50 IS NOT OLD | CLASSIC CABLE KNIT SWEATER AND CORDS | FASHION OVER 40Y’all, I can’t make this stuff up. My daughter, who I sometimes loving refer to as Alaska Ashleigh, has been counting down the days until her boyfriend flies to Atlanta. The plan was for her to pick him up last night at midnight, grab a hotel room downtown, and then go to the aquarium at 9:00 AM. But, things don’t always go according to plan, and she is an unhappy camper.
50 IS NOT OLD | CLASSIC CABLE KNIT SWEATER AND CORDS | FASHION OVER 40I think that we get more and more dependant on our cellphones, and that was the problem for poor Andy yesterday. How many of you still wear a watch? I have seen a resurgence of people starting to wear watches again, but most people now use their cellphones. Alaska’s timezone is an hour behind Seattle, and it is four hours behind Atlanta. When Andy flew into Seattle, he made the mistake of thinking that his cellphone updated to the new timezone, and that would have been incorrect. By the time that he figured out that he was still an hour behind the actual time, he had missed his flight. So, after a lot of switching flights, he is now supposed to arrive in Atlanta at 6:30 AM, and he has a whole three hours to rest before their aquarium tickets. Between her forgetting her wallet (and she also forgot her makeup) and him forgetting to update the time on his cellphone, they sound like they were meant for each other. I want to go home; maybe I will just forget and leave them in Atlanta. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | CLASSIC CABLE KNIT SWEATER AND CORDS | FASHION OVER 40This fall has been a strange color palette for me. I usually like brighter colors or deep jewel tones for fall. But, this year, I have been gravitating to browns of all shades. I love wearing golds and mustard tones in the fall, but cream and beige are so easy to wear with almost anything, that I find myself buying more and more of those colors. I also usually wear more fitted clothing, but this year I am all about oversized and comfortable. The thing that hasn’t changed is that I still want all of my purchases to be fashionable and cute. I think this soft sweater is very stylish, and a tad bit on the classic side. It has a twist on the classic cable knit sweater by adding “dots.” This sweater is shorter than I would have liked, so I bought an XL so that it would be longer, and also so that it would be oversized and roomy. When I find a clothing item that I like this much for under 30.00, then I grab it, and you should too. Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | CLASSIC CABLE KNIT SWEATER AND CORDS | FASHION OVER 40I have a mixture of trendy and vintage jewelry on again today. The bangle bracelets are vintage bakelite, and the necklace and earrings are newer items. The Christa necklace has a beautiful smokey crystal and a gold skeleton key that dangles on a leather cord. The leather earrings that I am wearing are a pair that has been discontinued, but the Pine, the Dakota, and the Jensen would all look great monogrammed.
50 IS NOT OLD | CLASSIC CABLE KNIT SWEATER AND CORDS | FASHION OVER 40I wore this fedora earlier this month (here) with jeans and ankle boots. So, you can check that post if you are interested in getting a fedora for yourself. The rust corduroy pants are so old that I can’t remember even buying them. They are so old that when I grabbed the waist of the pants to pull them up, the stitches pulled loose. Lol! The label in the pants said that they came from Maurices, but that had to be years ago. I am seeing lots of corduroy pants in the stores this fall, so you should be able to find a pair that catches your eye. Here are a few that I liked.


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  1. I just want to say that of the handful of gals I follow for fashion (and faith), you are my fave! I like how playful, colorful and fun you are with clothes and accessories. Thanks! Keep up the inspiration!

  2. Trish Zeller says:

    I would love to know about the R-N products

    1. Trish, I will email you.

  3. I would never get away with wearing a hat around here although I would love too.
    Beer budget. Champagne taste. I have to pick and choose so I sticjk to my basic palette of color but I’m sure I could work this sweater into my wardrobe. Nothing better than a great sweater.

    1. I love that analogy, beer budget, and champagne taste. Me too!

  4. Carolina Gomez says:

    Hi Tania! You look great as always! I love the way that you bring in the fall colors. Thanks for sharing a handbag, hadn’t done that for a while! ?

    1. Carolina, I pretty much just carry this handbag all the time, so I just never take photos with it.

  5. Can you please provide a link for your handbag?

  6. You look good in every colour and style! I seem to be so much more limited in what looks good on me.

    1. Janet, you are much more critical of yourself. You don’t pay as much attention to the way things look on me.