50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLEverything is just “peachy” in my neck of the woods. I told you gurls I hardly ever wear orange, but here I am again in a version of orange. Once again, this color has never been in my closet. I don’t really like pastels, and I associate peach with pastels. BUT, once again, I really, really love this look. Just goes to show you that I don’t know anything about fashion. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLDo you notice how everything kind of blends in together? My hair color, my skin tone, and the shirt, all are just about the same color. I don’t think that is a bad thing, it kind of makes everything coordinate. Peach is also a color I associate with spring and summer, so when I found this Entro top with longer sleeves, it made me scratch my noggin. I don’t know how much wear I will get out of this top this fall, but I will have it handy when spring time rolls around.50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLI also have changed up my makeup just a touch. You should NEVER wear the exact same makeup for fall as you do summer. I don’t go crazy, I just change the shades of lip stain I wear and the color of the blush. My cc cream also may go lighter as I quit using the faux tanners. My lip stains will  go more in the browns, mid range reds, and burgundy shades. I use peach shade blush in the fall, instead of the pinks I use in the summer.50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLI am going to show you a couple of looks today. I get that everyone might not like the same style jewelry that I like. I just assume you like the clothing choices for the most part, or you wouldn’t be following me. Lol! But I have become Plunder obsessed lately, and I feel a little guilty at not giving you some different options. I am still going to be wearing my Plunder during the day, but I will try to take a picture or two, with something else. The necklace I have on is one of the new fall items by Plunder. This is called the Carmen. I was surprised that this was in the fall catalog, this looks very spring and summer to me. I absolutely love the colors, (pinks, blues, greens, and grays) and the tassels. Tassel jewelry is a big trend this fall, so that may be the reason. My earrings are a pair from Chloe & Isabel. I have had these for a while, but they are still in the catalog.50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLMy longer necklace is called Destiny. I like anything that is monogrammed. My daughter HATES anything that is monogrammed. Hahaha At least I don’t have to worry about the necklace heading out to Alaska.?How do you like my monogram bracelet? Can you see it? No? Well, you would be able to see it, if I had put it on correctly! I can’t believe that I didn’t even notice this while I was taking the pictures, OR while I wore it this way all day long. Lol! I am truly a ditz. Can you tell I am really a blonde? Anyway, this bracelet matches the necklace, and it is called Celine.50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLThe two inscription bracelets are also part of the new fall items. One says “Pray,” and the other says, “My Faith Is Bigger Than My Fear.” I have to be honest about these bracelets. I really love the inscription messages, but I am a little disappointed in the quality of the bracelets. I am not a big fan of the closure, and I think these are a little thin. Plus, the metal tone looks a little motley. I am going to email customer service to voice my concerns, because that is something they encourage us to do. They want to know if something is not “up to par.” Since these are new items, they may be from a different supplier, etc. I don’t want to recommend an item to you, and you not be happy with the item. At the same time, these bangles are only $14.00 each, so you know they are not going to be super heavy. Maybe I am expecting too much from them.
50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLI needed to have ironed my distressed jeans, I think they look too short. I like my jeans longer, almost touching the ground. These are a pair that I bought from Cato Fashion last year, and I know how some of you ladies feel about distressed jeans. Haven’t I convinced you yet that you can, and should wear these? If not, then you can still wear any pair you have in your closet. The Tania police will not come and write you a ticket. Lol! I have on my old faithful Aerosole wedges. I have loved this pair this year.

