50 IS NOT OLD | TIGER STRIPES FOR A ROARING FALL LOOK | FASHION OVER 40It was a long and exhausting weekend. I am still trying to recover from all of the festivities. We had a great time in Georgia at the vintage fashion show, and I ended up buying a few goodies that I just had to have. I even managed to summon up enough energy to go to a few stores and grab a new outfit or two.  And, then on Sunday, I think that I slept for about six hours straight after shopping.
50 IS NOT OLD | TIGER STRIPES FOR A ROARING FALL LOOK | FASHION OVER 40Part of the reason that I am so tired is that my sister talked me into watching two movies. You have to remember; I never watch television, so for me to watch two long movies in a row is a huge deal. The first one was Pride and Prejudice, which is a total chick flick. I loved the movie, but it took me a while to get used to the language. I might have shed a tear or two during the movie. If that chick flick wasn’t enough, then she started watching the Notebook. I have read the book, but I had never watched the movie. A river of tears later, I finally got to go to sleep. I hate to cry, so picking those two movies were not the best choice. Lol! However, if you are not a crier, then I would highly recommend these two movies. And, if you are a crier, then you need to grab a box of kleenex and watch these movies. Either way, these movies are a must-see.
50 IS NOT OLD | TIGER STRIPES FOR A ROARING FALL LOOK | FASHION OVER 40I love mustard for fall. It looks great with jeans, maroon, gray, black, and brown, plus a whole lot of other colors. I bought this lightweight quilted vest at Old Navy a few weeks ago, and I have found several reasons to wear it so far. My mom loved this vest, so I hid it in her bags before she left. She called me when she started unpacking and wanted to know if she stole my vest by accident. Lol! I should have acted as if she took it, but I am not good at thinking on my feet. I went to the Old Navy website to order me another vest, and I found it on sale, plus another 30% off, so guess who ordered three colors. Lol! Here is the link for the vest, and be sure to use the code HURRY to get your extra savings.
50 IS NOT OLD | TIGER STRIPES FOR A ROARING FALL LOOK | FASHION OVER 40Here is another animal print, but it is a tiger print instead of a leopard, zebra, or cheetah. I feel like the tiger print is an animal print that you don’t see as often, but it is excellent for a change of pace. It looks great with the mustard vest, or by itself. This top has a cinched side and front pockets. I am wearing a large, and it fits great. I bought this at Versona, and here is the link if you are interested.
50 IS NOT OLD | TIGER STRIPES FOR A ROARING FALL LOOK | FASHION OVER 40Jeans are the go-to option for the weekends. They can be dressed up or dressed down, and they go with almost anything. There are so many different colors and shades, and there are lots of different styles of legs. Normally, I like wearing skinny jeans, but here lately I have been drawn to bootcut and flare leg jeans. I have a darker flare pair by Kut From The Kloth, and this lighter pair from Leith. I bought the Leith pair a long time ago, so that exact pair is no longer on the websites, but I found several that are almost identical.

50 IS NOT OLD | TIGER STRIPES FOR A ROARING FALL LOOK | FASHION OVER 40A couple of blog readers who lived nearby came by to meet me at the vintage fashion show. Meet Mireille,

50 IS NOT OLD | TIGER STRIPES FOR A ROARING FALL LOOK | FASHION OVER 40and Joni. So, I wanted to take a photo with these ladies, so we decided to go out into the courtyard. My daughter took a couple of photos of each of us; then we started to go back inside the building. However, when we went to pull open the door, it was locked. I had forgotten that they lock the doors to the courtyard on the weekend, and we couldn’t get back inside. Lol! I called my sister to let us back inside, but she didn’t answer the phone. Then, I called my mother, who did answer the phone. “I am busy,” was how my mother answered, and then she hung up the phone. Thankfully, my daughter was smart enough to bang on the windows of the model’s room, and my niece opened up a door. It was quite hilarious for a few minutes. Lol!
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  1. I tried the link for the sweater, which I love and want to buy but it says its broken?

  2. Cute outfit and I too love mustard for Fall. Those are cute stories and you’re so sweet to take pics w us blog followers and to give your Mama your vest!

    1. She was checking someone out, and she thought that I was just wanting to chat. It was great meeting you also!

  3. Loved the tiger top so much on you I had to order one for me! It’s so different. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds like you had such an adventure! Wish I could have been there. By the way, I ordered the vest in every color but pink. Love how it looks on you! Thanks.

    1. Angie, you are going to love that vest. I can’t wait to get the new one’s that I ordered.

  5. Kelly Palmer says:

    I really love this outfit and it is kind of refreshing to see a different kind of animal print 🙂 Those 2 movies are 2 of my very favorite movies and definitely tear jerkers! I hope you have a great week!!

  6. Paula Jenkins says:

    Hey, Tania! Love your blog and seeing all the fashions! Just would like to know if you have any foot problems and if so, what do you do about them to be able to wear all those beautiful shoe styles that you do. Hopefully, you don’t have any, but, most women I know that are our age(50’s) have problems with their feet and can’t wear certain shoes or hardly any pretty ones at all. I would love to see on your blog some options, if you have any, for shoes that are stylish for women with plantar fasciitis, etc. That would be so helpful and thank you!

  7. Just went online to Old Navy and ordered 2 vests and will pick up later today…could not believe the savings, Tania. I would not have ever looked online if not for your blog today……love to wear vests instead of coats and this is the perfect time of the year for them. Love your stories and today’s was no exception. You are younger and I wouldn’t always choose every outfit you style, but you inspire me with your choices and your happy attitude!

  8. Love that colour on you!! As always, you look great!

  9. I love mustard color for fall too. It is a nice change from the more traditional colors of dark red or green. I also was nicely surprised with the tiger stripe print. I normally am not a fan of leopard print but this is the right amount of color but not over the top print. I was disappointed though in that it’s already sold out!

  10. I love The Notebook. And yes you will cry. I just got a mustard puffer best recently. It looks cute with more colors than I expected. Like your top, especially the pockets.

  11. Elizabeth Bienvenu says:

    Looked like so much fun! I’m have a LizzyB Creations show this week end. I’m busy getting ready for it. Have a great week!

  12. It was great to meet you, your beautiful mom and your beautiful daughter! So glad I took the time to run out and meet my favorite blogger. I did NOT expect to see myself on your post this morning. LOL. Sorry about my shoes…..I was going for comfort 🙂 And, yes, I just ordered that tiger shirt. Love it. There’s a Verona not far from me so I’ll pick it up there this week.

    1. ha – I went to check out and the shirt is sold out 🙁 I’m going to the Verona store now! LOL

  13. Jill Floyd says:

    What size did you get in the vest?

    1. I am wearing a large, Jill.

  14. Vicki Higgins says:

    What size did you get in the vest? Love your outfit

    1. The vest that I am wearing is a large.

  15. Love animal print! This shirt and vest combo looks really good on you.

    1. I love animal print also! Thanks for commenting.

  16. You are rocking the vest with the tiger print top! If you need another movie suggestion, Little Women with Winona Ryder is a great chic flick!

    1. If I ever sit down for another night of movies, I’ll be sure to check that one out.

  17. You packed a lot in this weekend! I especially liked what you wore to the vintage show.

    1. Thanks, Janet. Can you believe that I didn’t get any pictures taken that day? We were too busy to get photos taken.

    1. It was fun-packed, Nancy.

  18. I really enjoyed The Notebook. The first time my husband watched it with me, he cried such an ugly cry. It totally surprised me. It’s the most touching movie. So funny to read how you got locked out with your blog readers. xo

    1. I cry at television commercials, so a sad movie will send me into the ugly cry also.