50 is Not Old | Excited Opening EmailIt is not often that I get excited opening my email. Usually it is more like, delete, delete, delete, repeat that move a few 100 more times, and you get the idea. However, a couple of weeks ago, I opened my email and had a message from Stephanie of Glamour Farms.50 is Not Old | Excited Opening EmailStephanie wanted to know if I would be interested in doing a collaboration. I bet I had the fastest response in history. I was like, oh my goodness YES!!!! I had heard of Glamour Farms through Cyndi Spivey’s blog. I have loved everything she has styled from Glamour Farms, but I am not one that usually orders online, unless it is a place I have ordered before. I am always skeptical of the quality, and then I wondered about the sizing. NO MORE! I should have known to trust Cyndi, but I am a doubting Thomas, what can I say.50 is Not Old | Excited Opening Email

Stephanie told me to pick out a few items so they could get an idea of my style, and then they would check inventory, and send me a couple of things. I waited anxiously for the mail to run with my package. I had no idea what would be in the package, so it was a little like Christmas. The first thing I saw was this Magnolia Vest in Yellow. You know I have been on a yellow kick lately, so I started dancing like a school girl. I knew what it looked like on the outside, but how would it be made? I promise you with all my heart, this is extremely well made. A beautiful color yellow, and the fit is perfect. I ordered a large, which is my normal size. For those who are not familiar with my size, I am 5’6″ and weigh around 150-155. I wear a size 10 or a large in both shirts and pants.50 is Not Old | Excited Opening Email

The yellow Magnolia Vest is perfect for Spring. I am cold natured, so this little extra quilting really is perfect for me. It adds a little protection without all the added bulk of a coat, and the color just screams Spring. And to sweeten the deal, if you order and use the code Tania01, you will get $10.00 off your entire purchase. I chose to wear this with a navy & white check shirt that I found on clearance a couple weeks ago at Belk. I think I picked this up for around 6.00, so I bought my daughter-in-law one also. Of course hers was in an XS. Haha Navy and yellow are perfect for each other, and by letting the shirt collar go over the vest, that is the color next to my skin. If yellow is not right for your skin tone, then add a shirt under the vest that is. Gray, navy, purple, and white are just a few combinations that you could try.

And here are some plus size options that would great with the vest.

50 is Not Old | Excited Opening EmailI chose to wear a pair of white ankle pants from Van Heusen, but jeans would have worked too. I like these pants, they are a little dressier than my normal white jeans. These were not lined, but they were a thick material. Remember when wearing white to wear skin toned underwear if possible, to keep them from showing.

Here are the plus size options.

I also am wearing a pair of navy espadrilles from Gilli. I bought these at the QVC outlet store, I just couldn’t help myself. I went to take back a pair of shoes that I bought for my mother that didn’t fit, and I left the store with these. The gold braiding is what sold me. Here are some other similar shoes.

50 is Not Old | Excited Opening EmailI am carrying one of my spring/summer purses. This Dooney & Bourke purse goes with everything, casual or dressy. From this side view, you can see how the vest dips down in the back, for a little extra bum coverage.50 is Not Old | Excited Opening EmailI like that the vest is longer in the back, no bum shots here. Haha  50 is Not Old | Excited Opening EmailPlease check out Stephanie, Pam, and Elizabeth out at Glamour Farms, and don’t forget to use the code Tania01 for $10.00 off your entire order.

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  1. I agree with Connie love your one of kind vintage style ! Please don’t go to all of their oversized pieces!
    Thanks love your blog!

  2. I’m so excited for you (& me!! to see how you style their pieces). I’m on a weight loss journey and my goal is to be your size so this is even more incentive! I really love this look, I hadn’t thought about how versatile yellow is……I need to add more of it to my wardrobe!

  3. Please don’t feel that I am raining on your parade. One of the reasons I began following you and quit following some other blogs is that they did not stay true to who they were. Glamour farms is nice store. I have bought a few things from there. They were o.k. I like your original ideas better. Usually your ideas can be adapted or bought from the local places you suggest at a price point within most peoples budget. The $10 off was a nice offer but if I am not mistaken the $10 off can not be used on any of their sale items. Your style and vintage clothing is just wonderful! Coffee and Tania first thing in the morning. You make me smile with your antics. Keep on doing what your doing my friend.

    1. No rain in the forecast Connie. Haha I wanted to help out Glamour Farms, a mom and two daughters trying to make a living. I still try to make sure all items I link to are affordable and in the price point I would buy from. However, I also want to sometimes offer items that are from nicer stores, since not everyone wants to buy Old Navy, TJ Maxx, and Cato’s. It is a fine line to walk. About the vest I have on; I have seen similar vest at Old Navy, and they usually run around 30.00 to 40.00. If you purchased this vest from Glamour Farms with a 10.00 off coupon, it would run about the same. Just the money goes to a family not a corporation.

