50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 I had the best time this past weekend in Tennessee. It is wonderful to go “home” at visit with my parents, my son, and my grandkids. The trip to Tennessee was so that I could attend the birthday party for my three grands. Their party is always a Halloween theme, so my daughter and I had to pull together costumes for both of us quickly, and we also wanted something for my mother. On the way to Tennessee, we stopped at three different stores trying to gather all of the supplies that we needed to make the costume. 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 As soon as we got to Tennessee, we quickly made a trip to my parents but immediately headed to a Homecoming game at the high school where I graduated. My son is a defensive coach there, and they are ranked in the state this year. They won, and that brought their record to 7-0, which broke the school record.
50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 My son is afraid of heights, so I was surprised when I didn’t see him on the field, but on top of the announcer’s booth instead. It was high in the air, and he said he made sure not to look over the side. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 Saturday morning was spent at soccer games. Jett and Huttson each had a game, and they both were scoring machines. They are very competitive with each other, and they try to outscore each other. Matti and I, both dressed in black, wished that we wore something else since it was so hot. I thought that it was supposed to have a cold front moving through, but it was still in the ’90s this weekend. 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 Ashleigh is very artistic. She found a couple of 1.00 tank tops that she cut up to repurpose into the outfit that she needed. Then, she glued shells on the top and painted designs on the top.
50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 This was a sash that she was making to go over a skirt. 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 My costume called for me to be green from head to toe. That meant a green wig, green dress, green leaves, and green paint. I started putting the first coat of paint on my face, arms, and neck. My daughter started helping me get the paint on my face, and then she went to wash her hands. The paint wouldn’t come off!!! I heard my daughter laughing hysterically in the kitchen, and I kept asking her why she was laughing so hard. She finally told me that she couldn’t get the paint off her hands, and she hoped that I liked the color green since I was committed at this point. 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 This was the finished look for my Te Feti costume. I had never seen the Disney movie that this character was in, but all the kids seemed to know who I was supposed to be. 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 This was the finished product! I am Te Feti, my daughter as Moana, and my mother as Gramma Tala. If you have seen the movie before, let me know how you think we did. I thought you might like to see some more pictures of the party, so here are a few. 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 My son’s family, (not including the blonde little boy) were all characters from Toy Story. Jett was the head of the slinky dog, my daughter-in-law was Jesse, the other half of the slinky dog is Jett’s best friend, the toy soldier is Huttson, my son was Malibu Ken, and my sweet Matti B. was workout Barbie. 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 There were lots and lots of costumes, but these were are few that I liked. We left the party in time to run to the grocery store to buy baby oil. The directions on the body paint said that it would come off with baby oil…it lied! 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 After the baby oil, I was still a little shade of green. I decided to try Dawn detergent next.
50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 I finally got most of the green off, but not without losing some hide. I scrubbed, and scrubbed, and scrubbed to get the green off, and except my nails, I look almost normal. 50 IS NOT OLD | DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | FASHION OVER 40 Everybody take a few minutes and wish my baby girl a Happy Birthday!!! Koda J has already given her a few birthday kisses.

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  1. Linda Lennon wrote:

    I’ve seen Moana more times than I would like to say and you all did great! Creative costumes!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  2. BJ wrote:

    Oh I can’t stop laughing about the paint! I shared this post with my husband and he couldn’t stop laughing either. You are soooo funny!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  3. Nancy wrote:

    You all made it a real party! Fabulous costumes!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
    • Janet wrote:

      Great costumes! Looks like a lot of fun!

      Posted 10.7.19 Reply
      • ragain1 wrote:

        Tania you are such a good sport! All of you looked perfect ! Yours was my all time favorite! Laughing so hard with your green paint story ! Lovely family you have!

        Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  4. Mary Lou wrote:

    Happy Birthday Ashleigh! Tania, your costume was AWESOME!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  5. Angie wrote:

    You all did a great job on your costumes!! So glad the green paint finally came off! You should watch Moana if you haven’t already- it’s a great movie?

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
    • Iris McKillen wrote:

      Happy Birthday Ashleigh. Costumes fab. Loved your costume and the green face. You are a good sport. Gave me a laugh. Xx

      Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  6. Margo wrote:

    Your costume was amazing!!!!!!! So glad you didn’t stay green though. Your family sure is hard-core for Halloween ???