Distressed Jeans: Similar | SimilarPlus

Wedge Shoes: Similar | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLBy the way, these jeans are what I was wearing with my most pinned picture on Pinterest. Just sayin…….. How do you like the second look? It really is not about the brand of jewelry that you wear, it is not even about the style, it is just a matter of putting SOMETHING on. So many people just don’t want to take the extra three minutes it takes to go from looking okay, to looking sharp. When you add accessories, it is like adding the icing on the cake. It is alright without it, but it is GREAT with it. Lol! Okay, now I am wanting some dessert.
50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLI didn’t switch out a lot, just the necklace and the bracelet. I left the inscription bracelets on, since the gold looked good with the gold from the other necklace. This necklace is a from Stella and Dot, and it is called the Zuni layering necklace.  I liked how the bone color matched the fringe around the top. The bone colored bangle is a vintage find that I picked up at a vintage fashion show. Do you remember all my vintage jewelry (see here), then you know I have plenty to choose from.
50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLEven though I don’t like to show my back side, I had to show it to you today. Look how cute this looks even from the back.50 IS NOT OLD| CAN YOU WEAR PEACH IN THE FALLI am still going to be rewarding my Plunder customers this month with a necklace to be given randomly to two different ladies. I thought you might be interested in which necklaces I am going to be giving away. One is the Sue, and one is the Back to School Special. AND, because I really love my gurls, I have decided to also include the matching earrings to both of these necklaces.

To order from me, you type in the address bar, and you should be shopping with me. Or you can go to and do your shopping, when you go to the checkout, you will type in my stylist number (241007) and I will get the credit. Both ways will work. Also, at the end of your checkout, there is a box that ask if there is a party. If you click on that, you can check Tania’s Party, and that would be great.

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  1. FunkyForty wrote:

    Super cute outfit Tania – love the contrast the dark jeans give your super pretty top – you can you possibly say you don’t know anything about fashion – you know so much!!!!

    It’s Milan Fashion Week next week and so today I did a post recapping one day of the Fall/Winter show in Milan this March – you might like to check it out to spot trends that are coming – smile:

    Have a fabulous Wednesday
    XX Yvonne

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  2. Gorgeous trinkets Tania, they really set off your outfit. I love the tassel detail at the back too. Thank you for hosting x

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  3. Caroline wrote:

    I’m so glad that you decided to give orange a go and show us all how great we could look in these shades. How lovely is that top? It’s fun to wear clothing that has a little surprise and the tie at the back was totally unexpected! I love the tassel necklace too but I fear my cat would attack me ?

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  4. Sandra King wrote:

    Loving this outfit, gorgeous! Do you know if there is a UK stockist for Plunder jewellery? Sandra

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  5. Rena wrote:

    You look fabulous in that shade of peach which is a bit darker than a typical pastel version. Love, love, love the tassel trim and your choice of the tassel necklace to wear with it. Regarding your knowledge about fashion, you have a knack for knowing what looks good on you and that’s all that really matters. Thanks for the link up and for sharing your inspirations.


    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  6. You look very Sunny! I have to remember, my faith is bigger then my fear!

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  7. Lisa wrote:

    I like this shade of peach on you. The top goes great with the distressed jeans. Another fabulous combo on you Tania!!! ~Lisa~

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
    • Kim wrote:

      You look awesome!

      Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  8. Mary Boyum wrote:

    Thank you for showing a second jewelry option and giving the reason why it works (the bone goes with the fringe). I happen to own a coral colored similar shirt with a fringe bottom and have been stumped what to wear with it. Nothing I’ve tried has been right. Now, I’ve “shopped” my jewels wall in my closet and found something similar to the bone necklace and it’s perfect! Thank you!!! Love those jeans! A little out of my comfort zone, as of yet, but I’m thinking soon….xo

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  9. The peach top is so pretty & looks fabulous on you! I think since the color is a bit darker/muted, less “pastely” than many, it will work well way into fall.

    I love all your jewelry! Such pretty options!

    Thanks for the link up!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  10. Shelly wrote:

    Love the look. You look fabulous in the color and style. I like the straight leg shorter jeans with the top. There is enough going on with outfit and those jeans make the silhouette spot on. That top is gorgeous. Have a wonderful day.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  11. "Z" wrote:

    You are Rockin’ the look! Love it!

