50 Is Not Old | Dresses for over 40Finding dresses for over 40 age group can sometimes be a daunting task. They are too short, they are too tight, they are too long, etc. Dang if we don’t get picky as we age. Wait, what I mean is, boy how our taste has gotten more refined as we are no longer in our 30’s. Notice I never used the words old or older. Haha
50 Is Not Old | Dresses for over 40

I love this bright cobalt blue sleeveless dress. It is by Ellen Tracy, and I purchased it at T J Maxx a month or so ago. I wore it a couple weeks ago, but since it was sleeveless, I knew I had to have something on my arms. I tried the dress with a cardigan and with a couple jackets, but I just couldn’t find one I liked. Then the little light bulb inside my brain came on, and I thought I can wear something UNDER the dress to have sleeves. This dress hits right at my knees, and that is a length a lot of women find the most flattering. I actually like the hem to hit me right above the knee, but this is close enough. Here is almost exactly the same dress, the neckline is a little different. A plus size version is hereHere is a white long sleeve blouse, and here is a pair of pumps that are similar. The Chloe & Isabel necklace goes great with this dress.

50 Is Not Old | Dresses for over 40

I wore this outfit last week, and you can visit that post to see all the outfit details if you missed it then. I wanted to include the picture so that we could talk about a maxi dress. I LOVE maxi dresses!!! I wear them all the time, especially in the summer. Joe is not as wild about them as me, he says he likes to see my legs. What can I say, the man is warped. Haha Anyway, I have a lot of women comment on my dresses, saying they wished they could wear them. They think they look different on me that it would on them. Maybe it would, I don’t know the exact reason. I am 5’6″, and while that is not short, it is not real tall. When I wear a long dress I wear high heels to help with the height. Tucking in your shirt, if it is a skirt, makes your legs look like they go on forever. 50 Is Not Old | Dresses for over 40

This happy yellow sheath dress is really cute, and it was on my blog here. I bought this last year when we went to Orlando to the outlets. The label on the dress says Sunny Leigh, but I did not find the dress online. Probably because it was at an outlet store, and the fact that it was last year doesn’t help. Here is an adorable one from JC Penny that is cute, cute, cute. The plus size version is just as cute. The shoes are Aerosole wedges that I bought at the QVC outlet store. Here is a similar pair that comes in several different colors.50 Is Not Old | Dresses for over 40

I don’t wear a lot of florals, but I do like this print. This dress is also sleeveless, so I wore a lightweight linen jacket over it. This not only helps to keep me from freezing, but it also helps to create a waistline. This dress is by Ann Taylor and I think I bought it at T J Maxx. I like that it has a boatneck collar, and it strikes my knee at the perfect spot. Here is a similar dress, and here is the plus size version. My blue peep-toe shoes, with a cool zipper detail, are by Marc Fisher. My jewelry is by Chloe & Isabel. Necklace | Earrings | Bracelet.50 Is Not Old | Dresses for over 40

Polka-dots are funny and a little flirty. Just because we hit 40, 50, or 60, does not mean we have to quit having fun or flirting. Here is where I wore this dress on the blog, in a couple different ways. I know the hemline will take most of you out of your comfort zone. Me too! It is not really THAT short, there is a whole lot of leg left before you hit the unmentionable zone. Hahaha But because it is a good 4 or 5 inches above my knee, it makes my legs looks really, really long. This plus size version is quite a bit longer. The shoes that are open all the way to the toe which helps with the illusion too. 50 Is Not Old | Dresses for over 40I think he is saying, “Show me some leg!”  LOL!!!!!

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  1. Love your style! I wear dresses all the time; I especially favor t-shirt dresses and maxi’s in the summer. I agree with another posting – would love to see you style denim dresses. I have a number of those and would love to see your inspiration!

  2. Love them all! I cannot wait to start wearing dresses this year – but our almost-Spring-like weather has turned to gray, rainy and cold. Maybe next week! : )

  3. I love all your dresses and I am so happy to have found your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love a cute dress! They are just so feminine. All of these are spot on. I’m just a little jealous that I can’t have the one from yesterday’s blog. It would be perfect for a wedding later this month. Oh well, that just means I’ll have to go shopping….

  5. Christa R says:

    I just subscribed to your blog and am so pleased I did. Your clothes are so fresh yet mature (and I don’t mean old), it’s just that they are up to date without making me look silly. Also, I’m so glad you offer plus size versions to what you are wearing.

  6. Jamie from Kentucky says:

    Oh Tanya..you make me smile..I feel inspired after reading your posts. I was just sharing with a friend that has blown out a couple more candles than me, that fashion is hard for grandmothers. I seemed to have forgotten your daily inspiration.. I will forward this post to her right now!!!! Happy Monday….

  7. Love these dresses!!! And…why have I never thought to go with the shirt under a sleeveless dress? I save all of your daily outfits on my phone and then I use them for inspiration when I shop. ?

  8. Melanie W. says:

    I love the dresses. They all look great on you. I love maxi skirts but being only 5’3″ has presented a challenge with those. HOWEVER, I have found adorable petite length ones at JCP and I have two showing up this week. I’m excited to get them!!! Dress them up, dress them down. They all work! I currently have a black one, but the two I ordered are print so I’m excited to see all the possibilities.
    The picture of you and Joe is so adorable. I love it!!

  9. I love all the dresses on you. The polka dot one is my favorite. It would be the perfect length on me. (I am a shorty.) The little yellow dress from J C Penney is adorable. The picture of you and Joe is precious. 🙂

  10. Happy Monday Tanya! Thank you for sharing dress ideas, you look great in each one. I steer away from short dresses unless I can wear a legging, my legs look like a road map with a gazillion spider veins. The polka dot dress would look cute with white capri leggings, but that dresses it down. It is a dilemma! Lol! Have a great day!

  11. You wear the dresses well. You can definitwly wear the shorter dress! I am enjoying your blog. Any way we can see how you organize your closet? I’m nosey!

  12. Very cute dresses indeed!

  13. Love the dresses! Do you have a favorite little black dress? Or a denim dress? I love being able to dress them up or down. I so enjoy your blog!

  14. I love the outfits you put together. Very inspiring. I also like the fact that you shop at regular places like tjmaxx or JCP. So you’re fashionable and CENTSable!

  15. I love all of the dresses you styled. I agree that even though we no longer in our 30’s we can wear fun, flirty styles. I love the polka dot dress, it’s so cute! But I still say it’s too short. It’s not that it takes me out of my comfort zone, it just doesn’t look as classy as the others. I feel that I still dress young, but I’ve always tried to dress with class, even in my youngest days.
    You look amazing! Thank you for sharing all of these pretty dresses with us! 🙂