    ?Happy Birthday Ashleigh!!!?

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  7. Mary wrote:

    The party looked like so much fun and I love the witches feet from under the building, thanks for the nod to wizard of oz!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  8. Linda Tice wrote:

    Wow! I love how your family really gets into making costumes for Halloween! You all did a wonderful job! Can’t wait to show my granddaughter the picture of you, your daughter & your mom…she’s a huge Moana fan! Also glad the green paint finally came off!

    Happy birthday Ashleigh! ❤️

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  9. Sondra wrote:

    Happy Birthday Ashleigh!! ???? Your alls costumes are fantastic!! Loved seeing all of the pictures.

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  10. Barbara wrote:

    Happy Birthday Ashleigh! You all know how to party and dress up!! Great costumes!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  11. Lori wrote:

    GREAT costumes!!! Happy Birthday Ashleigh!!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  12. Jena wrote:

    Wow. Fantastic costumes! You guys go all out–love it!!!!! Congrats to your son on breaking the school record, and Happy Birthday to beautiful Ashleigh!!!!! So glad you had a great time together!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  13. Sarah Newton wrote:

    Wow, y’all went all out! Some great costumes.

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  14. Christine S. wrote:

    Love the pictures and great family fun! Happy Birthday to Ashleigh and your grands???

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  15. Daphne wrote:

    All the costumes look fantastic hope everyone had a great time looks like they did and you are brave with the paint haha.A big Happy Birthday to Ashleigh hope you have a wonderful day.

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  16. Joanne wrote:

    Your costume was GREAT!! Happy Birthday to everyone in your family. Thanks for sharing all the pictures, it looks like you had a great time!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  17. Jeni wrote:

    Great costumes! When you get back home you can go to a party as the Jolly Green Giant! Kids today don’t know him but they do know Tafeeti. Looks like so much fun. Congrats to your son on the win, I know of a few college teams that could use him!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
    • Chris Falk wrote:

      Wow! Such wonderful and creative costumes! It looks like you had a blast! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

      Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  18. Aimee Spencer wrote:

    Happy Birthday Ashleigh! You look fantastic no kidding! Tania I loved all the pictures. Congrats to your High School team & son. What a great family you have. Loved your green costume you are amazing Tania!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  19. Joni wrote:

    What a fun post. Thanks for sharing. I need more excitement in my life! Except for the green paint scrub off, looks like it was a fantastic weekend all around. Great looking family Tania. And you nailed your costume.

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  20. bonniebes wrote:

    I have never seen Moana, so I wouldn’t have known any of the characters from that movie. However, I couldn’t help thinking as I was reading the post and seeing the pictures, how easily you could have been the Statue of Liberty . . . so you might want to hold on to that costume!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  21. Janet Brennan wrote:

    Wow – what a great party! Your costume was amazing – and your daughter and mother too!! Glad the green paint came off.

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  22. Donna Ingalls wrote:

    Looks like a great party. Fantastic costumes!
    I love your family pictures. So cute.

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  23. Bernie wrote:

    Wow you all look amazing I did laugh about your paint ? glad it came off or you would have been telling everyone you were feeling a bit “ green” today ?

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  24. Leslie wrote:

    Love your Newf! I had a brown as well as two Landseers! Great family dogs!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  25. kristin greene wrote:

    Happy birthday Ashleigh! Wow your family has a lot of October birthdays. My family has a lot of May ones. I am so iorewed with the creativity of everyone and what great costumes!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  26. Leslie M wrote:

    Happy Birthday Ashleigh! I am amazed by everyone’s costumes! Great creativity!

    Posted 10.8.19 Reply
  27. Regina wrote:

    Your family is so creative…especially the birthday girl. (Happy birthday Ashleigh!) Loved your outfit the most, Tania. The Adams family was my 2nd favorite. All looked great though!! Glad you finally got the paint off.

    Posted 10.8.19 Reply
  28. Mariana wrote:

    Loved all the costumes. I must say, you are a sport. Next year you can go as Elphaba…LOL.

    Posted 10.10.19 Reply
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