50 IS NOT OLD | CHAMBRAY AND POLKA DOTSI’ll just be honest and tell you upfront that this is not one of my favorite outfits. In fact, I almost didn’t post the outfit at all, but I decided to let you be the judge. This reminds me of chicken and dumplings. I like all the ingredients, just not the end product. Haha50 IS NOT OLD | CHAMBRAY AND POLKA DOTSMy son Joseph called me this afternoon and asked if I could do a little babysitting for little Miss Emersyn. It took me all of 1/2 a second before I said, “of course I can.” I knew that I was out of food since I had been gone two weekends in a row, so I made a quick trip to the grocery store. While I was there I bought two of the little pumpkins, just Emersyn’s size. When she came over I got out the permanent markers in several different colors, and let her proceed to draw. She had a blast, and I love her sweet little markings.50 IS NOT OLD | CHAMBRAY AND POLKA DOTSThe chambray button up shirt is one that I wore a couple weeks ago, see here, but today I dressed it up just a little. I don’t know about you, but I usually associate denim with jeans, and that equals casual. However, I wore this outfit to church and did not feel casual at all. This shirt is from Old Navy and is in the medium color.

50 IS NOT OLD | CHAMBRAY AND POLKA DOTSThe necklace I have on is called the Olivia. I have it worn in the short version, but you can go here to see the longer version. This is a gorgeous piece that is a combination of small and large pearls. Worn short it just fits inside my collar.
50 IS NOT OLD | CHAMBRAY AND POLKA DOTSThe matching bracelet is called the Paige. This gives you an up close look at the chain. You can see how great the quality is on this piece. The pearls are a play off of the polka dots.50 IS NOT OLD | CHAMBRAY AND POLKA DOTSThe angle of the camera made my skirt look longer than it was. The camera was looking down, so the skirt looks really long. The shoes I have on are a pair that the ladies from Southwestern District bought me as a going out of office gift. These suede shoes are by G.I.L.I.

50 IS NOT OLD | CHAMBRAY AND POLKA DOTSThis red polka dot skirt is one that I have had for awhile. I channel Minnie Mouse when I wear this skirt. Lol! I should have put me on a black mouse ear headband and see if anyone noticed.

50 IS NOT OLD | CHAMBRAY AND POLKA DOTSI know you gurls love this purse, and so do I. But it is just one I picked up from a vendor in town, and there is no name inside.
50 IS NOT OLD | CHAMBRAY AND POLKA DOTSYou can see the concentration my little “leftie” is using. She loved coloring the two pumpkins. When it came time to go home, she insisted on taking BOTH pumpkins home with her. Kayla tried to talk her into leaving one for my porch, but Emersyn said I could just look at her porch if I wanted to see them. Lol!

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  1. I love red & white polka dots & chambray shirts. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with red shoes. I have red shoes & red boots that I wear all the time. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your outfit. For me, I don’t ever tuck anything in beside I think it makes me look too big in the middle. If I had the “ingredients”, but I’d probably wear a white tee shirt & use the chambray shirt as a jacket. I think the outfit is just fine. Love the jewelry.

    • Tania Reply

      I don’t like to tuck either because of those reasons. I did try the tie at the waist with the shirt but I thought I looked too much like Rosie the Riveter. Lol!

    • I think boots would look good with the skirt. I have red ones too. I agree with the white tee under the shirt and use the shirt as a jacket. Love the colors and dots.

  2. I think the outfit is cute, but wonder if you put a shell under it and tied the chambray shirt in a knot in front if you would like it better. Maybe a wide belt at the waist would do the trick. I think either option might give the waistline more definition. You look lovely anyway.

  3. I was surprised to see you in a skirt! I like the outfit a lot. And i think you can wear a chambray on anything, casual or dressed.

  4. I adore the skirt and shoes and the chambray shirt but maybe not together? I hate to say anything negative but I know you have reservations too ?

    • Tania Reply

      It is funny how outfits look different in pictures. I have some outfits that I think I looked bad in but the pictures looked great. I wore this and I thought it looked good till I saw the pictures, now I wonder.

  5. I like the combination together. Different but yet nice. I think the length of the skirt in the picture ways you down but its probably just the camera angle. You look good in anything. I think its nice you have reservations to of an outfit. Makes you more human to us.

    • Tania Reply

      I am very much human. Lol! My mistakes just get broadcast on the internet. Hahaha

  6. Connie Owens Reply

    That outfit is not you. Maybe the shirt could be used as a jacket and tied around the waist with a white blouse underneath.
    The skirt reminds me of curtains I saw in someone’s kitchen once. In the 80’s
    I love you and your blog. You are truly inspiring.

    • I agree with Connie. It is just not you. The skirt reminds me of something someone a lot older and with less style would wear. But Tania, you do look good in anything!

  7. I so love the color red and I love red and white polka dots. I also love chambray. And though I think the outfit isn’t awful, I think a dark denim shirt would have worked a lot better. Just my 2 cents. Hahaha!!

    I do love coming here to see what you have put together. Keep up the good work.

  8. I love the chambray shirt and the jewelry you chose!! i also love the skirt! but it just seems as though something is missing as you paired them together? maybe a wide belt? i wonder if you had worn the shirt out with a wide belt if that would have made it better? either way you always look awesome

  9. after going back and looking at your photo again, i think the only part of this outfit that’s a bit off is that the skirt looks very high waisted, and it makes your torso look much shorter than it is. i believe this skirt would look better with a top or jacket that could be worn on the outside instead of tucked in? well that’s my fashionista advice for today LOL

  10. Liked this outfit, however, I really thought it was orange. I love it!

  11. Emerysyn is so cute. She looks so much like Joseph (Video you posted of he and Kayla) I get a kick out of her on both your blogs. A star in the making!

