Jeans and Pearls

Good morning everyone! I am so glad you stopped by. Today I was just feeling like jeans. I am not normally a “jeans” girl, especially not during the summer.  I guess the fall air, with all its crispness, has me longing for jeans.  This pair I purchased at Cato’s.  They are called the girlfriend distressed jeans. I love the dark blue color and the tatters are not too over done. I wore these to a football game the other night and my mother threatened to start a gofund me account. She is funny like that.50 Is Not Old | Jeans & Pearls

I really like the blue check print shirt. I wear it in the summer months with white or cobalt, but for the fall I thought a jacket and jeans would be more appropriate. The shirt is a Jones New York and I have had it for years. Here is a similar one, but holy moly, there is no way I paid anything like that. No wonder the name of the website was Farfetch. It is that material that never needs ironing. YAY!!! This jacket is one of my wear with everything pieces. It is from JCP and I don’t know what I would do without it. Here is one similar, but once again, I paid nothing like that. I pick up pearls all the time at yard sales, flea markets, and my mother, and her friend, have a vintage fashion show that I attend three times a year. Lets just say, I have LOTS of vintage jewelry. The earrings are new, however, I purchased them at Cato’s for 3.99. 50 Is Not Old | Jeans & Pearls 1How about these cobalt shoes? Aren’t they adorable? They are from Old navy, I think I got them last year. They are bright and the heels are high, so I don’t wear them often. I don’t pay a lot for shoes when I know I won’t wear them a lot.

50 Is Not Old | Jeans & Pearls 2You can tell by the amount of wear on the shoes how often I wear them.  However, look at the wear on my purse. The poor thing is almost worn out. It has been a good one. When you purchase a Louis Vuitton, you may pay a little more, but you get your moneys worth. Here is a used purse, if your willing to pay that, just let me know and I will sell you mine. Just kidding, that is crazy expensive.

50 Is Not Old | Jeans & Pearls 3I think I have created a monster. Now every time Beckley, my Yorkie, sees me get the camera out, he comes running. I believe he likes getting his picture taken.50 Is Not Old | Jeans & Pearls 4I wonder if Mom will start me a Gofund me account for another purse?

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  1. Mom wrote:

    Does the purse have holes in it? is only for things with holes.

    Posted 10.1.15 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      The purse is old, but no holes. Sorry, Mom, for calling you out:)

      Posted 10.2.15 Reply
  2. SHelly wrote:

    Love, love, love this look!

    Posted 10.20.15 Reply
  3. Ali B wrote:

    I love this look! I’m 44, but hate to dress too young or too old. Love how this is stylish and casual! Love the pearls!!! ;-*

    Posted 10.25.15 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks Ali! It’s a fine line we have to walk.

      Posted 10.25.15 Reply
  4. Jana wrote:

    Where did you purchase the jeans you are wearing?

    Posted 10.26.15 Reply
  5. Libby wrote:

    You really have style. I don’t seem to know how to dress myself.

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  6. susan brown wrote:

    Love the look. Wore something similar to this at a ballgame to have my husband tell me my “look” was appropriate for my age of 58. It really hurt my feelings , thought I looked good.

    Posted 11.11.15 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      What do men know? Sometimes I think they just want to make sure we don’t look too nice. They don’t want other men looking our way????

      Posted 11.11.15 Reply
  7. LS wrote:

    love your style

    Posted 11.11.15 Reply
  8. Hildemar wrote:

    Me encanta como se viste , es una moda para señoras de 50 y puedo tomar combinaciones gracias

    Posted 11.23.15 Reply
  9. Summer wrote:

    Seriously cute! Just saw this on Pinterest & came on over to take a peek. I love the pearls with jeans!

    Posted 11.24.15 Reply
  10. Terri wrote:

    Love your style!

    Posted 12.8.15 Reply
  11. Sandy wrote:

    So glad I found your site. Found it on Pinterest. I’am 54, I have gone thru different feeling on dressing for our age. I really enjoy seeing other women dressing fashionable and up to date. This encourages me to take care of myself, and remember I’m worth it!!! Thanks bunches;)

    Posted 1.10.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I am glad you found me, Sandy! This little blog also encourages me to not “let myself go”. Lol!

      Posted 1.10.16 Reply
  12. youreneverstuck wrote:

    Hi there,
    I like how you tied the blues together. The light blue checkered print shirt really brings out your eyes. The bold blue shoes are fantastic too! Love the outfit for women in their 50’s!
    Visit me:

    Posted 3.5.16 Reply
  13. gaelmcgraw wrote:

    Love, love the blues and the jacket, pearls, and heals with gingham and jeans! What a great mix! The wash on the jeans is perfect, but I do think overall it would be even better without the distressing, because that draws the eye so much. It’s an attention hog in this lovely outfit. I imagine you rocked the distressed jeans at the football game (Sorry, Mom!).

    Posted 4.2.16 Reply
  14. Jennifer V wrote:

    I LOVE this outfit and I love your style! I just started following your blog and I am very inspired to clean up my act! I’m 58 and want to start looking FABULOUS instead of frumpy. thanks so much for all the great pointers!

    Posted 8.25.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I am glad you found my little neck of the woods. ???

      Posted 8.25.16 Reply
  15. Pam wrote:

    Love your style. I’m 57 and like to dress my age but stylish. You do just that. Thanks for the ideas.

    Posted 10.20.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks so much, Pam:)

      Posted 10.20.16 Reply
  16. Lisa ann wrote:

    Could you please tell me what size you are. Top and bottoms. Love the outfits you put together

    Posted 3.30.17 Reply
  17. I just found your pin of you in “jeans and pearls” and love your look. I am 62 years old and I love fashion. I actually have these same jeans from Cato and in fact, wore them today. I never thought I would actually purchase and wear ripped jeans but I bought my first pair a year or so ago and fell in love with the look. Now I own about 5 or 6 pairs of distressed jeans. Also, I only now purchase and wear skinny jeans or boyfriend/girlfriend jeans. I too love,love,love pearls and the majority of my pearls have also come from thrift stores, consignment shops or TJMaxx. I never thought to put pearls with jeans, but since seeing your pin, I will now. My husband generally loves the way I dress,but he HAtes my ripped jeans and have threatened to throw them out. I, of course, ignore him and wear them anyway. I get lots of compliments from friends and even strangers when I’m out and about. To me, 60’s are the new 40’s!!!

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  18. Jeanette wrote:

    I would like to know how tall and what do you weigh to get a perspective on the clothes u model. I feel like I don’t look good in jeans with blouse tucked in

    Posted 10.10.18 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I am 5′ 6″ tall and weigh anywhere between 150-160 pounds normally. Lol!

      Posted 10.10.18 Reply
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