BOOTS THAT LOOK GREAT WITH JEANS, PANTS, OR DRESSES Grundy finally got to experience Halloween on Saturday night. The weather was cold, but at least it was sunny, and there weren’t any tornado warnings. I wasn’t sure if I would have any trick or treaters, but I made up six large bags of candy just in case the kids in the neighborhood came. Then, I had a massive bowl of other candy for children that I didn’t know. I don’t ever worry about having too much candy, because I will take the leftovers to the lumber where we will hand it out to customers.
BOOTS THAT LOOK GREAT WITH JEANS, PANTS, OR DRESSES There are going to be plenty of happy customers at the lumber company this week. Lol! I only had four children come to the house, and two of them were my grandbabies. I would love to have more children drop by, but we still managed to have a blast. Joe had gone by a local restaurant and picked up a ton of food for us to eat. My son’s family, my daughter,  her boyfriend, and then my Energizer Bunny Friend and her family all sat around the table and laughed for the rest of the night. Our table seats four, but we dragged four more chairs from the dining room so that we could all be together. While all the adults sat around the table, the three kids made slime, played with a light-up balloon, and ate lots and lots of candy. My house is even more of a wreck than usual, but my heart is full. I loved all the noise and chaos from having so many people over, and I think that this needs to happen more often.
BOOTS THAT LOOK GREAT WITH JEANS, PANTS, OR DRESSES I love finding a new twist on a classic print, and this beige leopard print sweater is a perfect example. I was shopping the other day in a local boutique, and I found this beautiful sweater in neutral colors. I love leopard print, but this muted beige and cream version grabbed my attention. This sweater has an inverted notched collar and is an open front design. The sweater is by Entro, a brand that I see in a lot of boutiques, but unfortunately, not is a lot of online stores. I am wearing a medium which is the perfect size for me. It is a blend of acrylic, polyester, and nylon and is hand wash only. I like this length cardigan; I call it the midi version for cardigans. I did find some very similar cardigans, and I will link them below.

BOOTS THAT LOOK GREAT WITH JEANS, PANTS, OR DRESSES I thought it would be fun to add the darker leopard print Joanie earrings to my outfit. I wanted to match the color of my boots and camisole, and these earrings were perfect for that. The Christa necklace has a gold key and a large crystal on a long brown leather cord. The necklace is 32″ long, but if you wanted to wear the necklace shorter, then you could re-tie a knot in the back. BOOTS THAT LOOK GREAT WITH JEANS, PANTS, OR DRESSES It is the fall of the year, and I am here to tell you that you NEED a good pair of knee boots. These boots look great with pants, jeans, or dresses, and they will last for years. I have knee boots with flat heels, chunky heels like this pair, and high heels. They are such a versatile shoe that you will find yourself grabbing them over and over again. I love the caramel-colored boots the best, and I need a pair of black boots. The black boots that I have are fine, but I need a style like this one, so I am on the look-out for the perfect boots. I’ll be sure to let you know if I find a pair. My boots are by Marc Fisher, and I have had this pair for a couple of years.

BOOTS THAT LOOK GREAT WITH JEANS, PANTS, OR DRESSES I feel in love with this rust-colored satin metallic cami when I saw it. I can see getting a lot of wear from this top, especially with the holiday season fast approaching. This top would look great for Thanksgiving, and it would look good for Christmas or New Year events. I love wearing the traditional red and black for Christmas, but a top in this color would be a perfect change of pace. For New Year’s Eve, this would also be a great alternative to silver and gold tops. The straps on the top are adjustable, and I am wearing a size large, which fits me perfectly. The top is machine washable and tumble to dry. This top is from Target, and here is the link.
BOOTS THAT LOOK GREAT WITH JEANS, PANTS, OR DRESSES I loved all of your suggestions for upcoming giveaways. I have a few planned for the future, thanks to all of your suggestions. I am going to start the giveaways with one of my favorite Rodan + Fields products. It is the Active Hydration Body Replenish body moisturizer. This ultra-hydrating body moisturizer is for noticeably softer, smoother and more nourished skin. A breakthrough body moisturizing cream, it delivers immediate and continuous body hydration and helps prevent future moisture loss, resulting in younger-looking, younger-acting skin. This is perfect for the upcoming winter which can reak havoc on our skin.

To enter for this giveaway worth $66.00 take the solutions tool (here). The feedback from the solutions tool will give me a better idea of future products to have for a giveaway. If I see a particular product being recommended over and over, then I know that would make a great giveaway in the future.

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  1. kristin greene Reply

    I love the sweater it’s so unique. You have a great eye finding new things and a willingness to try them! Love seeing how you put together outfits!

  2. I just love those boots, perfect colour for autumn. Lucky Joe getting to clean those for you.

    • Tania Reply

      I love this color of the boot so much! I have them in several different styes.

  3. Thank you for the revisit of the consultation tool! Fine tuning my routine! LOVE the Body Cream! Does it come in a barrel size? Lol!

    • Tania Reply

      It is actually a great idea to take the solutions tool every 6 months to make sure that your concerns haven’t changed. I think they should sell the Body Replenish in a barrel size also. Lol!!!

  4. I love this look. The colors are stunning together and one if the reasons I follow you. You have a magic touch with color. You look beautiful!

    • Tania Reply

      Awww, that is sweet. I go in cycles with wearing colors. Right now, I seem to be wanting to wear all things brown.

  5. I love the color of your boots. I have been unable to find any that color. But… I’m persistent and I’ll find them I’ll check out Marc Jacobs. Do you find that brand only online?

  6. Your Halloween sounded like so much fun! Your outfit is very pretty. Have a nice night!

  7. You should link the boutique you purchased the cardigan at. I would love to purchase thru them! Love it!!

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