  12. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    There’s always an outfit or two of mine that I don’t love, but unless we wear the same thing everyday—I think that’ll always be the case.
    This outfit looks good—it’s not your normal terrific maybe, but I would never see you out in public and think “ugh”—I would think “she looks nice”!

  13. First off – what a cutie doing the pumpkins. How proud she must be with her creation. Personally I think the combination is ok just proportion is off. The skirt is too long so it is overwelming and the shirt tucked in chops you up. Like others suggested a white tee or tank and the shirt opened up would be a more youthful look. The red shoes a definite must. Just an opinion ?Have a blessed day.

    • I love each piece,but I agree with one of the gurls. ….I think if you had added a wide belt it would of changed the look completely. ….we are only human. ….can’t look perfect every time. I have a feeling you won’t be wearing it again that way…lol….don’t fret Tania…you get it right 99.9 % of the time! Love your blog!

    • Bernie McIntyre Reply

      Hi Tania Bernie from Dublin Ireland hereI love love love your blog it puts a smile on my face I am always excited when I hear the “ping” of an email ,to see what you are wearing and get some ideas you always look lovely ? love the skirt and shoes and love your shirt and accessories together maybe as we would say the outfit “is a game of 2 halves ?

  14. I know exactly what you mean about liking the pieces but not the whole dish. I agree with some of the other gals re: maybe a belt. It is very ‘in’ to wear the chambray shirts with something more dressy, but I have not felt comfortable with it either. Taking it even further… maybe with some dressy sneakers?

  15. You always look fabulous…….my only ‘suggestion’ would be a different top. A loose, boxy shirt, tucked into a tiny waist just doesn’t seem to go with the flow. I agree with everyone else… can wear anything and look wonderful!

  16. Oh I have done this sort of thing myself – you have an idea of what would look good together and then when it’s on it just doesn’t look like you imagined…

    Love the skirt and sandals…and I love the shirt too….but… coming from Paris 2 weeks ago where I saw lots of red with red…why not try a red top with the skirt – bet that would make and even more awesome outfit 😉

    xx Yvonne

  17. Sandy Butler Reply

    Love all the elements of the outfit but something just doesn’t click. Not awful. Maybe different shoes and a tank under the chambray. You can pull it off though like nobody else can.

  18. Edit Jeremias Reply

    /Users/editEditjeremias/Desktop/Nőiesség idős korban – 10 évet is letagadhatsz! | Nyugdíjasok.webarchive.. Tania, I was reading my facebook feed this morning and I was so happy to see a familiar face in this post! I’m a Hungarian born and raised, living in Canada the last 30 years and a happy reader of your blog.

  19. Michelle Mosteller Reply

    I love all the pieces. For me, I would use a large belt or tie the top. Love, love the shoes too:)

  20. Melesa Garrison Reply

    First and foremost, your Emersyn is precious and I love that you let her decorate her pumpkin to her liking 🙂
    At first, I wasn’t sure about the outfit, but you can pull off anything. I personally like that you tucked it in because if you had’ve worn the shirt like a jacket, it would have pooched way too much. You made it more feminine. I think the skirt would look nice with a form fitting cap sleeve top, tucked in of course. What do I know?
    God Bless and thanks for putting up with us and sometimes negative feedback.

  21. What a great Grandma (I know that’s not what they call you) you are! Precious memories you’re making & you always look beautiful doing it!

  22. Robin Staley Reply

    I think a wide belt at the waist with that shirt. Or a different shirt. I love the shoes. I like the skirt but it is a bit long. you always look pretty no matter.

  23. You have too good of a figure for a long frumpy skirt. Sorry. But I do love to see things that are misses because it’s a learning experience for all of us.

  24. Tania, Thanks for being confident (brave) enough to put yourself out there. Here is my 2 cents. I also like each piece. I’d try a) wide tan belt and tan sandals or b) keep the skirt and pair with a white tee, jean jacket and boots and a western belt. It would be fun if you tried some of our ideas and reported back what you think worked best for you. You are an inspiration.

  25. Marcia Haas Reply

    I love all your outfits, but not at all crazy about this one!

  26. Hi Tania-love the red skirt & shoes together. But not with that shirt. The shirt looks too heavy to be tucked in. I do like the shirt too, just not with that skirt. But you still look nice!

  27. When I first looked at the photos I though no, not together. But after scrolling through the other pictures, not so bad. The best thing though is the shoes!


  29. Mary Boyum Reply

    Hey Tania! You “missed it by thaaaaat much.” The only thing amiss is that the skirt is too long. It would be fantastic if you just brought up the hem. I suspect it’s way too long for you to wear for other occasions too, so maybe it’s time to send it for alterations. The outfit would be a #1 winner when altered!

  30. Rebecca Purdie Reply

    This outfit isn’t you Tania. Please do not take it personal. I love your blog.

  31. Judy

    I think its has caused a lot of conversation, which is why you do the blog. I thought a belt also, but you look great in anything. Keep them coming.

  32. Not loving it I’m afraid. Perhaps if the skirt was a knee length pencil skirt?

  33. I love the shirt and the skirt on you, but for me I don’t think so. I don’t wear anything tucked in because my middle is too big! lol I would love to see a post on how to wear a skirt without tucking the top in. Also, your idea with having your granddaughter color on the pumpkins is great! I also have a 2 year old granddaughter and I think I’ll have her do the same thing. I love everything about your blog and have gathered a lot of good ideas. Thank you and keep them coming!

  34. Sandra Flato Reply

    I think the proportions are off for you on this outfit. It gives you a short top and long bottom. Shorten the skirt, wear the shirt out with a low belt would make you look taller.

  35. Hmmm… perhaps tall boots? With a more constructed denim jacket? Great jewelry with your outfit, though.

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