50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO BE COMFORTABLE WHEN SHOPPING | FASHION OVER 40On Sunday afternoon, my daughter and sister decided that we should do a little shopping. I am usually up for a shopping trip, but I was still tired from the day before, and I just wanted to stay home and nap. However, my daughter was not going to take no for an answer, so we went to a cute outdoor mall called the Avenues. There were a lot of my favorite stores there, but because I wasn’t in a shopping mood, I wasn’t finding much that I needed.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO BE COMFORTABLE WHEN SHOPPING | FASHION OVER 40We split up so that each person could go to the stores that they wanted, and then we were going to meet up in an hour. I went into this one store, and I found a cute t-shirt that was metallic that I liked. I was looking for some pants to wear with the top when the sales lady came over and started chatting with me. She mistook me for a customer that comes in there shopping all the time, but I told her that it was my first time in the store. She looked perplexed, and then said, “you look so familiar to me.” I looked at her and said, “are you, Wendy?” That threw her for a loop, and she said that was her name. I laughed and told her my name, and you could see recognition flooding over her. It turns out that we met almost three years ago in Rosemary Beach at an R+F retreat. We had only met that one time, so neither of us were sure how the other looked so familiar. Most of the time, when things like that happen to me, it is just a case of mistaken identity. They say that everyone has a twin, but I am not too sure about that. It turns out, there is a website called where you can upload a photo of yourself, and they search there database to give you a couple of “twins” for you. The closest match they had for me was at 79%, and the lady had used a photo filter, so she didn’t even look like a real person. The good thing was, she was a lot younger than me and had flawless skin. LOL!
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO BE COMFORTABLE WHEN SHOPPING | FASHION OVER 40I am not very dressed up today since I hadn’t planned on taking photos. But, it was so pretty at this mall that I decided to show you what I look like when I go shopping. First off, I don’t wear a ton of makeup when I shop since I want to make sure that I don’t get anything on the clothing that I am trying on. Secondly, I normally wear something comfortable and easy to take off and put back on. If I am going to be trying on a lot of clothes, you want to make the process as easy as possible. The snow leopard short-sleeve sweatshirt is a top that I bought from Loft back in August. I like the muted color, and the short sleeve sweatshirt style is perfect for the transition time when the weather can’t make up its mind on the temperatures.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO BE COMFORTABLE WHEN SHOPPING | FASHION OVER 40This faded gray color is one of my favorite colors for jeans. I bought this pair from Old Navy over a year ago, and everyone else must have liked this style also because they only have a size 20 available for purchase. Some people find gray jeans hard to style, but I think they are a great alternative to the run-of-the-mill blue jeans. I think gray jeans look great with pastels and jewel tones, and they look great with black or white, and also other shades of gray like I am wearing today. The comfortable shoes that I am wearing are the same ones that I bought when I attended a Convention this past September. I knew that I would have to do a lot of walking there, so I found these shoes and they were fabulous. They are also super cute with a few style details that make them very stylish. Here is the link to the shoes, and I bought my usual size.

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  1. Mary Jo Tesch says:

    Tania, I think you look great! I agree with Ragain1. you are dressed comfortably for shopping, you are not doing your normal fashion wear stuff today and that is fine. You still look great and better dressed than a lot of shoppers. take no mind to the couple negative comments above, you look fantastic (and do not look any heavier in that outfit)

  2. Ditto to what Ragain1 said. Tania – keep being you and I hope you know to quickly disregard comments from folks like you know who! I personally appreciate the honesty and vibe I get from your blog. I am a much more casual, laid back dresser and blogs like today’s show me how I can be me and still look good. I hope Ashleigh’s friend made it into town and all is good!

  3. Tania, i think you look darling! Especially since you were tired and wanted to nap! Rude comments should be left unsaid! You spent precious time with your sister and daughter, that’s what’s important!

  4. When I was in junior college, I was in a famous drill team. There was another girl on campus who apparently looked like me (I never met her). I had several people tell me about her. Apparently she took to saying, “yes, I know I look like Bonnie H.”

  5. Brenda Lynch says:

    Cute outfit–were you still in Georgia–We have an Avenue near me–just wondering if you were near my town

  6. You look so cute all the time!!! Even without much make up and accessories.

  7. Oh my goodness! I have those shoes and they’re so comfy. Absolutely love them.

  8. Thank you for giving us a sample of real life, day to day style! You look great both ways!

  9. I love that even though you were tired you still went shopping with your daughter (I know I can never say no) and you look great! I hope it was a great day out.

  10. What a cute outfit. You sure look as good from the back as you do from the front, if you don’t mind my saying.