50 IS NOT OLD | A DENIM JACKET IS CLASSICYou have not lived until you have talked to a three-year-old on the phone. They will either not say anything but you can hear them breathing on the other end or they will jabber non-stop and you can only pick out a word or two that they are saying. That is pure fun but it is hilarious when the three-year-old wants to call her eight-year-old cousin. I was listening to the conversation and getting so tickled.50 IS NOT OLD | A DENIM JACKET IS CLASSICEmersyn was busy describing her Barbie Dreamhouse in great detail to Matti and Matthan. She was so busy describing the house that she laid down the phone so that she could see the house in better detail. I am sure Matti and Matthan were hanging on baited breath. Lol! This reminded me of myself when I was young. I had some older cousin that lived in Michigan and I thought they were so cool! I wanted to be just like them so I would write to them all the time. Way before the days of internet and I probably couldn’t use the telephone because it was long distance. I would tell them in great detail all about the soap opera that I was watching. I bet they couldn’t wait to get those letters. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | A DENIM JACKET IS CLASSICBecause I had a sponsored post yesterday, I did not get to link-up with the Ageless Style ladies. I am including that link-up at the bottom of this post. Please remember to visit all these wonderful ladies. They looked fabulous in their Valentine’s outfits.

The dark gray top is one that I bought at the overstock store. It is one by LOGO. These tops are very comfortable and they don’t cling like some others do. I hate tops that cling to those bulges we would rather hide. I have this top half tucked into my pants to give the look a little interest.

50 IS NOT OLD | A DENIM JACKET IS CLASSIC The denim jacket is an old one from Old Navy. I really didn’t think I would wear this often but I was wrong. I wear the jacket quite a lot because you can wear it with a dressy outfit as well as with sneakers. Mine is the lighter medium color but I am debating buying the darker color also.

50 IS NOT OLD | A DENIM JACKET IS CLASSIC This outfit was made all around my new necklace and earrings. I have had this set for a little while but I have never worn it. The Addilyn necklace was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The white in the necklace reminds me of milk glass like you would see in vintage jewelry. The yellow flower is like metal enamel. The last two drops are duplicated in the matching earrings called Nicholina. I thought the necklace would look good with a dark gray backdrop. Don’t forget that I am offering 15% off Plunder on orders over 50.00, I will send you a check for the discount.  Go to www.plunderdesign.com/party/believe to shop from Plunder.
50 IS NOT OLD | A DENIM JACKET IS CLASSIC I bet you are getting tired of seeing this pair of Marc Fisher booties. These are a dark suede material and they have a stacked heel. The stacked bulky heel is popular right now. These have a faux zipper on one side and a working zipper on the other.

50 IS NOT OLD | A DENIM JACKET IS CLASSICMy camo jeans have a touch of distressing. Lol! This is something else I bought and never thought I would wear and once again I was wrong. This just goes to show you that if you step outside your comfort zone you might even surprise yourself. And talking about stepping outside your comfort zone I have recently made arrangements to attend a social media convention in San Diego and I am already shaking in my boots. I am really shy by nature and I have a hard time putting myself out there. I know that is funny since I do just that every day on this blog. But I hide behind the computer on the blog so it is different. When I go to San Diego it will be in person. I wonder if I can get a refund on my ticket and airfare???50 IS NOT OLD | A DENIM JACKET IS CLASSICRodan and Fields is offering 20% off any purchase of a Regimen AND Lash Boost. Plus another 10% off if you are a PC or signup to be one!!! This must be the month for savings!!! BTW, I am also offering to reimburse you the 19.95 enrollment fee as a new PC and every order with this special will get a free mini eye cream from me. I want those peepers looking good when your lashes start to grow. Lol! Go to www.tstephens5.myrandf.com and take the solution tool if you don’t know where to start.

Do you have a question about R & F? Ever wonder about commission, requirments, time involoved, how to apply Lash Boost, etc? A weekly ZOOM call with me and my Energizer Bunny Friend is scheduled for every Sunday night at 8:00 PM EST. ZOOM is a free app that you can download to your computer or phone. The number to join the meeting is 736 578 7052. Join me if you can, I would love to answer your questions.

Part of my 2017 goals is to grow my subscriber list on the blog. The numbers are really starting to go up and I had decided that when I hit 5000 subscribers I will be having a giveaway. I’m not that far off, so if you are not a subscriber PLEASE take the time to sign. Also, if you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol!

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  1. I think I read somewhere that another name for a blogger is a “social influencer.” Showing what you wear and having people break out of their boxes is definitely being an influence on a segment of society. It’s a good thing, so go to San Diego (my hometown) and have a blast.

  2. I have been following your daily blog for about a year and enjoy your fashion flair and your stories. Thank you. Oh and I really adore your outfit. It reminds me of a “rockers” outfit – my style for a country jam fest!

  3. Can you please tell me if those are real eyelashes or not? I recall you posting something about eyelash cream but can’t remember. 🙁 Thanks Tania….love your blog!!!! You look great!

  4. Wow, Tania girl, I had no idea there were SO MANY bloggers out there! In my world you & one other are the only ones! I still like your Valentine outfit the very best & I hope Joe brags & brags on your beauty when you wear it! I have a similar jean jacket & I love wearing it too!

  5. O.K…. I think we all agrees this outfit is adorable on you!!!! I absolutely can say this is my most favorite outfit you have styled since I started following you … in other words… wear this all the time Tania!!!!! xoxo

  6. I love the outfit and I love all the links as well. It’s encouraging to see so many mature, beautiful, and stylish women out there!

  7. Enjoy your posts! Please share the name of town and state when you mention your puchases at Overstock and other duscount store. 🙂 Thank you so much. 🙂

    1. Sheryl, the store is in Vansant, Virginia. The store is called The Outlet Store and they have a FaceBook page but not a website.

  8. Love the top and jacket. I just cannot convince myself to like camo. I guess it is not for me. You look fabulous as always!

  9. Tania,

    So Love this look, especially the pants. No cancelling trip you will be fine and come back with more stories to make us all laugh!

  10. I do think that a denim jacket is an easy way to add a layer to any outfit!! And it looks so hip—just like you do, Tania!!
    All three of us on the blog have a denim jacket—so another example of how it’s ageless!!

  11. This is so cute! I love the camo look and your pants are awesome ! I love how you’ve styled this jacket! I just purchased a camo jacket and will flip this outfit around and wear it with jeans! Perfect for weekend wear!

  12. My denim jacket is one of my favorite items to wear, Tania!!!! Love it with the camo jeans and that necklace and earrings are simply stunning!!!! A great outfit!!!!!
    Have a great day!!!

      1. Love your hairstyle and show my hairdresser often your photos. She still doesn’t have it right yet mostly because we don’t know what the back looks like. Can you email me a photo ?

  13. This is a super comfy outfit Tania! I can´t wait to wear my old (but still in great condition;)) denim jacket! But the weather here is still winter-ish 🙁