  4. Hi Tania – I’m new to your blog (well, to posting instead of lurking anyway). I love your style, you inspire me! I am especially drawn to the fresh colors that you use in flattering ways.

    On a side note: I am especially interested in your style because we are the exact same height and weight range. In fact, we look remarkably similar! Oh, we’re the same age too (I think). I would send a pic but wasn’t sure how to do that. So I consider you to be my favorite girl friend to play dress-up with. haha

    You are darling, thanks for making me smile every day, Tania!

    1. We have another thing alike, Kelley, I tend to be a lurker also. Haha

  5. Sheree Ozier says:

    Love Glamour Farms!!! Thanks for the info! Can’t wait to place an order! Excited for you to be a part of their team!

    I agree with Kelly Johnson reading your blog is like chatting with a friend over coffee. Thanks!

  6. Kelly Johnson says:

    Glamour Farms rocks!! I have been ordering from them for about a year and they do not disappoint. Good quality and good prices with excellent customer service.

    I just found your blog and I love it. Reading your blog is like sitting down and chatting over coffee. I love your outfits, so cute!! Keep up the great work!!

  7. This is such a cute outfit and it looks fabulous on you, Tania. I discovered Glamour Farms through Cyndi’s blog and I’m very excited you are collaborating with them. I equate buying from GF to shopping local – supporting a family business – and this one is a lovely group of ladies. I like everything I’ve purchased from them in the past year!!!

    1. I agree DJ! They are super nice ladies, and their clothing is wonderful!

  8. The outfit is really cute! I don’t normally wear a lot of yellow but that is very pretty and really makes you look like spring. I really like the changes you have made to your website. It’s much easier to follow links. How is the new dogie doing.

    1. Thanks Dawn. When you make changes, there is always a learning curve. I am glad it is for the better. Miss Lucy Lu is doing fabulous. She fits in with the family GREAT!!!

  9. Can you tell us about the dress from yesterday. Looked great on you! Always enjoy your blog.

    1. I will put that info on tomorrow’s blog, Donna. Since I was doing today’s for Glamour Farms, I decided to wait an extra day.

      1. Rebecca Stephens says:

        Yea! loved that dress too! Congratulations. What a nice opportunity for both you and Glamour Farms. Just love your blog!

  10. This is exciting news for you, Tania, to get to work with Glamour Farms! Congrats! I love this look on you and that vest really adds a beautiful, Spring pop of color! You have now put me into a yellow mood, which I have very little of in my closet. Have a great day!

  11. I love this on you! The bright colors are so pretty and fun for Spring but still warm for cool days. I’ve only been following you for a week or so but love your style. I also appreciate that you give links for plus size options on what you are wearing. While the size you are is what my goal is, I’m not there yet but still want to look good. I’m loving your blog!

  12. I’m soo excited for you! As soon as I saw the picture of you in that yellow vest, I thought to myself, oh boy, I’d love to have that vest. Perfect for spring!! Last week, I just purchased a navy/white checked shirt from Charter Club @ Macy’s. My shirt however, is the small gingham checked compared to the larger checked of yours, which has a nice bolder look. I’ll be heading over to the Glamour Farms for a peek! Have a wonderful day!

  13. You look so cute in the yellow vest! You are rocking this blog thing, Tania. So glad it’s not a secret anymore! 😉

    1. Haha Stacey! I was thinking about how I kept it a secret for a couple months just the other day. I’m glad I don’t have to hide it anymore.?

  14. Like the vest, Glamour Farms has a curvy section for size 14 people like me. Love what I have gotten from them so far.

    1. I was REALLY impressed with the items they sent me!!!???

  15. I follow Cyndi’s blog and love her style. So happy you will be using Glamour Farms clothes; you are more my size than Cyndi and seeing how you work these outfits is exciting. Love the yellow vest! I’m heading to their site!

    1. I think Cyndi and I have a very similar style. But she is petite, brunette, and tiny, pretty much the opposite of me. Now, those who look like Cyndi can relate, and those who look more like me, can see how I look. Those ladies at Glamour Farms are pretty smart cookies.?

  16. I am very excited for you – this new opportunity sounds like a real blessing! Love your outfit today and it encourages me to pull something yellow from the closet. It’s cold and wet in Upstate NY today so that will be a great color to pick up my mood!

  17. Patsy Holland says:

    Love everything

  18. I love the navy & white checked shirt. I’m going to have to check the Belk near me to see if they have any left. I am a fan of vests & I love the yellow. It’s not my best color, but I wear it any way. Great outfit!

  19. Hope you and your family had a blessed Easter. I’ve been loving the outfits and this yellow vest is gorgeous, especially with the check blouse. Any info about white denim ankle jeans and where to purchase them? Have a great day!