE!! Love this dress on you!! You look like you are having a fabulous time!!

  21. You two look great! Cancun must agree with you!