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  12. Susan wrote:

    I like this peachy color & its paler variations on everyone but me ! My red-headed sister looks absolutely glorious when wearing this color but I look ill & totally washed out. Funny tho’ – I rock certain deeper shades of orange – so go figure. Must be the white hair and fair skin that calls for more contrast.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  13. shoeprincezz wrote:

    You rock the distressed jeans..I wear them also..but I would like to see you cuff them, especially with those higher wedges…picture please….You always make my day..embrace yours!

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
    • Mary Ann Tinsley wrote:

      I agree that cuffing your jeans would look great. Love the top!

      Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  14. Sharon wrote:

    Very cute top. Love the back also. Thanks for your fall makeup tips. I learn so much from you.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  15. Toni wrote:

    Pretty top and color! I would wear this in the fall as well, especially since our weather is still very warm! Thanks for the makeup reminder! Need to pick up some fresh fall color shades!

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  16. TERESA wrote:

    Love this top! I have avoided the distreesed jeans but now thinking about trying a pair.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  17. robjodiefilogomo wrote:

    I don’t think those jeans are too short at all—it’s nice to be able to see the shoes you’re wearing!!

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  18. Dawn wrote:

    I love the jean and the top. You look good it that color. I must admit I don’t put a lot of thought into my make up though. I do wear it lol, natural looking. I’m not crazy about that color normally either, but it looks really good and yes your most pinned picture I love that outfit. You’re great keep it up!

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  19. Jennie wrote:

    Looking fabulous! I love this boho top and think it is perfect with your distressed jeans. I also do not wear pastels, as I prefer jewel tones and neutrals.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  20. Susan wrote:

    It looks like the top is somewhat sheer. What are you wearing underneath.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  21. Susan wrote:

    Also I realize you reuse a lot of pieces from your existing wardrobe. A couple of questions though. First what would you consider a “core” wardrobe for someone like yourself that can be casual semicasual at work? Second, what do you think is a reasonable budget for “replenishment/updating”.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  22. ee0926 wrote:

    Beautiful top!! You look gorgeous in it.

    xx, Elise

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  23. Glenda Braun wrote:

    That is a great look. Like you orange and peach are not colors I go to. These look great on you.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  24. I LOVE this top! Such a beautiful, southern color! And I love it with the white necklace. You rock those jeans & I’m so glad to see you in them since I finally just bought a pair this weekend! Have a blessed day, beautiful lady!

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  25. Cheryl Records wrote:

    Love, love, love! this shade of peach and this top! It looks fantastic on you and the jewelry choices just set it off. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  26. Jackie Davis wrote:

    Super cute top! Love the back. I like all of your accessories, the more the better I say.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  27. FABULOUS top!!! The tassels at the bottom are just the cherry on top. SO cute.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  28. Linda wrote:

    You really rock those distressed jeans! Not brave enough to wear them myself, but love them on you. Peach color looks lovely with your coloring. I am following your advice about taking the time to put on some jewelry, I have lots, before I leave the house.

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  29. Lori wrote:

    Pretty as always!

    Posted 9.14.16 Reply
  30. Lanita Anderson wrote:

    You look great in that color – especially with your skin tone and your hair color! You should wear it more often. Although my hair is darker than yours, my skin tone is very similar, so I wear that color quite a bit – It’s one of my favorite colors to wear! Thanks for sharing….

    Posted 9.15.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I really liked the look against my skin also, Lanita. I will be on the lookout for now on. Thanks for following.

      Posted 9.15.16 Reply

    Posted 9.15.16 Reply
  32. Pam wrote:

    Especially love the back side—-so cute! Thinking about ordering the bracelets even with your appreciative feedback. Thanks for the makeup tips as well…. You have helped me more confident in styling my outfits and thinking out side of the box! Definitely this is an outfit to save to my Fashion Board!!! Have a blessed week!

    Posted 9.18.17 Reply
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